The 10 Most Unusual Bike Tours on Offer | PedalChef

Key Takeaways

  • Unique bike tours offer more than just scenic rides; they provide unforgettable narratives.
  • Experiences range from historical explorations to gourmet discoveries on two wheels.
  • Unconventional bike tours enrich your travel with cultural depth and exciting stories.

Cycling can take you to the heart of adventure—or the heart of mystery.

Have you ever biked through a ghost story?

What makes biking tours truly extraordinary is not just the scenery, but the stories that pedal alongside.

Imagine embarking on a journey where every push of the pedal takes you through a slice of history or a sip of vintage wine country.

These tours offer experiences that satisfy more than just your wanderlust.

We're all about uncovering hidden gems, so rest easy knowing we've curated a list that's bound to intrigue.

Compiled with your sense of wonder in mind, these tours guarantee an adventure that will have you spinning tales for years to come.



Area 51 Alien Bike Ride, Nevada

Ever imagined pedaling through the land of little green men?

The Area 51 Alien Bike Ride is just as out-of-this-world as it sounds!

You’ll start this extraordinary adventure in the heart of the Nevada desert, where the mysteries of Area 51 and extraterrestrial legends come alive.

Route Overview:

  • Departure Point: Las Vegas
  • Distance: Varied
  • Scenery: Desert landscapes, UFO landmarks

Why not pack a sense of wonder with your water bottle as you head down the Extraterrestrial Highway?

Yes, that’s the actual name, and yes, it is as cool as it sounds.

Along the route, you’ll cycle past:

  • Janet Airlines: supposedly flying workers to the secret base of Area 51.
  • Black Mailbox: an infamous UFO sighting spot (though it's actually white).
  • Little A'le'Inn: a quirky desert inn that's a must-stop for any alien enthusiast.

Key Stops:

  • Area 51 Perimeter: No, you can't go inside, but getting this close is still brag-worthy.
  • Extraterrestrial Highway Sign: The ultimate selfie backdrop—trust me!

Estimated Duration: Around 10 hours of cycling and extraterrestrial encounters!

Don’t worry, there's plenty of time to spot all the unidentified flying objects—just keep your eyes on the skies and the road!

Price Point: Expect to budget approximately $205 for a guided experience.

Did you know that Area 51’s existence was only officially acknowledged in 2013?

While we can't guarantee alien sightings, the tales and landscapes on this ride make for an unforgettable journey.

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a curious newbie willing to take on the Nevada desert, this tour is sure to fuel your imagination and your legs.

Ready to ride into the unknown?

Wine Country Sidecar Bicycle Tour, California

Ever wanted to sip your way through Napa Valley’s wine country in style?

Picture yourself coasting through rolling vineyards, a cool breeze in your hair, a lush landscape painting every direction you glance.

You're not just biking; you’re savoring every sensory detail from the comfort of a sidecar attached to a tandem bicycle.

Yes, a sidecar!

This isn't your usual cycling experience.

What can you expect?

  • A tandem bicycle with a snug sidecar
  • Room for two: one pedaling, one enjoying the ride
  • The opportunity to switch places halfway through

Explore and Indulge:

  1. Start your journey embracing the crisp air of Napa’s countryside.
  2. Chase the flavors of world-renowned wines with each winery stop.
  3. Admire the vineyards that are as ripe with history as they are with grapes.

On the Wine Country Sidecar Bicycle Tour in California, every moment is about delight and discovery.

With a knowledgeable pilot guiding your tandem bike, you’ll become part of the stunning landscape that makes up this famous wine region.

Have your camera ready for those Instagram-worthy shots, and let the charm of the vine-woven hills enfold you.

Half the fun is in the novelty, right?

When it’s time to switch, slide into the sidecar and let your partner pedal.

Feel the rush of the ride without breaking a sweat!

Why this tour?

  • Unique Experience: This isn't just a bike tour; it's an adventure with a vintage twist.
  • Scenic Views: Napa Valley is your backdrop; each pedal brings a new breathtaking view.
  • Wine Tastings: Access to select wineries and a chance to sample exquisite wines.

Ready to embark on a biking journey like no other?

Swap your standard handlebars for a sidecar experience and let the good times roll! 🍇🚴‍♂️🍷

Underground Railroad Bicycle Route, Various States

Have you ever imagined combining your love for cycling with a powerful journey through history?

Well, the Underground Railroad Bicycle Route offers just that!

On this 2,000-mile trek from Mobile, Alabama, to Owen Sound, Ontario, you'll follow the whispers of history along paths trekked by freedom-seeking individuals in a quest for liberation.

  • Starting Point: Mobile, Alabama
  • Ending Point: Owen Sound, Ontario
  • Total Distance: Approximately 2,000 miles

Isn't it something?

This route isn't merely a physical challenge; it's an immersive historical odyssey.

You'll trace the same landscapes where brave souls once sought freedom, turning your pedal strokes into a tribute to their courage.

Highlights & Pit Stops:

  • Mobile, Alabama: Your adventure begins with the warm breeze of the South filling your lungs.
  • Cincinnati, Ohio: Visit landmarks like the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center to gain insights into the journey you're emulating.
  • Owen Sound, Ontario: The finish line of your journey, a sanctuary city at the time of the Underground Railroad.

Did you know?

The route was meticulously developed by the Adventure Cycling Association with the Center for Health Equity, aiming to preserve the legacy of the Underground Railroad.

To take on this route, you don't have to be a seasoned cyclist, but a passion for history and an appetite for adventure are musts.

Whether you cycle a segment or the full distance, you're in for an unforgettable experience.

Pack your water, grab your map, and ready your bike – history awaits on two wheels!

Katy Trail Ghost Tour, Missouri

Ever fancied pedaling through a piece of history with a twist?

Well, buckle up for a two-wheeled adventure and say hello to the Katy Trail Ghost Tour in Missouri, where the past isn't just beneath your feet—it's part of the ride!

At night, the Katy Trail transforms.

Armed with only your bike and a light, you’ll be accompanying a knowledgeable guide who’s both your pathfinder and storyteller.

Imagine you're gliding over the crunchy gravel path as twilight fades, and the guide kicks off with the first eerie tale.

  1. Start Point: The usual calm day-trip transforms as dusk sets in.
  2. The Experience: As the darkness encroaches, local legends come to light:
  1. Hear about the spectral cyclist forever trying to finish his last race.
  2. See shadows that seem to dance just beyond the reach of your bike lamp.
  3. Feel the chill not just from the night air but from stories of historic figures who never quite left the trail.

This unique tour isn’t your usual pedal through the park; it’s an interactive experience!

You'll learn the history of the trail—once a vital railroad—while the ghosts of yesteryear are conjured through vivid storytelling.

This nocturnal journey combines Missouri’s natural beauty with a shiver of paranormal intrigue.

Statistics & Quick Facts:

  • Trail Length: 237 miles (not all haunted, of course!)
  • Legends: Railroad pioneers, historic figures, and lost townsfolk
  • The Rail History: The MKT, or "KATY," named for the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad

Ready for a bike ride that tickles your spine as much as your legs?

The Katy Trail Ghost Tour has got you covered—just don't forget your bike light, or you might find more than just legends lurking in the shadows! 🚴👻

Tour de Donut, Illinois

Ever fancied a cycling event where you could show off both your pedaling pace and your donut-eating dash?

Well, look no further than the Tour de Donut in Staunton, Illinois!

Picture this: a 30-mile journey through the scenic countryside, where your proclivity for pastries could actually give you a leg up in the race.

Here's the scoop: You get to cycle a 32-mile course that's peppered with donut stations.

Yes, donut stations!

As you stop at each, you're faced with a delicious decision that has a strategic twist.

Will you gobble a donut (or three) to shave precious minutes off your race time?

How it all works:

  • For every donut you chow down and keep down, a whopping 5 minutes gets deducted from your total ride time.
  • It's a race, but with a delectable twist, tempting you with those sugary rounds of joy.

Fast facts:

  • Route Length: 32 miles of rolling terrain
  • Donut Stops: Aim for donut glory at two checkpoints
  • Time Deduction: 5 minutes per donut eaten
  • Race Type: Timed, with non-timed 12-mile option available

Isn't this just the perfect combination of cardio and carbs?

Whether you're gunning for the top spot or just there to sip on some enjoy-the-scenery juice, this event offers something for everyone.

And it's not just about the bike or the bite; it's the balance.

Will your sweet tooth lead to a sweet victory?

So if you're someone who believes that donuts deserve to be more than just a cheat day treat, grab your bike, pack your appetite, and come down to Illinois.

Who thought that cycling and snacking could be a match made in heaven?

See you at the starting line—trust me, it's going to be a hole lot of fun!

Amish Country Bike Tour, Ohio

Ever fancied a bike ride with a difference?

Imagine pedaling through a serene landscape where simplicity and tradition are a way of life.

Well, grab your helmet because the Amish Country Bike Tour in Ohio offers just that!

It's not your average cycling route; it's a unique cultural immersion on two wheels.

As you roll through the Ohio countryside, you'll encounter Amish farms, rustic wooden bridges, and perhaps even a horse-drawn buggy or two.

It's like you've cycled back in time!

The route itself is speckled with opportunities to interact with the Amish community.

Why not stop at a local farm stand for some homemade goods?

Your taste buds will thank you for the fresh-baked pie or tangy apple butter.

What can you expect?

  • A peaceful ride past Amish farms and schools.
  • The chance to purchase handcrafted goods right from the source.
  • Scenic spots perfect for a quick snack or a photo op.

Remember, the Amish lifestyle means no modern-day electrical buzz, so it's just you, your bike, and nature.

Marvel at the 25-mile-long stretch in the Mohican State Park gorge, known as the best mountain biking trail in Ohio.

The views?

Absolutely Instagram-worthy, even if the Amish communities themselves prefer a more low-tech existence.

The beauty of this bike tour isn't just in the pedaling; it's the simplicity of the experience.

You'll leave feeling refreshed, with a newfound appreciation for a quieter pace of life.

So, are you ready to gear up for an adventure that's as enlightening as it is exciting?

Hit the road, soak in the vistas, and discover Ohio's Amish Country by bike!

Death Valley Bike Tour, California

Have you ever imagined cycling through an otherworldly landscape that feels like you've landed on another planet?

The Death Valley Bike Tour is your ticket to that extraordinary experience.

Imagine setting wheels on the lowest, driest, and hottest region in North America—yes, we're talking about the famous Death Valley National Park in California.

Starting Line

Your adventure kicks off in Las Vegas—close to all the hustle but soon to be miles away from ordinary.

Did you eat a good breakfast?

I hope so!

After meeting your tour group, it's a scenic shuttle ride to the park, where your two-wheeled journey begins.

Your Itinerary on Wheels:

  • Day 1: Ease into the saddle, starting from a ghost town that whispers tales of the past. Peek into history before a thrilling descent. Your endpoint? A cozy inn, nestled in the park.
  • First Glimpse: Pedal to panoramic views at Dante’s Peak or Daylight Pass. Ready for that jaw-dropping moment as you oversee this vast stretch of earth and sky?

The Ride:

  • Distance: Tours may vary, but typically you're looking at up to 32 miles on your first day.
  • Climbing: Feel the burn with elevations like a 4,900 ft loss or even a 500 ft gain.
  • Scenery: Each pedal brings you closer to sand dunes that roll like waves, salt flats that glisten under the sun, and mountain vistas that seem eternal.

Cool Off:

  • Respite: Your oasis in the desert? The Inn at Death Valley, where replenishing your energy with delicious meals is part of the plan.

Enjoy the ride, savor the challenge, and above all, soak up the raw, unfiltered beauty of Death Valley on two wheels.

Just remember to stay hydrated—because it's not called Death Valley for nothing!

New Orleans Culinary Bike Tour, Louisiana

Ever wanted to eat your way through New Orleans while getting a little exercise?

The New Orleans Culinary Bike Tour makes it possible!

Imagine pedaling through the storied streets of the Big Easy, indulging in the flavors that make this city a world-renowned culinary hotspot.

Starting at just $89, this tour isn't your average sightseeing excursion—it's an immersive experience of history and taste.

With the convenience of the bike, you can explore the nooks and crannies of New Orleans beyond the reach of traditional tours.

Plus, all food and restaurant tips are included, so you can savor the experience without any hassle.

Are you ready to spice up your adventure with a side of culture?

Here's what you're signing up for:

  1. Duration: 3.5 – 4 hours of cultural and culinary exploration.
  2. Reservation: Required—make sure to book ahead to secure your spot!
  3. What to Expect:
  1. All food and tips included in the tour price.
  2. A journey through various neighborhoods, each with its own unique flavor.

It's more than just a meal; it's a chance to delve into the heart of New Orleans’ gastronomy.

You'll taste dishes influenced by Honduran, Vietnamese, Filipino, and Jamaican cuisines, to name a few.

Remember, tours start at 631 Elysian Fields Ave, just a stone's throw from Frenchmen Street’s famous nightlife.

You'll want to arrive 15 minutes early to gear up for departure.

Tips for Participants:

  • Bring your appetite and a camera.
  • Wear comfortable cycling attire.
  • Stay hydrated – it can get warm!

Gear up for an adventure that rolls through the eclectic mix of New Orleans food culture.

Trust me, it's an experience your taste buds and memories won't soon forget!

Alaska Midnight Sun Bike Tour, Alaska

Ever fancied biking where the sun just won't call it a night?

Well, Alaska's Midnight Sun Bike Tour serves up that exact experience—think of pedaling in a land bathed in 24-hour sunshine!

It's quite the twist from your regular ride, isn't it?

Here’s the scoop: during summer, the Arctic Circle boasts round-the-clock daylight, and trust me, cycling under the bright sky at midnight is as cool as it sounds.

The Great Alaska Bike Tour takes full advantage of this natural phenomenon.

It kicks off in the thick forests where aspen and poplar trees sway.

You might feel like you’ve pedaled into an enchanted realm where the night forgot to fall.

Now let's talk path: You’ll roll through rolling landscapes with green hills and still blue lakes—hallmarks of Alaska's wilderness.

Magnificent peaks stand as silent guardians to your journey.

Hands down, this tour is a sensory buffet—an eclectic mix of serenity and raw nature.

Worried about getting lost in the land of the endless day?

Fret not!

Structured itineraries guide you through this surreal experience.

Just make sure to keep your camera at the ready—you'll be itching to capture the scenery that unfolds.

Remember to pack light; these tours mean it when they say luggage limits.

Think about it—just you, your bike, and the essentials, enjoying a kind of freedom that only comes with the open road and an unsetting sun.

Feeling the midnight sun beckon?

Alaska just might be your next cycling adventure hotspot.

Key West Bike Tour, Florida

Ever imagined pedaling your way through a tropical paradise?

The Key West Bike Tour makes that dream a reality!

Imagine the wind in your hair as you explore the charming streets of this vibrant Florida island.

Have you ever tasted a key lime straight off the tree?

Key Lime Bike Tours promises you just that, along with a side of history, as you visit Mallory Square, Hemingway's House, and Truman’s White House.

It's not just a ride; it's a cultural deep-dive on two wheels.

Bike Shops & Hours:

  1. 830 Eaton Street
  1. Mon-Sat: 8 am - 6 pm
  2. Sunday: 8 am - noon
  3. Contact: (305) 294-8188 or (877) 242-4537

What's a ride without a little snack, right?

With Lloyd's Tropical Bike Tour, you can munch on fresh tropical fruits like mangoes and coconuts.

And be sure to take in the intoxicating scents of local flowers that line the streets.

Tour Highlights:

  • Tasting tropical fruits
  • The fragrance of local flowers
  • Architecture of historical houses

Let's not forget about the path less trodden!

Isn't it cool that the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail offers a scenic route skirting the ocean, giving you that 'ride on water' feel?

Remember to keep your phone charged, as other tours turn your device into your very personal guide, navigating through Key West's rich black history.

So, ready to bookmark your adventure?

Key West awaits you, with its quirky charm, intriguing history, and lush vistas.

Happy cycling!