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Santa Cruz is widely regarded as one of the best bicycle manufacturing companies in the world, but when do their bikes go on sale?

It is hard to beat the reliability and performance of a Santa Cruz bike, which is why they are in such high demand. However, if you are like most riders, you have probably noticed that bikes from Santa Cruz are priced quite high, which is why a lot of people wait until they are on sale before buying.

Santa Cruz bikes usually go on sale at the onset of the mountain biking season - around June or July. However, Santa Cruz bikes will also go on sale around major holidays - especially on Black Friday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Independence Day.

If you see the name ‘Santa Cruz’ on a bicycle, then you can expect nothing less than top-of-the-line quality. This bike manufacturer has been designing premium mountain bikes since 1993, and they continue to prove themselves as being a brand that stands out amongst a lot of the competition. Santa Cruz is a company that prioritizes quality and consistency above everything, which is why you will find that they have a modest-size line-up that solely focuses on high-end mountain bikes. With that said, you will also find that Santa Cruz bikes are not cheap and that the majority of their models are $4,000+. This makes Santa Cruz bikes out of reach for a lot of riders out there. However, you can save yourself money when buying Santa Cruz bikes by taking advantage of deals and sales. To help you understand this further, we are going to take a closer look at when Santa Cruz bikes go on sale, as well as some current deals.

After researching Santa Cruz bikes, I have been able to determine when the brand’s bikes go on sale. My research has indicated that you can save money on buying a Santa Cruz bike by making your purchase at specific times of the year when bikes go on sale.



Do Santa Cruz Bikes Offer Discounts?

Although Santa Cruz does not offer a lot of sales, they do discount their bikes occasionally. If you want to buy a bike directly from the manufacturer, you can take advantage of some of their annual discounts.

The most reliable time of year to buy a discounted Santa Cruz bike is in July. The reason for this is that Santa Cruz generally puts their previous year’s models on sale as they pump out their newest releases around this time.

Distributor Discounts and Sale Prices

As a distributor, Santa Cruz only offers limited sales and discounts on their bike prices. The normal sale price that you see Santa Cruz put on their bikes is a discount of about 15%.

Given that Santa Cruz bikes are generally priced between $3,500 and $5,000 (with some models costing even more), the normal discount that you can expect on a bike is around $500 to $750.

Manufacturer Incentives

There are a number of incentives for Santa Cruz to put its bikes on sale. The primary reason behind this is to pump out models from previous years that the company still has in stock.

As the brand releases new bikes, they want to sell off as many of the bikes that they have laying around so that they are not stockpiling.

In addition, launching sales and discounts is a great way for a brand to stir up a buzz around a specific product. At the end of the day, brand awareness and recognition are key selling points and a lot of people within the cycling community will discuss deals with one another when they are active.

How Much are Santa Cruz Bikes Discounted?

The kind of discounts that you can find for Santa Cruz bikes can vary across the board. This is primarily due to bikes from the company being sold by a number of different retailers.

With that said, the discounts and sales that Santa Cruz launches themselves are much easier to predict. Generally speaking, Santa Cruz will discount their bikes by 15% in July, which can amount to saving anywhere from $500 to $1,000 on a bicycle.

On the other hand, there are other key times throughout the year when Santa Cruz bikes go on sale. Depending on when you are shopping and from which retailer you are buying, a Santa Cruz bike can be discounted by as much as 24% (or even more). This kind of discount could easily add up to $900 to $1,250+ in savings.

How Often Do Santa Cruz Bikes Go On Sale?

Santa Cruz bikes go on sale at some key times throughout the year. The most predictable time of year that the manufacturer directly advertises discounts for their bikes is during the month of July.

However, Santa Cruz bikes go on sale during certain holidays as well, which are usually initiated by retailers not connected to the distributor such as:

  • Black Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day

The bottom line is if you are looking for a discounted Santa Cruz bike, you should be on the lookout for any deals that are happening around major holidays, as these often offer the best sales throughout the year.

How to Find the Best Deals on Santa Cruz Bikes

If you are shopping on a budget, you are going to want to take advantage of any sales and deals that you can find - especially if you are looking for a Santa Cruz bike. At the end of the day, even a small discount on a Santa Cruz bike will often result in saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Luckily, there are some strategies that you can utilize to find the best deals on Santa Cruz bikes. Let’s explore your options.

Shop for Last Year’s Model

Santa Cruz is a bike brand that consistently pumps out new models every year. This implies that the company is going to have leftover models from their previous year(s) that they are still holding onto.

One of the best ways to find deals on a Santa Cruz bike is to shop for last year’s models. These bikes are notoriously cheaper and you can find a solid deal by avoiding the latest models. In addition, you can find even better deals by shopping from retailers not directly connected to Santa Cruz.

There are plenty of bike shops and online bike retailers that are holding onto Santa Cruz bikes that are even several years old. These bikes can be acquired at a considerably cheaper price and you can save yourself a ton of money by doing so. Ultimately, if the bike was made by Santa Cruz, even an older model is going to outperform the bulk of the latest competition.

Visit a Store During Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the best times of year to buy virtually anything and everything. You will find insane deals for various types of products - including bikes.

Bike shops around the country will mark down the prices of their bikes considerably and you can save a lot by shopping on this holiday. Visiting any bike shop that sells Santa Cruz bikes on Black Friday will undoubtedly amount to savings.

How much you can save on your Santa Cruz bike by shopping on Black Friday is hard to predict, as each store is going to offer different deals. On average, you can expect to see discounts that are around 24%.

Watch for New Model Releases

As soon as a new model releases from Santa Cruz, it would be wise to hop on their website or visit one of their stores to see what kind of deals are going on.

Santa Cruz bikes tend to be released in summer - at the onset of the mountain biking season. If you want to save yourself some cash, this is a great time of year to keep an eye out for sales.

Are New Santa Cruz Bikes Always Released in July?

Although Santa Cruz has notoriously released a lot of their bikes in July, that is not always the case. Santa Cruz drops new models during the onset of the mountain biking season, which is generally either June or July.

Are there Coupons or Promo Codes for Santa Cruz Bikes?

Yes, there are coupon codes and promo codes for Santa Cruz bikes. There are various websites that offer discounts on Santa Cruz bikes which you can utilize by typing in a code on the buy page.

Promo code websites will give codes that are eligible for specific retailers and sites, so you need to follow the instructions carefully. These codes will offer discounts such as 15% to 25% off or a specific dollar amount that can be discounted. You can find coupons and promo codes for Santa Cruz bikes on the following websites:

Make sure that you read the terms and conditions of each code, as they will often have requirements such as a minimum spend amount.

Current Santa Cruz Bike Sales and Discounts

Santa Cruz bikes go on sale during specific times of the year. However, you should also keep in mind that there are always deals and discounts that you can take advantage of all year round.

You can use promo codes found online, as we mentioned above - or you can simply check out reputable online retailers and bike shops. There are solid deals that range from 10% to 25% off (or more) on online retailers - especially those that are selling last year’s models. You can find current Santa Cruz bike sales and discounts at the following online stores:

In addition to these online stores, never forget to check your local bike shop. It is easy to rely on online bike shops for deals and overlook the discounts that are happening in your area. Bike shops often have solid deals at odd times of the year, and the best way to hop on them is to call up the shop or drive down and have a look for yourself.