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Scattante is a generic bicycle brand that has long been forgotten. But you can still find some local retailers selling Scattante bikes. Yet, are they any good?

Nowadays, there's this fierce competition among bicycle brands. Whether it be a mountain bike, road bike, hybrid bike, or BMX bike, you can find the market stuffed with the whole new models launching every other day. The competition among their prices is also increasing with each passing day which is an entirely different topic of discussion.

That is exactly what you encounter when looking for a good road bike. In all of this competition, is there a space for a wannabe brand like Scattante? Are their road bikes good enough to compete with established brands like Trek and Specialized? The simple answer is 'No'.

Scattante road bikes are not good enough to be compared with Trek, Specialized, or Cannondale. Scattante is more like a house brand of local bicycle dealers you can find in the market. No doubt, Scattante bicycles use the same materials and components that most famous brands do. But this brand is a humdrum with no defined business strategy. Their bicycles can be purchased only through Performance Inc. and their subsidiaries like Performance Bicycle which is the local bike retailer in the US.

We tried buying a Scattante road bicycle online, but all we found were just some local retailers or second-hand dealers. Some of the models we found through the Performancebike website had quite satisfying spec sheets overall. For example; Scattante women bikes. We found them perfect for both beginner and expert woman riders at an extremely budget-friendly price.



Quality check: Features of Scattante road bikes

Some of the road bikes of Scattante are race-worthy bikes. Some other bikes of the brand, for example; the Americano series are specially designed for commuters and rarely for tourers. There are others that are used by urban riders who ride only on paved tracks.

The major problem with the Scattante road bikes is those conventional features that the manufacturers haven't bothered upgrading even a bit. This is of course due to the lack of research and development and the absence of a proper business strategy.


Scattante road bikes are usually made from the materials from which most of the bikes of other well-known brands are made. Most of the components in their recent models come from Shimano or Sram like other standardized bikes.

For example; the brakes of most Scattante road bikes feature SRAM Rival. Whereas drive trains, shifters, front derailleurs, and rear derailleurs come from Shimano. Similarly, the wheelsets and cassettes of many of these bikes are also from Shimano. This shows that the brand is not below average when it comes to the quality of materials.

Frame construction

Scattante road bikes are available with two types of frames. The recent models feature aluminum frames and the older ones mostly have carbon frames. Frames of Scattante bikes are usually manufactured in Taiwan, probably where the frames of other high-end bikes are being made.

Just like other modern bikes, the aluminum frames of Scattante bikes are well-built exhibiting a great construction overall. These bicycles are lightweight but robust at the same time. The aluminum frame might be lacking at some points, like under the saddle, in some bikes. But they are sturdy enough to bear a solid bump.

The lightweight carbon frames in the older models are not sturdy enough. But the recent models that are built with high-grade carbon fibers exhibit a good performance overall.

Ease of riding

Due to the very simple design and construction, these bikes are often very easy to use. Even the riders that are new to riding bicycles find them easy to ride. There is no need for extra care since there are no technical features in these bikes.

You may take a little more time adjusting to the height, paddles, and all that stuff if you've been using another high-end bike before. Most of the riders, however, claim that they adapted much more quickly to the Scattante bikes when they began using them.

Adjustability and comfort

Most of these bikes offer a great extent of adjustability. For example, you can adjust the saddle and the handlebars according to your reach. To make sure that the bicycle adjusts to your height and that it feels comfortable for riding, don't forget to talk to an expert in order to get the appropriate frame according to your height. You may also turn to the respective seller from whom you are buying the bicycle for this purpose.


If you are a weekend warrior who takes out his bicycle merely two days a week, the performance of a Scattante road bike will be more than satisfactory for you. Although you may not find these bikes suitable for rough trails, most of the Scattante models are road bikes that are suitable for riding along the countryside or for commuting.

But, if you are a racing enthusiast who spends more of your leisure time wandering on the bicycle, Scattante is not made for you. In fact, all the race die-hards who bought these bikes ended up being disappointed. The lack of advanced features is what makes these bikes lag behind the others in performance.

Strength and durability

They say Old is Gold. We admit that Scattante road bicycles are not that oh-so triathlon bikes but they are fairly strong and durable. Most of these bikes are available with 9 or 10-speed drive-trains manufactured by Shimano. There are 27-speed drive trains as well. They may last longer than many other bicycles in the same price range.


Like every generic brand out there, we have an advantage over Scattante in the cost and value of its bicycles. As compared to the other brands, Scattante bikes have low costs which are not going to upset your budget in any way. For most road bicycles, you can get almost all the required features for between $600-$800. All other road bicycles cost far more than this.

If you are looking for a low-priced bike to explore new and different terrains as an entry-level rider, you may go with one of the road bicycles by Scattante. You can choose between their different series like R-series, CFR series, or Americano series. These will fit easily in your budget while providing you with all the basic necessities of a road bicycle.

Scattante women's road bikes

Scattante holds a distinction when it comes to providing all-rounder road bicycles for women. The Scattante W-series bikes are all manufactured specifically keeping the women in consideration. This series consists of both expert and entry-level bikes.

Since the whole geometry of these Scattante bikes is women-specific, women cyclists can easily adjust to these road bicycles. The C-4 Carbon fiber frames are light and easy to handle. Some have aluminum frames paired up with the Shimano drive-trains. The crank arms and handlebars are sized in such a way as to fit in the small hands of a woman.

The seat post, the stem, the fork, and the gears are designed to enhance comfort and ease steering. The drive trains are smooth to improve the pedaling efficiency. The chains are fitted in a way to ease the shifting between the gears