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A peloton subscription costs $39 a month, which can be a bit expensive if you need to save money. Can you use the peloton bike without a membership?

A Peloton bike isn't really worth it without the subscription. The mechanical parts are durable and long-lasting, but the real appeal of the product is the online features. However, if you temporarily have to save money and need to cancel the service, the bike will still work.

A peloton bike still works without a subscription, but the features are limited. It still works as a regular exercise bike, so you can still get your exercise, and the screen still displays a bit of information. However, you can't take any online classes or see any content without subscribing.

If you are temporarily short on money and have to cancel your subscription, you can and should continue to exercise. Exercise will keep you healthy and energetic.

A while ago, I had to find a new job, and while I did have some savings to tap into, I had to cut costs. The Peloton subscription was one of the several things I decided to give up. When I found a new job, I got my subscription back right away, as the bike is much better with a subscription.



Why Try to Use the Peloton for Free?

If you are trying to save money, one of the best ways is to cancel some monthly subscriptions. If you cancel $85 worth of subscriptions, that will save you a thousand dollars a year.

The peloton subscription costs $39 before taxes. This is not a fortune, but it is $468 per year. If you are trying to save a few thousand dollars a year by cutting expenses, $468 is a good step in that direction.

You might also have suddenly had your income go down, or your expenses go up. Getting rid of your peloton subscription might be one of the small sacrifices you are willing to make.

Can You Get a Peloton Bike to Work Without Paying the Fee?

Yes, you can get the bike to work without the subscription. The features are quite a lot more limited, but the bike will work. You can still use your bike to get exercise even if you have to stop paying the $39 monthly fee for a while.

Even if you are not paying the subscription, you can still access the "just ride" feature. The "just ride" feature lets you not only ride your bike but see numbers for your speed, resistance, cadence, and so on. Your peloton bike will still work as an exercise bike and will still work as a smart bike without a subscription.

What Features Still Work Without a Subscription?

Without a subscription, you can still ride your bike and see some metrics. However, most of the content and even most of the metrics that the bike tracks disappear without a subscription.

What Will You Miss Out On If You Cancel?

Unfortunately, canceling your subscription removes almost everything other than being able to use the bike for exercise and the tracking of a few metrics. If you cancel the subscription, then you lose access to the more than 20,000 content videos that Peloton offers. You also lose your profile, cannot look at the leaderboard, and can't look at your performance data.

Don't Get a Peloton Bike if You Can't Afford the Subscription

If you don't plan on paying the subscription, a Peloton bike isn't worth it. Instead, get a cheaper stationary bike that tracks a few metrics. Get a Peloton bike only if you want online features such as leaderboards, classes you can take whenever you want from anywhere, performance data, and a profile.

Is the Peloton Subscription Worth It?

After canceling the Peloton subscription for a while, you might consider not going back to it. You could keep the Peloton bike as a stationary bike with basic fitness tracking features and never reactivate the subscription. Are the features worth it?

Is Performance Data Worth It?

While performance data can be worth it for many people who want to see their numbers going up and know they are making progress, some people can do well without it. If someone is properly motivated, they will continue to train even if they have only very basic metrics and not the full performance data to look at.

Why is Performance Data Important?

In my experience, one of the best things about a Peloton bike is the performance data. You can look at many metrics and compare them to your best and average. You will find out if your average speed is improving and may try to break your personal record.

The Performance Data Includes:

  • Cadence, which is how fast your pedals are turning. A cadence of 90 means you are turning the pedals around 90 times a minute. You can also see your best cadence (the fastest you were ever turning your pedals, if only for a moment) and your average cadence.
  • Output, which is the big number in the center of your screen and maybe the most important number. It shows how much power you are producing, in watts. This is a measure of how hard you are working at this instant, not how much work you have done in total.
  • Total output, which is how much power you have produced since the start of the workout. This is what determines your place on the leaderboard, so it is also one of the most important metrics.
  • Resistance, which is an apparently not very accurate measure of how hard it is to turn the pedals on your bike.
  • Speed, which is how fast you would be going if you were riding a non-stationary bike.
  • Distance, which is roughly how far you would have traveled with that much pedaling.

Does Everyone Want Performance Data?

However, someone who tries using the Peloton bike without performance data may find that they no longer want it. They might stay just as motivated without being able to look at much information about their performance. I would not want to do without this feature - being able to keep track of and improve my performance makes the experience better.

Are On-Demand Classes Worth It?

Yes, on-demand classes wherever you are and on your schedule is one of the things that makes the Peloton worth buying. After I found a new job, I reactivated my Peloton subscription largely for the on-demand classes. Again, there's more content than you could ever use - with 24,000 videos, there's always something new to see.

Who is a Peloton Bike Great For?

A peloton bike is best for people who want fitness to be fun but still take fitness seriously. If you want to merely ride an exercise bike, you are better off getting a gym membership or a cheaper stationary bike. A Peloton is best for people who want to have fun with their fitness program and get as much motivation as possible.

If you are going to the gym by yourself, you may find it hard to feel motivated. If you are interacting with others online, on the other hand, you may feel competitive or at least interested in improving your performance each month. It is definitely easier, plus more fun, to train harder if you are interacting with other people in your classes.

Peloton is also great if you live with other people that would love to use the bike. If you all train together plus train with people in your online classes, it is easy to stay motivated. There is a huge library of training and motivational content, so you will never run out of new content to see.

How Many People Have a Peloton Subscription?

Peloton is a very successful company that started with a Kickstarter campaign in 2013. The company used its modest $300,000 Kickstarter funds to create a profitable and rapidly growing company. In 2021, they made more than 4 billion dollars. The number of subscribers is still increasing and is approaching three million in mid-2022.

Paying the Monthly Fee Can Keep You Motivated

There are ways to exercise for free - pushups, situps, and running are completely free, and you can buy some exercise equipment for very little. However, knowing that you have to pay for a gym membership every month will motivate you to go to the gym.

You will be more motivated to use your exercise bike if you are paying for it each month. The classes not only make your exercise sessions more fun but make you try harder and make you get in great shape faster.

What is the Peloton Digital App?

The Peloton digital app is an application that anyone can install on their iOS, Android, or Apple devices. It costs only $12.99 per month and offers videos for many different workouts, including cycling and non-cycling workouts.

You might use the Peloton digital app as a cheaper alternative to the real Peloton subscription. It is cheaper and has a fair bit of content, but its features are still limited compared to the Peloton monthly subscription. The Peloton app is not only for people who have Peloton bikes but for people who want to learn strength training, yoga, cardio, running, meditation, and more.