The 10 Weirdest Bicycle Accessories Ever Made | PedalChef

Key Takeaways

  • Accessories range from practical to downright bizarre.
  • Personalization options for bikes are abundant and creative.
  • Selected gadgets were evaluated for entertainment and utility.

Biking fanatics, ever wondered what odd trinkets you could adorn your trusty steed with?

There's a whole world of bizarre bike accessories waiting for you.

From practical, weird, to downright wacky, cyclists have a plethora of quirky add-ons at their disposal that stretch the imagination and sometimes functionality.

Imagine riding with accessories that are as unique and personal as you are—this world exists and we're diving in.

Is your bicycle feeling left out of the personalization party?

Well, grab your helmet because we're going on a ride through the 10 strangest bike accessories ever created.

These gadgets push the boundaries of innovation and whimsy, ensuring that your cycling experience is anything but ordinary.

Prepare to be amused and amazed by how creative the cycling world can get.

We've spun our wheels through the cycling community, collecting genuine insights on accessories that make passersby do double-takes.

Breaking it down from the purely decorative to the surprisingly practical, we ensure you're getting the real deal, sprinkled with a bit of humor.

Trust us, you'll want to tell your fellow pedal-pushers about these finds.



Bicycle Exhaust System

Ever zipped down the road on your bicycle, secretly wishing you could rev like a heavyweight motorcycle?

Well, get ready for a good chuckle, because someone actually went and created a bicycle exhaust system that vrooms just like a motorbike!

Picture this: you're pedaling away, and with each stroke, a vroom-vroom sound follows, turning heads and sparking laughter.

This quirky accessory isn't just for kicks; it adds a dash of humor to your ride and is definitely a conversation starter.

Here's a quick rundown of what makes it a riot:

  • Realistic Sound: It mimics the iconic motorcycle rumble.
  • Easy to Use: You simply attach it to your bike, and you’re good to go.
  • Lightweight: Won't drag you down with extra weight.
  • Durable: Made to last, so you can enjoy the fun over and over again.

Now, let's talk about the wow factor.

Kids absolutely adore it!

You might find yourself the pied piper of the neighborhood with a gaggle of giggling followers in your wake.

And let's be honest, even as an adult, there's something hilariously satisfying about a bicycle that sounds like a Harley-Davidson.

So, whether you're looking to jazz up your daily commute or searching for a gift that's sure to get a laugh, this bike exhaust system has you covered.

Just pedal on and enjoy the ride – with a little extra roar!

Bike Balls

Ever felt like your bike ride could use a little extra… personality?

Well, have I got a quirky accessory for you – Bike Balls!

Picture this: a pair of silicone spheres gently swaying to and fro with the motion of your ride, all while shining a steadfast light to guide your nightly journey.

It's a blend of safety and sass that's hard to ignore!

  • Material: Durable, weather-resistant silicone
  • Functionality: Provides visibility with a distinct glowing feature
  • Attachment: Secured with a pair of zip-ties under the bicycle seat

Funny, right?

But these bouncy buddies are more than just a conversation starter.

They're crafted to withstand whatever the weather throws at you, ensuring that no matter where you go, they're going to be a durable, shining beacon of humor and visibility.

With a variety of colors available, you can express your unique sense of style or match your bike's color scheme.

There's something undeniably audacious about dangling Bike Balls from your saddle, broadcasting a confident glow to everyone behind you.

Imagine cruising down the street, the Bike Balls emitting their friendly shine, defiantly proclaiming to all, "Yes, these are my Bike Balls, and yes, they're fantastic!" Not only does it make for a safer ride by increasing visibility, but it's an open invitation for others to crack a smile.

And let's be honest, who wouldn't want a light-up scrotum hanging from their bike seat?

Whether it's for a laugh or to stand out on the street, these little luminous lads measure up with a respectable size of 6.3 inches in length, 3.4 inches in width, and a girth of 1.3 inches.

So, ready to light up your night rides with a bit of cheeky charm?

Grab yourself some Bike Balls and let the good times roll!

The Bike Spike

Have you ever worried about your precious bicycle being stolen, or wished you could let your loved ones know where you're cycling without pulling over to text?

Say hello to The Bike Spike.

This nifty gadget is not your run-of-the-mill GPS tracker.

Let's break down what makes The Bike Spike a unique accessory for your bike:

  • GPS Tracking: If your bike decides to take a trip without you, The Bike Spike has got your back. It offers real-time tracking, so you can pinpoint exactly where your bike is at any given moment. Handy, right?
  • Safety Alerts: In the unfortunate event of a crash, The Bike Spike can alert your emergency contacts. Because your safety comes first!
  • Social Sharing: Fancy showing your friends your latest route or your new biking records? With The Bike Spike, you can share your location or route live. Socialize your cycle!
  • Theft Prevention: Deterring thieves is just as essential as tracking. This clever device can notify you if your bike is tampered with.

Simplicity at its core, The Bike Spike is easy to use.

Here's how you get started:

  1. Attach The Bike Spike securely to your bike.
  2. Sync it with your smartphone.
  3. Start tracking and sharing!

The Bike Spike is more than just a tracker; it’s like having a cycling companion that watches over your bike while inviting your friends along for the ride.

Sounds pretty cool, doesn't it?

With all these features packed in a small device, you might just have found your bike's new best friend!

Cycling Fish Tank

Imagine pedaling down the street, and there's an eye-catching shimmer from your bike frame—a portable aquatic world, delighting passers-by.

Yes, you heard that right!

Have you ever thought about taking your pet fish for a ride?

With the cycling fish tank, this whimsical thought becomes a reality.

What is it?

  • A unique bicycle accessory
  • An aquarium integrated into the bike frame
  • Designed for fish lovers on the go


  • Fish safety: Ensures a stable environment for your little aquatic friends while you cruise the town.
  • Bike functionality: Doesn't compromise the bike's usability or your comfort.

Why have it?

  • Conversation starter: It’s a guaranteed head-turner and a fun way to break the ice.
  • Mobile pet love: Show your fish the world beyond their usual tank view.


  • Water spills? Crafted to prevent spillage while cycling.
  • Weight: Noticeable but manageable, it won’t be like towing a whale.

The Verdict

Whether it’s for the novelty or to showcase your love for fish, this accessory makes for a joyful and surprising element to your daily commute.

Just remember, it’s not about speed; it’s about enjoying the ride—and maybe meeting fellow fish enthusiasts along the way!

The Hövding Airbag

Have you ever thought your trusty helmet might not be the sneakiest guardian for your noggin?

Meet the quirky knight in shining armor – the Hövding Airbag.

It's not your average helmet; it's an innovative airbag for cyclists that sits incognito around your neck, puffing up to shield your head during the unfortunate event of an accident.

Imagine you're cruising through the streets, and suddenly, whoops – a wild pothole appears!

The Hövding's got your back, or rather, your head.

Armed with an algorithm that samples your movement 200 times a second, it can tell when you're just dodging a squirrel or you're truly taking a tumble.

Smart, right?

Here's the gist:

  • Weight: At about 800g, it's no featherweight, but neither will it give you a neck workout.
  • Size: One size fits many (52-59 cm head, up to 45 cm neck) with a helpful Boa dial for a snug fit.
  • Material: Slick, waterproof, and fights off the dirt like a champ.

This peculiar pal steps up where traditional helmets bow down, scoring a whopping 4.5-star protection rating from independent tester Certimoov.

That's half a star more than any other helmet they tested!

With the Hövding 3, you have to get familiar with its 840 grams sitting on your shoulders – a bit heftier than your average bike helmet, sure, but for an invisible airbag that leaps to your defense in the blink of an eye?

Seems like a fair trade, don't you think?

Just roll with it, and you'll forget it's even there – until you need it!

Noodle Barriers

Have you ever zipped through town, wishing for a bit more personal space on the road?

Cue the Noodle Barrier, a quirky yet ingenious accessory for cyclists craving a safety bubble.

It's not every day you see a bike with a fluttering flag and a pool noodle sticking out sideways, but that's precisely the point!

How does it work?

  • A lightweight foam pool noodle is firmly attached to your bike's frame.
  • A flag extends upward, acting like a makeshift banner.
  • The noodle juts out horizontally to create a visual barrier for motorists.

Why consider it?

  • It ensures that cars maintain a safe passing distance.
  • It's a DIY solution – affordable and simple to install.
  • The bright colors and flag make you more visible to drivers.


  1. Increased Safety: It’s like having a constant reminder for cars to steer clear, giving you peace of mind.
  2. Low Cost: Your wallet won't feel the pinch, and your creative side gets to have a little fun, too.
  3. Easy to Implement: You can set it up quicker than you can say "Look out, here I come!"

Still, wondering if you’re noodling over the right accessory?

If your priority is safety with a sprinkle of style and a dash of humor, the Noodle Barrier might just be your cycling savior.

Give a nod to practicality—and let traffic know you're not one to be squeezed!

Bicycle-Mounted Pizza Cutter

Fancy slicing your pizza with a twist?

Picture this: you're at a friend's house, and it's pizza night.

You reach for the pizza cutter, and it's not your run-of-the-mill slicer.

It's a mini bicycle, complete with spinning wheels that cut through the cheesy goodness.

Makes you look twice, doesn't it?

This quirky kitchen gadget is a Bicycle-Mounted Pizza Cutter, a must-have for cycling enthusiasts and lovers of novelty items alike.

It's not just a fun trinket but a fully functional tool.

Here's what's rolling on this pizza cutter:

  • Bike Part Components: True to theme, some models even use modified bike parts!
  • Materials: Typically fashioned from food-grade stainless steel for durability.
  • Design: Often, this pizza cutter takes the style of a fixed-gear bicycle.
  • Features:
  1. Two sharp cutting discs, i.e., the wheels
  2. Non-stick properties for a mess-free cut
  3. Sometimes, a stand for display purposes
  • Colors & Styles: Expect a bunch of different styles and colors to choose from.

You'll find these pizza cutters can be as varied as bicycles themselves.

Some are reminiscent of a classic road bike, others a trendy fixie.

It might not be your go-to for a mountain bike ride, but it'll surely elevate your kitchen game.

Ready to serve up a pizza with a side of conversation?

Nothing beats discussing your latest ride over a slice of pizza you've just "biked" through.

The Flask Holder

Hey there, fellow pedal-pusher!

Ever thought about how you could sip on your favorite drink after that grueling uphill climb?

Picture this: you, your bike, and a trusty flask holder keeping your spirits (quite literally) high.

Now, aren't you intrigued?

A flask holder for your bike may seem a little off the wall, but it's all about convenience and personal touch.

Here's the scoop on this quirky accessory:

  • Materials: Durable, often coming in lightweight alloy or even leather.
  • Installation: Wraps snugly around your bike frame—no advanced engineering degree needed.
  • Capacity: Designed to hold standard 6oz flasks, perfect for a post-ride celebration.

Imagine the envy of your bike buddies when you pull out a flask from this holster that's as stylish as it is practical.

No more shoving bottles into crowded backpacks!

Breakdown of a Flask Holder:

  • Purpose: Hydration (or celebration) on-the-go.
  • Material Options: Alloy for sturdiness, leather for style.
  • Size: Generally fitting a 6oz flask.
  • Mounting: Attaches to standard bottle cage bosses or the bike frame.
  • Price: Around $11.50 and up, depending on materials and design.

Remember that quirky doesn't mean impractical.

With a flask holder, you can turn a simple bike ride into an adventure with a dash of suave.

Plus, it's a unique gift idea for that cyclist in your life who thinks they have everything.

Strap in, pedal out, and stay refreshed in the most unexpected way!

Happy cycling!

LED Bike Balls

Ever pedaled your way through the night and worried about how visible you are to others?

LED Bike Balls might just be the quirky solution you're looking for.

Mounted beneath your bike seat, these little orbs of light offer much more than the typical bike light.

Firstly, they're designed to be noticed.

With their intentionally cheeky testicle shape, they're hard to ignore when lit up.

They serve a dual purpose: maximizing your visibility while adding a dash of humor to your ride.

Here's what's interesting:

  • Safety Meets Humor: These lights combine functionality with a bit of fun. Their unique shape commands attention, which is exactly what you want when sharing the road.
  • Colorful Visibility: Unlike standard rear lights, the LED Bike Balls can change colors and patterns, increasing your visibility and the likelihood that drivers and pedestrians notice you.
  • Power Source: They run on replaceable coin cell batteries, so keeping them glowing is as simple as swapping out the batteries once they're drained.

As you pedal, the movement causes these lights to sway, making them even more eye-catching.

And don't worry about durability; their high-grade silicone makes them resistant to whatever the elements throw your way.

So were you too into that sleek bike light that just doesn't cut it in personality?

Perhaps it's time to switch things up.

Will LED Bike Balls be the next addition to your two-wheeled companion?

Why not add a little character while ensuring you're seen at night?

Bicycle Canopy

Ever cycled under a sudden downpour or through a scorching sunny day?

If you have, you might understand the quirky appeal of the Bicycle Canopy.

It's the umbrella of the biking world, and yes, it's as nifty as it sounds.

Why hasn’t anyone thought of it sooner, right?

A Bicycle Canopy offers:

  • Protection from the elements: Whether it’s the annoying drizzle or the blaring sun, a full-sized canopy mounted on your bike has got you covered.
  • A peculiar look: While it stands out on the street, many might say it has a certain charm. Who doesn’t like to ride in style?
  • Convenience: This attachment is like your personal mobile porch. No more hauling wet clothes around or arriving sunburnt.

Here is how it functions:

  1. Attachment: Fix it onto your bike frame—usually with brackets or clamps.
  2. Coverage: Unfold it to shield yourself. It’s like opening a tent over your bike!

Did I mention it's great for people who detest arriving drenched or sun-touched?

Just imagine cruising with your own little weather-defying bubble.

Sure, it might draw a few stares or chuckles, but who's dry and happy?


Keep in mind, there’s no one-size-fits-all.

Your canopy should fit your bike properly to avoid turning your commute into a wind-catching adventure.

And, let’s face it, most bike accessories serve a function over fashion—your new Bicycle Canopy is the best of both worlds!