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Your iFit subscription expired, and you don't want to renew it? You want to use a ProForm bike without it? Do ProForm bikes work without an iFit subscription?

ProForm features all the high-end bikes with a great variety of stationary and recumbent bikes in a higher price range. An average person would certainly find it uneconomical to get a ProForm bike first and then pay for the workouts monthly or annually by subscribing to iFit training sessions.

Can you use a ProForm bike without a subscription? Yes! There are various reasons why someone could decide not to purchase an iFit subscription. You might not be able to pay for the subscription. Or maybe you do not need the subscription because you are already a professional.

The manual mode or built-in fitness programs are both alternatives available. These can sometimes vary according to the model of the bike. But! It's a good idea to reconsider using a ProForm bike without iFit. If you can afford it, you must go for it. No training program is more effective than having a personal virtual trainer at home.

If we had to choose between using a ProForm bike with and without an iFit subscription, we would definitely go with an iFit subscription. Since everyone has different reasons and preferences, we have tried to resolve this confusion for you.



What is iFit?

iFit is a fitness app that offers users an interactive workout platform for personal training. It uses Google Maps to present users with a virtual fitness environment on various terrains in practically every corner of the world.

iFit consists of a variety of training sessions that deliver live courses led by expert iFit trainers. With this application, you can find approximately 18,000 on-demand workouts on your bike's or phone's display. Not only this, but iFit can also give you a real-time training experience by controlling the resistance and speed of your bike or treadmill.

The application records all the training sessions of its users and helps the user make a better workout plan for himself or herself. In addition to on-demand workouts, it enables the users to experience live workouts as well. Although a bit expensive, iFit provides a whole new level of virtual training at home.

Pros of using iFit in fitness training

  • An all-in-one fitness platform that allows you to work out at home.
  • Provides you with a personal trainer, which will otherwise cost you far more than this.
  • Consists of a great variety of live and on-demand training sessions.
  • Individual class styles according to the preferences of its users.
  • Compatible with several exercise equipment including stationary bikes, recumbent bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals.
  • Live resistance control technology for interactive training.

Cons of using iFit in fitness training

  • A monthly or yearly subscription is needed which makes it a little expensive.
  • You can't select your favorite music while working out. The music selection is limited.
  • Some users find the application difficult to upgrade sometimes.
  • There are many free options that aren't quite as engaging but can still be useful during workouts.

How much does an iFit subscription cost for ProForm?

According to the ProForm Plus+ Program, an iFit subscription for ProForm bikes will cost you about $1 per day. Generally, iFit provides you a 30-day free subscription worth $39 during the first month of use with most of the ProForm, NordicTrack, and FreeMotion exercise equipment.

After the first month of your subscription, you will have a choice to either keep your iFit membership after paying for it or cancel the membership. The payment is on a monthly and annual basis. If you buy an iFit subscription on the yearly basis, it costs you about $396 which makes about $33 per month. An annual subscription saves you $72 or 15%. On the other hand, the fee for the monthly subscription is about $39 and costs you more for a long-term membership.

What you are going to get at this price is what matters the most. This is actually a win-win deal. Regardless of the bike equipment, you are going to choose, iFit offers an enormous package of limitless courses and trainer-led workout programs, making it a great bargain.

Is iFit mandatory to purchase?

No, iFit is not mandatory to purchase along with the ProForm bike. But, if you want coach-controlled personal training at home, you'll require a virtual platform. And again, the best choice for real-time interactive training through a virtual platform is iFit.

If you've purchased an iFit subscription before, but do not want to renew it, that's not a big problem. You will only have an access to a limited number of workouts and that's all.  But, if you haven't used iFit before and neither do you want to use it, you can always go for the manual mode of workout on your ProForm bike.

Can you use a ProForm bike without iFit?

Proform offers its users the first month of iFit membership free with all of its exercise equipment like bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals. But when this subscription ends, you can use your ProForm bike without iFit. Even the recent models like the Studio Bike Pro and a Studio Bike Pro 22 can be used alone without subscribing to iFit.

You'll have two options in this case:

  1. Manual mode of training
  2. Built-in fitness programs

In the manual mode of training, you can adjust your ProForm bike for workouts manually. Resistance levels can be adjusted through the touch-screen of your bike. All you need is to touch quick-access adjustment buttons on one side of the console.

You can utilize manual mode or built-in workout programs, depending on the model of your ProForm bike. However, if a free membership of iFit is included with your bike, you must give it a shot at least for one month. It will be worth your time. You can find out more about iFit on the ProForm website.

How can you use a ProForm bike without iFit?

To use your ProForm bike without iFit, you must switch it to the manual mode of training first. In order to start a manual workout, simply press the "Start" button on your ProForm bike. You are now able to alter all of your settings manually when they were first being controlled by iFit.

The screen will show some adjustment buttons which you'll need to touch to adjust your settings. Resistance levels and speed can also be adjusted this way. When working out, your screen will display an oval racetrack or similar pattern in the manual mode.

Does every ProForm bike have built-in fitness programs?

Although all ProForm bike models are compatible with iFit, not all bikes have built-in fitness programs. As mentioned above, most of these bikes come with a membership package of one month. However, this may change from one model to another and from year to year as the terms and conditions of the company undergo changes.

There are some built-in fitness programs in some of the bike models. However, in recent years, there has been a shift in training programs from built-in programming and more to app-related content.

Features you can and can't access without iFit

If you don't want to renew your iFit subscription, you can still continue your workout sessions by yourself. You can control all the settings of your ProForm bike manually. You can also compare your previous workout sessions to evaluate your progress and make a better workout plan for the future.

Without subscribing to iFit, you can't have access to a number of live and on-demand training sessions. You can not consult a personal trainer or ask him a question relating to your exercise. You cannot have access to certified training professionals to control your levels of resistance through different workout sessions.