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Key Takeaways

  • Discover cycling routes with chilling tales and eerie encounters.
  • Experience the world's haunted locations on two wheels.
  • Learn about the history behind the spine-tingling spots.

Ever wondered where the thrill of the ride meets the chill of the night?

There are places around the globe where cycling might just involve an encounter of the spectral kind.

Whether you're pedaling through haunted hills or cruising by eerie cemeteries, these 10 most haunted cycling locations in the world offer a spine-tingling adventure.

Don't worry, you're in reliable hands!

We've scoured the globe, pedaling through myths and legends, to bring you the most fascinatingly haunted bike paths and trails.

But are you brave enough to saddle up and explore these mysterious sites yourself?

After all, it's not every day one gets to share a route with the restless souls of yesteryear.

In this journey, we promise more than just ghost stories; you'll learn about the rich and often macabre history behind these haunted locales, adding a layer of depth to your two-wheeled travels.

So grab your helmet and let's get rolling—just keep one eye on the road, and maybe the other looking out for any otherworldly wheelers!



Gippsland, Haunted Hills Bike Park, Victoria, Australia

Ever felt chills while cruising on a bike trail?

Maybe it's the crisp air, or maybe it's the tales of the Haunted Hills Bike Park in Gippsland, Victoria, whispering through the trees.

Nestled in Hernes Oak, near the Latrobe Valley, this park isn't just about pedaling; it's where adrenaline meets folklore.

Are you up for a ride with a side of mystery?

This park offers 13km of trails, with an additional 12km in the works!

How cool is that?

From dusty single tracks to a sleek asphalt pump track, you can pick a path that's right for you:

  • Easy: Cruise without a fright on Level 1 trails
  • Intermediate: Get a little spooked on Level 2 & 3
  • Difficult: Dare the Level 4 for some true tales

Location: Haunted Hills Road, Hernes Oak

Opening Hours: 6am - 9pm

What's cool is you won't need to spend a penny to enter, and every track comes with its own unique vibe.

Ever ridden a trail with a mysterious history?

You're bound to feel a thrilling buzz here!

And if you want to share your experience with ghosts, or maybe just snaps of the beautiful scenery, you can!

Embrace the pumping heart and the mystery that hangs in the air.

But remember, keep an eye out for those spectral cyclists rumored to roam the trails.

Who knows, they might just be old legends, but isn't the mystery part of the fun?

Don't forget to prep your bike, and maybe bring a friend... you know, just in case the tales are true!

Death Road (Yungas Road), Bolivia

Have you ever pedaled through a place that feels like it’s straight out of an adventure movie?

Imagine cycling on a narrow path, with a sheer drop on one side and the breathtaking scenery of the Bolivian Andes on the other - that’s the notorious Death Road for you.

Officially known as the North Yungas Road, this route has a reputation, and let me tell you, it’s well-earned.

Would you believe that 200-300 people used to lose their lives here annually?

It's a sobering thought as you embark on this 64 km (or should I say 40 miles) journey, riding at heights reaching 4,650 meters.

No guard rails and a history of accidents add to the chilling thrill of the ride.

But here's a twist - despite its ominous past, the danger has somewhat lessened over the years, making it a bucket-list challenge for cyclists around the globe.

Remember, tackling this route isn't for the faint-hearted.

You'll face limited visibility, and let's not forget - this area loves to shower down rain.

Can you handle the suspense?

  • Distance: 64 km (40 miles)
  • Altitude: 4,650 meters above sea level
  • Annual Fatalities (Historical): 200-300

Feeling a shiver down your spine yet?

Maybe it's the cool mountain air, or perhaps it's the eerie vibes from the road’s dark history.

Cycling the Death Road is an absolute test of your nerves and a wild ride that will stick with you.

So, are you ready to join the ranks of those who conquered the ‘World’s Most Dangerous Road’?

Just remember, safety first – no ghostly companions allowed!

Sagada, Philippines

Ever pedaled through a place that sends shivers down your spine?

Well, buckle up, because Sagada is not your average cycling destination!

Located in the Mountain Province of the Philippines, this town isn't just famous for its serene beauty and cool climate—it's also renowned for some spine-chilling sights.

Hanging Coffins: Imagine cycling past ancient coffins hanging off the cliffs!

Yes, you heard that right.

In Echo Valley, you'll find the unique burial tradition of the local Igorot tribe, where the elderly carved their own coffins, and, with the help of their loved ones, hoisted them up to hang from the limestone cliffs.

Why the high-rise resting place?

They believed it brought them closer to their ancestral spirits.

Eerie Caves: But wait, there's more!

The caves in Sagada are not only vast and full of stalactites and stalagmites but are said to be haunted.

Stories talk of ghostly figures and mystic chants that echo through the caves.

Are you ready for an adventure that's both a physical challenge and a test of your bravery?

Grab your bike and explore Sagada.

You'll pedal through roads surrounded by fog that's thick enough to cut with a knife and landscapes that are as beautiful as they are eerie.

Witness breathtaking views while maybe, just maybe, feeling like someone—or something—is gently tagging along for the ride.

  • Hotspot 1: Echo Valley's hanging coffins
  • Hotspot 2: Sagada's various haunted caves

Don't just take my word for it—ask the many adventurers who've felt the chill up their spine as they explore this mystical place on two wheels.

Who knows, maybe you'll have your own ghostly tale to tell after a ride through Sagada.

Granada's Historic Centre, Spain

Ever pedaled through a place where every corner whispers tales of the past?

Well, Granada’s Historic Centre is just that spot!

Have you felt the thrill of riding along streets brimming with history and perhaps a ghost or two?

In the heart of Granada lies the Albayzín district, a maze of narrow lanes telling the stories of its ancient Moorish past.

As you cycle along, the cool Andalusian breeze might carry more than just the sweet scent of jasmine – some say hauntings from years gone by.

Could the spirits of old Granada be lingering in the corridors of its historic buildings?

  • Plaza Nueva: Begin your supernatural sojourn here, they say it's a hub for the city’s timeless charm.
  • Paseo de los Tristes: Despite its sad name, the views are stunning. But do watch out – it's a favorite haunt, literally!
  • El Bañuelo: Fancy cycling by a 11th-century Arab bath? It's not just the architecture that's been preserved.

Remember, while enjoying the picturesque views, the cobbled streets of the Albayzín might just surprise you with an eerie feel.

Did a shadow just flicker at that corner window?

Oh, and if you're tackling the 2,660 meters ascent to Pico del Veleta nearby, that's one Herculean task – the breathtaking views atop Europe’s highest road are worth every drop of sweat!

So, gear up for a ride that offers more than just exercise – it's a journey through time and, if you're lucky (or not?), a spectral encounter too.

Don't say we didn't warn you!

Tokyo, Japan

Fancy a cycle with a side of ghost stories?

Well, put on your bravest face, because Tokyo's haunted cycling spots await!

For starters, have you heard of Masakado's Grave in Otemachi?

Rumor has it that the spirit of Taira no Masakado, Japan's first samurai, keeps watch over his resting place nestled among skyscrapers.

People even say his vengeful spirit causes disturbances for those who disrespect his grave.

Now, don't lose your head, but let's pedal over to Zoshigaya Cemetery.

With its historical atmosphere, it's touted as one of the most haunted places in Tokyo.

Keep your eyes peeled for paranormal activity as you zip through.

Don't stop now; the adventure's just begun!

How about a visit to the infamous Akasaka Weekly Mansion?

Locals whisper about ghostly experiences in this seemingly normal building.

If you're looking for a chill up your spine, this just might be the spot.

And, for the love of spooky tales, make your way to Toyama Park.

By day, it's a hub of activity, but as night falls, it echoes with ghostly encounters.

Are you brave enough to cycle through after dusk?

Here's a quick list to check off your Tokyo haunted tour:

  • Taira no Masakado's Grave (1-2-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku)
  • Zoshigaya Cemetery (4 Chome-25-1 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima City)
  • Akasaka Weekly Mansion (Got chills yet?)
  • Toyama Park (Hakone Yama's spooky transformation)

So, are you up for this ghoulish adventure?

Grab your bike, and let's get those wheels turning.

Remember, keep your wits about you, and if you get the feeling something's following you... pedal faster!

Pluckley, England

Have you ever wanted to combine your love for cycling with a bit of ghostly adventure?

Welcome to Pluckley, England!

Often hailed as the most haunted village in the country, this quaint spot in Kent isn't just famous for lush landscapes but also its chilling residents of the spectral variety.

Imagine pedaling through the picturesque English countryside when—boom—a phantom coach races by!

Pluckley's history has given it a roster of around 12 to 16 reported ghosts.

Among them, you might encounter the infamous Screaming Man within the so-called Screaming Woods.

Now, how's that for an adrenaline rush?

Here's a quick rundown of what you might come across:

  • The Screaming Woods: Better known as Dering Wood, are you brave enough to listen for the echoes of the past?
  • Phantom Coach: Reportedly seen in the dead of night. Keep your eyes peeled!

For those supernatural thrill-seekers, Pluckley offers not just a fantastic cycling route but also glimpses into the otherworldly.

Just a stone's throw away from Ashford, this little village packs a punch with its haunted reputation.

Did You Know?

Pluckley was once recognized by the Guinness World Records as England's most haunted village.

Just a short journey from London Bridge, it's the perfect day trip with an eerie twist.

Whether you're here for the landscapes or the legends, Pluckley's blend of natural beauty and ghostly tales will give your cycling adventure an unforgettable spin.

So, are you ready to ride through England's most haunted village?

Don't worry, the ghosts probably won't count as extra passengers!

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Have you ever pedaled along with a phantasmal platoon?

Gettysburg could offer you just that eerie experience!

Picture yourself cycling on the hallowed ground of the Gettysburg battlefield, the backdrop of a pivotal confrontation during the Civil War.

It's said that the spirits of soldiers still march through Pennsylvania's fog-laden fields.

Would you be brave enough to ride through the same paths where the Union and Confederate armies once clashed?

While you're taking in the rich history, don't be surprised if you hear the echo of ghostly gunfire.

You're tracing the wheels over deeply haunted grounds, with numerous accounts of paranormal activities.

Curious yet?

Locals and visitors often report sightings and encounters with apparitions, especially around some notoriously haunted spots:

  • The Farnsworth House: Located at 401 Baltimore Street, ghost tours and investigations are a staple here.
  • The Dobbin House: Nestled at 89 Steinwehr Ave, its walls have history seeping through; it served as a stop on the Underground Railroad.
  • Jennie Wade House: You'll find it at 548 Baltimore St. Jennie Wade’s story adds a solemn note to the environment.
  • Tillie Pierce House Inn: At 301 Baltimore St, it houses more than just friendly ghosts; a spectral cat also reportedly prowls the premises.

As you cycle past these landmarks, you're literally riding through American history.

Can you imagine the stories these buildings would tell if walls could talk?

Or, in this case, if the ghosts could chat?

Truly, Gettysburg transforms a cycle trip into a journey back in time—one might say it's as close as you can get to pedaling through a history book.

Just watch out for those ghostly soldiers; they've got the right of way!

Changi Beach, Singapore

Hey there!

Are you a cycling enthusiast looking for a ride with a twist of history and mystery?

Let me take you to Changi Beach in Singapore, a spot with a backstory that might just give you the chills!

Imagine pedaling along as the sun dips, with golden hues giving way to twilight.

Changi Beach offers not just picturesque views but a trail through history.

Here's where things get interesting—and a bit spooky.

During World War II, this scenic spot was witness to the somber Sook Ching Massacre, where many were executed.

Today, it's said the echoes of the past linger, as cyclists report unusual sensations and sightings after dark.

It's not your typical cycling route!

Changi Beach facts to know before you go:

  • Historical event: Sook Ching Massacre during World War II
  • Reported paranormal activity: Yes, especially at night
  • Cyclist experiences: Eerie sensations, ghostly figures

What's that chill down your spine as you cycle through?

Just the sea breeze... or maybe the whispers of history?

As the night grows darker, riders have shared tales of encounters with spectral figures that wander the shoreline.

With 66 souls reaching their tragic fate here, it's no surprise that some claim the beach has kept the memories alive.

Whether you believe the ghost stories or not, Changi Beach is definitely a location that combines a love for cycling with an appetite for the supernatural.

Just remember, keep your eyes on the path, and maybe bring a friend—because it's all fun and games until someone (or something?) joins your ride!

Bodie, California, USA

Ever fancied a bike ride with a side of spooks?

Look no further than Bodie, California.

Can you believe this old gold mining town was once home to nearly 10,000 souls?

Now, with its abandoned buildings and a sense of time standing still, it's said to be inhabited by the ghostly remnants of its past.

Imagine pedaling down the dusty main street, feeling the eyes of yesteryear's miners, gamblers, and pioneers on you — thrilling, isn't it?

Now, here's what you need to know for your cycling adventure through this ghostly locale:

  • Location: Bodie State Historic Park, CA-270, Bridgeport, CA 93517
  • Established: 1859
  • Entrance Fee: $8 for adults and $5 for kids (Hey, the little ones under three get in free!)
  • Payment Options: Credit cards at the kiosk or cash in the self-pay envelope
  • Nearest Town: About a 45-minute drive from Lee Vining

Bodie's charm lies in its "arrested decay," a policy that maintains the buildings just as they were left.

This place is so authentic; it's a photographer's dream and a history buff’s playground.

But remember, this isn't your modern-day city.

Cycling here means no amenities, so pack water, snacks, and a spare tube — it's a bumpy ride with a lot of history!

The eeriness of Bodie is unmatched.

Can you imagine gliding past the old mill, the wind whispering old tales?

And when you pause, take a moment to listen.

They say the silence in Bodie speaks volumes.

So, ready to take on one of the most haunted cycling spots around?

Don't forget your camera, and who knows, maybe you’ll capture more than just memories!

Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Have you ever pedaled through a place that feels like it has its own pulse?

Aokigahara Forest, at the base of majestic Mount Fuji, might just give you that chilling sensation.

This dense forest isn't just famous for its picturesque landscapes but also its haunting reputation.

What makes Aokigahara so nerve-wracking for a cyclist like you?

Folklore says this forest is home to yūrei, which are spirits from Japanese mythology.

As you ride past the sea of trees, it's the intense silence that might get to you first.

It's so quiet that it amplifies that spooky vibe—like the trees themselves are urging you to whisper.

Let's address the elephant in the room: yes, Aokigahara is unfortunately known as Japan's "Suicide Forest." While it's a somber fact, it's a part of what gives this forest its eerie aura.

Biking through, you might come across reminders of this tragic history, so it's essential to stay respectful.

Did you know that cyclists have reported feeling watched there?

Imagine cycling along, and you catch a glimpse of an abandoned bicycle.

Does it belong to a spirit taking a break from haunting?

Or merely another visitor who decided to walk?

We might never know.

Snapshot for the Brave Cyclists:

  • Location: Base of Mount Fuji, Japan
  • Best known for: Silence, dense trees, and mythical spirits
  • What to expect: Abandoned items, eerie silence, and an unforgettable cycling experience

If you're looking for thrill on two wheels and a story to tell, Aokigahara might just be your next stop.

But remember, while the chilling tales are intriguing, it's important to remember to honor the area's history and those who have been affected by it.

Stay on the path, both literally and metaphorically, and you'll have quite the tale to spin when you're back on solid ground.

Keep your wits about you, and let's keep those pedals moving!