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You want to buy a Cervelo bike but do not know where to start. In this guide, we walk you through a comprehensive list of the best places to buy a Cervelo.

What is a Cervelo bike? What is it used for? Is a Cervelo right for me? Why should I buy a Cervelo bike? Where can I buy one? If you are looking for the answers to these questions and more, then you have come to the right place.

Cervelo is a top bike manufacturer renowned for its top-of-the-range bikes. Formerly Dutch and kiwi-owned, it was launched in Canada in 1995 and has offices in Toronto and Santa Cruz. Cervelo bikes are synonymous with quality and strength and are the bike of choice for amateur and pro cyclists.

If you are looking for the best places to buy Cervelo bikes, we are here to help. We provide you with a list of places that stock Cervelos as well as giving you a list of features to look out for and other relevant information. We will provide you with tips on choosing the right online store to purchase your Cervelo bike and give you a list of online stores that stock Cervelo bikes, parts and accessories.

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Cervelo is a manufacturer of road, time trial and triathlon as well as CX and gravel bikes. Launched by the Dutch/Kiwi team of Gerard Vroomen and Paul White, Cervelo produced triathlon’s most popular bike model, the P2 time trial bike. Cervelo’s success lies in its scientific approach to bike design and commitment to enhancing the performance of every bike manufactured.

Cervelo partnered with British cycling in 2015, with the result that the company’s bikes became the official bikes for the British cycling team.

Cervelo’s bikes are divided into ranges which are in turn divided into models with unique specifications. These ranges include; the R-range, P-range and S-range.

  • Cervelo P-range: The original Cervelo bike was the P2, a P-range bike that remains popular with triathletes even today. The P-range consists of all time trial bikes and is built for long distances. Bikes in this range include; PX, P5 and P-series.

They share several common features including an upright geometry, Cervelo BB bright, dropped downtubes and modular storage systems. Most bikes in this range are targeted at the triathlon market.

  • Cervelo R-range: This is the Cervelo’s classic road option, featuring bikes that can typically do it all when it comes to cycling. They are a popular option for races such as the tour de France and Paris Roubaix. Bikes in this range are built for performance and endurance and come with features like: integrated accessory mounts, a lightweight frame, different fitting options and aerodynamic cable routing.

Popular models in the R-range include: R5, R3 and Caledonia. These bikes are built to handle long distances, and come with features such as hydraulic brakes for quicker stopping, frame clearances that allow for tyres of up to 35mm and wide gear ranges to allow for easy climbing.

  • Cervelo S-range; The S range is made up of aero bikes that are designed for speed over comfort. They are lightweight options with minimum wind resistance to ensure maximum speed. Bikes in this range are road bikes with an emphasis on aerodynamics. They are targeted at pro-elite cyclists. They have several features designed to ensure maximum efficiency during a race. These include; ergonomic handle bars for firm grip and comfort, efficient brakes for quick stopping, tubeless tyres to reduce the bike’s weight even further. Bikes in this range include the S5, S3 and S2.

Where to buy Cervelo bikes?

Cervelo bikes are available in thousands of locations worldwide. You can find out which stores stock them in your locality by looking at the distributor list on the cervelo.com website. You can also purchase the bikes directly from the Cervelo online store. If you are looking to purchase online, there are a number of retailers and distributors who deliver both locally and internationally.

Purchasing online also has several advantages over purchasing at a local store. These include: a wider variety of bike models and accessories, cheaper prices than physical stores, customer reviews to help you determine the best bike for you, customization options and money back guarantees in select stores.

Shopping online does have some disadvantage including; longer shipping times with some bikes taking up to a month to deliver, lack of direct interaction with people who can answer your questions and guide you on the best bikes. In addition, sellers will charge you shipping costs for low value orders. Finally, your online store of choice might not have a return policy which means that you might find yourself stuck with a bike that does not meet your requirements.

To avoid encountering the problems mentioned above, look for the following features in an online bike seller:

  • An active community of shoppers behind the store, who can provide reviews, answers to questions you might have and a forum to discuss the store and its products.
  • Extensive product descriptions, high quality photos and a well organized website.
  • A customer service line or chat function dedicated specifically to handle customer queries.
  • Clear store policies with regard to shipping and returns.
  • Secure payment options
  • Quick delivery time.
  • A user-friendly website.

If you are looking for some online bike stores to purchase your Cervelo, the following sellers consistently rank in the top five for quality, value for money, service and stock availability:

a. Wheel world: Wheel world is a bike superstore selling numerous bike brands, parts, spares and accessories. Both the online and physical stores boast a wide variety of cruisers, aerobikes, full suspension, cruise and other types of bikes. The store’s mission is to provide customers with the best cycling experience through great customer service and the provision of an unrivalled selection of choice name brands at unbeatable prices.

b. bike24.com: This is one of the largest stores in continental Europe, offering a wide variety of brand name bikes, components and accessories to all types of cyclists. Founded in 2002, this online bike retailer carries over 800 brands and has over 77000 items in store.

c. Racycles.com: RA cycles has been the flagship store of choice for professional cyclists and amateur bikers since 1976. Over the years, the store has grown from a small mail order business for hard to get parts to a top website selling thousands of products from top bike manufacturers. The store sells both complete Cervelo bikes and frames, in addition to wheels, apparel, nutrition and a variety of other products.

d. Momentbikes.com: Moment bicycles sells a variety of road, gravel, mountain, triathlon and family bikes for all stages of cycling enthusiasts. The store also deals in bike wheels, helmets shoes and other accessories. The store stocks a variety of road, gravel and triathlon Cervelo bikes including P-Series, Asperos and S-series bikes.

e. summitbicycles.com: Summit bicycles operates out of the Bay Area in California. In addition to running five stores serving cycling enthusiasts in Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Los Gatos, San Hose and Burlingame, the store also has a huge online store selling hundreds of models from different brand names. The store offers price match and satisfaction guarantees in addition to providing different types of frames, full bikes, clothing, accessories and parts.

One unique feature of summit bicycles is the custom bike builder that allows you to build your dream bike from the comfort of your home. You can switch up frames, suspension, wheels and tyres, drive train and accessories to build your dream bicycle.

Summit bicycles also sells a variety of Cervelo bikes including: gravel, triathlon, sports and road models.


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