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Key Takeaways

  • Seeking out picturesque cycling routes can enhance your riding experience.
  • Memorable spots combine natural beauty with unique cultural elements.
  • These locations are worthy additions to any cyclist's travel bucket list.

Imagine pedaling along a path where every turn offers a snapshot begging for a share on social media.

Biking routes around the world offer more than just exercise; they’re a feast for the eyes and a treat for your followers.

Why simply tell when you can show off the stunning spots your two wheels can take you?

Your search for the most Instagrammable bike spots is over.

We're revealing locations where the ride itself is as photogenic as the destination.

Trust us to guide you to where majestic landscapes, urban elegance, and hidden gems turn your cycling journey into an enviable digital diary.

Whether you’re weaving through historic European wine routes or breathing in the sea-salt air by iconic coastlines, rest assured that these handpicked spots deliver more than just likes; they offer unforgettable experiences.



Shimanami Kaido

Ever dreamed of cycling along a route that connects beautiful islands with majestic bridges?

Well, pack your bike lights because Shimanami Kaido is the perfect canvas for your Instagram feed.

Picture this: you're pedaling over shimmering blue waters with panoramic island views—sounds picturesque, doesn't it?

Route Overview:

  • Distance: 60 kilometers
  • Island Views: Seto Inland Sea
  • Bridges: Spectacular architecture
  • Starting Point: Onomichi City, Hiroshima
  • End Point: Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture

Not-to-Miss Spots:

  • Onomichi City: Snap a shot at Cat Alley or Senkoji Temple for that zen vibe.
  • Road Station Yoshiumi Iki-iki Kan: This place is a winner for foodies and scenery lovers alike.
  • Oshima Island: Cruise the outer route for a fresh angle on natural beauty.

Feeling adventurous?

Why not spread the journey over two days to savor each moment?

It's a great way to ensure you don't miss capturing the sunset from an awe-inspiring bridge or the local charm of the islands.

Planning Tips:

  • Bike Rentals: Available at Giant Store Imabari
  • Best Time to Ride: Aim for sunlight to bring out the brilliant hues of the sea.
  • Staying Connected: Tag your photos with #ShimanamiKaido to join the cyclist community.

Remember, your adventure awaits!

And who knows, your next Instagram post from Shimanami Kaido might just be your most liked yet.

Happy cycling!

West Kowloon Art Park in Hong Kong

Have you ever imagined cycling along a path where each turn offers a postcard-worthy view?

That's West Kowloon Art Park for you, a welcomed slice of serenity amidst the bustling city of Hong Kong.

Here's the scoop on why you should make this location your next cycling destination:

Grab Your Ride:

Whether you have your own bike or need to rent one, this park has made it easy for you.

With rental services available, you can hop on a bike effortlessly and start exploring.

Endless Photo Ops:

The park boasts well-paved biking trails that promise smooth rides.

In the background, the iconic Hong Kong skyline provides a stunning cityscape that's going to flood your Instagram feed with likes.

Cycling with a View:

The waterfront is your companion as you pedal along.

The park's layout is thoughtfully designed, allowing you to soak in the gorgeous harbour view—especially enchanting during sunset.

Could there be a better time to snap that perfect shot?

Bike-Friendly Features:

  • Flat, even paths for a relaxed ride
  • Dynamic views including vast open spaces and urban skyline
  • Photography tours to sharpen your capturing skills (remember to check dates like the 14th October to 5th November event)

Did you know cycling here isn't just a visual treat but also a sustainable choice?

With bike-sharing programs, you're contributing to an eco-friendlier world while indulging in your passion for cycling and photography.

Start planning your visit to West Kowloon Art Park today and who knows, maybe you'll discover your new favorite biking spot!

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route in Canada and the USA

Ever imagined pedaling across a continent?

Imagine no more!

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is your pathway to adventure.

Stretching over 3,000 miles, this breathtaking route takes you from the charming wilderness of Banff, Alberta, Canada, to the sun-kissed border at Antelope Wells, New Mexico.

Ready to rack up those likes?

  • Starting Point: Banff, Alberta, Canada
  • Finish Line: Antelope Wells, New Mexico, USA
  • Miles to Glory: 3,000+

What's in store for you?

Picture this: You, atop your two-wheeled steed, are crossing the Continental Divide.

Not just once, but myriad times, each with a view more stunning than the last!

From alpine forests to desert landscapes, your followers won't believe their eyes.

Here's a taste of what you'll see:

  1. Canadian Rockies: The serene beauty of towering mountains is undeniable.
  2. Montana's Big Sky: It's called Big Sky Country for a reason, right?
  3. Yellowstone's Wilderness: If you're lucky, a bison might photobomb your selfie.
  4. Colorado's High Passes: Gasping for air? No, that's just the breathtaking views!
  5. The Grand Finale: As you pedal into New Mexico, the desert's stark splendor awaits.

Remember, it's not just about speed; it's about soaking in every moment.

Each pedal stroke brings a new scene into frame, perfect for your Instagram story.

Quick Checklist Before You Go:

Must-Haves Don't Forget
Water & Snacks Camera or Smartphone
Repair Kit Extra Layers
Adventure Spirit Map of the Route

Ready to claim your place among the intrepid?

The Great Divide is calling, and trust me, you want to answer that call!

Friendship Highway in China

Have you packed your bags and got your camera ready?

Your Instagram feed is about to get a whole lot more stunning.

The Friendship Highway, also known as the China-Nepal Highway, is a scenic marvel that stretches across dramatic landscapes, from Lhasa in Tibet to the Nepalese border.

Biking Enthusiasts Rejoice: Pedal your way through some of the most breathtaking terrain in the world.

Here's why you can't miss out on capturing the Friendship Highway's beauty:

  • Yamdrok Lake: One of Tibet's three holy lakes, this dazzling body of water is a showstopper with its crystal-clear turquoise waters set against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains. Snap a few shots here; the colors are unreal!
  • Architectural Wonders: You'll find the grandiose Potala Palace in Lhasa—a perfect background for that envy-inducing selfie.
  • Verdant Landscapes: The Lalu Wetland National Nature Reserve provides a serene escape, with lush greenery that's a visual treat for nature lovers.
  • Lofty Peaks: The towering Himalayas surround you, offering majestic views tailor-made for your Instagram grid. The sheer scale and beauty of these peaks epitomize the term 'Instagrammable'.

Remember, the ride can be challenging at high altitudes but the awe-inspiring vistas—of expansive landscapes and sky-piercing Himalayan ranges—are your just rewards.

So, ready to create travel-envy among your followers?

The Friendship Highway's allure is not just in its picture-perfect spots but also in the journey itself—because let's face it, some roads should be ridden for the views alone, especially when they're lined with Instagram gold.

Isn't it time you experienced one of the most photogenic bike trips ever?

Route des Vins in France

Have you ever imagined cycling through a postcard?

The Route des Vins (Wine Routes) in France turns that dream into reality.

Picture yourself pedaling along rolling hills, surrounded by rows of vine-laced vines—it's like a fairytale written just for your Instagram feed!


  • Highlights: Storybook villages, medieval castles
  • Snapshot Spot: The vineyards with a backdrop of half-timbered houses

Oh, and let’s not forget, Alsace is praised by Architectural Digest for its enchanting vistas!

Bordeaux Region

  • Distinctive Feature: World-famous wine estates
  • Must-Photograph: The contrast between historic chateaux and modern wineries

In the Bordeaux area, you get a blend of tradition and contemporary splendor.

And talking about blends, who can resist a glass of exquisite wine after a picturesque ride?


  • When here, the Route des Grands Crus is your go-to. Cultivate your Instagram with shots of ancient vineyards and prestigious wineries.

Loire Valley

  • Think of chateaux so grand they make you feel like an influencer from the Renaissance era.
  • Ride & Snap: The 17 Loire Valley Wine Routes are a buffet of visual treats.

These spots are more than just beautiful; they tell stories, evoke moods, and certainly, bring your 'A' game to Instagram.

Your followers will practically smell the grapes and feel the sun!

Remember, it’s not just about the destination, it's the journey—especially when that journey involves such divine landscapes and the promise of some fine wine waiting at the end of the day.

Cheers to your next great Instagram adventure!

Lakefront Trail in Chicago, Illinois

Ever dreamed of cycling by a majestic skyline with the gentle breeze of a lake caressing your face?

Well, pack your bike and camera, because Chicago's Lakefront Trail awaits your pedaling adventure—and it’s an Instagram goldmine to boot!

Quick Facts:

  • Length: A robust 18 to 22 miles
  • Locale: Stretches along Lake Michigan's shoreline

As you glide along this path, every pedal brings you into a vibrant mix of nature and cityscapes.

Snap a shot with sailboats bobbing on the lake's blue waters while Chicago's skyscrapers tower in the distance.

It's like capturing two worlds in one frame!

Slow Down For:

  • Navy Pier: A bustling hub with a Ferris wheel that offers an iconic photo op.
  • Museum Campus: Home to the Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium, perfect for a cultural pit-stop.
  • Beaches: Yes, beaches in Chicago! North Avenue Beach is a hot spot for summer vibes.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or leisurely rider, your journey through parks and harbors guarantees a diverse album of Insta-worthy moments.

You'll zip by playgrounds, sculptures, and natural areas that all demand a quick stop for that perfect click.

Ready to Ride?

  • Entry Points: Consider starting at Belmont Harbor (with two access points by Belmont & Lakeshore Drive).
  • Best Times: Aim for sunrise or late afternoon to capture the best lighting against the city skyline.

Remember, while the trail’s beauty is consistent, your photos don’t have to be.

Get creative!

The trail’s generous length ensures you won't run out of perspectives, from serene sunrise reflections to energetic urban sunset scenes.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get those wheels spinning!

Cambridge in the United Kingdom

Hey there, fellow Instagram aficionado!

Ever wondered which bike spots in Cambridge will make your followers double-tap with envy?

Well, you're in for a treat because Cambridge has tons to offer.

Highlights for Cyclists and Instagrammers:

  • The Yorkshire Dales: Rolling hills and lush greenery provide a natural canvas that's just waiting for you to snap a pic.
  • Richmond Park: Not just for deer spotting; cyclists love it for its wide, smooth pathways – perfect for both riding and 'gramming.
  • Dartmoor: Misty mornings here make for some ethereal photo ops.
  • Loch: Water views while you pedal? Yes, please!

Let's talk about riding right through history.

Cycling in Cambridge isn't just about getting from A to B; it’s an experience draped against a backdrop of gothic spires and collegiate charm.

Picture yourself pedaling alongside the River Cam, with every turn and cobblestone bridging centuries of academic prestige.

Here's the scoop on the must-visit spots:

  • Cambridge City Center: It's super bike-friendly with a plethora of cycle parks.
  • University Botanic Gardens: Imagine flowers and well-tended greenery begging for a snapshot.
  • King's College Chapel: A structure so grand, it’ll dwarf even the fanciest of wheels.

Keep an eye out for the unique blend of quaintness and vibrancy.

Remember, it isn’t just the landmarks; it’s those off-the-beaten-path nooks, the serene riverbanks, and the way the sunset light dances on the Cam that make Cambridge a two-wheeled Instagram paradise.

Capture those cycling moments with #CycleCambridge and join the community of riders sharing this beautiful city.

Happy cycling, and even happier 'gramming!

Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom

Have you ever dreamed of cycling in a place that feels like a different world, yet doesn't have you crossing international borders?

Look no further than the Isle of Wight.

Imagine pedaling your bike alongside the sea, as sunlight dances on the water and the scent of salt air fills your lungs.

The Isle of Wight is not just a haven for cyclists; it's a paradise for photographers and Instagram lovers.

With its varied landscapes and scenic coastal paths, it provides numerous spots to capture those perfect cycling moments.

  • The Needles: Don't miss the chance to snap a picture of your bike with the famous chalk stacks in the background.
  • Quiet Rural Roads: They offer a serene backdrop for a leisurely ride and a selfie or two.

For those of you who love a challenge, more than half the island is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, offering not just amazing views but also some punchy climbs.

Instagrammable Cycling Spots on the Isle of Wight
The Needles
Red Squirrel Trail
Quarr Abbey Loop
Havenstreet Steam Cycle
Sandown to Shanklin Pier Pedal

Before you ride off again, why not take a break and capture the laid-back pace of life in one of the charming villages?

The Isle of Wight is a fantastic blend of coastal beauty and rural English charm that makes every photo tell a story.

Brace yourself, because you're likely to fall in love with every view and your Instagram followers are going to double-tap like there's no tomorrow.

Happy cycling, and even happier 'gramming!

Lands End in San Francisco, California

Hey fellow bike enthusiast!

Have you heard of Lands End in San Francisco?

It's not just a hidden gem for hikers; cyclists like you are in for a real treat too.

Imagine pedaling along with postcard-perfect views of the Golden Gate Bridge to your side—don't forget your camera because these vistas are pure Instagram gold.

Best Spots for Photos Description
Golden Gate Overlook Snap a shot with the bridge in full glory.
Hidden Labyrinth A quirky, insta-worthy art piece.
Sutro Baths Perfect for that sunset silhouette picture.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Location: The western corner of San Francisco, bordering the Pacific Ocean.
  • Scenery: Expect a mix of rocky shorelines, coastal scrublands, and the occasional windswept cypress tree—nature's own photo filters.

When you're cruising by, take a moment to find the Labyrinth at Eagle's Point.

It's a little off the beaten path, but your Instagram followers will thank you for the unique geometric patterns.

Trust me, #cyclistsofinstagram will never look better.

Need a break from the pedaling?

The historic Sutro Baths should be your go-to.

Picture this: Ruins of an old bathhouse, the ocean's roar below, and the chance to capture the moody ambiance of San Francisco's past.

Remember, there's more to Lands End than the trails.

Take your Instagram to the next level with these unbeatable sights.

Just point, shoot, and watch the likes come in.

Ready for your next adventure?

Amsterdam's Canal Ring in the Netherlands

Ever wondered what it's like to bike where the charm of the old world meets modern vibrancy?

Let's pedal through the storybook lanes of Amsterdam's Canal Ring, where picturesque views await you at every turn.

Did You Know?

The famous Canal Ring, known locally as Grachtengordel, is an area steeped in history and beauty.

It's not just for the boating enthusiasts; for you, the avid cyclist, it's a dreamy ride through the heart of Dutch culture.

  • Anne Frank House: Begin your journey with a ride past the Anne Frank House. The historical significance is palpable, and it sets a reflective tone for your adventure.
  • Herengracht: Cruise alongside the serene waters of Herengracht, one of the main canals in the city's web of waterways.
  • De 9 Straatjes: Fancy a quick detour? Navigate through De 9 Straatjes (The 9 Streets) for a quick coffee or a browse through quaint shops.
  • Prinsengracht: This is the spot! The Prinsengracht canal is renowned for being particularly photogenic. Ready your camera; this is a snapshot you don't want to miss!

Imagine yourself here: the gentle clink of bicycles, the soft murmur of water brushing against the canal walls, glorious rows of Dutch houses, and the understated yet majestic bridges that are just begging for a photo opportunity.

Bike rentals are aplenty, so all you need to bring is your sense of wonder.

Tips for your Trip:

  • Rent a bike with a basket for any goodies you might pick up along the way.
  • The best lighting for photos is during the golden hour, just before sunset.

Whether it’s your first time in Amsterdam or you’re a seasoned visitor, biking along the Canal Ring offers a fresh perspective of the city's timeless charm.

So, have you got your bike ready?

Because Amsterdam is waiting to show you its best side!