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Merida has a huge line-up of different bikes on the market that range from mountain bikes, road bikes, and e-bikes, but how much are they worth?

Merida is a very dynamic bike brand and they pride themselves on giving their customers a huge variety of different options to consider. This expansive variety from Merida can make determining the value of their bikes rather difficult, as they try to have something for everyone - regardless of their budget.

A Merida mountain bike can cost you anywhere from $350 to $4,500 and a road bike from Merida can be worth as little as $500 to as much as $3,000. Whereas Merida’s e-bikes are normally around $5,000. However, some of their e-bikes are known to be even pricier than this - going up to $10,000.

When Merida first came on the scene back in 1972, they were based in Taiwan and immediately earned recognition from the international cycling community for manufacturing world-class bikes. Their quick rise to success resulted in them expanding their reach to become a dominant force within the world of cycling, which is why they now manufacture their bikes in not Taiwan as well as China and Germany. Merida has now built such a strong name for itself that it has made Taiwan one of the leading epicenters in the entire world for cycling. There are so many qualities to Merida’s bikes that make them stand out amongst their competition - with attention to detail being a key focus. When it comes to buying a bike, you often want to get one that is going to last you for life, which is exactly what Merida does by offering you a lifetime warranty with every purchase. However, you will find that Merida’s bikes do vary greatly in price. To help you understand this further, we are going to take a closer look at how much Merida’s bikes are worth in more detail.

After extensively researching Merida bikes, I have been able to gather enough information to determine how much they are worth. My research has shown me that Merida’s bikes vary in price depending on the specs that you choose, as well as whether you get a mountain, road, or e-bike.



Cost of A Merida Bike

When you start browsing the bikes that Merida has available, it can be easy to feel a bit overwhelmed, as they give you so many options to consider. This is a manufacturer that has one of the most expansive line-ups of bikes in the entire industry and what sets them apart from so much of their competition is that they successfully retain consistency and quality across the board.

Merida will use a variety of different parts and materials to manufacture their bicycles but they always deliver on their promise - giving their customers a top-notch bike. The mere fact that Merida offers a lifetime warranty on all of their bikes just goes to show that they are a bike brand that you can rely on for the rest of your life.

You will find virtually every common bike type in their arsenal and they will all be priced differently. This is great news for shoppers out there You can get yourself a Merida bike for as little as $300 brand new out of the box, which is an amazing value for a bicycle made by such a reputable manufacturer.

However, if you have got the money to buy yourself a top-of-the-line bike, Merida has got plenty of high-end options available that can be anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000. The bottom line is that you can get yourself a great bike from Merida - regardless of what your budget is or what kind of classification you prefer. Merida has it all! Let’s dive into the different bike types that Merida has to offer, as well as what they are worth.

Merida Mountain Bikes

If you are looking to shred your favorite trails, you are going to need a reliable bike that can perform optimally in virtually every condition. Merida designs a variety of different mountain bikes that are at the top of their league.

Whether you are looking for a hardtail or full-suspension mountain bike, Merida has got you covered. When browsing for mountain bikes, you want to ensure that the bike that you choose is going to handle your skill level of riding. At the end of the day, mountain biking is a very dangerous sport and the bike that you choose is going to play a huge role in your safety.

That is why, you want to consider your options carefully, as some bikes from Merida are going to be much more capable of handling adverse and technical terrains than others. Although price is an important factor to consider when shopping, choosing the right specs is something you should always read into before you make any commitments. With that being said, if you have got the money for it and are a technical rider, you should buy a premium mountain bike from Merida, as it is going to do you justice on any trail that you take it on.

However, if you do not have the budget and prefer to hit beginner and intermediate trails, Merida also has a ton of different bike options available for budget shoppers and intro riders. This is great news for people out there that want to enjoy the sport of mountain biking but may not have the cash to buy a 5k bike. Let’s take a closer look at the mountain bike options that Merida offers and their price points.

Merida Matts 6.5 V Mountain Bike ($350 - $400)

If you are on a budget and need a reliable mountain bike for cheap, few options on the market are going to compete with the Merida Matts 6.5 V.

This bike can be purchased for as little as $350, which is an absolute steal for a mountain bike made by Merida. You can take this bike on light trails and rides around the neighborhood, as it will ride and feel like a quality mountain bike.

However, you should keep in mind, although this is certainly a reliable bike, it is not going to be ideal for anyone that wants to do any technical riding. The Merida Matts 6.5 V was designed for entry-level riders and teens. You will find that it is not a full-sized mountain bike but most adults should still be able to ride one of these just fine.

This Merida bike features a Racelite 6061 lightweight alloy frame, which is built to last. You will also enjoy its Suntour M3010 - a suspension fork that will give you a very comfortable ride. These specs are very impressive for a budget mountain bike. So much so, that many riders that bought the Merida Matts 6.5 V were able to take it out on trails and hit intermediate terrains with total confidence.

If you are looking for a Merida bike that is versatile, affordable, and will last you a lifetime - the Merida Matts 6.5 V is a mountain bike that should not be overlooked. When it comes to Merida - budget bikes do not imply poor manufacturing.

Merida Silverback Stride Delight 29 MD Mountain Bike ($520)

The Merida Silverback Stride Delight 29 MD is one of the best entry-level mountain bikes on the market. This is a total upgrade from our previous option and you get a lot more for just an extra $150.

This is a bike that just about any average adult can ride and the increased specs enable you to tackle more adverse terrains. The Silverback Stride Delight 29 MD Mountain Bike can be bought for as little as $500, which is an incredible value considering that Merida still uses quality parts when manufacturing it.

The 6061 aluminum frame is durable and reliable - you can do entry-level jumps with no issues at all. You will also find that the SR Suntour XCE28 Suspension Fork gives you a super comfy ride, which not only makes this bike great for beginner mountain bike riders but also a great option for people out there that are looking for a bike that they can use for commutes and casual rides.

With that being said, the SR Suntour XCE28 Suspension Fork and dynamic 6061 aluminum frame also make this a great bike for intermediate mountain biking. The specs will not match up to a high-end option from Merida but you will find that this mountain bike is more than capable of handling rugged terrains and gravel trails.

For a bike that is still valued in the low-budget category, the Silverback Stride Delight 29 MD from Merida gives intro riders a lot of versatility and dynamic range as far as performance. At the mere price of $500 - this is going to be a bike that budget shoppers should keep at the top of their lists.

Merida One-Twenty 600 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike ($2,500)

Merida designed this world-class mountain bike - with specs and performance capabilities that match a lot of high-end options out there but at a fraction of the cost. Remarkably, Merida has priced the One-Twenty 600 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike at just $2,500. Although this is moving up in the ranks and price range for mountain bikes - you get a lot more out of your bike and its performance for the added cost.

This mountain bike features a very light ONE-TWENTY LITE alloy frame which is very durable and will make your trail performance much more agile compared to a lower-grade option. In addition, Merida uses Shimano parts and Marzocchi fork in the design of this mountain bike.

The materials and parts used by Merida to design the One-Twenty 600 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike make this an incredibly dynamic and reliable option for any rider out there that wants to hit rough terrains - regardless of how technical they are. Merida designed this bike to be reliable in virtually every trail condition imaginable - so you can ride without absolute confidence.

All in all, this is going to be a great mountain bike for anyone who wants a sure thing and also someone who wants to upgrade from an entry-level option. The One-Twenty 600 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike is considerably more expensive than the budget options that Merida has to offer but you will know exactly where your money went once you get on the trail.

Merida Ninety-Six 6000 Mountain Bike ($4,500)

If you are looking for a top-notch mountain bike that is going to deliver you the best trail performance that money can buy, there are few options from Merida that can match up to the Merida Ninety-Six 6000 Mountain Bike.

This bike was designed to do one thing - tackle anything that you throw at it. Merida spared no expense when designing this high-end mountain bike, as it was built with only the best quality parts and materials down to the finest detail. However, for this level of quality, the Merida Ninety-Six 6000 Mountain Bike is not cheap and it is actually one of the most expensive options that they have available from this classification.

The Merida Ninety-Six 6000 Mountain Bike is worth around $4,500, which is way outside of the budget of just about every rider looking to hit casual trails. Merida designed this bike for professional and technical riders, which is why they did not hold back on using the best design and parts possible.

To start this mountain bike has Shimano SXL disc brakes that enable you to stop with absolute precision - even when racing down steep incline trails of the highest difficulty level. The bike is equipped with a NINTY-SIX CF4 carbon frame and a Shimano groupset. So, you know that lightweight and durability are going to be key features of any ride that you go on.

The lightweight carbon parts will give you increased agility and stiffness when you ride, which is going to enable excellent handling - allowing you to maneuver and ride like a true pro. If you can afford to get your hands on the Merida Ninety-Six 6000 Mountain Bike, you will never want to ride anything else again, as this is a world-class bike with the highest-level performance. Whether you are a pro or just a mountain bike enthusiast, this bike is every rider’s dream.

Merida Road Bikes

Merida is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of road bikes around the globe and they have a lot of excellent options that vary in specs, performance, and price.

A lot of people out there prefer road bikes over anything else because they like to ride on smooth and reliable terrain. Whether it is to commute to work, train for a triathlon, or simply the joy of riding on city streets - road bikes are going to get you there much faster than a mountain bike.

Road bikes are known for being very lightweight and not having suspension. This minimal design enables riders to focus on the road alone, as all technical performance has to do with enabling you to utilize your endurance to the max. With that being said, Merida has got a ton of different options for road bikes for you to consider.

You will find that their road bikes are all going to vary in price based on the specs that they offer. If you want a tier-one road bike with the best performance capabilities, Merida has got you covered but you can expect these bikes to cost upwards of $5,000, which is certainly more than budget shoppers and casual riders can afford. On the other hand, Merida also has some great road bikes with well-rounded specs available for just over $500. At the end of the day, if it is a bike from Merida - you can count on it being a quality bicycle regardless of price.

Merida Speeder 20 Flat Bar Road Bike ($530)

This is one of Merida’s most affordable road bikes but it is still stellar when it comes to riding quality. The build and feel of the bike make it super reliable - a great option for someone who wants a bike that they can ride around city streets and commuter trails.

The 3x8 speed Shimano Drivetrain gives you a lot of versatility to take on a variety of different incline levels. This is going to be a perfect road bike for someone that lives in an area with a lot of hills and needs to find the exact gear to get them through steep inclines efficiently.

The Merida Speeder 20 Flat Bar Road Bike also features Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and a groupset. So, you know that it was designed with excellent quality parts. The frame material is alloy and the fork is steel, which is going to give you excellent durability. However, you will find that the added weight of these materials is not going to enable the best performance for lightweight speed and efficiency.

This is certainly not the best road bike that Merida has to offer but for the very reasonable price of just $530 combined with the very well-rounded specs, it is a great value option. This is going to be the ultimate Merida road bike for the budget shopper and casual rider.

Merida Scultura 200 Road Bike ($1,100)

If you have got a little extra money to spend on a quality road bike, you really can’t go wrong with the Merida Scultura 200. This road bike features fantastic specs that make it perfect for commuting, delivery work, and casual riding.

The Merida Scultura 200 road bike is equipped with a CF2 Carbon Fork and a Scultura Lite Alloy frame. The carbon fork is going to be a great feature for riders that want to have a lightweight bike, as this material is going to enable better speed and agility. The alloy frame is not going to be as great for keeping the bike light but it is very durable and reliable nonetheless.

In addition, your front and rear derailleur are built with excellent quality Shimano parts. Merida also utilized Shimano for the groupset, shifters, and brake levers. With trusted brands like Merida and Shimano paired together, you know you can count on the Scultura 200 as a bike built to the highest standards.

The Merida Scultura 200 also has a total of 9 speeds, which enable you to have a lot of dynamic range when dealing with hills. Although the specs are certainly the highlight of this Merida road bike, it is also worth mentioning that the design is very sleek. Merida prides itself on not only delivering bikes that perform well but also those that are going to have aesthetic appeal.

The price for the Scultura 200 sits somewhere in the mid-range compared to other road bikes from Merida. For just a little over $1,000, you get an excellent quality road bike that is equipped with Shimano parts. All in all, this is a great bargain for anyone looking to buy a fantastic road bike without spending thousands of dollars.

Merida Scultura Endurance 6000 ($3,000)

The Scultura Endurance 6000 is an award-winning road bike. This world-class road bike has received international recognition for being one of the best ever designed by Merida.

You can expect only the highest level of performance from the Scultura Endurance 6000, as it is in many ways the pride and joy of Merida’s road bike line-up. One of the reasons that this bike is so widely praised by critics and the cycling community is due to its CF3 carbon fiber frame.

This is one of the best frames that you can have equipped on a road bike, as it will enable speed and agility to a professional standard - enough to compete on the Tour de France.

The geometric design of the bike also enables you to have the most comfortable ride imaginable. You will find that the road feels exceptionally smooth - with bumps and vibrations being pretty much non-existent. This is also attributed to the full-carbon tapered fork, which not only offers a more comfortable ride but also increases your agility on the road.

In addition, Merida utilized a lot of Shimano parts for everything from the derailleurs and groupset to the brakes and cassette. The carbon fiber frame and fork combined with the Shimano parts make this a truly world-class road bike - with a focus on giving riders a lightweight bike that can deliver incredibly fast speeds and performance. With all of these impressive specs in mind, you can expect to pay for them, as Merida currently has this bike priced at $3,000.

Merida E-Bikes

We are seeing a huge increase in e-bikes being ridden these days. With battery and bike technology moving in the same direction, it only makes sense to combine the two, as these bikes enable riders to get from point A to point B considerably faster.

In addition, e-bikes also give riders who may not have the physical ability a chance to hop on a bike and go our riding. Merida understands this perfectly, which is why they have designed a variety of different e-bikes in their line-up. For the most part e-bikes from Merida are around $5,000, but they can be even more expensive than this - with some of their high-end models getting up to $10,000. Let’s take a look at a few options.

Merida Scultura 8000-E Road Bike ($5,500)

A lot of people that ride e-bikes like to do so to make their commutes more efficient, practical, and less labor-intensive. That is why Merida designs a lot of e-road bikes.

With a road bike like the Merida Scultura 8000-E, you can seriously cut down on your commute times and save yourself energy for when you get to where you need to go. This is a high-end road bike from Merida and they spared no expense when designing it, which is why they equipped it with a CF 4 carbon fiber frame.

In addition, they manufactured it with Shimano parts and hydraulic disc brakes. This is an unbeatable road bike from Merida, which is why it is currently going for $5,500.

Merida eOne Sixty 8000 Electric Mountain Bike ($7,500)

Mountain biking is a very technical and labor-intensive sport. If you have got the physical ability to traverse adverse terrains, then you should be fine with a standard mountain bike. However, if you are not as confident in your skills or simply cannot handle rough trails, there is no better solution than an e-mountain bike.

The Merida eOne Sixty 8000 is one of the best e-mountain bikes that money can buy. Merida designed this bike with carbon fiber, Marzocchi, and Shimano parts. All in all, the quality is simply superb. For an e-mountain bike of this caliber, you need to be ready to pay for it, as Merida has this bike marked at $7,500.


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