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Where are Merida Bikes made and how do I get access to buying one? If these bikes are only made overseas, how soon can I have one delivered to North America?

Why can’t these bikes be made in North America? Not only are they not made in America, but they are not available for sale anywhere in the United States. So the question then begs, is there a better alternative to Merida bicycles? The Taiwanese went out of their way to prove that their bikes were above standard, and some would argue that they achieved that when Merida launched and was met with success.

Merida had been working for other brands by manufacturing their bikes but decided to take things into their own hands with their high-quality bicycles. So where are Merida bikes made? They are manufactured in Taiwan, Germany, and China. These high-quality bikes are not accessible in the US.

There are third-party websites on which people can sell their old items to people all over the world; these sites act as a way for anyone in North America to have a chance at one of these high-quality bicycles. What makes these bikes stand out amongst their competitors? Is it the quality of the material? The engineering on how it was made?

We go directly to Merida’s website for information such as bike material, the varieties of bicycles and their capabilities, as well as their cost and where they are sold regularly. From the company that has been making bicycles for other brands since 1972, comes a whole new line of bikes that redefines the meaning of a smooth, safe ride. They didn’t do it all on their own, and German technology is at the heart of every Merida bike, from the designing process to the testing, and the final follow-up, Merida is thorough.



What are Merida bikes and where are they made?

In 1972, Ike Tseng founded Merida in Taiwan when he was just 40 years old. Today, his son Michael holds the legacy of Merida that his father created. Intended to change the reputation of bikes labeled as “Made in Taiwan”, he has succeeded in that venture by having multiple factories in Taiwan, China, and Germany.

German technology has been key in engineering a variety of high-quality bicycles, each with its own set of specifications to suit your individual needs.

From mount biking to road biking as your main form of transportation, Merida has you covered, with bikes designed for daily use, the rough and tough terrain, and the gentle ride.

How are Merida bikes made?

Every bike from Merida is hand-made, with different techniques and materials put into different types of bikes. Each new design starts with German engineering, keeping recent trends and needs of the people in mind with each new bicycle creation.

Every new design requires a prototype but before any materials are actually made, the initial design must go through countless drawings, model designs, and measuring with the math involved before proceeding with a physical replica of the original design.

There is also a side team of artists creating the aesthetics of the new bike, offering up multiple skins and decorations for example.

The team of designers, builders, and artists are all bicycle enthusiasts at heart, putting extra care into every single handmade bike.

What testing do these bikes go through?

Prior to actually being produced for sale, Merida bikes go through rigorous testing regimens and a variety of safety feature tests.

Since the main design, composed of engineering and safety features, is mainly handled in Germany, the in-house testing of these bikes is also done at the German factories.

Each factory, whether in China, Taiwan, or Germany, has its own standards that must be met for consistent quality control in order to guarantee the name of Merida.

These bikes are pushed beyond industry standards in order to test their performance; Merida wants to be able to guarantee a quality bike, and the best way to get there is to push the bike beyond its’s intended capabilities.

Throughout the entire production process, the bike is monitored by experts and watched carefully for any signs of weakness in the design. Merida wants to be able to proudly place the label “Handmade in Taiwan” with pride and confidence.

Is Merida a good road bike for the daily commute?

With pride in every product and a true affinity for biking, the daily commute was taken into consideration when it came to the design of bikes with road endurance in mind.

Meant not just for safety and comfort in mind, but with a streamlined design, the Scultura Endurance bicycles made through Merida have proven to be a reliable source of transportation for the day-to-day commute.

Not only can you feel confident in your ride to work, but you’ll also be driving in comfort; the Scultura Endurance of Merida won the 2021 RennRad Magazine Comfort Award.

Does Merida make a good mountain bike?

While the need for reliable road bikes will always be in demand, so too will the mountain bikes thrive. That’s where Merida’s “One-Forty” series mountain bikes come into play.

The One-Forty’s have a short chain, allowing for a more agile and fast-flowing ride.

The lower shocks give any mountain biker a smoother rider than one could hope for on a bicycle, and the clearance of the tires is wide enough to handle tires meant for the toughest of terrain; the wide the tire, the smoother the ride, even against the most demanding of scenarios.

Are Merida bicycles lightweight and easy to carry?

The frame of these bikes is made of carbon and designed specifically to be lightweight; you can carry this bike up those rocky mountain hikes where a little climbing might be involved.

This is true of the mountain bikes, road bikes, and marathon bikes alike, but the Merida Triathlon Bikes are considered Merida’s fastest, lightest bike to date.

Their Speeder Fitness bikes clock in at second place, with consistently reliable lightweight frames and high speeds.

Where can I buy Merida Bikes?

USA buyers beware: they are not readily shipped and available in the United States or Canada. These bikes are primarily overseas; Australia gets more Merida bikes than North America as a whole. India, Africa, and pretty much the entire EU, and Asia get easy access to these beauties.

Us Americans have to get smart with our online searches and lookup third-party seller sites.

Think of the different sites that are available for you to sell your old hobby collections; those are the ones where you can buy a used Merida from someone willing to ship overseas.

You might pay a hefty shipping fee, but with the quality and name behind these bikes, that fee just might be worth it.

What is a good USA bike alternative?

Trek brand of USA bicycles has gained an amazing reputation and cult-like following since their launch.

These bikes vary in their varieties just like Merida, and you can find this brand at your local sports store, not overseas.

Overall, it’s best to find a bike that best fits your needs rather than searching for “the best bike”. The question is: What’s the best bike for your needs?