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Key Takeaways

  • The value of a Kona bike varies, from $439 for a kid's bike to $11,000 for a custom bike
  • Kona is a reputable and reliable bike brand known for its high-quality bikes
  • The value of a Kona bike is affected by various factors

Curious about the value of a Kona bike? It varies based on condition, components and more. If you're buying or selling, here’s what to expect in terms of value.

New Konas range from $439 for a kid's bike to $8,799 for a carbon fiber mountain bike. Used Konas range from $100 to over $5,000. Custom Konas worth over $10,000 can be found. The value of a Kona bike depends on its features, materials, and condition.

As a highly experienced cyclist I have always admired Kona Bikes. I see Kona as a value-oriented and legendary brand. Based on my own knowledge and internet research, including consulting Kona's website,'s buy/sell page, and, I hope to provide some insight on the value of Kona bicycles.



Is Kona a Good Bike Brand?

Kona Bicycle Company is a highly reputable brand within the cycling industry. Founded in 1988 by Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilbron, Kona has a long history as a quintessential mountain bike company that’s been around since the original days of the sport.

Gerhard and Heilbron founded Kona in Vancouver, B.C. which many people believe is the heart of the mountain bike world. Kona has a long history in the mtb racing scene, with riders such as Steve Peat, Greg Minnaar, and Tracey Mosley all riding for Kona back in the day.

Growing up, I admired Kona for offering high-quality bikes at more affordable price points compared to other premium brands. Despite being more affordable, many Kona bikes featured the same technologies and features found on more expensive models, making them a great value for the price. These days, however, large brands like Specialized and Trek carry very good budget versions of nearly all of their bikes, and many smaller brands offer even cheaper high-quality options. All things considered, Kona is a legendary and trustworthy bike brand that prioritizes both quality and sustainability, but they may not be quite up to par with some rivals.

Are Kona Bikes Less Expensive?

Kona is a value-oriented brand, and I always viewed them as offering high-quality bikes at affordable prices compared to their competitors. These days however, many of Kona’s competitors have debuted models that are able to match Kona’s value for money.

For example, Kona offers the Process 134 full suspension mountain bike for $2,699. With the spec that it boasts, that is a really solid value. However, Trek now sells the Fuel EX 5 for that same $2,699 - it essentially matches the Process in terms of spec, and personally, I think it looks way better. Also, Specialized offers the Stumpy Alloy for $2,800, and it’s similarly competitive.

Kona does not offer ultra high-end versions of their bikes, so there is no XX1 or XTR version of the Process in contrast to the S-Works Stumpy or the Fuel EX 9.9, which both feature the lightest and most expensive drivetrains and cost around $11,000. Instead, the Process X CR/DL is the most expensive new Kona available at $8,799, with a spec that is more than enough for any rider.

The Process X CR/DL features a SRAM GX AXS drivetrain that gives you dependable wireless electronic shifting, and is only surpassed in terms of weight by the more expensive XX1 or XTR drivetrains. In my opinion, putting XX1 on a long travel trail bike is silly, because it is not durable enough to withstand heavy trail riding, and the reduced weight is really pointless for anyone who isn’t an elite cross country racer. Therefore $11,000 trail bikes are stupid, and I appreciate Kona for refusing to offer such a ridiculous model.

What Are The Factors That Affect the Value of a Kona Bike?

Type of Bike

The category of bike that a Kona falls into determines what materials are used and what features are included. Kids bikes and dirt jumpers tend to be the least expensive due to their smaller size and simpler design, and gravel and adventure bikes are typically cheaper than mountain bikes because they do not feature suspension.

E-bikes are generally among the more expensive bikes due to the cost of their motors and batteries. Performance bikes are usually the most expensive because they are made of lightweight materials and have advanced features. If you want to know how much a Kona is worth, start by identifying the bike type.

Frame Material


Most modern bicycles are made of aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight and strong, and works great as a frame material. However, many bikes, including some Konas, are made out of other materials that add performance and increase cost.


Steel frames can be heavy, but they can also provide a comfortable ride. Steel frames are generally less expensive than carbon fiber or titanium frames, but more expensive than aluminum frames.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is the lightest and stiffest frame material that is widely used to make bikes. Carbon is usually found in performance bikes with hefty price tags.


Titanium bikes can be competitive in terms of weight with carbon fiber ones, and they provide a smooth and comfortable ride due to the material’s natural damping properties. Kona has sold titanium bicycles in the past, but does not currently offer any in its lineup. If you want to know how much a Kona bike is worth, make sure to pay attention to the frame material.


Components are the various parts of a bike that work together to allow it to function properly, including the wheels, suspension, brakes, and drivetrain. Bike manufacturers do not generally produce their own components, and instead rely on components from brands such as Shimano or SRAM, which are widely considered to be top-quality parts manufacturers.

Higher-performance components are generally more expensive due to the use of higher-quality materials and technology. These components may offer improved performance, reduced weight, or advanced features, but they also come with a higher price tag. When determining the value of a Kona bike, the components are highly relevant.

Condition and Age

Used bikes are generally less expensive than new bikes because they have been previously owned and may have some wear and tear, but this does not necessarily mean that used Kona bikes are of lower quality or less desirable than new ones. From my research, used Konas hold their value just as well as bikes from other brands.

There are countless used Kona bikes available for sale online, as one would expect from a brand that’s been around for over three decades. There are dozens available for over $5,000, as well as hundreds available for under $500.

What is The Most Expensive Kona Bike?

The most expensive Kona that I have seen is a Custom 2022 Kona Sutra Gravel Bike available on for $11,000. The total cost of this build however, is probably more like $13,500, as the builder likely got the parts at dealer cost.

The bike features top of the line componentry including carbon fiber wheels and electronic shifting. On Kona’s website, you can get the Sutra SE with the same frame for $1,799. The fact that the Sutra SE is priced so low compared to an $11,000 custom build demonstrates how the value of a Kona Bike can vary quite wildly depending on the components that the bike is spec'd with.

What do Kona Sponsored Athletes Ride?

Kona Factory riders Mirana Miller and Caleb Holonko both ride the Process X, but the specs that they enjoy cannot be found on the Kona website. Both of their custom bikes are equipped with carbon fiber wheels, electronic shifting, and top-tier suspension components, including a coil rear shock on Miller’s rig, none of which is available to the average Kona buyer.

But if you wanted to own a Kona like Miller’s or Holonko’s, you could purchase a Process X frame yourself and customize it to your liking. With top of the line components, you could expect a custom build to approach $10,000. In fact ,there is a used 2021 Process X with a similar build available on for $8,000.