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Key Takeaways

  • Remember to always remember proper bike safety when teaching children how to ride!
  • No advanced features here, just a basic bike that kids will love once they learn it.
  • Fun design elements and multiple colors let each child express themselves while riding.
  • It’s got easy speeds and braking, simple handling, and chunky, stable tires.
  • Focus on the basics and the fun without any of the complexities of “grownup” bikes.

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If you ask any adult what their favorite Christmas gift was growing up, chances are they will tell you it was the year they got their first bike.

The Huffy Rock It bicycle is the perfect starter bike for young boys, with a simple design that doesn’t get into anything too complex. Watch their eyes light up when they learn how to ride on their own, knowing that the bike will hold up as they learn to ride.

We’ll take a look at the Rock It, as well as cover some basics about bike safety for younger riders. Be sure to review all proper safety guidelines before turning your little ones loose.



Where to Buy the Huffy Rock It Bicycle

The Huffy Rock It bicycle is highly affordable, at only $78. It can be purchased through the Huffy website, or through big-box retailers like Walmart.

A Brief History of Huffy Bikes

The Huffy Corporation started in 1887 as a sewing company, that produced its first bicycle in 1892. They produced bikes under the “Dayton” brand until 1949, when they switched to the current Huffy brand. They have always been known as an entry-level brand.

By the 1960s, Huffy was the third largest bike manufacturer in the United States. The company continued to grow until the 1980s, with corporate sponsorships and a growing racing pedigree that included medals at two Olympic ceremonies.

However, financial troubles started from the 1990s onward, and Huffy is now completely owned by Chinese creditors, with many of its sub-brands sold off to other manufacturers.

Huffy Rock It Review

Huffy Rock It Specs and Geometry

The Huffy Rock It bicycle is the perfect entry for younger riders. They don’t need to set any land speed records at such a young age, and they certainly won’t be ready to tackle steep uphill or downhill climbs. They just need a sturdy frame, a comfortable seat, and easy handling - and the Rock It delivers on all counts.

The Rock It is built and marketed to boys, and they do have other models that are marketed to girls. The racecar styling and branding should appeal to most boys’ imagination, and the bicycle is still considered a rite of passage for most little ones.

Whereas adult bikes are usually sold with only one design or color option, there are lots of variations with this bike. Kids who have the option to choose their bike out in advance can review the Huffy website or shop in person for the color they want the most.

At only $78, the Rock It is an easy purchase that provides hours of fun up and down the driveway, or around the neighborhood. You will need to make sure you have the right accessories for the rider, including a helmet and pads, but the low price point for the bike makes that totally affordable.

It’s also very easy to assemble, meaning that the stereotypical frustration parents have when putting the kids’ first bikes together shouldn’t be a problem.

Grownup bikes also have multiple size variations because adults tend to vary in size. With kids, however, there tends to be a bit more uniformity in rider sizing, so this bike comes “one size fits all.” This simple choice is perfect for those who want to pick a bike from the store and ride it that same day without too much customization.

Huffy Rock It Build Quality

The Huffy Rock It has a solid steel frame. Kids are more likely to topple than adults (in most cases), but the steel used in this bike frame can take the punishment of the occasional tumble.

There’s certainly no need for a complex shifter - kids will have a hard enough time learning to steer as it is without having to think about anything attached to the handlebars other than a cool bell. The Rock It only has one speed, and that’s all kids need to know at this stage.

Kids can brake using a simple coaster technique - just pedal backwards to bring the bike to a stop, no discs or pull brakes necessary. This intuitive setup is perfect for riders who need to keep a tight grip on the handlebars at all times.

Some exterior panels, such as streamlined covers over the chainguard and gears, give Huffy the opportunity to add some additional design flair. Adults may not notice things like that on their own bikes, but kids will love the styling and “cool factor” this bike brings to the table.

The seat is very soft, with an adjustable post if kids go through a growth spurt. Learning how to sit properly is a simple skill that experienced riders can take for granted, and a comfy seat can go a long way to making biking enjoyable.

Even though your young rider won’t be going over anything bumpier than asphalt, the tires on the Rock It still have a chunky design reminiscent of trail-going mountain tires. This can help with stability and ride quality, as narrow tires might make them more prone to falls.

Huffy Rock It Handling

The handlebar design is simple, with an intuitive grip that kids will pick up easily.

The single speed setup makes handling easy as well, since kids won’t have to manage multiple speeds on the go. Just let them focus on keeping themselves upright; the rest will come later once they’ve had a chance to learn.

Huffy Rock It Ride Quality and Performance

Simplicity does breed… simplicity. There are no frills and no advanced technologies on bikes like the Rock It, which is not always a bad thing. Focusing on the basics is essential at a young age, and this bike wisely focuses on just that.

The only complaint the Rock It succumbs to on occasion is that the chain might fall off if it’s not maintained properly. This is something that parents can do without much effort, and is another great learning opportunity for the kids.

Huffy Rock It Pros and Cons

Huffy Rock It Pros

The best thing about this bike is definitely the price: for less than a hundred dollars, your little one can have their first bike!

The Rock It has a simple design and structure, with solid steel construction in the frame.

The Rock It also has easy-to-use features: single speed with no shifter, intuitive reverse-pedal braking, competent tires, and simple handlebars that don’t mess around.

All in all, this is the perfect bike for your young rider to learn with. Get ready to hit the road for pint-sized adventures!

  • Affordable price point
  • Simple design and structure
  • Strong steel frame construction
  • Single speed
  • Easy braking
  • Stable handling
  • Comfortable tires
  • Perfect bike to learn with

Huffy Rock It Cons

The only real negative to this bike is the fact that you’ll need to keep an eye on the chain to make sure it doesn’t come off the track.

While not a true “con” of the Rock It, just remember that every child learns differently, which may lead to some scuffs and bumps on the bike and its rider. Practice good road safety, be patient, and try to have fun.

  • Loose chains
  • Every rider learns differently

Alternatives to the Huffy Rock It

If the Huffy Rock It isn’t for you, you might want to consider these alternatives.

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Segway Ninebot Kids Bike

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Dynacraft Magna Kids Bike

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Schwinn Koen & Elm Toddler & Kids Bike

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Schwinn Koen & Elm Toddler & Kids Bikes are available on Amazon and Walmart. Prices range from $144 to $260.

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