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Most stationary bikes are designed to work together with an app. But, can you use the Echelon bike without app? Our guide has the answers.

Can you exercise with the Echelon bike without using the app? Do you need to continue renewing your subscription to use the Echelon bike?

While the Echelon bike and the app are designed to work together to deliver the best experience, you can still use the Echelon bike without the app. You just need to plug in the bike, adjust the resistance, and begin cycling. However, you can’t see your ride statistics without the app.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Echelon bike. We will explore its features, price, its ergonomics, and user-friendliness. We will also discuss whether you can use this bike without the app.

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Stationary bikes provide a convenient means of working out at home. With a stationary bike, you can enjoy an intense cycling workout session, regardless of the weather. Also, you can enjoy your workout session any time of the day.

So, whether you are a morning person or you prefer working out in the evening, you can conduct your workout session during your preferred time if you have a stationary bike at home.

Also, most of these bikes come with in-built screens and pre-installed apps, where you get an opportunity to choose from various workouts, depending on your preferences. You will then stream the workouts from the app via the screen on the bike. And, the Echelon bike is one of such bikes.

About the Echelon Bike

The Echelon bike is a product of Echelon Fitness. Echelon Fitness was launched in 2017 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. And since then, it has grown to establish itself as one of the most popular brands when it comes to stationary bikes.

Apart from bikes, Echelon Fitness also produces rowers, treadmills, and fitness mirrors. Also, there’s the Echelon app, which will allow you to access on-demand and live classes. You can then stream these classes via the screen found on the bike.

Features of the Echelon Bike

The Echelon fitness bike comes in two versions. One model comes with a 10-inch touch screen while the other version features a 22-inch touch screen. Both models feature similar dimensions. In short, the main difference is the size of the touch screen.

This fitness bike comes with a maximum recommended user weight of 136kg. It also offers around 32 levels of magnetic resistance. And, you can adjust these levels using a resistance knob.

According to Echelon, its fitness bike is recommended for riders between 150 cm and 193 cm. However, taller riders have also reportedly used this bike without encountering any serious issues.


So, how much is this bike going to cost you? The price you will pay for the bike will depend on the version you choose. As you may expect, the one with a bigger screen will cost you more. The Echelon with a 10-inch touch screen is currently going for around $1,800. However, you can sometimes find it on a sale for around $1,200.

If you decide to go for the one with a 22-inch touch screen, it will cost you approximately $2,000. Also, this bike is sometimes available on a sale for around $1,500. Financing options are also available for both bikes.

Besides the bike’s price, you will also be required to subscribe to Echelon Premier membership as part of the checkout process. Once you subscribe to this membership, you will get five user accounts as well as access to thousands of on-demand class options and over 40 daily live classes. This membership also comes with access to a huge library of exercise music.

As for the membership, you can opt for a monthly, annual or two-year plan. For the monthly plan, you will be paying $34 per month while the annual plan will cost you $400 or around $33.33 per month. As for the two-year plan, you will pay $700, which translates to around $29.16.

It’s worth pointing out that as much as you will need to subscribe to the Echelon Premier membership as part of the buying process, you are under no obligation to renew your membership. So, once it lapses, you are at liberty to decide whether to continue with it or not.


The Echelon bike offers several options, which you can use to customize the experience. For instance, you can adjust the height of its seatpost, the saddle’s angle and position, the height of the handlebars as well as the angle of the tablet holder.

This bike also comes with a comfortable and well-padded seat. So, you can ride on this bike for 30 minutes or even longer, and you will not experience any discomfort issues. Also, you will find several hand positions on the bike’s handlebar, designed to enable you to change racing or riding positions as you deem fit.

Echelon has also outfitted this bike with two bottle holders. These bottle holders have been placed on both sides of the handlebars, to ensure easy access. You can use one bottle for water while another one can contain some supplements, which can help with refueling as you work out.

You will also find a dumbbell holder behind the bike’s saddle. This holder should be more than enough to hold your smaller weights, which you can use to complement your cycling workouts. Overall, the Echelon bike comes with almost all the features that you would need in a stationary bike.

The Echelon App

Similar to other stationary bike manufacturers, Echelon also has an app. And as much as its app may not be as robust as that of Peloton, it still has plenty of content to help with your fitness journey.

There are thousands of on-demand cycling classes that you will find on this app, as well as numerous scenic rides. The Echelon app also features over 1,500 FitPass classes. With these classes, you can choose between mindfulness practice, and HIIT sessions, just to name a few.

And just like other fitness apps, the Echelon app also has live classes. As much as you won’t find a live class every hour of each day, you can find a live cycling class on most days.

The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Also, you can use it to monitor and track your progress as well as your workout history. And such metrics can be a great means of providing you with the motivation that you need to keep pursuing your fitness goals.

Can You Use the Echelon Bike without App?

The Echelon Premier subscription will unlock the app, where you can access on-demand workouts and live classes. But, as earlier mentioned, you are under no obligation to renew your Echelon subscription once it lapses.

So, can you use the bike without the app? Yes, you don’t necessarily need the app to use the Echelon bike. You can use the bike without the app. You simply need to plug in the bike, turn the knob to adjust the resistance and start cycling. So, if you cancel your membership, you can continue using this bike.

In Summary

The Echelon bike offers everything that you would need for an effective and decent workout at home. It’s user-friendly, properly designed and adequately outfitted. And, you don’t even need any app or subscription to use this bike.