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If you are shopping for a giant bike and you want to have optimal performance when on roads and trails, you need to choose a size that is right for you.

Since Giant bicycles were first introduced to the world back in the early 70s, they have gained a reputation that put them very high in the ranks among their competitors. Bikes from Giant are regarded for having top-of-the-line performance, but if you want to harness the full capabilities of your bike, you need to select a size that is going to enable you to ride optimally.

To choose the right size bike from Giant, you need to match the bike’s dimensions to your height, as this is the best way to determine how you will feel the most comfortable when cycling. In addition, you should know that these measurements vary depending on the type of Giant bike that you get.

There are a lot of world-class bicycle manufacturers that have come out of Taiwan but few can boast the reputation that Giant has achieved over the years. Giant has received mass praise from the cycling community for manufacturing some of the best bikes ever created, which is why many critics actually consider them to be the best in the world at what they do. There is a lot of competition out there in the cycling industry but Giant has proved itself as being a leader due to the fact that they are able to output bikes with such great performance but at a considerably cheaper cost than a lot of the high-end competition. However, if you want to have a comfortable ride on a Giant brand bike, you have to pick your size carefully. To help you understand this further, we are going to take a closer look at what size Giant bike you need in more detail.

After extensively researching Giant bikes, I have been able to gather enough information to determine how to choose the right size when shopping. My research has taught me that selecting the right size Giant bike is going to be based on your height, but also the make and model of the bicycle.



Why You Need the Right Size Giant Bike

When you go out shopping for a bicycle it is easy to hop on the seat of one, feel comfortable enough, and commit to a purchase. This is an amateur mistake that many people make and you should avoid doing this at all costs.

Your bike size is going to greatly influence your performance on your bike and it is also going to affect how comfortable you feel when riding. This is particularly important for riders out there that want to buy a bike that they are going to use for competing or for technical riding.

If you are the kind of rider that is buying a performance road bike for distance cycling, you are going to suffer if your bike is too small is too or big, which will greatly affect your riding capabilities. The same goes for mountain bike riders that need to tackle trails and terrains, as the wrong size Giant bike is going to not only decrease your performance but also put your safety at risk.

Regardless of how you are riding or why you are riding, you always want to have a comfortable ride position. This is essential for every bike type that Giant manufacturers. However, you will find that choosing the right size bike will vary depending on the make and model bike that you pick. Before you begin considering your bike size you should first decide on a bike classification.

How to Pick the Right Size Giant Bike

Giant manufacturers bikes in virtually every major category, which is why you should determine whether you are planning on riding a mountain bike or a road bike. If you are buying your Giant at a bike shop, then you should be able to get assistance from a professional that will have the ability to help you select the ideal size for you.

However, if you are ordering your Giant online, then you should be sure to match your measurements correctly, as you won’t have a chance to test ride the bike before you commit to it. Let’s dive into the different bike types that Giant makes and their sizes.

Giant Road Bikes

Although Giant is most commonly known for their mountain bikes, they have manufactured an impressive line of road bikes over the years. Before you begin considering your options, you should get an accurate measurement of your own height. These are the sizes for Giant’s road bikes. If you happen to be in between heights, you may want to try out a bike in person at a shop.

XS Road Bikes (5ft 0’-6’)

If you are an XS rider and want to buy a Giant Road bike, you should be in the 5ft 0’ to 6’ range to have the most optimum ride experience possible.

However, you should always check the specific make and model Giant Road bike that you are looking at to confirm what the manufacturer has labeled. The reason that this is so important is that some XS road bikes are going to be different than others.

For example, Giant designed the TCR AD SL road bike to be more ideal for XS riders that are at a height of 5ft to 5ft 6’. Whereas their Cross City XS road bikes are going to be better for riders that are a bit shorter - with 5ft to 5ft 4’ being the recommended height by Giant.

Small Sized Road Bikes (5ft 4’ to 5ft 9’)

Small road bikes are easier to gauge than XS road bikes from Giant. There is less variation in size differences across the models that Giant has released in this category.

If you are anywhere from 5ft 4’ to 5ft 9’ in height then you will be compatible with all small-sized road bikes from Giant.

Medium Sized Road Bikes (5ft 8’ - 6ft 2’)

If you are a medium-sized rider then you are going to fall into a height range of 5ft 8’ to 6ft 2’. This is a much more dynamic size range from Giant than any other bike option.

If you are within this height range, then you should be good with most medium-sized road bikes that Giant manufacturers. However, you should keep in mind that Giant makes a lot of different bikes in this category and each one differs slightly.

As you browse y

our options, you should find the exact size for the specific make and model Giant bike that you are considering. You will find that you will have a better ride experience if you narrow down your options as precisely as possible.

Large & XL Sized Road Bikes (6ft 2’ - 6ft 8’)

Giant offers a nice variety of road bikes that are in the large and XL-sized range. The majority of large road bikes made by Giant are going to be ideal for riders that are at a height of 6ft to 6ft 5’. However, there are even some large road bikes that go all the way up to 6ft 8’.

On the other hand, XL bikes fall into a similar size range but they can differ as well. XL bikes start at 6ft 3’ and go up to 6ft 8’. There are fewer options for XL riders from Giant but nonetheless, you want to look at each specific make and model that you are considering to pick the most ideal size bike based on your height, as they will fluctuate.

Giant Mountain Bikes

Giant is world-renowned for its Mountain bikes and they are widely considered to be one of the best manufacturers in the world - at a much better price than a lot of the high-end options on the market.

Picking the right size Giant mountain bike is going to be crucial - regardless of how you plan on using your bike. However, you are going to want to be particularly careful with choosing your size if you are a technical rider and like to go on trails. Let’s take a look at the sizes for Giant’s mountain bikes.

XS & Small Sized Mountain Bikes (5ft - 5ft 8’)

XS and small mountain bikes from Giant have a very nice and even spread. If you are 5ft to 5ft 4’, then you should be good with virtually any XS mountain bike.

However, if you are 5ft 4’ to 5ft 8’ then you are going to be better suited for a small mountain bike from Giant.

Medium Sized Mountain Bikes (5ft 7’ - 6ft 1’)

Giant has a lot of options for mountain bike riders in the medium height range. You will find that virtually every mountain bike that they make is going to be suitable for riders that are 5ft 7’ to 6ft 1’.

With that being said, Giant does have a couple of mountain bike models that are going to be better for slightly taller riders. To ensure that you are selecting an appropriate bike, make sure you read what Giant has listed for your specific model.

Large & XL Sized Mountain Bikes (6ft - 6ft 8’)

If you are a large rider, then you are going to want to select a mountain bike from Giant labeled for riders in the 6ft to 6ft 4’ range. However, much like with the medium options, there are a couple of models which are going to be better suited for slightly taller riders.

If you are 6ft 3’ to 6ft 8’, then you should definitely get yourself an XL mountain bike.


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