The 10 Strangest Things Ever Carried on a Bicycle | PedalChef

Key Takeaways

  • Bicycles transport more than just people; they move wild and wacky items, too.
  • Overcoming size and shape obstacles, cyclists have carried surprising cargoes on two wheels.
  • These instances highlight human creativity and the versatility of bicycles.

Biking home with your groceries might not turn heads, but what about a fridge?

Bicycles, those paragons of eco-friendly transport, have been enlisted to haul some mind-boggling cargo through the years.

Imagine pedaling hard with a mattress strapped to your back or a goat nibbling at your elbow—ridiculous, right?

Bikes have borne loads vastly disproportionate to their size, from towering potted plants to unwieldy drum kits.

These feats of two-wheeled transport challenge our perceptions of what can be carried on a simple bike frame.

We've all seen a Christmas tree strapped to a car roof, but on a bike?

That's an expertise all its own.

With inventive riggings and sheer determination, cyclists have turned their trusty rides into veritable moving vans.

This dedication to pedal-powered transport speaks volumes about human ingenuity and the bicycle's enduring utility—even in the most unexpected of hauling tasks.



A Refrigerator

Have you ever thought about moving a fridge, but didn't have a truck?

Well, believe it or not, bikes can come to the rescue!

Pictures and videos from around the globe showcase cyclists who've taken on the enormous task of transporting full-sized refrigerators on two wheels.

It's a sight to behold: the urban cyclist balancing a bulky appliance as they weave through traffic.

Balancing this hulking piece of kitchen equipment requires not just brute strength but a touch of finesse too.

Picture this: one minute, you're pedaling past a local park, the next, you're neck and neck with a rider hauling a fridge!

It might seem like a circus act, but it's all in a day's work for these pedal-powered pack mules.

  • Why do they do it? Maybe it's the thrill, or perhaps necessity is the mother of invention.
  • How do they manage? Sometimes it's with the help of straps or makeshift sidecars.

And don't think that a fridge on a bike is a snail-paced venture.

These cyclists are often spotted keeping up with the flow, dodging potholes and navigating tight corners, all while keeping their cool cargo intact.

So, the next time you see someone on a bike with a hefty load, give them a thumbs up.

They're not just carrying a fridge; they're carrying the flag for cyclists' ingenuity worldwide!

A Canoe

Have you ever wondered if it's possible to transport something as big as a canoe on a bicycle?

Believe it or not, some cyclists have done just that!

Carrying a canoe by bike might seem like a comedy sketch waiting to happen, but it's a real feat of ingenuity and determination.

To make this happen, cyclists use trailers or custom racks.

These are no small DIY projects – they have to be sturdy enough to handle the size and weight of a canoe without tipping over.

Imagine pedaling down the road, your two-wheeled steed dragging a boat behind you.

Now that’s a sight!

Here’s how they manage the bulky cargo:

  • Trailers: These are designed to distribute the weight and make the load manageable.
  • Racks: Attached to the bike, these cradle the canoe and keep it secure.

While this is not an everyday sight, those who pull it off join an elite group of cyclists who love to turn heads.

Picture a cyclist, decked out in their gear, with a full-size canoe in tow.

It’s not just a testament to their physical stamina but also a nod to their problem-solving abilities.

Have you ever carried something large or peculiar by bike?

Maybe that’s your next challenge – just make sure to strap everything down tight!

Potted Plants and Trees

Have you ever seen someone pedaling down the street with a small jungle in tow?

Cyclists have come up with some pretty ingenious ways to carry potted plants and even trees on their bikes!

Picture this: you're biking home from the nursery with a new leafy friend - maybe it's a towering palm or a delicate fern - and you've got it snugly secured in a basket or trailer.

Here's the dirt on how these green-thumbed pedal-pushers make it work:

  • Backpacks and front baskets: For smaller plants, a sturdy backpack or a handlebar basket does the trick. Just be sure the plant is well-seated so it doesn't play peek-a-boo with the pavement!
  • Trailers: Got a mini tree that's reaching for the sky? A bike trailer might be your best bet. It's like a chariot for chlorophyll!
  • Cargo bikes: These are the SUVs of the bicycle world, built to haul all sorts of cargo, including your potted green companions.
  • Bike racks and panniers: Securely strap a pot onto a bike rack, or if it's small enough, slip it into a pannier like a green little passenger on a leafy road trip.

Now, you might be wondering about the why behind this arboreal transport.

Here it is: whether it's for a spot of urban gardening, bringing a botanical housewarming gift, or even relocating a leafy friend to a new home, bikes offer a low-carbon footprint way to get your plants from A to B.

Remember: safety first!

Always balance your load and check local traffic laws to keep you and your photosynthetic cargo safe.

Happy planting and pedaling!

A Christmas Tree

Ever spotted someone cycling with a not-so-tiny Christmas tree latched onto their bike?

It's definitely a sight to make you smile, and it shows just how versatile a bicycle can be.

Picture this: a cyclist, decked out in winter gear, pedaling away with a tree trailing behind them, maybe heading to add some festive cheer to their home.

It's not just an amusing image; it's quite a practical solution too!

Cycling with a Christmas tree might seem like a feat worthy of Santa himself, but it's become a bit of a trend in places where bikes are a popular mode of transportation.

Some cyclists use cargo bikes or e-bikes, both known for their carrying abilities.

But even a regular longtail bike will do the trick.

The trick is securing the tree properly.

You might see it:

  • Strapped lengthwise to the deck,
  • Attached crosswise, making sure it doesn't obstruct the path,
  • Or even within side bags that are meant for carrying larger objects.

And hey, there’s a method to the holiday madness; this isn't just about making a statement.

It's about sustainability and enjoying a car-free lifestyle, even when it involves hauling a tree that’s almost as big as your gift list.

To get technical for a moment, imagine Santa ditching his sleigh for a bike.

PopSci once estimated that if he used a bike to visit 75 million households over a 24-hour period, he’d need to hit lightning speed – like, 5.083 million miles per hour!

So, whether it's a dash of eco-consciousness or looking for an excuse to show off your cycling skills, carrying your Christmas tree by bike is doable and adds a sprinkle of fun to your holiday prep.

Isn't that just the kind of quirky tradition that makes the holiday season unique?

A Mattress

Have you ever thought about moving a mattress without a truck?

Well, believe it or not, a bike can serve as a makeshift moving van!

Have a quick guess – does strapping it to the back or flipping it over your head sound more like your style?

If you're imagining the latter, you're not alone.

Now, you might be wondering, "How does one even begin to carry a mattress on a bicycle?" It's not as if you can just toss it over the handlebars, right?

Here's the scoop: one audacious cyclist actually managed to wear the mattress like a massive, unwieldy backpack.

Picture that for a moment—a human-mattress hybrid pedaling down the street!

Of course, accomplishing such a task calls for some serious balancing skills and physical strength, not to mention a splash of creativity.

So you've got to ask yourself: are you in it for the workout or the bragging rights?

And guess what?

Some cyclists go beyond muscle power alone.

Enter the cargo bike, a trusty steed that transforms into a mattress-carrying chariot!

Who would have thought that your trusty two-wheeler could turn into a napmobile?

Just think about taking that tight turn with a cargo bike laden with a cushy mattress.

It's a combination of a trust exercise and a driving test—all in one!

Remember, while it's a quirky use of a bicycle, transporting a mattress this way probably isn't going to replace your local moving company anytime soon.

But it sure makes for one heck of a story!

How far would you go (or ride) to get your mattress to its destination?

A Goat

Ever seen something that made you do a double-take while you're out and about?

Imagine cruising down the street and spotting a cyclist nonchalantly peddling away with a goat on their back!

Sounds like a snippet from a cartoon, right?

But it's no joke – this has actually happened.

Why on earth would you carry a goat on a bicycle, you ask?

Well, in some remote places where vehicles are scarce and roads are just wishful thinking, bicycles become the trusty steeds for all sorts of tasks.

Transporting livestock like goats isn't so baaaaa-d when you've got to get them to market or move them between farms.

It's practical, eco-friendly, and quite an impressive balancing act!

Here's how the goats usually hitch a ride:

  • Secured in a basket or crate, if they're just little kids.
  • Strapped to the rider's back or sitting in their lap for the more daring duos.
  • Some even construct special sidecarriages just for their cloven-hoofed companions.

Now, you might be thinking, "Is that even safe?" Bicycle safety for goats isn't a widely studied topic, but it's safe to say that both the cyclist and goat need to have a solid sense of balance.

And one hopes they avoid the bumpy roads.

Plus, just imagine the stories those goats could tell!

It's certainly one of the more quirky ways to utilize a bike, but when you've got places to be and goats to herd, sometimes you just have to "roll" with it, right?

Plus, it's a great way to avoid getting your goat stuck in traffic!

A Surfboard

Ever tried to get your surfboard to the beach on your bicycle?

You might have seen some fellow cyclists in coastal towns pulling off this neat trick.

Yes, you can actually strap a surfboard to your two-wheeler!

First things first, you'll need the right setup, which usually means a surfboard bike rack.

These racks come in different shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose: to keep your board snug and secure while you pedal.

The SUP Wheels Evolution — a standard bike-friendly option — fits most longboards as long as they taper down to 15 inches or less at the tail.

Fancy a wider board?

No sweat, the Evolution X has a wider wheelbase perfect for those larger SUP boards.

Setting up the rack is a breeze.

Just fix it onto your bike, lay the surfboard on top with the fins up and the nose pointing forward, and secure it with straps or bungee cords.

Make sure everything's balanced.

You wouldn't want it wobbling and making your ride precarious, would you?

Here's a quick checklist for you:

  • Get a surfboard bike rack.
  • Ensure the surfboard fits the rack's dimensions.
  • Position the board fins up and nose forward.
  • Tie it down with straps or bungee cords.
  • Double-check for a stable and balanced setup.

Now imagine cruising down to the beach, surfboard in tow, ready to catch the next big wave.

Pretty cool, huh?

Just remember, balance is key—both in surfing and in transporting your board to the shore.

Happy pedaling and surfing!

A Full Drum Kit

Have you ever imagined cycling with a drumstick in hand?

What about the entire drum kit?

Yep, that's right – some zealous drummers actually tote their full kit on a bike!

Picture this: the cymbals, snare, bass drum, toms – everything you need to rock out a beat, all on two wheels.

Here's how they pull off this musical feat:

  • Bicycle Trailers: Specially designed to handle the load, these trailers are like the tour buses of the bike world.
  • Custom Racks: Imagine attaching a snare drum to your handlebars. Custom racks make it possible to balance even a bass drum.
  • Multiple Trips: Sometimes, it's all about making a few back-and-forth journeys to carry the entire ensemble.
  • Securing Gear: With bungee cords and straps, the drum kit stays snug and secure. No one wants a rogue cymbal flying off!

Safety First: Always remember, maneuvering through traffic with a drum kit is no joke.

Make sure your visibility isn't compromised.

Why, though?

Maybe it's for a gig at the local park, a jam session with friends, or just the challenge of doing something wild and creative.

And let's face it, it's quite the sight – a cyclist pedaling along with drums in tow, possibly turning heads and drawing smiles along the way.

Here's the bonus – you get a workout before the performance even starts.

Talk about a warm-up session!

So, next time you're cycling and you hear a beat in the distance, take a closer look.

It might just be a fellow biker bringing the rhythm to the streets, one pedal at a time.

A Large Balloon Display

Have you ever seen a cyclist pedaling away with a burst of color in tow?

Yes, I'm talking about those big, bright, and bold balloon displays!

It's not just about carrying a bunch of balloons to a birthday party; some cyclists have turned this into a real spectacle.

Imagine gliding through the streets, and there you are, hauling a rainbow of balloons behind you.

Some of these displays have been for store openings, street parades, or even surprise marriage proposals—yep, you read that right, proposals on wheels!

Why balloons, though?

Turns out, balloons aren't just lightweight and festive, they're pretty aerodynamic in form, too, making them a quirky but feasible cargo on two wheels.

Plus, they're bound to turn heads and bring smiles, and isn't that what we all need more of?

How do they do it?

It's a balancing act:

  • Stability: Keeping those balloons steady during the ride is key.
  • Visibility: Ensuring they don't obstruct the cyclist's view or the views of fellow road users.
  • Wind Factor: Ah, the nemesis of outdoor balloon affairs! Negotiating the wind gently is an art itself.

Honestly, next time you're stuck on what to bring to that housewarming party, why not give this a shot?

Apart from being just downright fun, it's a pretty nifty way to dodge those traffic jams.

Just remember to keep it safe and clear of those prickly bushes.

You wouldn't want to arrive with less 'bang' and more a whimpering 'pop', right?

A Demijohn (Large Glass Bottle)

Have you ever seen something so strangely wonderful on a bicycle that it made you do a double-take?

Imagine riding past someone with a demijohn teetering on their back rack!

You know, those large glass bottles often associated with fermenting tasty beverages like wine or cider.

What's a demijohn, you ask?

  • It's a spacious, narrow-necked bottle, which can sometimes sport a lovely teardrop shape.
  • These vessels are typically sealed with a cork stopper to keep the contents inside nice and secure.

Why would someone carry a demijohn on a bike, though?

Well, maybe they're off to share homemade wine with friends or they're just passionate about quirky cargo.

Whatever the reason, balancing such a bulky bottle on two wheels is no joke!

Here's how they do it:

  • Wrap the bottle in towels or some cushy material. This way, it's like the demijohn is getting a soft little hug, keeping it safe and sound.
  • Secure the padding with rope, bungee cords, or even bike-specific carriers designed to handle odd shapes.

Remember, we're not just talking about any old bottle here.

A demijohn can be quite hefty and, let's face it, it's not what you usually see strapped to a bike.

Yet, these dedicated cyclists make it happen, adding an unexpected touch of charm to their ride.

So, next time you're out for a spin, why not take a moment to appreciate the art of transporting the extraordinary by bike?

Who knows, it might inspire you to embark on your own unconventional cargo adventure!