Schwinn Volare 1200 Review | PedalChef

Key Takeaways

  • The Volare 1200 is a great bike for the novice who wants a reliable product.
  • Even on a budget, it offers great features in handling, safety, and overall likability.
  • Some foibles with quality and maintenance may turn away seasoned riders.
  • The ride may be passable, but the steering and tires leave something to be desired.

If you’re looking for a reliable road bike that can provide years of enjoyment, this bike is perfect for those who don’t want to stray far from the beaten path.

The Schwinn Volare 1200 offers reliable, sturdy construction that keeps riders secure on the road. Great speed, secure braking, and a comfortable ride make this the perfect bike for those who want to hit the road in style.

We’ve covered expert reviews and customer feedback to bring you the best information available on this great choice for a family-friendly bike.



Where to Buy the Schwinn Volare 1200

The Schwinn Volare 1200, as well as the other Volare models, are available to buy from most major retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, and Tractor Supply (links provided below). The price range goes from $515 to $999, depending on the size and color you select.

A Brief History of Schwinn Bicycles

Schwinn is one of the oldest and most recognized names in bicycle manufacturing in the United States. They got their start after the first bicycle boom at the turn of the 20th century, and quickly became known for both quality and an accessible price point (especially during tough economic times like the Great Depression).

They maintained a strong hold on the market by holding fast to their brand identity, moving away from the common practice of the 1950s of building bikes for private labels. However, this rapid expansion and tight hold on the market led to some legal issues that eventually caused a severe decline in, and eventually bankruptcy of, the business.

Despite diversifying into BMX, mountain, and road bikes, Schwinn went out of business before returning under new ownership by private investors. The main appeal of Schwinn bikes today is their affordable price point and appeal to generational nostalgia.

Schwinn Volare 1200 Review

Schwinn Volare 1200 Specs and Geometry

One of the biggest things the Schwinn Volare 1200 has going for it is its design. The sleek, attractive styling is appealing to most riders, with classic components fashioned into a bike that anybody could see themselves on.

Another key draw is the price point. For those who want a simple weekend rider and don’t need the fancier trail-ready options, the Volare 1200 satisfies the need for speed without breaking the bank.

What’s more, there’s lots of wiggle room with price when you also consider the ability to choose the right size and trimline for you. Online retailers and department stores let you choose the bike length, model version (distinguished by a number), and desired color. This sidesteps the “one size fits all” mentality of other higher-end bikes, which is perfect when trying to choose a bike the whole family will enjoy.

The Volare 1200 has a 21-speed shifter, which offers plenty of control over your speed. This is a great way to learn speed and gear management, teaching riders how to properly manage their drivetrain and engage in proper bike maintenance.

Another way the Volare lends a user-friendly design is the integration of the shifter and brake pedal. Precision speed and braking is always at your fingertips.

It might not seem like the most important thing to a novice, but this bike offers plenty of travel to handle any unexpected bumps in the road. Proper suspension can cushion most blows, and as long as you keep away from any major obstacles this bike will do just fine.

Schwinn Volare 1200 Build Quality

Modern bike construction demands an aluminum frame instead of a bulkier, heavier steel frame. The Volare 1200 takes full advantage of this industry standard, with the reliable quality that Schwinn has long been known for.

The design may be sleek, but the weight is a bit hardier. This bike clocks in at around 30 pounds. This can be a bit heavier than others, but since most will not have to carry this bike long distances before riding, that’s not much of an issue for the majority of riders.

The Volare 1200 does have a sport riding seat and ergonomically-friendly handlebar grips, which make for a comfortable position for the rider. These features show the care and attention Schwinn puts into their products, and are a great example of how even a baseline bike can still cater to the rider in all the right ways.

This is also evident in the mechanical disc brakes. It does not feature hydraulic brakes that are offered by mountain or trail bikes, but for normal excursions on the road that type of advanced braking isn’t always necessary. These brakes are secure and reliable, and will get the job done.

The frame and fork are both rigid enough to provide proper stability for riders. Even for an entry-level bike, the kind of stability is a welcome feature.

Unfortunately, there have been some consumer complaints with the assembly process and the quality of some of the components. Pieces have sometimes arrived bent or broken, and this bike can be difficult to put together. When in doubt, you can always request assembly services when ordering, or go to a trusted bike shop professional to do the job for you.

Freewheel failure has also been reported on extended rides. The freewheel allows the chain to rotate freely even when the pedals are not moving, which can keep the drivetrain from seizing unexpectedly. This failure can be remedied in most cases with proper maintenance, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind when considering the reliability of this bike.

Schwinn Volare 1200 Handling

The Volare 1200 is a perfectly serviceable beginner’s bike. There’s lots to admire about its build quality, and the handling continues in that same vein. Steering is reliable and comfortable, as long as you don’t stray too far off the beaten path.

The tires are fairly wide, providing an extra layer of stability on the road. Narrower tires are typically built for speed, which is often only a concern for highly experienced riders who are also going to select a more advanced bike built solely for this purpose. A simple cruiser for roads or sidewalks doesn’t need this kind of specialization, however, and these tires are a great standard option for this bike.

All this being said, maintenance and tuning can be difficult with some aspects of this bike. For those who want a turnkey option that requires minimal maintenance, this might be a turnoff, and could be confusing for those who aren’t as well versed in how to get the most out of their bike. This shouldn’t completely negate the Volare 1200 as an option, but is worth mentioning so consumers are aware of the potential pitfalls.

Schwinn Volare 1200 Ride Quality and Performance

While this bike may not turn away most novice riders, bike veterans will find the ride a little choppy. It can handle dry and wet roads fairly well, but there is some rattle at higher speeds.

At 30 pounds, this bike is a bit on the heavier end, which can make for a sluggish ride. You might not have to push this bike uphill on the road the same as a mountain trail, but a slightly lighter bike really can make all the difference to those who know what to watch out for.

The tires may provide a layer of cushion and stability, but they also don’t hold up as well as some of the more premium options. Fortunately, this is a relatively easy switch to make for those who know what they’re doing.

Schwinn Volare 1200 Pros and Cons

Schwinn Volare 1200 Pros

The Volare 1200 offers lots of benefits and positive aspects. From the quality components to the stable ride, it is just about the best beginner’s bike anyone could ask for.

Its snappy, attractive design will attract the most discerning buyers. It is also able to lean heavily into brand nostalgia - after all, who doesn’t want to see that shiny Schwinn badge on their bike when they go for a spin?

What’s more, the price point is perfect for someone buying their first bike, or for those who want to upgrade without moving into the more outlandish pricing brackets. If you’re looking for a bike you’ll only use occasionally, this would be a great choice from a cost perspective.

Design elements like a sport-level seat and comfortable handlebars will really come in handy when you think about spending hours in the saddle. These and other features make the ride an enjoyable experience for riders  of all ages.

The mechanical disc brakes meet the industry standard of safety without venturing into overkill territory; a basic road-going bike needs something that’s not flashy and will hold up, and these brakes fit the bill.

  • Great beginner’s bike
  • Snappy, attractive design
  • Accessible price point
  • Schwinn brand reputation
  • Solid seat and handlebars
  • Mechanical disc brakes

Schwinn Volare 1200 Cons

The Volare 1200 is heavier than some other models, which may turn more experienced riders away from the get-go.

Build quality can be a sticking point with this bike, and some component failures will be hard to overlook. Additionally, the difficulty in performing proper maintenance can make a weekend tune-up a real chore.

  • Heavier than some other models
  • Build quality leaves something to be desired
  • Freewheel failure
  • Difficulties with maintenance