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Trek bikes are one of the most recognized and respected names in the world of cycling, but who is the legitimate owner of the company?

Much like many bike brands, Trek has been part of a number of ownership changes since it first came on the scene. This has resulted in a lot of bike enthusiasts curious about who currently owns the Trek Bicycle Corporation.

The current owner of Trek Bikes is John Burke who acts as president and CEO of the Trek Bicycle Corporation - managing the company since 1997. John Burke is the son of Dick Burke who founded the company along with his business partner Bevil Hogg in 1975.

There are few bike manufacturers that have been in the business as long as the Trek Bicycle Corporation. Over the years, we have seen Trek expand and evolve with the times which is why their standing within the industry has not been compromised. Cycling is as popular as ever and if you want to stay in the race, it is essential to continue to pump out advanced bikes and ideas. Trek is one of the leaders in bike manufacturing but the ownership of the company is often brought into question, as the brand has expanded dramatically over time. To help you understand this further, we are going to take a closer look at who owns Trek Bikes in more detail.

After extensively researching Trek Bikes' history and origins, I have been able to gather enough information to determine who the current owner of the brand is. My research has indicated that although Trek bikes is not an official corporation, the company continues to have a connection to its original founders.



Trek Bikes History

Trek is a bicycle manufacturing company with humble beginnings. The brand was started back in 1975 by Dick Burke and Bevil Hogg in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when the two cycling enthusiasts began designing steel bike frames together.

Although the roots of the company started out small, Trek Bikes would eventually become one of the largest and most successful bike brands in the entire world. The bike manufacturing company expanded by pumping out larger quantities of high-end bicycles in the 1980s when the company became an official business.

The 1980s were a key decade for the cycling industry, as this period marked the rise and popularity of mountain biking. In 1983, Trek built its first mountain bike, which would ultimately become a driving force behind the company’s future ambitions.

This resulted in Trek expanding even further by launching the Trek Components Group - the aftermarket for additional bike parts and accessories. Trek continued to push the boundaries of cycling through the 1980s and 1990s by exploring new designs and innovations with their bikes, among which, one of the most iconic was the introduction of carbon fiber as a primary base material for frames.

Although Trek has been designing bikes for nearly 50 years, their popularity and drive to build advanced bicycles have not changed, as they are still considered to be one of the most successful bicycle companies of all time.

Origins of Trek Bikes

The origins of Trek Bikes are quite similar to that of a lot of legendary bike brands. The original owners of the company began designing bike frames together in a small shop.

Dick Burke had a passion for cycling and would regularly go on rides with his son, John Burke who would later become the president of Trek bikes. One day Dick Burke announced to his son in the 1970s that they were going to get into the bicycle business.

Dick Burke’s partnership with Bevil Hogg was the very beginning of the Trek Bicycle Corporation, as the two started to ambitiously design, build, and sell high-end bikes to compete with the dominated Italian and Japanese cycling markets.

As the company rolled out its initial designs with successful results, the brand expanded and eventually exploded over the next decade.

When Did Trek Ownership Change?

Although Trek Bikes was initially started and owned by Dick Burke and Bevil Hogg, the company’s ownership changed in 1997 when John Burke took over. John Burke is the son of Dick Burke and has been running the company as CEO of the Trek Bicycle Corporation for the last 25 years.

Can You Buy Stock in Trek Bikes?

Yes, you can buy stock in Trek Bikes. The company is currently listed on the stock market as TRKX and they have seen some impressive gains in its share price over the years.

You can currently buy stocks in Trek Bikes at $380 per share. However, this price has fluctuated from $260 to $380 from 2021 to 2022.

Where are Trek Bikes Made?

Over the years, the manufacturing location of Trek bikes has changed as the company expanded. Although the Trek Bicycle Corporation initially manufactured its bikes in Wisconsin, the company does also build its bikes in Europe and Asia to support its overseas market.

Currently, Trek Bikes are made in Wisconsin, Germany, the Netherlands, and China. With that said, the majority of the bikes that Trek manufactures are currently overseas and not in the United States.

Trek Bikes Headquarters Location

The location of Trek Bikes headquarters has not changed over the years, as it is still in Waterloo, Wisconsin. Despite the massive expansion of overseas manufacturing, Trek has stayed loyal to its hometown of Waterloo.

Are New Trek Bikes Any Good?

Trek bikes are as good as they have ever been. Despite the company undergoing radical changes since it first started building bikes, the brand has not compromised quality or innovation in any way.

Trek continues to prove itself as one of the best bicycle manufacturing companies in the world by releasing high-end bikes that are designed with top-notch parts and materials. The materials that this company uses combined with its sophisticated designs make them a top competitor within the industry.

Trek builds bikes that are meant to last. Whether you buy a carbon fiber, steel, or aluminum frame bike, if you take care of it and treat it with respect, you can easily get upwards of 30 years out of a Trek bike.

With that said, as Trek expanded their business they also started releasing different types of bikes altogether. Instead of locking themselves solely into the mountain biking industry, Trek challenged itself to release quality bikes for alternative riding styles. The brand currently sells bikes in the following classifications:

  • Mountain bikes
  • Road bikes
  • Electric bikes
  • City bikes
  • Kids bikes

No matter which type of bike you are after or what your riding style is, Trek has a quality option that will suit your cycling needs.

Where to Buy Trek Bikes

Trek bicycles are manufactured and sold worldwide. You can buy Trek bikes in a variety of different ways - with the best place to start being one of Trek’s trusted stores. By going onto Trek’s official website you can navigate to their store finder.

You can use your location or type in a specific region that you want to search for shops connected to Trek. This is the best way to buy a Trek bike, as you can test ride and evaluate the bike personally before buying it.

Alternatively, buying a Trek bike is also very easy to do online. You can find special deals, a wide selection of options, and previous generation model Trek bikes at the following online retailers:

While buying a bike in person does have its perks, it is hard to beat the convenience of having a bike delivered straight to your door, which is why a lot of riders do their shopping online.