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Key Takeaways

  • The Moab 3 has solid construction with mostly reliable components.
  • The ride quality is top-notch, with solid tires, strong materials, and deliberate gear shifts.
  • The price point is perfect for those looking to branch out into mountain riding.
  • Some minor quality quibbles shouldn’t dissuade you from seriously considering this bike.
  • The Moab 3 lives up to the Schwinn legacy, reaching new generations with a solid choice.

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With a name like Schwinn, riders except quality, reliability, and a confident ride with a bike that people will notice.

The Schwinn Moab mountain bike offers a great entry-level mountain bike for riders who are venturing into the sport, trying to see how much adventure they can handle. If you’re just getting started with mountain biking, this should be a serious contender.

We’ve gone through multiple online reviews and found the best pros and cons for this bike, so you can make the best decision with the Schwinn Moab.



A Brief History of Schwinn

The Schwinn badge is one of the most long-lasting bicycle brands in America. Founded by a German immigrant in 1895, Schwinn launched right as Americans began to accept bicycling as a mainstream activity after its explosion across the Atlantic.

Schwinn survived the Great Depression by producing an affordable product for those who couldn’t purchase more expensive options, and continued to corner the market through most of the 20th century. However, a focus on the American market meant they fell behind on some innovations, but they did also introduce the ten-speed bike to mass production in the States.

Numerous financial and labor woes pushed the company into bankruptcy by the 1990s, but they have since reemerged as a cheap alternative for casual bikers, while still operating a specialty shop to cater to more experienced riders.

Where to Buy the Schwinn Moab Mountain Bike

Schwinn Moab Review

Schwinn Moab Specs and Geometry

Schwinn has opted for an aluminum frame for the Moab 3. This is the preferred choice of bikers for its better weight and power ratio when compared to traditional steel construction. It’s generally lighter without sacrificing structural integrity.

The frame and fork are both fashioned from aluminum. This means that the core components of the bike’s frame are consistently made with the same materials, with strength that is more than the sum of its parts.

The Moab 3 weighs 29 pounds - not too much for newer riders, and perfectly manageable for the pros. Sometimes, a heavier bike can be difficult to get from place to place, which can deter some riders who need to get into practice. But this weight won’t cause any hindrances to a day on the trails.

The geometry of this bike is 29 inches. This doesn’t go too long or too short, offering that tricky level of balance riders crave. The wheelbase won’t be top heavy on descents, and gives a solid center of gravity on uphill climbs too.

One hallmark of the Moab 3 is the impressive 24-speed shifter. Historically, Schwinn has stayed ahead of the curve in offering high shifter options to the general public, and the range offered on this bike means that riders will never be at a loss for the right gear for their chosen track or terrain.

It’s also an affordable bike for those looking to upgrade from their current ride, without being forced to go for something too extravagant. At $949, a new Moab 3 is a solid investment if you want to expand your horizons and branch out into more trail riding. True specialists may legitimately need a pricier option, but the layman trail rider should be perfectly satisfied with the quality at this price point.

Schwinn Moab Build Quality

As previously mentioned, the aluminum used in fabricating this bike makes for a more enjoyable ride all around. It boasts a sturdier frame at a lighter weight than a bulkier steel frame, allowing more riders the opportunity to hit the trail in style.

Beyond the frame components, the wider 2.25 inch tires are built for superior traction on mountain tracks. Wider tires naturally offer more stability and grip on rougher terrain, while still keeping the ride smooth on paved roads. This premium feature on the Moab 3 means that you’ll be comfortable on even or uneven surfaces.

The Moab 3 comes in three sizes - small, medium, and large - to accommodate riders of all sizes. This offers maximum versatility depending on the size or gender of the rider.

Thanks to the higher-quality components, this is a strong and durable bike that will last over longer periods of time. Considering this bike (and others like it) approach a thousand dollars for the sticker price, this bike becomes a solid investment that pays for itself.

While most components on this bike are higher quality, some have criticized the pedals as being a bit more inferior. However, this type of accessory is easily switched out for those who know how to customize their bike with the right product.

Most elements of this bike come fully assembled out of the box, requiring only minimal setup afterward. If you’re less than confident about your skills, you can feel free to take your new bike to a shop for a professional to handle. But, if you do know your ways around a set of hand tools, final assembly should be a breeze.

Schwinn Moab Handling

The brakes are definitely one of the high points on the Moab 3. Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes come as standard on this bike, offering immediate stopping power on any terrain and in any weather conditions.

Brakes are one of the best safety features on any bike, and one of the most essential skills to master when learning to tackle rougher terrains. Knowing that the brakes are such high quality offers real peace of mind.

Gear changes using the 24-speed shifter are quick and smooth, giving another layer of trustworthy control to the rider. The construction and interconnection of the shifting mechanisms provides a responsive ride that is ready for a change when you are.

The tires also add to the comfort and ease of riding the Moab 3. Wider tires are the first line of cushion, absorbing any rattling that may affect the rider.

Schwinn Moab Ride Quality and Performance

The Schwinn Moab 3 offers a reliable, comfortable ride due to its high-quality components and balanced assembly.

One aspect we haven’t covered yet is the travel on the forks. Travel offers some shock absorption throughout the suspension, as the frame bounces up and down to absorb most blows over rocky ground.

The travel on this bike is 100 millimeters, which gives plenty of breathing room for ascending and descending tracks over tough terrain. Ample travel is a must for any biker, and this bike has plenty to go around.

Climbing and Descending

When you start to look into the right mountain bike for you, it’s important to consider how you will use it. Riding on a track or up a trail is not anywhere close to a leisurely ride down the sidewalk or a highway. Terrain, grades, and tighter turns mean you must be on high alert, constantly aware of your surroundings - and equipped with the right bike for the job.

Fortunately, the Schwinn Moab 3 is a sturdy selection that doesn’t let you down on trails or hills. This mountain bike can definitely keep up with the pack, with all of its components working in concert to provide a smooth ride uphill, downhill, and on the track.

Schwinn Moab Pros and Cons

Schwinn Moab Pros

The Moab 3 is a speciality bike, which means you order it straight from the manufacturer as opposed to from a box retailer. This can be a plus since the brand must stand more squarely behind its craftsmanship, and can provide more direct customer service.

The aluminum frame is a major plus with this bike. Its sturdy construction and lighter weight make it a great choice for riders at any experience level.

The configuration of the components offers a stable ride with solid handling and comfort over most trails.

The tires are one of its major selling points. Even without switching them out for custom tires, the Moab’s standard options are perfect from the first ride onward.

The precision offered by the 24-speed gear shifter gives riders close control over their speed, with the ability to match perfectly with what’s needed from moment to moment.

All of this comes at a reasonable price point that is affordable for most bike enthusiasts looking for the right balance of quality and value.

  • Order direct from the manufacturer
  • Aluminum frame
  • Stable ride and solid handling
  • Steady tires
  • Precision gear shifting
  • Reasonable price point

Schwinn Moab Cons

Lately, the Schwinn name has become synonymous with the first bike you ride as a child. While this is an excellent choice for true novices, it may scare off more experienced riders who may prefer a more specialized badge.

The footrests on the pedals don’t hold up as well under heavy punishment, which means you may be forced to swap these out sooner rather than later.

Furthermore, what you gain in versatility, you necessarily lose in specialization. This bike is great for those that want a weekday cruiser down the road that can also handle some mild trail riding on a holiday, but if you want something bespoke for a trek off the beaten path, you may want to look elsewhere.

The seat itself is also a bit stiffer on this model.

  • Linking the Schwinn badge with a mass-produced “basic” image
  • Shoddy footrests
  • More versatility leads to less specialization
  • Stiff seat