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Key Takeaways

  • Public bikes populate some astonishingly unexpected places.
  • Access to these bikes enhances local tourism and fosters community.
  • Each location offers unique experiences for cyclists of all levels.

Ever stumbled upon a bike in the least expected place?

Our world is brimming with surprises, and public biking spots are no exception.

Whether it's nestled in the heart of a bustling city or perched at the edge of escape routes into the wilds, public bikes are just waiting to be ridden in some of the most unforeseen locations.

Imagine pedaling away in a place you'd never expect to find a bike—let alone a public one.

From the adrenaline-pumping trails of Arkansas to the serene rides in Asheville, these bikes serve as trusty steeds for both intrepid explorers and casual cruisers alike.

You might wonder, "How reliable can this information be?" Well, you’re in safe hands.

With a combination of direct experience and a keen eye on trusted sources, we've curated a list that’s both intriguing and informative.

From the quaint streets of Boise, Idaho, to the rugged terrains of Jackson, Wyoming, we’re about to dish out a guide that's guaranteed to pique your cycling curiosities.



Boise, Idaho

Have you heard about Boise's little surprise on wheels?

Nestled in the heart of Idaho, Boise might not be the first place you'd imagine would have a robust public bike system, but guess what?

It sure does.

The Boise GreenBike program is turning heads with its convenience and ease of exploring the city.

Let's roll into the details!

  1. Bike Sharing: Boise GreenBike keeps the city rolling with a range of bikes at stations dotted around town. It's like finding treasure in unexpected places, but for bike lovers!
  2. City Go Boise: Did you know that Boise has experienced a tremendous growth in bike commuting? They're all about pedal power and have been nationally ranked 21st—pretty impressive, right?
  3. Scenic Routes: Craving an adventure? Boise won't disappoint. With routes like the Boise Cascade Lake loop, you get a mix of urban views and refreshing nature—and the stats are solid:
  1. Distance: 53.7 km
  2. Elevation: 750 m
  3. Average Speed: 20.6 km/hWho knew you could get a workout with such a view?

Boise's bike trails aren't just about getting from point A to B.

The city boasts an urban bike paradise with loops ranging from a breezy 2-mile jaunt to a more ambitious 12.5-mile challenge.

Want to bike amidst Boise’s urban landscape or cruise through the foothills?

You're covered!

And if that isn't enough, take your bike beating heart to the Ridge to Rivers Trail System.

Talk about spoilt for choice!

So grab your helmet and join the locals who've already discovered that the best way to see Boise is on two wheels.

Whether you're an avid cyclist or just looking for an eco-friendly way to tour, Boise’s bike scene is an unexpected gem waiting to be ridden.

Happy cycling!

Spartanburg, South Carolina

Hey there, you ever heard of Spartanburg, South Carolina?

It's this cozy little city nestled in the heart of the Palmetto State that's got something pretty cool up its sleeve.

Would you believe they've got their very own bike-sharing program?

Yep, it's called Spartanburg BCycle, and it's quite the surprise in a town of its size.

Why's it so unexpected?

Well, you don't often stumble upon a nifty bike-sharing scheme in a smaller city.

But Spartanburg isn't just any city.

They're all in on promoting a fit and eco-friendly way to zip around town.

Let's break it down:

  • Spartanburg BCycle: The local bike-sharing hero in town.
  • Healthy Living: Encouraging locals and visitors alike to get active.
  • Eco-Friendly: Reducing carbon footprints one pedal push at a time.

Got a penchant for long rides with scenic views?

Picture this: the Riverwalk Trail in Rock Hill—a serene 2.25-mile asphalt path where you can take in the beauty of the Catawba River as you pedal.

Feeling adventurous?

If you're skilled enough, there's the Assault on Mt.


We're talking a whopping 102-mile journey that climbs more than 10,000 feet in elevation.

It's a challenge, sure, but imagine that story for your pals!

And it's not just about the long treks.

Spartanburg doesn’t slack off on daily commutes either.

With a bike-sharing system that integrates into their transportation and recreation plans, they're serious about keeping those wheels turning.

So next time you're around, why not give those two wheels a spin and see for yourself what makes Spartanburg a pedal-pusher's delight?

Don't miss out on the fun—after all, it's not every day you find such a gem in a small city!

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Hey there, have you stumbled upon Fayetteville, Arkansas on your cycling map yet?

If not, you're in for a treat!

This bustling college town, anchored by the University of Arkansas, might just be your next favorite spot to pedal around.

Feeling adventurous?

Tackle the 50-mile stretch of family-friendly pave trails winding through the city.

Imagine cruising by quirky shops and cozy patios without ever losing sight of fellow bike enthusiasts.

And hey, it's not just about leisurely rides; if you're all about that e-scooter life, Fayetteville's got you covered with VeoRide.

  • Paved trails: 50 miles
  • Mountain bike trails: 100+ miles
  • Urban Singletrack: 18-mile Fayetteville Traverse
  • Bike-friendly businesses: 50 registered

Thinking about trails?

How does over 100 miles of paved and singletrack options sound?

From the Razorback Greenway, perfect for a family day out, to the adrenaline rush at Centennial Park, you're spoiled for choice.

Are you the mountain biking type?

Grab your helmet and hit the renowned Fayetteville Traverse, an 18-mile urban singletrack that links parks, trail systems, and more.

All this accessible right from your doorstep in downtown Fayetteville.

Did you know that Fayetteville is hailed as one of the top cities for bicycling?

It's true!

Not only does it host an exceptional number of bike-friendly businesses, but its cycling culture is celebrated throughout the city.

So, what are you waiting for?

Dust off your bike, download the VeoRide app, and see what all the fuss is about in the most bike-friendly city around!

Keep those wheels spinning!

Rochester, Minnesota

Have you heard about Rochester, Minnesota's hidden gem?

On top of being a medical mecca thanks to the Mayo Clinic, this city is also prancing towards innovative transportation with a bike-sharing program that's as simple as pie!

Say hello to Nice Ride, the super user-friendly service that's ready to take you on a green journey around Rochester.

Biking in Rochester:

  • Trail System: Over 85 miles of paved trails
  • Accessibility: Connects to over 100 city parks
  • Notable Rental Spot: Silver Lake Boat & Bike Rentals

Imagine cruising along 85 glorious miles of trails, where each pedal connects you to nature and city life side by side.

And yes, you heard it right—there are over 100 parks just waiting for your two-wheeled visit.

Need a bike?

Nothing's easier than grabbing one at Silver Lake Boat & Bike Rentals for a spontaneous adventure.

Family-Friendly Fun:

  • Silver Lake: A breezy 1.8-mile ride around the lake
  • Downtown Access: Mingle with Rochester's urban charm

If you've brought your little ones, Silver Lake's short loop is a chill way to burn some energy.

And for you, urban explorers, zip into downtown, where the city's heartbeat syncs perfectly with your bike rhythm.

Pro Tip: Always check your bike's condition at one of the public bike-sharing locations before you head out.

It's a small step for safety that promises a big leap into fun!

So, got your helmet ready?

Whether you're a rigorous rider or a leisurely pedaler, Rochester's trails and public bike-sharing are your ticket to an eco-friendly excursion.

Don't forget to pack your sense of adventure!

Jackson, Wyoming

Ever heard of START Bike in Jackson, Wyoming?

It's the kind of surprise you wouldn't expect in a small town.

Nestled in the dramatic landscapes of Jackson Hole, this public bike-sharing program offers an eco-friendly and fun way to explore, blending seamlessly with the town's focus on outdoor adventures.

Fancy a ride?

Public Bike Sharing?

In Jackson?

You Bet!

  • Jackson Hole boasts START Bike, public bike-sharing just for you.
  • Even with its cozy, small-town vibe, Jackson provides big-city amenities.

How far can you ride, you ask?

Jackson Hole's network features:

  • 56 miles of paved pathways
  • 115 miles of mountain bike trails

Whether you're a road warrior or a trail conqueror, Jackson has your back with a variety of paths.

Take a leisurely ride through scenic byways or challenge yourself on rugged trails.

You'll be swapping car horns for chirping birds in no time!

Where can you venture?

  • From downtown Jackson to Teton Village
  • Through Grand Teton National Park

Imagine pedaling past ranches with mountain vistas peek-a-booing through the trees.

Sound good?

Biking Season & Perks

  • Open from mid-June to early September
  • Discounts available on Sunday Funday

With rankings that place Jackson at #6 out of 1,500 U.S. cities according to PeopleForBikes, it's clear—this town is a serious contender in the biking world.

So, next time you're in Wyoming, why not give those legs a stretch and join the pedal-powered party?

Your adventure awaits!

Ketchum, Idaho

Have you ever stumbled upon a gem in the mountains?

Ketchum, Idaho might just surprise you!

Nestled near Sun Valley, this small town is more than just a ski haven; it boasts a cool bike-sharing program: Mountain Rides Bike Share.

Can you believe it?

Imagine finishing a day on the slopes and finding a bike waiting for you, ready to explore the trails or just cruise around town.

Now, that’s convenience at its best!

Plus, Ketchum is just 10 miles south of Hailey, where a public bike park lurks with lines of dirt jumps and a trio of flow trails ranging from green to black.

It's a mountain biker’s playground where you can flex your jumping skills or enjoy a scenic ride.

  1. Public Bike Park: Dirt jumps, green to black flow trails
  2. Mountain Rides Bike Share: Easy to use, spread throughout town
  3. Trails & Elevation:
  1. Prairie Lake to Miner Lake Loop: Ascends 4,543 ft—wow!
  2. Bald Mountain: Offers 3,412 ft of climbing. Get ready for breathtaking views!

And speaking of trails, one not to miss is the Bald Mountain Trail, which not only earned local admiration but also national recognition, ranking eighth in USA Today’s top ten trails.

If that doesn’t scream bucket list, what does?

Whether it's riding on the slopes of Bald Mountain or catching air at the bike park, Ketchum presents a biking scene that is unexpectedly rich for its size.

So, pack your helmet and sense of adventure—this mountain town is ready to roll!

Asheville, North Carolina

Have you heard about Asheville's little surprise on wheels?

Nestled among the art and music, Asheville, with its picturesque setting by the Blue Ridge Mountains, boasts an unexpected gem—Blue Ridge BCycle, a public bike-sharing service.

Why walk when you can ride around this funky town with such ease?

Blue Ridge BCycle Details:

  • Hours: Accessible 24/7
  • Pricing: Affordable rates with various pass options
  • Stations: Strategically located around town

In Asheville, cycling is more than just exercise; it's a way to soak up the local culture and enjoy the scenic beauty without leaving a carbon footprint.

The city's commitment to sustainability doesn't stop at biking, though.

Mountain Biking Trails:

  • Fonta Flora Trail: Beginner-friendly, 4-mile loop
  • Rice Pinnacle Trailhead: Open 24 hours
  • Bent Creek trailhead: Another 24-hour spot for your biking adventure
  • Kolo Bike Park: Hours from 10 am to 6 pm

Feeling a little daring?

Asheville isn't shy about its trails.

The city has a collection of paths that will get your heart racing and your wheels turning.

From the family-friendly routes at The NC Arboretum to the adrenaline-pumping trails mapped out in DuPont State Forest, Asheville covers all bases.

And if you prefer your two-wheeled adventures with a side of local insights, electric bike tours are available—a perfect blend of leisure and learning.

So, are you ready to pedal your way through one of America's quirkiest towns?

Grab a bike and join the locals on a journey through art, nature, and the unexpected.

Happy cycling!

Bentonville, Arkansas

Have you ever imagined finding public bikes in the hometown of Walmart?

Well, Bentonville, Arkansas, might just surprise you.

This bustling town is making waves with its commitment to cycling—yes, in Walmart's backyard!

First things first, let's talk bike-sharing.

Ever heard of VeoRide?

It's Bentonville's answer to public biking, and the locals seem to love it.

With VeoRide, you can grab a bike and explore without the hassle of ownership.

Pretty neat, right?

What's on offer for cyclists?

Bentonville flaunts an impressive network of trails, and here's a quick rundown:

  • Little Sugar & The Back 40: Picture this—a serene ride through undulating terrain with only the sound of your bike's wheels crunching the dirt. Bliss!
  • Blowing Springs & Alice in Wonderland Trails: Like something from a fairytale, these trails offer both picturesque views and heart-pumping action.
  • Slaughter Pen & Coler Preserve: For when you want to challenge yourself and feel the wind rush by as you zoom through well-maintained tracks.

Want to pair your ride with a side of culture?

Keep your eyes peeled for over 100 sculptures and art installations as you pedal around.

It’s the perfect mix of fitness and art!

But what's a ride without a scene?

The Razorback Greenway, a 36-mile paved wonder, weaves through the city and beyond, offering scenic vistas that’ll have you stopping for more than just a water break.

Why Bentonville, you ask?

Well, with six main mountain bike trail networks and a strong investment in cycling infrastructure, Bentonville is quickly crafting its reputation as a bike-friendly hideaway.

So, why not hop on and see for yourself what makes this Arkansas town a pedal-pushing paradise?

Burlington, Vermont

Have you heard about Burlington's Greenride Bikeshare?

It might come as a surprise, but this gem of a city, nestled by the shores of Lake Champlain, is just as progressive as it's beautiful, with a communal bike twist!

Imagine cruising by the waterfront with the fresh lake breeze or exploring the historic downtown without worrying about traffic or parking.

Here's what Burlington offers:

  • Greenride Bikeshare: It's your go-to for an eco-friendly jaunt around town.
  • Adult, Kids, and Tandem Bikes Available: Bring the family, or ride tandem with a pal!
  • Affordable Rental Prices: With rates like $15 to $42, you won’t break the bank for up to four hours of exploration.

Now, you might wonder, "Where can I snag a bike?" Easy!

With spots like North Star Sports and Old Spokes Home, you're set for a repair or a rental.

And if you're an adventurer at heart, the Burlington Bike Path is calling your name!

  • Length: A 28-mile roundtrip ride!
  • Views: Best glances of Lake Champlain? Check!

So you see, Burlington, with its picturesque views and bike-friendly culture, defies expectations.

Who knew a chilled-out ride or an energizing cycle could be just around the corner?

Grab a helmet and make the most of your day — Burlington style!

Quick tip: Don’t forget to check out the downloadable GPX routes if you want to plan like a pro!

Happy cycling, friends!

Fort Collins, Colorado

Have you ever found yourself wandering through the charming streets of Fort Collins and stumbled upon a row of public bikes?

Yes, Fort Collins is not just famous for its microbreweries but also for its love affair with bicycling!

First things first: Pace.

It's the bike-sharing program that's integral to the city's commitments to both fitness and green transportation.

Now, did you know that this place boasts more than 285 miles of trails and that cyclists of all skill levels can enjoy them?

Ah, the bike lanes!

Fort Collins shines with over 200 miles of bike lanes and an additional 50 miles of routes signed just for you and your two-wheeled companion.

Let's talk figures for a second:

  • Platinum-rated Bicycle Friendly Community? Check.
  • Low-stress streets for a breezy ride? Double-check.

Feel like joining an eco-friendly adventure?

Here's what's on offer:

  • Sheldon Lake and Spring Creek Trail loop. Gear up for smooth sailing on mostly paved surfaces!
  • Love a riverside view? The trails following the Poudre River will reward you with scenic vistas galore.

And for you tech-savvy riders, the Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes have been a game-changer since 2021, allowing for a nifty top speed of 20 miles per hour on paved trails.

So, you're probably wondering, "Where can I contribute to this bike utopia?" The answer is right at the Fort Collins Bike Co-op.

Get involved, aid the community, and maybe fix up a bike or two!

Remember, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, Fort Collins rolls out the red carpet for cyclists—with every pedal, you're part of a friendlier, fitter, and greener community.

Why not hop on a bike today and see where the trail takes you?