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When you are exercising on a Peloton, you may want to check out something on YouTube. But can you use YouTube on Peloton bike? We have the answers.

Can you watch YouTube videos on a Peloton bike while exercising? Does Peloton allow users to access YouTube on its bikes?

If you own a Peloton bike, you can use YouTube on your bike via two methods. You can access YouTube on your Peloton bike directly via the WebView browser inside. Also, you have the option of downloading and installing YouTube on your Peloton bike using third-party app downloading platforms.

In this guide, we will take a closer look at whether it’s possible to use YouTube on the Peloton bike. Also, we will walk you through the methods that you can use to access YouTube on your Peloton bike. So, if you own a Peloton bike and you’ve been wondering whether you can access YouTube while exercising, this article has all the answers.

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Peloton bikes are highly popular in the fitness community. The reason behind their growing popularity is that they provide a convenient means of working out from the comfort of your home.

They are outfitted with touchscreens, which you can use to stream on-demand and live classes, provided by Peloton. You can also use these touchscreens to view your workout history or track your workout metrics, among others.

But sometimes when you are streaming workouts on your Peloton bike, you may want to check a video on YouTube. And, you may be asking yourself whether it’s possible to use YouTube on a Peloton bike. So, can you use or watch YouTube on Peloton? Well, watching YouTube on Peloton is possible.

How to Watch YouTube on Peloton Bike

When it comes to accessing YouTube on Peloton bike, you have two options to explore. First, you can access it via the WebView browser hidden somewhere on the device. And option two, you can download and install the YouTube app on this device. Let’s take a closer look at each of these two methods.

Option 1: Access YouTube via the WebView Browser

YouTube doesn’t come installed on Peloton devices. The main reason behind this is mainly financial. Without access to alternative sources of workout videos, Peloton users have to part with the $39 per month subscription fee.

After paying this fee, Peloton users will have access to the company’s-endorsed workout videos, which can be live classes or on-demand videos. But, you can still manage to access YouTube videos on your Peloton bike. And, here are the steps that you should follow to use YouTube on Peloton bike.

Turn On the Screen

Whether you are using the Peloton Bike or Peloton Bike+, the first thing that you need to do is to turn on its screen. Once you’ve turned on its screen, the only options you will have is to access Peloton classes. The question remains, how do you access YouTube on Peloton using this interface?

Well, once the screen is on, you should navigate to the bottom right corner. In that section, you will come across three horizontal dots. You should then click on these three horizontal dots. Upon clicking them, they will open the device’s settings and information.

Select About

After you’ve accessed the device’s settings, you should then click on the ‘About’ option that you will see on your screen. After clicking this button, a button bearing the red Peloton logo will pop up. From here, you then need to click seven times on this button’s bottom right corner.

You may be probably asking yourself why you need to click seven times. Can’t you just click once? Well, clicking seven times is the only way you will manage to open the device’s Android applications. Hence, there’s no shortcut to this.

Select WebView Browser Tester

After clicking seven times, you will manage to access a world of your Peloton bike that you’ve never seen before. Here, you will come across several Android applications. Your main concern here is the WebView Browser Tester. You will find it at the bottom of the list.

After clicking on the WebView Browser Tester, it will begin running just like an ordinary browser like Google Chrome. And from there, it will give you browsing options, where you can search for anything that you want on the web.

Search YouTube

As mentioned above, the WebView browser on this device works just like any other browser. So, you simply need to type in YouTube on the search bar and you can now start using YouTube on your Peloton bike.

After opening YouTube, you can now search for your preferred videos. Whether you want to watch a music video, a workout video, a tutorial or any other type of video that you want, you now have full access to the YouTube search engine.

Option 2: Download and Install YouTube on Peloton Bike

Peloton bike is an Android-powered bike. Therefore, you can enjoy all the benefits, features and apps that come with the Android operating system. And this also means that you will have access to all the apps that you will find on the Google Play Store.

The problem is that the Peloton bike doesn’t come with the Google Play Store, which you would use to download and install YouTube. So, how do you overcome this challenge? Well, you can simply use third-party app downloading platforms for the Android OS. And the Android Application Package or APK is one of the options.

Hence, if you want to download and install YouTube on your Peloton bike, you first need to have the APK website on it. Here are the steps that you should follow to install the APK website on your Peloton bike.

Access the Settings

Just like the previous the first method, you will first need to access the device’s settings. And you will do so by clicking on the three horizontal buttons on the screen’s bottom right-hand corner.

Select About Option

After accessing the Peloton settings, you will then need to click on the ‘About’ button. Clicking on this button will open the bike’s information. Click on the ‘build number’ repeatedly until a message appears on the screen saying ‘you are now a developer.’

You will then need to toggle the ‘Developer Access’ button and unlock it. You will then click on the ‘Security’ button, which will open more settings. After navigating to this section, you should click ‘enable installation from unknown sources.’ Doing so will unlock the device, thus allowing the installation of third-party apps.

Navigate Back to the Default Setting

Once you unlocked the device to allow it to accept third-party apps, you then need to navigate back to the default settings. And you will do so by tapping on the Peloton icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Tapping the Peloton icon will take you to the device’s ‘About’ option. Once you land here, you should then click on the bike information.

Open WebView Browser

On the bike information section, you should tap anywhere blank on the screen seven times. And by doing so, you will open the device’s Android apps. Here, you will also see the WebView Browser Tester. On this browser, you then need to search for any APK website and you can proceed with any that you choose. From the APK website, you can then download and install the YouTube app.

Wrapping It Up

As much as Peloton may not officially support watching YouTube videos on its bike as you exercise, you can still get access to your favorite videos. You simply need to follow the instructions we’ve provided in this article, and you will be good to go. From there, you can enjoy your favorite music video, show, movie, or guide, as you exercise.


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