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Key Takeaways

  • The Mongoose Kong Fat Tire is the perfect learner’s bike for beginner trail riders.
  • Chunky tires and manageable shifting allow riders to learn and ride with ease.
  • This bike grows with you, while providing a stable, secure ride as long as you have it.

The old saying, “it’s like riding a bicycle,” means you have to learn how at some point. Perhaps you’re looking for the right bike to teach your kids on.

The Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Mountain Bike is an ideal trainer for young riders who want to get on the trail with you. Its namesake wide tires and easy controls are perfect for teaching kids the basics of trail riding.

Selecting the right bike that will be reliable and safe for your kids is important, so we’ve looked at the best reviews to get you the right information on the Mongoose Kong.



Where to Buy the Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Mountain Bike

The price for the Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Mountain Bike is around $389, but that may depend on the retailer you purchase from. You can check out current pricing from these vendors.

A Brief History of Mongoose Bicycles

Mongoose was founded in 1974 as a BMX brand in California. Several years later, a separate sister company was created to sell racing bikes, although the owners and manufacturing were the same for both companies.

Ownership of the company has changed hands several times over the years, and the brand is currently owned as part of a joint venture by Pon.Bike and Dorel Sports, which is based in the Netherlands.

Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Review

Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Specs and Geometry

The Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Mountain Bike is built for children, a unique entry when most children only need a simple road cruiser. While it is primarily marketed as a boys’ bike, girls can use it as well.

The ideal age range for this bike is anywhere from seven to ten years old. The geometry of the bike is built for slightly older riders, and some simple adjustments over time can ensure that this bike can grow with its rider for several years.

The drivetrain contains a simple seven-speed gear shifter. This is just enough gears to provide the right speed level for the terrain, and is a great way to teach younger riders the basics of shifting on the road and on the trail.

As with most kids’ bikes, the price point is pretty manageable. At around $389 (depending on your retailer), this is a solid purchase that doesn’t sink too much money into it. It’s a little more than a simpler road bike, but its advanced features and adaptability to some rougher terrains make it well worth the price. And let’s face it, it’s a great surprise to see a big red bow on this as a deluxe Christmas gift.

This bike weighs around 33 pounds. That weight is comparable to some adult bikes, which means that young riders will likely need some help loading and unloading it once you reach the trail. However, most of the weight comes from the sturdy frame and wider tires, both of which are essential safety features that you wouldn’t want to skimp on anyway.

Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Build Quality

The Mongoose Kong Fat Tire frame is made of steel. This is a heavier option (see our note above) than a more advanced aluminum design, but it will hold up under heavy punishment and remain stable, which is essential for younger, more vulnerable riders. What’s more, this is a temporary investment that will only last a couple of years; there’s plenty of time to get the kids an aluminum-frame bike when they’re older and more experienced.

Some elements on this bike are built to a slightly lower quality than on an adult bike, but again, you’re not as focused on the roughest stretches and trails, so this is still a solid bike that can teach responsibility and caution to riders who are still learning the ropes.

The brakes are a standout option, with front and rear disc brakes. This is another feature where compromise can be dangerous and costly, but you can rest assured that the stopping power of the Mongoose Kong will never be called into question.

The tires are where the Mongoose Kong “Fat Tire” lives up to its name. They are chunky at best, measuring 4.25 inches in diameter. These knobby tires will chew up whatever terrain you throw at it, offering a cushioned ride that won’t wobble under pressure.

The tires are 20 inches wide, which is a perfectly manageable size for a smaller bike frame. On adult bikes, tire size can affect things like speed and handling, but usually smaller, fatter tires are better for trails anyway. If your child is looking for a speed-training bike, you may want to look elsewhere, but this is perfect for those first mountain and trail excursions.

The handlebars and seat are two more ways that this bike can grow right along with its rider. What’s more, the handlebars are threadless, which means that you’re not bound to certain metrics when adjusting - they can move freely up and down the shaft as needed. Both of these features are great opportunities to teach your rookie riders about proper bike maintenance and tuning, and helping them to learn how to truly make their bike their own.

The pedals are fairly simple cruiser pedals. These may not win any awards, but they will be much easier to manage than those with straps and clasps. Again, for those that are just starting out, some of these simpler build features are not pitfalls but learning tools.

Another fun plus about this bike is the paint job. You can get them in fun colors, which always adds a bit of flash to anyone’s ride - and is something grownup riders often lose out because we’re more focused on build quality.

Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Handling

The wide tires on the Mongoose Kong Fat Tire contribute to a smooth riding experience. They’re easy to handle, and can cover most tracks with ease.

Snow and sand won’t pose a problem for these wider tires, which is surprisingly more than can be said for some grownup models. Even wet roads won’t pose much of an issue, as long as rider and supervisor are paying close attention to road and trail conditions.

The free adjustment of the handlebars is worth mentioning again here as well. Proper and responsive steering is essential on mountain trails, and the ability to fine-tune this aspect of a bike’s handling is critical to both safety and comfort.

The shifting mechanism may not be found on every bike, but the seven-speed drivetrain provides just enough control and customization in their ride so kids can get the most out of their ride with a little coaching.

Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Ride Quality and Performance

The ride quality is very smooth thanks to the aforementioned tires. A lot rides on the tires (no pun intended) and this is not just the namesake feature of the Mongoose Kong, but also one of its standout features.

Shifting and steering are a breeze with this bike. Controls for shifting and braking are seamlessly integrated into the handlebar structure

The ride quality is going to be a bit better for taller riders. Although the handlebars and seats are adjustable, there’s only so much that short riders can do to compensate. Use caution and think about how tall your child is before going with this bike - you may choose something different, or a safer bet would be to wait until they are just a bit older before taking them with you on the trail.

Climbing and Descending

Climbing and descending on mountain trails is tricky business even for experienced riders, so proper coaching and supervision will always be essential in ensuring the safety of younger riders.

That being said, as long as you keep a close eye on them and they are being careful, they should have no problems navigating uphill or downhill treks. All of the control and safety elements of the Mongoose Kong come together to make a safe, reliable ride in any direction.

Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Pros and Cons

Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Pros

The Mongoose Kong Fat Tire is the perfect bike for kids and younger teenagers to learn the ropes of trail riding. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and it can be great fun to bring the whole family with you on a mountain ride.

Even better, this bike won’t break the bank at under $400. You can think about a more expensive bike down the road; for now, a simple learning bike for the next level of riding will work perfectly.

The steel construction on the frame makes for a very safe ride. The shifter is easy to understand and not too complex, and the disc brakes at both front and rear will keep everyone safe on the road and on the trail.

The tires are the trump card on the Mongoose Kong. At just the right size for the frame, and plenty wide, they provide excellent road and trail grip where it counts.

And this bike can grow with its occupant: the handlebars and seat are adjustable as needed.

  • Perfect bike for kids to learn mountain riding
  • Affordable price
  • Strong steel construction
  • Simple shifter
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Chunky tires are the standout
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat

Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Cons

This bike may be better for taller riders, and some of the build elements may not be the highest tier of quality when compared to more advanced models.

  • Better for taller riders
  • Some build elements are not as premium