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Bianchi is considered by many riders to be one of the most iconic bicycle manufacturers of all time, but when do their bikes go on sale?

Few bike brands can boast the longevity and credibility that Bianchi has achieved in the world of cycling - with over a century of designing top-of-the-line road bikes. However, if you check the price tag for a lot of Bianchi bikes, you will find that the majority of their models can be very expensive, which is why you want to be aware of when their bicycles go on sale.

Bianchi bikes go on sale on Black Friday and on other major holidays such as Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Independence Day. In addition, Bianchi, bike distributors, and retailers will offer discounts on bikes during closeout sales in the fall and when new models are announced.

Anyone involved in cycling will have heard the name Bianchi, as it is a brand that truly stands out within the industry. Having begun manufacturing in 1885, Bianchi has been designing and releasing bikes for more than 130 years - making it the oldest bike brand in the world. A company with this much longevity in the industry has got to be doing something right and releasing high-end performance machines has kept this manufacturer relevant for so long. As a company that specializes in designing premium, race-ready road bikes, Bianchi does not cut corners on quality parts and materials, which is why their bikes can often be quite expensive. If you have your eyes on a Bianchi bike and want to buy it without breaking the bank, you should take advantage of sales and current deals. To help you understand this further, we are going to take a closer look at when Bianchi bikes go on sale.

After extensively researching Bianchi cycling forums, I have been able to gather enough information to determine when bikes from this manufacturer go on sale. My research has indicated that there are multiple different times of the year that Bianchi bikes go on sale and you should actively check for deals during each period to get the most savings.



Does Bianchi Offer Discounts?

Unlike many other bike manufacturers, Bianchi does not consistently offer discounts on their bikes. With that said, there are occasional sales offers that Bianchi announces, which are usually associated with release dates for upcoming models.

While there are plenty of other bike companies that have annual sales throughout the year, discounts directly through Bianchi are a bit harder to come by.

Distributor Discounts and Sale Prices

Bianchi works with a lot of different bike distributors and retailers around the world. Once a bike has been distributed, it will usually be sold with the original price tag for a given period.

After months or years of being on display, the distributor will start to drop the price of the bike to clear space for incoming stock. There are key times of the year when this will happen and there are also unique sales that retailers decide on themselves.

Distributor and retailer sales prices will vary but you can expect discounts that are anywhere between 5% and 25% - depending on when you are buying and which Bianchi bike model you are looking for.

Manufacturer Sales

If you want to buy a discounted bike directly from Bianchi, you need to be aware of exactly when their models go on sale. Doing so can result in significant savings on your next bike. Generally speaking, Bianchi will discount their bikes between 10% and 15%.

Given that a lot of Bianchi’s bikes are priced high, even a small discount can easily add up to a lot of savings.

How Much Can You Save on Bianchi Bikes?

The amount of money that you can save on a Bianchi bike can vary, as there are different kinds of sales and bargain opportunities throughout the year. Depending on whether the sale is directly from the manufacturer or another retailer, you can expect to find savings between 5% and 40%.

Naturally, the bike model will influence price more than anything but you should also keep track of key times of the year with the best discounts. Most shoppers save anywhere between $200 and $2,500 when buying a discounted Bianchi bike.

How Often Do Bianchi Bikes Go On Sale?

The most predictable times of the year when we see discounted Bianchi bikes for sale are around major public holidays such as Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Independence Day.

These sales are primarily connected to online retailers and bike shops - not Bianchi directly. However, Bianchi also puts their bikes on sale when they announce upcoming models and want to close out their remaining stock. The problem with this is that Bianchi does not put these sales on consistently, and when they do, it can be challenging to predict exactly what kind of discounts there will be.

Why are Bianchi Bike Sales so Rare?

As a credible bike brand with a longstanding reputation, Bianchi prioritizes launching high-end bikes with premium parts and materials. That is why they rarely downgrade the price tags of their bikes.

Riders that look for Bianchi bikes are willing to pay for professional-grade road bikes and the price tag of a lot of models is often final - especially when purchasing directly through the manufacturer.

With that said, Bianchi bike sales are also so rare because the company simply does not guarantee shoppers and riders that they will discount their models each year. Instead, Bianchi tends to put their bikes on sale when they have too much stock of a specific model, or when they announce a new line-up.

How to Find the Best Deals on Bianchi Bikes

Finding the right deal for your Bianchi bike can save you a lot of money on your purchase. If you have the bankroll to spend $5,000 - $10,000 on a high-end Bianchi model, then you can buy directly through one of the manufacturer’s associated bike shops.

However, if you are like most riders, you will find that the original asking price of Bianchi’s bike is simply too high. You can save yourself a lot of money on your next Bianchi bike by taking advantage of certain deals and buying at the right time of year. Let’s dive into how you can find the best deals on Bianchi bikes.

Purchase an Outgoing Model

Whenever a manufacturer announces new bike models within their lineup, you should always head over to their website to see if there are any outgoing deals. Bike brands generally like to keep themselves stocked with their latest line-up so that they are not holding onto a bunch of bikes from the previous season(s).

That is why companies like Bianchi will often put their older, outgoing models on sale so that they can free up room for their newest bikes. While purchasing an outgoing model may seem like you are buying a downgraded bike, that is by no means the case when dealing with a brand like Bianchi.

Buy a Bianchi Bike on Black Friday

If there is one time throughout the year that you are certain to find some great deals on purchasing a bike it’s Black Friday. This is an infamous, unofficial holiday that gets consumers lined up outside of stores to hop on the best discounts throughout the year.

While Bianchi does not put Black Friday discounts on their bikes directly at the end of November, their distributors and retailers usually do. You can save yourself as much as 24% (or more) on your Bianchi bike when shopping on Black Friday. Depending on the bike model that you get, this discount can save you upwards of $3,000 on some of Bianchi’s high-end bikes.

Buy a Bianchi Bike on Major Public Holidays

There are a lot of major public holidays throughout the year that encourage people to shop. While you can find deals on Bianchi bikes during predictable times of the year such as Christmas, you will actually find better discounts during the following major holidays:

  • Memorial Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Labor Day
  • Independence Day

These are some of the best public holidays to be aware of when looking for a discounted Bianchi bike. Bicycle stores around the country consistently put their models on sale around these holidays, which is why you should always check with your local bike shop and Bianchi retailers to inquire about sales prices.

Watch for Closeout Sales and End-Of-Year Stock Clearance

Closeout sales and end-of-year stock clearances are golden opportunities to take advantage of deals on Bianchi bikes. Depending on the sales numbers that the manufacturer or distributor had during the year, they could have a bulk load of bike models from the previous year that they still need to get rid of.

Ultimately, the more stock that is available, the better you can expect the discounts to be. Given that Bianchi generally announces new bike models towards the end of the year, you can expect to see closeout sales and end-of-year stock clearances popping up in the fall.

Are there Coupons or Promo Codes for Bianchi Bikes?

Yes, there are coupons and promo codes for Bianchi bikes. While it is quite rare to find these promos directly through Bianchi, they are quite common online.

Each coupon will have a different offer or discount and you can find deals for accessories, frames, and even complete bikes. These codes will generally give you a percentage discount on your purchase or an exact dollar amount. Just make sure that you read the terms and conditions for the promo code carefully, as they generally give you a discount on specific items.

How to Find Bianchi Bicycle Promo Codes

The most reliable way to find a promo code for a Bianchi bike is to check online resources that have coupons available. You can find Bianchi promo codes at the following websites:

If you decide to use a Bianchi promo code, make sure that you understand exactly what it discounts and how long the coupon is valid for. There are generally strict terms and conditions for using promo codes - and they usually only last for several weeks or several months until they expire.

Current Bianchi Bike Sales and Discounts

The nice thing about shopping for a Bianchi bike is that there are always deals and discounts that you can take advantage of. Yes, there are some key times throughout the year that are predictable for sales, but there are also a ton of retailers that are selling Bianchi bikes cheaper than what the manufacturer offers.

Depending on the retailer that you end up buying from, you can find fantastic savings on Bianchi bikes that can be as high as 40% off (or more). These are some of the best current deals for Bianchi bikes:

Online retailers will regularly have deals on various bike models and brands - sometimes offering discounts that are as good as what you can find on public holidays. If you are looking for a good deal on a Bianchi bike, check up on what’s available online regularly, as these sales can be spontaneous and unpredictable.

In addition, don’t forget to contact your local bike shop. While it may seem instinctive to rely on online retailers, your local bike shop may have deals that are just as good if not better. This way, you also get the opportunity to physically inspect and test ride the bike before your purchase.