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A bike chain degreaser performs the important function of removing oil or grease from the chain. So, when should you use a degreaser on your bike chain?

What is a bike chain degreaser? When should you use it? What are the advantages of using a degreaser on your bike chains?  This article will explain what a bike chain degreaser and when to use it, list the advantages of degreasing on a regular basis and show you how to determine that it is time to degrease your chain.

A bike chain degreaser is an accessory that helps to remove grease and oil from your bike’s drivetrain.  You should use a bike chain degreaser if your chain starts to rust, during seasonal maintenance, while cleaning a greasy chain guard, if it has blown off or whenever you want to replace it.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at when you should use bike chain degreasers and list some of the advantages of degreasing your bike on a regular basis.

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Lubing your bike chains on a regular basis ensures that they remain in tip top condition and that your drive train functions efficiently. Overlubing however, leads to grime build up on your chain and accelerates the rate at which it wears out.  A worn out chain is more likely to break, which means that you will be unable to ride your bike until you fix or replace the chain.

Wear and tear as well as impact with a hard object are some of the most common reasons why bike chains break. Overlubing increases the rate at which your bike chain wears by attracting extra debris and causing build up. Wear and tear cause your bike chain to stretch out resulting in failed metal fatigues and a broken chain. To prevent this and also reduce your bike chain’s wear and tear rate, you need to clean  and degrease your chain on a regular basis.

When should you use a bike chain degreaser?

Ideally, you should use a degreaser at least once a month in order to ensure that your bike chain works optimally. If you degrease more than once, you could end up stripping your bike of lube and also affecting the quality of bike parts due to the corrosive action of my degreasers.

You can also degrease your bike based on the number of miles you’ve covered. For instance, you can choose to degrease every time you clock 100 miles of mileage. Also, you can choose to degrease according to your bike type. Mountain bikes and other bikes used on rough terrain should be degreased after every trip.

Signs that it is time to degrease your bike chain include: a rusty bike chain, a chain that has blown off, a worn out chain and any time you need to clean your chain guard. You can also degrease as part of your bike maintenance routine or any time you want to change your bike chain.

What does a bike chain degreaser do?

A bike chain degreaser performs the important function of removing grease and dirt buildup from your chain. It employs the use of cycling specific products which are gentle on your chain and do not result in corrosion. Degreasing is usually the next step after cleaning your chain and before lubing it. Bike experts recommend degreasing your bike at least once a month in order to keep it in optimal working condition.

Derived hydrocarbons are the active ingredients in degreasers that allow them to dissolve grime, grease and other debris from your bike chain. Ensure that you only use bicycle specific degreasers as these will not strip your bike chain of lube. Industrial degreasers also corrode your chain and other parts of your bike, ultimately increasing their wear and tear rate.

How to choose the right bike degreaser

The first step in choosing the right degreaser for your bike chain is to avoid industrial options. This is because these types of degreasers contain harsh chemicals that strip your chain of lube. As a result, simply dripping lube on your chain after the cleaning process will not work and you will be forced to dip your chain in a bucket of lube in order to ensure that it is properly coated.

Next, choose a degreaser that is suitable for your bike type. Different bike types have different bike chains made from varying materials such as aluminum and steel alloys. Some bike chain materials corrode more easily than others which means that you should choose a mild degreaser for them. Racing bikes or mountain bikes as well as other bikes used in heavy duty work may need a more intensive degreasing. You can use solvent based degreasers for this type of bike.

Types of bike degreasers

Bike chain degreasers are classified according to their packaging. Available options include: spray bottles, aerosol bottles and cans. Spray bottles usually store water based degreasers that are easily portable and great for use on the go. Aerosol degreasers are highly flammable and are therefore stored in metal cases and kept in storage spaces for maximum protection.

Finally, some heavy duty degreasers are stored in high pressure cans to allow for easy use. This type of degreaser must be mixed with water before use and is an affordable option for those who want a longer lasting degreaser.

You should use a bike chain degreaser if your chain starts to rust, during seasonal maintenance, while cleaning a greasy chain guard, if it has blown off or whenever you want to replace it.

Finally, you can degrease according to weather conditions. If you have been riding in rough weather and in tough conditions such as mud, then you also need to degrease after every trip.

What are the advantages of using bike chain degreasers?

Bike chain degreasers have several advantages. First, they increase your bike chain’s longevity by reducing its wear and tear rate. Secondly, degreasers improve your bike chain’s efficiency by removing the dirt and debris that may clog your chain and cause it to perform poorly.

Degreasers are also an affordable way to keep your bike chain clean and improve its efficiency. Further, they are easy to use; requiring only a few drops applied on the chain and their quick dissolving properties will get rid of debris in no time. Bike chain degreasers also come in a variety of options, which means that you can easily find the type you need for your bike without much hassle.