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If want to buy a BMC bike at the best price possible, then you want to take advantage of the deals that are out there, but when do their bikes go on sale?

BMC is a very reputable bike manufacturer that currently has some of the best bicycles in the entire industry. However, if you check the price tag of some of their options, you will find that they can get quite pricey, which is why it is best to look for deals before committing to a purchase.

BMC bikes go on sale on Black Friday, during the Christmas shopping season, as well as in early spring and fall. However, a lot of shops put BMC bikes on sale throughout the majority of the year. You can find deals by buying outgoing or defective models and by using coupon codes.

When it comes to bike manufacturing, BMC is one of the most trusted names in the business. This brand prides itself on releasing top-notch bikes that are made with only the best parts and materials available. The Swiss-based bicycle company has been in production for more than 35 years and they continue to prove itself as one of the best bike brands in the world by releasing premium-quality options consistently. That is why so many bicycle enthusiasts and professional riders choose BMC over any other company when shopping for their next bike. With that being said, the incredible reputation that BMC has built for itself as a tier-1 manufacturer implies that their bikes are not cheap, which can be a bit defeating for budget shoppers out there that want a quality bike. If you are trying to cut down on costs when shopping for your BMC bike, you should know that there are some strategies for saving money on your purchase. To help you understand this further, we are going to take a closer look at when BMC bikes go on sale, as well as the current deals that are available.

After extensively researching BMC, I have been able to determine the best ways to save money on buying a bike from the brand. My research has shown me that you can save a lot on your BMC bike by making your purchase at the right time of year



Does BMC Offer Discounts on Bicycles?

BMC does not directly offer discounts on their bicycles. When you check BMC’s official website, they generally only showcase their latest models at the official price that the company sells its bikes for. This will include bikes from every class type that BMC currently manufacturers, as well as all of their spare parts and accessories.

As you browse BMC’s latest models, you will find that the company does not actually have its bikes available for sale through its official site. BMC has these options listed to let shoppers see what BMC has released recently so that people have a reliable reference for what is out and what official prices are.

However, BMC does offer discounts to its authorized dealers and to certain online bike shops. By shopping through a dealer or bike shop that works with BMC, you can often find discounts and deals that are considerably cheaper than what the company lists on its official website.

Authorized Dealer Discounts and Sale Prices

If you are fully set on the bike that you want after reviewing BMC’s line-up, one of the most reliable ways to buy a bike from them is to find one of their authorized dealers. BMC works with bike shops all over the world and they often offer these sellers better wholesale prices.

To find one of BMC’s sellers, select the bike that you want and then click on ‘Find Dealer’. You can proceed by typing in the details of your current region, which will then guide you to a list of stores in your area. Once you have narrowed down some of your options, we find that it is best to call the bike shop that you are considering to ask what their price is and to confirm that they have the specific model that you are looking for.

Call a number of different authorized dealers in your area so that you can narrow down your options to the store that has the best price for the bike you want. Always confirm what the official price is on BMC’s website before you do this so that you can make comparisons.

Online Bike Shop Sales and Discounts

There are so many online bike shops that carry BMC bikes these days and you may find that some of them have way better deals than others. Much like with BMC’s authorized dealers, online bike shops often buy their stock in bulk, which results in them getting a huge discount.

In general, you can find online bike shops that will have BMC bikes for a cheaper price than what the company advertises on their site. However, there are a number of bike shops that will have sales in effect for BMC bicycles all year long or periodically, which is why it is best to browse online stores regularly so that you can look out for any deals that pop up.

How Much can You Save on BMC Bikes?

The amount that you can save on a BMC bike will greatly vary depending on the type of bike that you are getting, as well as the kind of deal(s) that you take advantage of. If you play your cards right and buy your bike at the right time of year and strategize your purchase, you can save yourself anywhere from 30 to 50% on your purchase (or even more).

This is especially important to take advantage of if you are buying a premium bike from BMC. The high-end options from BMC can be well over $10,000, which is when even a 30% discount can literally save you thousands of dollars.

With that being said, BMC does also offer bikes that are priced lower than this - with some options costing as little as $2,000 in some cases. It is still a good idea to utilize these discounts for BMC’s budget bikes, as you can still save yourself $500+ when shopping.

How Often Do BMC Bikes Go On Sale?

There are some key times throughout the year that BMC bikes tend to go on sale, which is when you will find the best deals available from the brand. We find that if there is no urgency in your purchase, it is best to be patient and wait until the best savings go into effect.

Black Friday & Christmas

One of the best times to buy a discounted BMC bike is during Black Friday sales. This is a time of year that virtually everything is cheaper to buy and that includes BMC bikes. So, when the end of November is around the corner, it is a good time to start thinking about the BMC bike that you want to get.

If you happen to have missed the Black Friday sales, you will be delighted to know that bikes are often on sale right after November for the upcoming holidays. The Christmas shopping season is another great time to look out for deals on BMC bikes.

Right as December sets in, you should start shopping for your BMC bike immediately, as they can be incredibly cheap during this time of year. However, it is a good idea to do this before the holiday shopping season peaks, which is why you should buy your BMC bike as early as possible, as it is common for discounted options to sell out quickly. You may be able to find Christmas deals on bikes from BMC as early as November depending on the store.

Early Spring & Fall

The onset of spring is generally one of the most reliable times of the year to get a solid deal on a BMC bike. Spring is an indicator that the primary riding season is right around the corner, which usually gets people geared up to get themself a new bike.

There are cycling competitions taking place all over the world during the spring season, which is when pro riders showcase the best bikes that are currently on the market. Brand sponsors like BMC will equip riders with the best of what the company has to offer, which is an easy marketing strategy to get people excited about the latest of what the cycling industry has.

This encourages a lot of people to go out shopping for bikes in the spring and most brands will offer discounts on bikes with the high level of demand that starts pouring in. Spring is not only a good time of year to buy a BMC bike for the cheaper price tag but also to get yourself ready for the riding season.

In addition, fall is also a great time of the year to buy a BMC bike. As the outside temperature starts to get cooler, most riders will begin spending less time out on their bikes, which is usually reflected in sales figures within the industry. This results in there being considerably less demand for bikes on the market. This lack of demand provides a great time for wise shoppers to buy their BMC bikes, as shops will lower their prices to get rid of stock from the last season.

How to Find the Best Deals on BMC Bikes

One of the best ways to find deals on BMC bikes is to do your shopping at the right time of year when sales start coming into effect. However, you will find that there are a number of other ways that you can strategize your purchase to save yourself money when shopping for your BMC bike.

There are a number of key tactics that you can implement to get the deal of a lifetime on a BMC bike, which can save you a lot of cash - sometimes 50% (or even more). With that being said, if you want to cut costs as much as possible, you can always try combining strategies for extra savings.

Purchase an Outgoing BMC Model

When most people shop for bikes, they often focus on getting the latest and greatest of what the industry has to offer that year. This results in huge demand for new model bikes that are rarely sold at a discounted price.

If you want to save yourself some money on your BMC bike, try to be as flexible with your purchase as possible by getting an outgoing model. This is a particularly useful strategy to utilize during the fall season when bikes from that year are put on sale. Outgoing models are by no means going to be inferior to what is released by BMC the following year and you can save yourself a ton of money by getting one of these options.

In addition, sometimes BMC bikes from several years back will linger around bike shops unsold. This can often be due to something as trivial as the bike having an unattractive aesthetic or style. These outgoing BMC models can be found at bike shops for very cheap, which is why you should hop on these deals when you see them.

Find Store Returns or Defective Models

When bikes are bought and then returned back to a store - this is often reflected in their price tag. The majority of the time, these returned bikes are in the same condition as when they were purchased, which makes them as good as new.

Depending on the store that you are shopping in as well as the BMC bike that you are considering, this factor alone can make the final price a lot cheaper. If you see a returned bike that is in good condition, this is one of the best ways to get a great deal on a BMC bike. If you see a ‘Used’ or ‘Returned’ sticker on a BMC bike, test it out and ask the business representative about its condition. If you are given the green light, take advantage of the deal.

In addition, retailers can have a stock of defective BMC models. For the most part, BMC bikes are designed to high standards and defective models in bulk are a rarity, but they can occur from time to time. This may be more common with specific bikes that were mishandled during processing or transportation. More often than not, these bikes are in excellent condition and just have a minor flaw that can either be easily overlooked or replaced. Defective model BMC bikes present an amazing opportunity to get a great deal when shopping. You just want to make sure that the defect is not causing any serious issues with ride performance or safety.

Use Points Programs At Your Local Bike Shop

If you are a frequent shopper at your local bike shop, you may be able to take advantage of a points program that the business offers. Bike shops try to encourage customers to return to their business and one of the most effective ways to do this is to incentivize loyalty through points programs.

Much like with frequent flier miles on a credit card, you can rack up points on with many local bike shops through rewards programs. As you continue to shop at the store, your points will build up and you can save them for a major purchase. If you have enough points saved up, you may find that your BMC bike can cost considerably less than the asking price - saving your loads on your purchase.

Buy Used BMC Bikes

If you are not picky about your purchase, one of the best ways to save a lot on a BMC bike is to buy it used. A lot of shoppers overlook the advantages of buying used BMC bikes, which is why a lot of these deals often go unnoticed.

You can try searching for used bike shops in your local area, as these are a great place to start. By finding a physical bike shop that carries used BMC bikes, you can conduct a thorough inspection of the bike before you make any commitments to ensure that it is up to your standard.

However, there are also some great resources for buying used BMC bikes online. These are some very solid online resources to look into when shopping:

You can find the deal of a lifetime on a BMC bike online, which results in huge savings on your purchase. There will be used models that are several years old that will cost a fraction of what a new BMC bike will be priced at. In addition, some sellers have kept their BMC bikes in mint conditions but they are selling them at a used price since the product has been unboxed.

What you always want to ensure when shopping for a used bike is that it is in good condition. Used bikes are a great way to save money but you do not want to buy something that has been mistreated or is faulty, which is why it is best to ask questions from the seller and ask for a test ride or inspection if possible before the purchase.

Are there Coupons or Promo Codes for BMC Bikes?

If you thought coupons were a thing of the past, think again. There are some amazing coupons available for BMC bikes that you should take full advantage of when shopping. Various websites offer a variety of different coupon options for BMC.

In addition, you should always check for any coupons that are going around for your local area. Local bike shops will sometimes offer coupons for in-store products that can be very useful for saving cash on a BMC bike.

How to BMC Bicycle Promo Codes

Coupons can vary but the majority of the time they can be utilized by typing in a code for a purchase. Online stores will do this to promote sales and products from their website or to get rid of older stock. The following codes are currently available for BMC bikes:

These coupons are usually linked with specific online bike shops that are offering promotions on BMC bikes.

Current BMC Bike Sales and Discounts

The great thing about bike shopping is that if you are willing to look around, you will find that there are always great deals out there. BMC’s prices rarely change on their official website but many retailers will offer discounts on bikes periodically and often unpredictably.

One of the best places to start is to simply ask around at your local bike shops. In-person stores will have great deals available throughout the entire year, which can result in solid savings without needing to get too clever with purchase tactics.

You can also try finding authorized dealers located in your entire region so that you have more options to consider. If there are a lot of bike shops in your area, you should try calling them up individually to inquire about any deals that they have for BMC bikes. You will be surprised by some of the spontaneous sales that can pop up.

With that being said, another great way to find current deals is to go online. There are a lot of online bike shops competing with one another and one of the ways that they can make themselves stand out is to offer deals on bikes. The following online bike shops currently have some amazing deals on BMC bikes.

Some online bike shops will offer discounts on select BMC bikes - whereas others might have discounts on their entire stock. The best way to make the most of discounted options is to browse through a number of different stores so that you can get the best price possible for the bike that you are looking for. Utilizing current deals in combination with coupon codes and seasonal sales is the best way to maximize your savings on a BMC bike.