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A helmet can help prevent serious head injuries when roller skating. But, can you use a bike helmet for roller skating? This post has the answers.

Can a bike helmet provide reliable protection in roller skating? Can you use a bike helmet instead of a skating helmet during roller skating?

You can use a bike helmet for roller skating. However, the bike helmet needs to be CPSC certified and ASTM approved. Also, the helmet should provide adequate protection, especially at the back of the head. If a bike helmet meets these standards, then you can use it for roller skating.

In this guide, we will explore the reasons and benefits of wearing a helmet when roller skating. Also, we will discuss the possibility of wearing a bike helmet for roller skating. So, if you are wondering whether you can use your bike helmet for roller skating, then this guide has all the information that you may be looking for.

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Roller skating is a great means for adults and children to stay active. It can help to burn calories, build muscle and improve heart health. It can also help to boost balance, flexibility and coordination. Also, it’s a great stress-relief, which can boost your mood considerably.

But, while roller skating comes with numerous health benefits, it also poses some various safety risks. And one of the most common risks associated with roller skating is falling. While falls are common in roller skating, they can sometimes cause serious head injuries.

Therefore, it’s important to wear proper safety gear whenever you are roller skating. And, a helmet is one of the most important pieces of gear whenever you are roller skating.

Why You Need a Helmet When Roller Skating

Wearing a helmet when roller skating may feel uncomfortable to some people. Some skaters, especially the veteran ones, may also feel as if they don’t need a helmet, since it will make them appear like amateurs.

But, regardless of how experienced you are or how uncomfortable it may feel, it’s not advisable to engage in roller skating without a helmet. As you may have probably witnessed, skating-related injuries can be fatal when you don’t have a helmet.

For instance, if you are skating in the streets, drivers may not see you when you are approaching the car. Unfortunately, you may end up colliding with the car. And, such accidents can be avoided if you are wearing a helmet.

When you have a helmet on, you will be more visible to drivers. And, the increased visibility will give the driver ample time to adjust their speed based on your skating speed. Consequently, the chances of a collision or an injury will be lower.

Besides increasing your visibility, a helmet can also help to reduce the severity of an injury if you happen to be involved in a collision, either with a stationary or moving object. For instance, if you collide with a car or hit your head against a hard surface, the helmet will help to reduce the severity of the impact. As a result, you won’t end up with a serious injury, compared to a situation where you are not wearing a helmet during the collision.

Injuries that a Helmet Can Prevent

Whether you are roller skating in the streets, around your neighborhood, at school or in a skate park, you should always wear a helmet. Some of the injuries that a helmet can help prevent include:


You may end up with a concussion if you strike your head against a hard surface at high speed. And this is where a helmet will come in. It will help to prevent a concussion or brain injury, even if you were moving at high speed.

Cuts and Abrasions

A helmet can also help to prevent cuts on your scalp. For example, if you happen to hit your head against a sharp material like a tree branch, iron sheet, piece of metal or abrasive surfaces like concrete or tarmac, a helmet will help to prevent cuts and abrasions on your head. Without a helmet on, you may end up with a serious cut, which may end up sidelining you for several months.

Skull Fracture

As much as the human skull is sturdy enough to protect your brain, skull fractures nevertheless happen. If you collide with a car at high speed and you are not wearing a helmet, you may get a skull fracture. And, skull fractures can be fatal. While collisions are sometimes unavoidable during skating, wearing a helmet will help you to avoid something as serious as a skull fracture.

Simply put, wearing a helmet can prove to be the difference between walking away with a minor scrap or suffering a serious or life-threatening injury. So, as much as skating without a helmet may make you appear cool or a daredevil among your friends, it’s simply not worth it. Head injuries can be critical, expensive to treat and life-threatening. And, wearing a helmet can help to prevent or reduce their severity.

Can You Use a Bike Helmet for Roller Skating?

A helmet will undoubtedly come in handy whenever you are roller skating. But can you us a bike helmet for roller skating? Can a bike helmet provide adequate protection during roller skating? While it’s recommended to use a helmet specifically designed and built for roller skating, you can also use a bike helmet.

But, if you decide to take this route, make sure the bike helmet that you decide to use is dual-certified to both ASTM F192 and CPSC 1203 standards. Besides being CSPC-certified and ASTM-approved, the bike helmet should also cover your head properly, especially the back. If it meets these standards and conditions, you can be confident that it will provide adequate protection, in case of a collision or fall.

Considerations When Buying a Helmet for Roller Skating

Skating without a helmet poses a serious health and safety risk. So, if you are looking to get into roller skating or you are a veteran skater, you need to ensure you have one on before you hit the streets.

But, with so many types of helmets for skating on the market, how do you ensure you choose the right one? Well, here are some tips on how to choose the right helmet for roller skating.


A helmet will only provide adequate protection when you are skating if it fits you well. So, when you are buying a helmet for skating, you should make sure you get one that fits your head properly.

To determine your size, you just need to measure your head using a tape measure. You will then note this measurement down somewhere, either on a piece of paper or on your phone. You will then take this measurement to the store and then purchase a helmet that aligns with your fit.

Most stores will also allow you to wear the helmet to assess its fit. You can then use this opportunity to get yourself one that fits you perfectly. Buying a helmet that’s too small or big is not only uncomfortable but it won’t deliver adequate protection.

Safety Standards

A skating helmet is designed to protect your head against serious injuries during a collision or fall. To this end, you need to ensure that the one you purchase can deliver the optimal level of protection.

And you can determine this buy checking its certification. Ideally, the helmet you purchase should meet the ASTM and CPSC standards. If the helmet has this certifications, then you can be confident that it will protect you adequately.

In Summary

While using a helmet during roller skating is optional, it’s highly advisable to use one. It will protect you against various sorts of head-related injuries. And, if you have a bike helmet, you can also use it for roller skating, as long as it's ASTM and CPSC certified.