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You've got a road bike and are searching for the perfect shoes to help you ride faster? Let's discuss whether you can use Peloton shoes on a road bike or not.

Peloton shoes are top-notch spin shoes specifically designed for Peloton bikes. But you might be surprised to learn that these spin shoes can be used on other indoor bikes too. However, there is some ambiguity regarding whether or not Peloton shoes can be used on a road bike.

You can definitely use Peloton shoes on a road bike, but only after upgrading your bike pedals. Yes! You'll need to install clip-in pedals on your bike to let your shoes fit into the paddle and give you a smoother stride. Although, you'll first have to buy Delta-compatible pedals for your bike.

Although you can wear Peloton spin shoes while riding your outdoor bike, you must consider all the pros and cons of using these shoes for your outdoor trip. In the upcoming sections, we'll be discussing how to tweak your road bike so that you can use Peloton shoes on it. We've also compiled a list of all the benefits and drawbacks of using Peloton shoes for outdoor cycling.

To test Peloton shoes for outdoor efficiency, I installed SPD-SL paddles on my Cannondale Trail 4 and rode it with the shoes on for 6 hours on 3 consecutive days. My stride seemed much smoother and less exhausting than previously, but there were a few issues with the shoes that I noticed. I'll go through them in more detail in the last section.



Can You Use Peloton Shoes on Road Bike?

Yes, you can use Peloton shoes on a road bike. In addition to enhancing your workout experience indoors, these shoes can prove to be the game-changer in your outdoor biking venture. All you are going to need are the compatible pedals for your bike and ta-da! You are ready to explore the city with your Peloton shoes on.

There is one thing you must take into consideration here. All Peloton shoes come with three-bolt cleats, also called Delta cleats. As a result, you'll have two choices when gearing up your road bike for the shoes:

  1. Install Delta-compatible pedals on your bike which will allow the shoes to fit in with their 3-bolt cleats.
  2. Install both the pedals and the cleats of your own choice on your bike and shoes respectively.

How do Peloton Shoes work on a Road Bike?

Peloton shoes have three-bolt cleats that come unattached to the shoes. After installing the cleats on your shoes by following a few simple steps, the next step is to replace your bike's pedals with compatible ones. Now, your shoes are ready to clip into your bike's pedals.

Pedals are normally dual-sided and give off a clicking sound when the shoes are bolted down. You'll be able to easily find the exact spot to place your shoes on the pedals after some practice. Within a few trials, you'll eventually be able to put your shoes in and out of the pedals without difficulty. After you've managed to secure your shoes to the pedals, all you have to do now is spin your bike's pedals.

Using Peloton Shoes on a Road Bike: Pros and Cons

Peloton shoes are designed for indoor workouts rather than outdoor cycling. As a result, it's understandable that they'd have disadvantages when used for road biking. However, when compared to ordinary cycling shoes, they have a lot of edges as well. Let's take a look at a few of them.


Peloton shoes are high-end cycling shoes designed to improve pedaling efficiency. When used on road bikes, these give the bikers some important benefits, like:

Prevent Injury

Unlike regular trainers or your favorite flat sneakers, Peloton shoes clip into the pedals of your bicycle. In this way, they prevent ankle sprains or any other foot injuries that may otherwise occur due to the misplacement of your foot on the pedal while riding the bike. The shoes keep your feet from moving around on the paddle and keep your body in proper posture.

Keep From Falling

The Delta cleat system of the Peloton shoes has a large surface area and is easier to clip into your bike's pedals. After you've clipped in your shoes, these will keep your feet in place and prevent you from falling off the bike. Furthermore, these shoes feature Velcro fasteners for a better fit and to prevent your feet from moving around inside the shoes.

Faster Pedalling

Peloton shoes are designed to have stiff soles while remaining lightweight. This feature allows you to pedal much faster, even on rough terrain. When your Peloton shoes are clipped to your bike's pedals, the force from your legs is transferred directly to the bike via the rigid sole of your shoes, rather than being absorbed by the cushion. You'll be able to pedal faster because you'll be more confident that your feet won't slip off the pedals.

Less Waste of Energy

Peloton shoes with proper clipping will help you transfer more energy from your pedal stroke to your road bike's drivetrain system. Since all the energy is directed from your feet to the pedal, none of it is lost during pedaling. Your entire input energy will be converted into drive-train output work, making your cycling 100% efficient.


More Wear and Tear

Peloton shoes aren't meant to be worn while riding a bike outdoors. They aren't as durable as other types of outdoor cycling shoes. This is why, when used for road biking on a regular basis, these shoes are more prone to wear and tear. It makes no sense to buy a pair of Peloton shoes first, then install expensive paddles on your bike, and then replace your shoes when they break.

Less Ventilation

Riding a bike on the road is entirely different from riding a stationary bike in your air-conditioned studio. While you're riding a road bike, you must expect your feet to sweat a lot. As a result, unless you want your feet to get sweaty, your shoes should be well-ventilated. We performed a sweat test on the shoes to check how breathable they are. The shoes were comfortable and light overall, but they were less ventilated than an actual outdoor biking shoe. However, this problem can be reduced by using a sweat-absorbing pair of socks.

The Extra Cost of Paddles

It's almost impossible to use shoes with delta cleats protruding from the surface on a flat bike paddle. Therefore, you'll need to replace the pedals of your road bike with the ones that are compatible with the Peloton shoes. It's going to cost you more money for sure. The average SPD-SL paddle costs $80-85, which is only a few dollars less than a pair of Peloton shoes, which costs $125.

Needs Practice

Clipless pedals aren't the same as regular bike pedals. To clip the shoes into the paddle while sitting on the bike, a rider must be a pro. He must also be adept at unclipping his shoes in case he must stop and get off his bike somewhere.

If you choose to use Peloton shoes on your road bike, you must also ensure you practice with the shoes enough to become comfortable with their use before you start using them on a busy road or in a race. Practice riding your bike in your garden or on a soft surface with your shoes on so you don't get hurt if you fall off.