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Are you planning on buying a Yeti bike? In this article, we’ll take you through a price comparison for different models in order to guide your buying decision.

What is a Yeti bike? How many different types of Yeti bikes are there? Do all Yeti bikes cost the same? What are the factors influencing the price of a Yeti bike? If you are looking for the answers to these questions and more, then you’ve come to the right place.

Yeti bikes are made by Yeti cycles, a Colorado-based bike manufacturing company that makes a variety of trail and enduro bikes to cater to both amateur and pro cyclists. Depending on the model and features that you choose, you can expect to spend anything from $3,500 to upwards of $10,000.

In this guide, we will provide you with a comprehensive comparison of different Yeti models, their features and prices. We will also take a look at the factors you need to consider before choosing a Yeti bike in order to ensure that you choose the best one for you.

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Yeti Cycles is a bike manufacturing company operating out of Golden, Colorado. The company consistently makes the top ten bike manufacturing lists thanks to their variety of bikes with advanced features. These include: durable carbon frames, quality components, advanced suspension, multiple frame sizes and lifetime warranties on frames.

Yeti bikes are broadly categorized into 29 and 27.5 inch bikes. In addition, the bikes are also categorized according to size of suspension travel in millimetres and inches of travel, The 29 inchers are classified according to the size of suspension travel in millimeters and inches of travel. Models in this category include: SB115, SB 130 and SB 150. Models in the 27.5 category include: SB 5 and SB 6.

How much should I spend on a Yeti Bike?

Bike manufacturers take a number of factors into consideration when pricing their bikes. These include labor costs, cost of materials, shipping rates and cost of advanced technologies.

As a buyer, you also need to consider certain factors when determining how much you are willing to spend on a bike. Things to consider before deciding on a price include;

  • Bike features: Yeti’s range of bikes usually comes with a variety of advanced features including: premium suspension, progressive design, high end components and carbon frames. As a result, they tend to cost more than your average department store bikes. If you are looking for an MTB with many or all of these features, then you need to prepare to spend more than the average price.
  • New or used option; A new Yeti will cost significantly more than a used on. If you are on a tight budget, you might be better off buying a used bicycle until you can afford a new one. A major advantage of buying a used bike is that the previous owner might have customized or upgraded it so you do not have to buy the additional components yourself.
  • Your biking experience/level: You do not have to splurge on an advanced $10,000 Yeti if you are just starting out in mountain biking. You will be better of sticking to Yeti’s hardtail options instead of advanced suspension bikes.

Yeti bikes have advanced features suitable for racing which is why they are popular with pro cyclists. They feature advanced suspension, high quality components, low weight and other specs that give pro racers a competitive advantage. If you are a pro cyclist looking for a bike that moves quickly, climbs efficiently and stops easily, you should choose from Yeti’s top racing bikes such as the SB 115 and SB 150.

  • Level of customization: Will you use your Yeti bike as is or swap out several parts for a completely customized option. With customization, the only thing you usually cannot change is the frame. You can choose to buy a new frame or a used one and then buy the parts you need from a variety of new and used sources. Depending on how much customization you require, you can end up spending a pretty penny on your Yeti bike. However, the end result will be something that is fully customized to your needs.

Different Yeti Bikes and their prices

The following are the most popular Yeti bikes, their features and price ranges;


The SB150 is a 29 inch full suspension enduro/race bike with either a TURQ or carbon frame. It utilizes Yeti’s switch infinity suspension for efficient pedalling on climbs. It has a front travel of 150 mm and rear travel of 170mm.

The SB150 is built to win races, tackling rough terrain, hills, and other mountain terrain efficiently. Its advanced suspension allows the SB150 to handle some of the toughest terrain in the world and has helped many pro cyclists bring the gold home thanks to its advanced features.

Price range: $5199 - $10,399

SB 130

The SB130 is a do it all trail bike that is just as comfortable climbing hills as going down them. It works equally well at an enduro race as it does on an all day trail riding trip. It has a number of special features designed to help it work in diverse terrains efficiently.

Features include; 150mm travel fork with 130mm rear travel, large 29 inch wheels, and a strong angular design. The bike comes in sizes small through XL and has several other features designed to help it work well on both rough terrain and simple, easy single tracks.

Price range: $5200 - $8600 depending on the model.

SB 115

The SB115 was launched to replace the SB100 and address the challenges that the latter faced. As a result, it features a longer stroke shock in order to ensure extra bounce. This short travel bike is ideal for fast trail riders and anyone looking for simple all day riding adventures.

SB115 features a 115mm suspension which is controlled by Switch Infinity link. Other specifications include: 67.6 degree head angle, 430 mm reach, 74.1 seat angle, and others. This makes the bike ideal for fast rides on a single track as well as long distance trail riding.

Price range: $4700 for the C1 model up to $9,900 for the T3 bike with carbon wheels and AXS upgrades.

Yeti ARC

The Yeti ARC is a hardtail carbon frame bike with 29 inch wheels and 130mm travel fork. It is available in five different build models and ranges in size from S to XL. The bike’s frame is made from T-series carbon fibre.

The ARC is one of Yeti’s classic bikes and it was developed as the ultimate race bike in 1991. The bike has won several cycling championships thanks to its advanced features.

Today’s Yeti ARC features several advanced features designed to make it an even better performer. These include a frame made from the latest carbon fiber technology and modern trail geology. The ARC has internally routed cables, two bottle bosses on the top and underside of the downtube and a 148mm by 12mm axle.

The bike’s reach measures 420 mm on the small size to 490mm on the extra large. It also features a 310 mm bottom bracket height and 67 degree head angle. Models range from the ARC C1 to T3 which have frames made from different materials i.e. C-series carbon vs. TURQ, as well as differences in fork, drivetrain, brakes and wheels.

Price range: The Yeti ARC’s price ranges from S1900 for the frame only to $9,900 for the T3 with advanced features like custom wheels, SRAM XX1 eagle custom AXS drivetrain and SRAM level ultimate brakes.


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