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iFit is a fitness platform that delivers  gym-quality workouts and classes to fitness bikes. But can you use iFit with any bike? This post has the answers.

Is iFit compatible with all fitness bikes? Can you use this fitness platform with any fitness bike?

You can use iFit with any fitness bike, regardless of whether it’s compatible with iFit or not. If your exercise bike is not iFit-enabled but it has an unlocked tablet, you simply need to download and install the iFit. From there, you will have access to the entire iFit workouts library.

In this guide, we will take a closer look at whether you can use the iFit fitness platform with any bike. So, if you happen to own a non-iFit enabled bike and you are wondering whether you can use the bike with iFit, then this article has all the answers.

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Fitness apps and platforms are designed to provide fitness enthusiasts with a convenient means of working from the comfort of their homes. Also, these apps come with various features, which can help you to monitor your fitness progress and activity levels. And, iFit is one of such platforms.

About iFit

iFit is a subscription-based fitness platform, which provides virtual training. This virtual training is delivered in the form of on-demand workout videos as well as live workout videos. It’s designed to provide gym-quality workout sessions, directly to you, in the comfort of your home.

This platform offers a wide range of classes, including treadmill classes, elliptical, strength training, cardio, recovery, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and yoga, just to name a few.

iFit gives you the option of choosing indoor or studio-based classes as well as outdoor workout sessions. The indoor workout sessions are filmed in the platform’s studio. Here, you will be taken through a workout session by an iFit trainer. Also, there will be an audience exercising alongside you.

The outdoor workout sessions are popularly known as global workouts. Here, you will get an opportunity to virtually work out or exercise from almost any location. For instance, if you want to cycle a particular mountain range, iFit will make it possible, thanks to its virtual workouts.

During the virtual outdoor workouts, the trainer conducting the session will also provide you with a historical tour of that particular area. In short, you will get an immersive, and unique workout experience.

If you are the type of person that usually struggles with motivation when it comes to working out, then iFit virtual workouts can be just what you need. You will have an opportunity to experience and explore various global locations, as you exercise.

Besides providing on-demand workout videos and live fitness sessions, iFit also designed to help enhance your overall health and wellness. For instance, it features things like nutritional advice. With these tips, you will be able to achieve your health and fitness goals faster.

iFit also allows users to log their workouts, sleep data, calories consumed and weight, making it easy for them to monitor their progress. This information will also help them make the necessary adjustments.


So, how much will it cost you to use iFit? Well, you have two membership options to choose from if you want to use iFit. There’s an Individual plan that will cost you $15 and a Family membership plan that goes for $39 per month. The Family membership plan allows up to 5 people. And as its name suggests, this package is mainly designed for families.

iFit will be billing you once every 30 days. However, you are at liberty to cancel your iFit membership at any time. There are no penalties that come with cancellation of membership.

Compared to gym membership or working with a personal trainer, it appears that iFit offers the better deal. With iFit, you can get almost any type of workout. And, its pricing is more affordable, compared to gym membership.

Besides, you will get an opportunity to exercise from the comfort of your home, meaning you don’t have to worry about traffic or parking.  Also, you get to move at your own pace, since the exercises and workout classes that iFit offers are categorized into different levels of fitness.

It’s also worth mentioning that iFit offers a 30-day trial to everyone. This window gives you an opportunity to try out the different classes and workouts offered on the platform, before you commit to paid membership or purchasing one of the exercise programs.

Standout Features

Most fitness apps and platforms come with almost the same types of features. In most platforms, you will get access to a library of workout videos or stream live classes, depending on your preferences. However, iFit decided to go a step further and introduce some unique features, which you may not find in any other fitness app. Some of this platform’s unique features include:

Automatic Equipment Adjustments

One of this platform’s standout features is the automatic equipment adjustments. If you are using a compatible machine, the platform will automatically adjust your machine’s resistance, decline and incline to align with the instructor’s bike.

Simply put, you won’t have to make manual adjustments every time to follow the instructor, as long as you are using one of the bikes compatible with this platform.

As of this writing, iFit is currently the only fitness platform with this automatic adjustment, helping it to stand out from its competitors like Peloton.

Waiting Room

iFit also comes with another standout feature known as the Waiting Room. With this feature, iFit allows you to send the trainer some questions 10 minutes before the workout session commences.

The trainer will then answer these questions live during the training session. As much as you may be attending a virtual fitness session, this feature makes you feel as if you are participating in an in-person fitness session. Again, most of the other fitness apps and platforms out there don’t offer this level of personalization.


iFit also introduced yet another unique feature which is the leaderboard. As its name suggests, this feature allows you to compete with other iFit users in real time. And, the results will be displayed on the dashboard.

As much as other similar platforms like Peloton may also offer this feature, iFit takes it a step further through the advanced filtering option. With this feature, you can choose whom to compete with from the leaderboard. Also, you can even compare your current performance with your previous ones to monitor your progress.

How to Exercise with iFit

iFit offers three main ways of experiencing its programs and workout classes. They include iFit-enabled workout equipment, non-iFit workout equipment and exercising without any equipment.

iFit-Enabled Equipment

iFit-enabled equipment are available in two configurations. First, some equipment may come with iFit having been pre-built into the equipment. With this configuration, iFit will give you access to the workouts immediately you hop onto your workout equipment.

Second, some iFit-enabled equipment may come with Bluetooth connectivity. With this configuration, your machine will require a smartphone or a tablet to communicate with iFit. And this means you will first need to download the iFit app.

After downloading and installing the iFit app in your device, you can then pair it to your workout equipment through Bluetooth. Both these configurations are interactive and they offer the most connected experience.

Non-iFit Equipment

In case your workout machine is not iFit-enabled or it’s not compatible with iFit, you can still use this platform’s resources to exercises. You simply need to have a workout machine with an unlocked tablet or one that somewhere where you can place a tablet or a phone.

From there, you will simply need to download the iFit app onto the machine’s tablet or onto your device, choose your preferred membership and choose your preferred workout or class.

The main difference between exercising with iFit-enabled equipment vs. non-enabled equipment is that you will have to manually adjust your equipment if it’s not iFit-enabled to align with the trainer’s instructions, since you can’t pair non-enabled equipment.

Exercising with iFit without Equipment

In case you don’t have any workout equipment, you can still use this platform’s resources to exercise. You just need to download the app onto your smartphone or tablet, and select your preferred membership. From there, you will have full access to iFit’s workout library, anytime and anywhere. You can then choose workouts or classes that don’t need any equipment.

Wrapping It Up

With its wide range of workout classes and exercise plans, iFit is a worthwhile investment for fitness enthusiasts. And as we’ve mentioned in this article, you can use it with almost any fitness bike, regardless of whether your bike is iFit-enabled or not.