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Key Takeaways

  • Exclusive bike paths lead to breathtaking, untouched destinations.
  • Cycling offers a unique, serene experience different than driving.
  • Expert insights guide you to safely enjoy these exotic locales.

Ever dreamed of pedaling through paradise?

Picture yourself winding through landscapes that few have ventured, with only the sound of your bike breaking the silence.

Adventure and tranquility await where the road less traveled is accessible only by bike.

Imagine a world unmarred by the roar of engines, where each pedal stroke brings you closer to nature's hidden gems.

Glide through paths lined with spectacular vistas and encounter locations of unmatched beauty that cars simply cannot reach.

You're not just looking for an ordinary ride; you're on a quest for the extraordinary, where every turn promises a new discovery.

Let's embark on this journey together!

With guidance built on extensive research and firsthand experiences, rest assured that your adventures on two wheels will lead to some of the most remarkable corners of the world.



Katy Trail State Park, Missouri

Have you ever wondered what it's like to zip along a trail with just your bike as company, the Missouri sky spread wide overhead?

Katy Trail State Park is where you can live out that daydream.

Stretching an impressive 240 miles, this trail is a treasure trove of landscapes that will sweep you off your bike – figuratively, of course!

Imagine pedaling alongside the meandering Missouri River, with scenic vistas as far as the eye can see.

It's not just about the river though; quaint small towns pop up like friendly waypoints, providing perfect pit stops to explore.

Ever been to a vineyard accessible on two wheels?

Katy Trail's got you covered there, as well!

Here's a quick snapshot of what awaits you on this epic journey:

  • Length: 240 miles
  • Main Attractions: Missouri River views, historic small towns, vineyards
  • Trailheads: 26 access points along the route
  • Restored Features: Four fully restored railroad depots

Don't believe something this incredible exists?

A ride through this park is like rolling through pages of history – the trail is built on the old Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad (MKT, also known as Katy).

It's not just a path; it's a ribbon of stories woven through Missouri's midsection.

Feeling adventurous?

Whether you're a cyclist, a nature lover, or just looking for a new spot to lace up your walking shoes, Katy Trail State Park offers an extraordinary escape.

With unique sites dotting its lengthy path, it's a place where adventure and tranquility spin together.

Why not be the next to tread its path?

Grab your bike and let's ride into the sunset – well, at least until the next picturesque stop.

White Rim Trail, Utah

Have you ever craved a biking adventure that takes you through the heart of dramatic landscapes?

Imagine yourself pedaling across the White Rim Trail in Utah's Canyonlands National Park—a 100-mile journey that's nothing short of epic.

Why should you bike the White Rim Trail?

  • Unmatched natural beauty with vast canyons and towering mesas
  • A birds-eye view of the winding Colorado River

Planning Your Trip:

  1. Permits: Secure a day permit for a single day ride. Planning to camp? You'll need an overnight permit.
  2. Best Time to Visit: Aim for spring or fall for ideal weather.
  3. Accommodation: There are 20 campsites along the trail—book early!

Thinking about the essentials?

  • Water: Desert rides mean hydration is key! Pack plenty.
  • Gear: A trusty mountain bike and repair kit are mandatory.
  • Fitness Level: Be prepared for a challenging ride; it's not all flat terrain.

Ever heard riders talk about those "breath-taking canyon views"?

Well, they're not exaggerating.

The route offers intimate vistas of the vast landscape that make every pedal worthwhile.

And when the sun dips, picture yourself at a campsite witnessing a star-filled sky—a perfect end to a day's adventure.

Fancy turning this into a group escapade?

Remember, rides are merrier with friends who can share the load (and laughter!).

So, how about it—ready to conquer the White Rim Trail on two wheels?

Great Allegheny Passage, Pennsylvania/Maryland

Ever dreamed of an epic cycling adventure?

Well, you can hop on your bike and take a ride through the Great Allegheny Passage!

Is 150 miles of scenic landscapes your idea of a good time?

Then this trail, which stretches from Cumberland, Maryland, straight to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is calling your name.

What's in store for you?

Picture this: you're pedaling along, surrounded by the lush greens of the forests, feeling the fresh air against your face.

You'll travel through historic tunnels, echoing with your bike's gentle hum, and over breathtaking bridges that offer views you won't soon forget.

Wondering about the key spots to hit?

Here's a quick list:

  • Mile 0: Start at Point State Park in Pittsburgh, where the Three Rivers meet.
  • Ohiopyle State Park: Nature at its finest, with waterfalls and white water to gaze at!
  • Mile 51: Pinkerton Horn – ever biked across a bridge with a river 100 feet below?
  • Cumberland: The endpoint, or start, depending on which way you're traveling!

Fun fact: With around 130 miles of the trail in Pennsylvania, you're in for a wild ride through the Laurel Highlands and Allegheny County before hitting downtown Pittsburgh.

It's not just a trail; it's an experience that connects two states through nature, history, and communities.

This isn't just any ride; it's a journey through nature and a challenge you'll be proud to share.

Have you ever biked through a 849-foot tunnel?


Well, you'll check that off your list, along with crossing bridges that might just give you that 'king of the world' feeling.

Remember, it's not just about the destination, it's about the ride.

Ready to make some incredible memories on the Great Allegheny Passage?

Going-to-the-Sun Road, Montana

Have you ever wanted to cycle where the sky touches the mountains?

The Going-to-the-Sun Road in Montana's Glacier National Park is your ticket to sky-high adventure.

This 50-mile stretch isn't just a pathway; it's a journey through the clouds!

Why should you bike here?

Let's break it down:

  • Scenic Vistas: Every pedal brings a new postcard-worthy view. Majestic peaks, untouched forests, and cascading waterfalls are your companions along this road.
  • Wildlife Encounters: Keep your eyes peeled for a chance to spot mountain goats or even bears – from a safe distance, of course!

Before you set off, here are some must-knows:

  • Distance: Over 50 miles of pure wonder.
  • Starting Points: Choose from two entrances: St Mary Visitors Center at 48°44′51″N 113°26′21″W (East) or Apgar Visitor Center at 48.5231° N, 113.9885° W (West).
  • Navigating the Route: Zigzagging up mountains and alongside lakes, the road demands respect. Be prepared for elevations and bring plenty of water!

Biking the Going-to-the-Sun Road isn't your average Sunday ride.

It's a rite of passage for cyclists seeking the thrill of the great outdoors.

Are you ready to conquer this legend and add it to your bucket list of bike trails?

Just imagine the stories you'll have!

And remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single pedal stroke.

Ready to ride?

Maui’s Hana Highway, Hawaii

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to cycle on a path that hugs the edge of the world?

The Hana Highway in Maui could be that once-in-a-lifetime ride for you.

Imagine pedaling through a corridor of greenery, with each turn revealing new splendors, from cascading waterfalls to expansive ocean views.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Distance: Roughly 64 miles of adventure.
  • Environment: A tropical paradise featuring rainforests and waterfalls.
  • Must-See Spots: Oheo Gulch, also known as the Seven Sacred Pools, is a breathtaking space near mile marker 42. Additionally, the Hana Forest Reserve allows you to discover waterfalls within a preserved natural area.

Cycling the Hana Highway isn't just about the exercise; it's about taking a moment to breathe in the scents of the flora, the mist from the falls, and the salty air of the Pacific.

Paths like the famous Pipiwai Trail lead through bamboo forests straight to the alluring embrace of a waterfall.

Are you ready for a pit stop to marvel at the unexpected?

The Red Sand Beach, or Kaihalulu, presents a surreal sight with its rust-colored sands located just south of Hana Bay.

And before you rev up your gears, Ho'okipa Beach Park entrance matches natural beauty with conservation efforts and is a mere skip away at Mile Marker 2.

The ride you'll take on Maui's Hana Highway is more than a journey; it's a mosaic of nature's finest artwork spread along a luscious and wild coastline.

Remember, your two wheels are your ticket to the best show on the islands!

Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia/North Carolina

Have you ever felt the call of the open road, surrounded by lush forests and rolling mountains?

If that's your kind of adventure, then let me introduce you to a biker's haven that winds through the Appalachian Mountains: the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Spanning 469 miles from Virginia to North Carolina, this route is more than just a way to get from point A to point B—it's an invitation to explore the wonders of the highlands.

Alright, get this: with over 200 overlooks along the Parkway, you have ample spots to take a break and soak in the views.

But have you heard of Ravens Roost Overlook at Milepost 10.7? At an elevation of 3,200 feet, it gives you a breathtaking panorama that’s perfect for that Instagram-worthy sunset photo.

And don't forget Linn Cove Viaduct at Milepost 304; the s-shaped bridge is an architectural gem that gracefully curves around the mountainside—talk about a structural selfie!

Now, you might be thinking, "With so much to see, where do I even start?" Here’s a pro tip: the northernmost Afton Overlook at Milepost 0.2 offers a spectacular kickoff to your biking journey.

And as you pedal, you’ll find each overlook like a story unfolding, each view more intriguing than the last.

Remember to pack your camera, water, and a sense of adventure.

Whether you're looking for a day-long escape or planning a multi-day expedition, make sure to give the Blue Ridge Parkway a spot on your biking bucket list.

Ready to ride into some of the most picturesque sceneries you can imagine?

Your two-wheeled adventure awaits!

Cades Cove Loop Road, Tennessee

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to pedal through a vibrant piece of American history wrapped in stunning natural beauty?

Look no further than Cades Cove Loop Road in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee.

Let's dive right into what makes this spot a must-visit:

  • Length: 11 miles of one-way, paved loop road
  • Time to Complete: Typically 2-4 hours, perfect for a morning ride
  • Scenery: Lush valleys, diverse wildlife sightings, and picturesque views
  • Historic Sites: Numerous structures dating back to the early settlers
  • Visitor Popularity: The most visited area in the national park

This loop is like a time machine on two wheels.

You'll get to see:

  • Historic Buildings: Churches, barns, and log houses
  • Wildlife: White-tailed deer, black bears, maybe even a coyote!

A couple of insider tips to make your ride as enjoyable as possible:

  • Best Time to Visit: Early morning or late afternoon to avoid crowds
  • Parking: Arrive early to snag a spot close to the loop entrance
  • Tennessee law requires cyclists under 16 to wear helmets

Lastly, keep an eye out for the two shortcuts available if you need a shorter loop, but trust me, you wouldn't want to miss a single mile of Cades Cove Loop Road.

It's an open-air museum, a wildlife sanctuary, and a cyclist's haven all rolled into one!

Shark Valley Trail, Florida

Ever pedaled alongside a gator?

At Shark Valley Trail in Everglades National Park, that could totally happen!

Imagine biking on a 15-mile loop where the Floridian wildlife becomes your cycling buddies, especially the sunbathing alligators and chirpy birds.

Isn't that the definition of an exotic bike ride?

Don't worry if you don't have your own bike; rentals are available, so you can just hop on and enjoy the ride.

The path is flat pavement, which means you don't need to be a Tour de France athlete to enjoy it.

It's perfect for a leisurely pace, so take your time to soak in the panoramic views and abundant wildlife.

Here's the practical stuff: The entrance fee to the park is $30 per vehicle, which allows you access for 7 days—not just at Shark Valley but at any Everglades Park entrance.

Planning to visit?

Make sure to budget for this.

Additionally, if cycling isn't your jam, there's also a tram tour.

It costs $27 for adults, $21 for seniors, and $14 for kids between 3-12.

The tour takes roughly 2 hours, providing you with heaps of information and the comfort to sit back and watch the park life roll by.

For the adventurers out there, this isn't just a bike trail; it's a way to witness the Everglades' raw beauty up close.

And who knows, with a trail this amazing, you might just come back with some epic stories to tell—or at the very least, some awesome snapshots.

Ready to add Shark Valley to your biking bucket list?

Remember to give those alligators their space, but don't forget to wave 'hi' as you cruise past!

Cape Cod Rail Trail, Massachusetts

Ever dreamed of pedaling through picturesque New England towns, with the ocean breeze gently tossing your hair?

You're in luck!

The Cape Cod Rail Trail offers just that — a 25-mile stretch where your bike is your passport to some of Massachusetts' most exotic locales.

Imagine this: You.

Your bike.

Miles upon miles of uninterrupted nature.


This trail winds through six idyllic towns—Yarmouth, Dennis, Harwich, Brewster, Orleans, Eastham, and Wellfleet.

Each has its own unique charm and is a potential stop for refueling both your stomach with local treats and your soul with serene views.

What's the terrain like?

Smooth sailing my friend!

The paved path makes for an easy ride, meaning you can focus on the scenic landscapes — from sun-dappled forests to expansive marshland and the occasional beach that begs for a quick dip.

Don't have a bike?

No worries!

There are plenty of spots along the way where you can rent one for the day.

Plus, you'll find:

  • Parking lots: Convenient spots to start your journey
  • Entrances/exits: Join or leave the trail with ease
  • Rest areas: Perfect for a quick snack or a rest

And you won't be alone in discovering this gem.

The trail is part of the developing East Coast Greenway, which means it’s recognized for its beauty and accessibility.

So, grab your helmet, some sunscreen, and plenty of water.

Whether you conquer the entire trail or just want a taste of the Cape Cod experience, the Rail Trail awaits your two-wheeled adventure.

Are you ready to ride into one of the most beautiful biking experiences Massachusetts has to offer?

Denali Park Road, Alaska

Have you ever wanted to pedal your way through a wilderness that feels like you’ve stepped into an epic nature documentary?

Denali Park Road is your ticket to adventure.

Imagine a 92.5-mile stretch where the asphalt beneath your tires turns into the path less travelled, leading you deep into the heart of Alaska's raw beauty.

The first 15 miles of the road are a friendly handshake with the Alaskan wilderness—you and your bike, cruising on paved grounds, easing into the experience.

Beyond this point, private vehicles take a backseat, and the road becomes the realm of official park buses.

But let's keep this between us, cycling aficionados can gain special permits for a ride beyond where cars dare to tread.

  • Starting Point: Denali Park Entrance
  • End Point: Kantishna
  • Accessible by Bike: Up to 15 miles (with special permit, beyond)
  • Views: Close-ups with Denali, North America's tallest peak

Can you already feel the brisk Alaskan air and the freedom as you glide past dense spruce forests opening up to breathtaking vistas of Denali?

Spoiler alert: It’s even more stunning than those glitzy postcards!

What's on the agenda?

  • Day 1: Kick-off with a heart-pumping morning ride, followed by a relaxed hike around Horseshoe Lake.
  • Day 2: Wake up with the sunrise for a visit to Savage River, then chill with the park’s sled dogs in the afternoon.
  • Day 3: Conquer the Mount Healy Overlook trail or switch gears for some white-water rafting, and cap your day with an awe-inspiring flightseeing tour.

Remember to snap plenty of photos; this road makes even amateur shots look like they belong in a gallery.

And who needs wildlife channels when you've got front-row seats to Alaska's majestic animals in their natural theater?

Whether you're counting miles or moments of wonder, biking Denali Park Road promises experiences that echo for a lifetime.

Ready to gear up?