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When a celebrated skateboarder takes on mountain biking, it results in Santa Cruze Bikes, made for performance. But where are Santa Cruz Bikes made?

Since its launch in 1993, Santa Cruz has added innovation to bike suspensions. Advanced technology and high levels of innovation are put into action to manufacture high-end bikes for real biking enthusiasts.

Santa Cruz Bicycles was founded in a garage-sized location in Seabright Cannery, Santa Cruz, California. All their bicycles are now hand-assembled in their factory, located on Mission Street in Santa Cruz, California. Their high-end bicycles promise to deliver quality and performance.

Santa Cruz Bicycles has been around for three decades and have consistently improved and perfected their range of bicycles. They now offer a broad range of bikes to cater to the needs of every cycling enthusiast. The bikes are certainly premium-priced, but there is no compromise on quality, and every bike from the company meets and exceeds the riders' expectations.

Cycling experts believe that Santa Cruz produces high-performance bikes suited for all performance-cyclers ranging from long-distance explorers to World-class downhillers. The bikes are well-known for their durability, excellent resale value, neat design, and enthusiastic rides. They are kept lightweight by using carbon fiber and aluminum for manufacturing, allowing the riders to go faster, jump higher, and run longer.



Santa Cruz Bicycles

Santa Cruz Bicycles produces a broad range of high-performance bikes suited for real cycling enthusiasts. These bikes are often made to order, allowing the buyer to add or subtract components according to their preference.

High customization options and a wide range of products make Santa Cruz bikes a hot favorite among performance cyclists.


Rob Roskopp was a well-renowned skateboarder who collaborated with Rich Novak, another skateboarder, to lay the foundation of a bicycle manufacturing company in 1993. They worked together and added Marquez, a specialist in bike suspensions, to their team. Later, Tom Morris, a bicycle designer, also joined their team. Together, these four people founded what the world knows today as Santa Cruz Bicycles.

In 1994, the squad launched their first bike, the Tazmon. They applied the single-pivot, dual suspension technology to this bike and achieved a travel of over three inches with their innovative suspension. It was an excellent mountain bike that was suited for rough terrains. They later made more prototypes and were soon able to launch the Heckler, which was another mountain bike with a further improved suspension.

In 1999, the company acquired full rights for the Virtual Pivot Point (VPP) suspension system invented by Outland. Since then, the innovative suspension system has developed over the years and is now a signature component on all Santa Cruz bikes; it is found on all bikes ranging from downhill to cross-country.  

In 2015, the company was acquired by a family-owned organization called Pon Holding, and more brands such as Focus and Cervelo were launched. The acquisition proved to be more fruitful for the company, and it continues to flourish to date.

Santa Cruz Range

Santa Cruz specializes in manufacturing bikes made using aluminum and carbon fiber. The bikes are imported CKD (Completely Knocked Down) from Taiwan and China. They hand-assemble each bike in their factory located in Santa Cruz, California.

These bikes are targeted towards true cycling professionals and enthusiasts. Their price range starts from $1,500 for basic level bikes and can easily go upwards of $10,000 for highly customized models. Let us look at some of the models that the company has to offer.


The V10 is a downhill bike designed for competitors, racers, and those looking to grab the prize. Every year, this bike receives tuning and numerous upgrades after receiving expert-level performance reviews from the Syndicate to prepare for the world cup.

The bike uses the trademark suspension setup, making it easy to service and tune. It houses one of the most flexible suspensions found on performance bikes. The wheels can be customized to the buyer's preference, sized between 27.5 and 29 inches, and can be used in the same or different size setups for front and rear axles.

The prices of the V10 begin at around $6,000 and go upwards with added customizations.


The company's tag line for the Nomad depicted that this bike is made for rough and tough conditions. It is a bike that is not afraid to take a beating, and even after that, it keeps going. This bike is made for those who love to use and abuse their bikes by pushing them to their limits.

All pivots comprise sealed bearings, and the frame toughness of this bike is on another level. The bike is installed with shuffle guards and lower grease ports. The standard wheel size for this bike is 27.5 inches, and it features a steep head angle of 64 degrees, with the seat being angled at 77 degrees. The fork has a diameter of 1.5 inches, and it allows the VPP suspension to travel more than 6.5 inches using both air and coil spring shocks.

The best thing about this bike is that it comes with a lifetime crash support and warranty. Even if you choose to fly with this sturdy little monster, and the security officials decide to investigate your precious cargo, this baby is so sturdy it will stand up to the brutality of the FAA.

The Nomad is an all-mountain bike with impressive travel and starts at around $3,600.  


One of the earliest designed bikes by the company has come a long way thanks to its durability and customization options. It is designed for those looking for a technologically advanced bike without compromising the sturdiness and fun offered by a premium-level mountain bike. The carbon frame and the advanced 504-watt battery are designed to keep the weight to a minimum.

The concept of Heckler is simple. It allows you to keep taking on new paths, push your riding to the limits, and add to the fun with modern technology. There are numerous wheel options for this bike, and a chain of around eighteen inches ensures that the bike's geometry remains balanced at all times.

The improved motor on the newer models has become lighter, more powerful, smaller in size, offers less drag, and is more resistant to heat than previous models.

The prices of Heckler start at around $7,500 and go upwards from there.


The Bronson features impressive compatibility and high customization levels for enthusiasts looking for an excellent trail bike. It is designed to take on all kinds of trails and is not scared of even the toughest conditions.

It redefines what a bike with a suspension travel of 6 inches can do. It features 27.5-inch wheels, over six inches of fork travel, a one-piece swing-arm, and a 65-degree head angle. The bike is designed to take on tough terrains, negotiate hard edges, and perform on fast-flowing surfaces.

The prices for the Bronson start at around $3,500.


The 5010 is designed for agility and speed. It is perfectly suited for those riders who see their bike as an aircraft. It is well-equipped with design features that tempt the inner daredevil in all enthusiasts to hop on the bike and start skipping and jumping over obstacles.

The bike is engineered to satisfy the gravity-defying thrill-seekers and trail weavers. It is equipped with numerous technologies to make it sturdier than its brochure might suggest. The 27.5-inch wheel makes the bike agile, tough, and light-weighted – all required for taking flights.

The 5.5-inch travel of the fork is coupled to the 5.1-inch travel of the rear suspension. The structure allows the rider to fit all kinds of rear shocks, and the bike can be customized to change the frame size according to your body type.

The prices of the 5010 start at around $4,100.


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