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Key Takeaways

  • Coastal bike paths offer a unique blend of fitness and scenic beauty.
  • From tranquil New England trails to vibrant Californian boardwalks, diversity abounds.
  • Reliable guides and well-maintained routes ensure a memorable cycling experience.

Imagine the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin as you cycle along a picturesque beachfront path.

There's nothing quite like the thrill of biking with the ocean as your backdrop.

Biking by the beach offers an unparalleled experience, blending exercise with exquisite views.

With coastal trails stretching from the serene shores of New England to the sunny lengths of California, there’s a path suited for every cyclist.

You're not just looking for a ride; you're on a quest for the ultimate cycling adventure that combines scenic splendor with the allure of the ocean.

That's why we've sought out routes that promise not just a workout, but a sensory feast.

Count on clear directions, well-maintained paths, and breath-taking ocean vistas that are sure to make your ride unforgettable.



Marvin Braude Bike Trail, California

Ever dreamed of cycling by the California coast, with the ocean breeze in your hair and the sun on your face?

Then you'll want to check out the Marvin Braude Bike Trail.

This gem of a path lets you do just that for a whopping 22 miles.

That's right, from the stunning Will Rogers State Beach down to the laid-back Torrance County Beach, you're in for a ride that's as refreshing as it is invigorating.

Trail Highlights:

  • Starting Point: Will Rogers State Beach
  • Ending Point: Torrance County Beach
  • Total Distance: 22 miles

Known to locals as The Strand, this trail is flat, paved, and perfect whether you're a biking newbie or an old pro just looking for a leisurely pedal.

It hugs the coast, giving you all the Californian beach vibes you could ask for, passing by iconic spots like Venice Beach where you can catch street performers and grab a bite.

What to Expect:

  • Coastal Views
  • Beach Access
  • Eateries & Shops nearby
  • People watching

You don't have to conquer the full distance in one go.

Feel free to pick any section of the trail and ride as much as you're comfortable with.

And don't worry about crowds—there's enough space for everyone.

Planning a ride?

Be sure to check operating hours and local guidelines.

Riding on The Strand is a quintessential SoCal experience that might just become your new favorite weekend activity!

Shining Sea Bikeway, Massachusetts

Have you ever imagined cycling by the ocean, with the cool sea breeze and the sound of waves as your soundtrack?

If so, the Shining Sea Bikeway in Massachusetts is your dream come to life.

Route Details:

  • Length: 10.7 miles
  • Start: Falmouth
  • End: Woods Hole
  • Surface: Paved

This gem of Cape Cod offers you the rare chance to pedal alongside marshes, rivers, and the vast Atlantic, granting you spectacular views that'll have you stopping for photos more than a few times.

The path is pretty much level, making it a breeze for bikers of all skill levels.

What can you expect along the way?

Here’s a quick sneak peek:

  • Sights to See: Lush wetlands, sandy shores, and historical landmarks.
  • Wildlife: Keep an eye out for a variety of seabirds.
  • Seasonal Tips: May through September boasts the best weather for your ride.

Remember, this bikeway is more than just a path; it's a historical journey.

Once a railroad right-of-way, now it's a beautifully paved path that's just a ride away.

Plus, if you're worried about crowds, early mornings or off-peak times offer peaceful solitude.

A Few Reminders:

  • Pets: Bring your furry friend, but keep them leashed.
  • Preparation: Pack water and sunscreen, especially during summer rides.
  • Respect: Share the path with other enthusiasts and enjoy responsibly.

So, gear up your bike and set out on an adventure where every pedal brings you closer to nature's beauty and Cape Cod’s charm.

Happy cycling!

Virginia Beach Boardwalk, Virginia

Ever dreamed of cycling with the ocean breeze guiding you along?

That's exactly what you can expect at the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.

This 3-mile stretch is a slice of coastal paradise, perfect for when you want to ditch the car and hit the pedals.

Here's what you'll love about this route:

  • Scenic Views: The Atlantic Ocean on one side, vibrant city scenes on the other—you're in for a visual treat!
  • Accessibility: Smooth and wide, the path is welcoming for riders of all experience levels.
  • Beach Vibes: Feel the sand-kissed air? That's your cue to relax and enjoy the ride.

And don't worry about crowds; the boardwalk is designed with cyclists in mind, featuring a separate bike path.

Plus, with convenient bike rental stations, it's easy to just grab a wheels and go!

Are you ready to make some beachfront memories?

Here's a quick guide to get you started:

  • Distance: 3 miles end-to-end
  • Surface: Paved and well-maintained
  • Width: Spacious, typically at least 8 feet

Whether you're a solo adventurer or a family on a fun day out, the Virginia Beach Boardwalk is waiting.

Grab your bike or rent one and let the ocean's rhythm set the pace for your journey.

Happy cycling!

Ocean Front Walk, San Diego, California

Ever dreamt of cruising by the ocean on two wheels?

Ocean Front Walk in San Diego is your dream come true!

As you pedal down this path, the Pacific Ocean winks at you while the breeze cheerfully encourages every push on your pedals.

Let's get into what makes this route a must-ride for every beach-loving biker like yourself.

  1. Start Point: The ride begins at the bustling South Mission Beach Jetty, promising a path sprinkled with sun, surf, and spirited seaside activity.
  2. Highlights:
  1. The silky sands of Mission Beach to your right.
  2. Belmont Park, a vintage amusement park where laughter and screams from thrill-seekers fill the air.
  3. Pacific Beach welcomes you with its laid-back vibe, trendy cafés, and occasional street performers.
Mile Markers Noteworthy Stops
1 South Mission Beach
2 Belmont Park
3 Pacific Beach

Feeling peckish?

Along the way, you'll spot plenty of spots for a quick bite or a refreshing drink.

Don't forget to savor that delicious ice cream or that fresh California sushi roll!

Remember, this route is highly popular, so you may be sharing the path with rollerbladers, walkers, and fellow cyclists.

Keep your eyes open for volleyball games you could join in on, or beachfront shops that might catch your fancy.

Whether you're pedaling for fun, fitness, or just to feel the ocean's rhythm, the Ocean Front Walk will charm your socks off – if you were wearing any with those sandals of yours!

Enjoy the ride and the vivid beach culture that San Diego is famous for.

You’re not just on a bike ride; you’re on an unforgettable coastal adventure.

See you on the path!

East Bay Bike Path, Rhode Island

Have you ever dreamed of cycling along a scenic waterfront with the fresh ocean breeze guiding you through historic towns?

The East Bay Bike Path in Rhode Island is a perfect match for your next two-wheel adventure.

Route Details:

  • Length: 14.5 miles
  • Terrain: Mostly flat
  • Start: India Point Park in Providence
  • End: Independence Park in Bristol
  • Major Towns Along the Route: Providence, East Providence, Barrington, Warren, Bristol

This picturesque pathway, completed in 1992, weaves its way along the abandoned tracks of the Providence and Bristol Railroad, offering you plenty of reasons to stop and soak in the views.

Imagine pedaling by the serene waters of Providence and Narragansett Bays, where sailboats and wildlife are your companions.

Key Attractions:

  • Maritime views of the Narragansett Bay
  • Eight connected parks, including India Point Park
  • Coastal wildlife and abundant birdwatching opportunities

Cycling through the East Bay Bike Path isn't just about the ride; it's an experience of exploring Rhode Island's charming seaside towns.

From the bustling streets of Providence to the quaint bayside communities of East Providence, Barrington, Warren, and Bristol, each town has its unique allure.

Key Facilities Along the Route
State and Local Parks
Historical Landmarks
Parking Areas
Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committees (BPAC)

As you journey across this stretch, you'll find it's well-suited for a leisurely ride or a full day's exploration, with plenty of spots to take a break, grab a bite, or just enjoy the scenery.

So, why wait?

Grab your bike, and don't forget your camera – the East Bay Bike Path is calling your name!

Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Boardwalk, South Carolina

Fancy a breezy cycle alongside a picturesque beach?

Look no further than the Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Boardwalk in South Carolina.

Imagine the soft rustle of palm trees and the cheerful chorus of seagulls as you pedal along.

Route Highlights:

  • Scenic Views: The boardwalk stretches alongside the lovely Grand Strand coastline, immersing you in endless ocean views.
  • Eateries: Refuel at the various beachfront cafes and snag a mouth-watering fish taco at Rip Tydz.
  • Shopping: Pop into the nearby shops for souvenirs!
  • Fishing: Fancy casting a line? Check out the piers with their modest fishing fee.

What You Need To Know:

Boardwalk Feature Details
Length Approximately 1.2 miles
Surface Smooth and well-maintained for cycling
Starting Point 14th Avenue North Pier
Ending Point 2nd Avenue Pier
Cycling Hours Dawn till dusk

As you're gliding along, keep your eyes peeled for the local dance scene's infectious moves — "the shag." With a laid-back atmosphere, it's the perfect chance to experience some local culture.

Remember to take it all in: the salty breeze on your face, the melody of ocean waves, and maybe even the thrill of a pelican diving for its lunch.

Ain't life just a beautiful ride?

Island Line Trail, Vermont

Have you ever pedaled along a trail where water stretches as far as the eye can see?

If not, the Island Line Trail in Vermont is calling your name!

This extraordinary 14-mile pathway offers a unique experience that's tough to beat—a causeway across Lake Champlain with vistas that rival any oceanfront view.

Imagine cycling with the backdrop of the Green Mountains on one side and the Adirondacks on the other.

The trail, suitable for all bike types, begins at Oakledge Park in Burlington, ensuring ample parking and amenities.

Here's a quick snapshot of your adventure:

  • Start Point: Oakledge Park, Burlington
  • Parking: Available (bring change for meters at certain points)
  • Trail Length: 14 miles
  • Surface: Mainly paved
  • Bike Type: All types welcome
  • Scenery: Lake Champlain, Green Mountains, Adirondacks

Midway, the trail transforms into an impressive causeway that juts directly into the lake, offering 360-degree water views.

At the end, a ferry can zip you across a 200-foot gap to continue your journey to South Hero.

Don't forget to pause and soak up the panoramic sights—it's an Instagram goldmine!


  • Waterfront cycling
  • Panoramic mountain views
  • Unique ferry crossing

Remember, whether you're starting at South Hero or Burlington, the ride is as much about journey as destination.

Gear up, bring some water, and enjoy the ride.

Where else can you cycle on water without getting wet?

Key West Overseas Heritage Trail, Florida

Have you ever dreamed of pedaling through paradise?

The Key West Overseas Heritage Trail in Florida is your chance to turn that dream into reality.

This tropical treasure winds its way through the Florida Keys, serving up a hearty slice of ocean vistas that'll leave you reaching for your camera at every turn.

What Can You Expect?

On the Overseas Heritage Trail, you're not just on a bike ride; you're on an adventure through a chain of islands that seem to float on the emerald waters of the Atlantic.

Imagine rolling over historic bridges, like the impressive Long Key Bridge, with the clear blue sky above and water stretching beyond the horizon.

Doesn't that sound like a scene from a movie?

Route Highlights:

  • Total Length: 70+ miles of bicycle bliss
  • Starting Point: Key Largo
  • Ending Point: Key West
  • Must-Ride Section: MM 71 at the Channel 5 Bridge to MM 62 at the end of Long Key Bridge

Navigating the Trail: It's all set up for you to follow easily.

The trail is part-pavement, part-nature.

Whether you choose to complete the route in a couple of days or spread out the fun, this journey is flexible to fit your pace.

Safety Tip: Remember, portions of the trail follow narrow shoulders, so be aware and ride safely.

Don't worry, though; cyclists of all levels find this an enjoyable route.

So grab your helmet, fill up your water bottle, and embark on a ride you'll reminisce about for years to come!

Riding through the Keys is a story you'll be eager to share – just don't be surprised if your friends start turning green with envy.

Huntington Beach Bike Trail, California

Ever craved a ride by the sea with a view that never tires?

Let's talk about the Huntington Beach Bike Trail in California, your go-to for sun, surf, and cycling serenity.

Route Details:

  • Length: 8.3 miles
  • Start: Santa Ana River Trail at SR 1/Pacific Coast Hwy
  • End: Warner Ave & N Pacific Ave, Huntington Beach

Winding along the coast, this trail is a slice of Californian paradise.

It's a flat, paved path made just for you, the casual rider or the fitness fanatic.

Imagine peddling with the breeze in your hair and the scent of salt water in the air.

What to Expect:

  • Scenery: Beach views that seem straight out of a postcard.
  • Amenities: Plenty of spots to grab a bite or sip a coffee as you go.
  • Accessibility: Year-round availability, so pick a day and the trail is yours.

Strap on your helmet and coast along the 8.3 miles where the Pacific greets the shore.

Chase the waves from Santa Ana River Trail down to Warner Avenue, with only your pedaling to keep you company—or maybe a friend's laughter too!

Key Points to Note:

  • Beachfront Bliss: You'll be riding right alongside the sand for about two miles.
  • Convenience: Rental shops nearby offer bikes, so don't worry if you left yours at home.

Remember, the path is as much about the journey as it is the destination.

On your ride, you'll mix with joggers, skaters, and other cyclists, all out for that unique Huntington Beach blend of relaxation and invigoration.

So, are you ready to make tracks and memories on the Huntington Beach Bike Trail?

Grab your bike and see why it's a rolling favorite among locals and visitors!

Cape Cod Rail Trail, Massachusetts

Ever dreamed of cycling past charming towns and tranquil seashore views with the salty breeze in your hair?

Well, the Cape Cod Rail Trail offers just that—and more!

Stretching 25 miles from South Dennis to Wellfleet, you're in for a rolling retreat on what's known as the CCRT.

Scenic Variety on Your Ride

  • Yarmouth to Dennis: Start your journey amidst a gentle hustle of quaint shops.
  • Harwich: Witness converging natural landscapes, a visual treat!
  • Brewster: Time to slow down? Brewster serves up serene beachside charm.
  • Orleans to Eastham: Spot wildlife as you glide beside marshes and forests.
  • Wellfleet: Conclude with views that'll beckon you back for more.

Navigating the Trail

Feeling up for a smooth ride?

The CCRT's paved path has minor grades mostly in the Lower/Outer areas of Cape Cod, such as Orleans and Wellfleet.

And hey, there's no need to fret about getting lost—the trail is well-marked, especially at crossings.

Detours for Beach Bliss

While you're making fantastic time on two wheels, why not veer off for a quick beach break?

Although the CCRT isn't strictly beachfront, you're never too far from Cape Cod's captivating beaches.

Dip those toes in the ocean or simply savor the sun!

Remember, you're cruising through six towns, so you're spoilt for choice with stopovers.

Whether it's a leisurely ride you seek or a brisk cycling session, the Cape Cod Rail Trail invites you to weave precious memories into every pedal push.

Ready to set out on this two-wheeled Cape Cod adventure?