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Key Takeaways

  • These bicycle handlebars enhance stability, maneuverability, and control for a confident ride.
  • Their ergonomic designs promote a relaxed and upright riding position.
  • They’ll help you experience a performance boost with better control and the ability to push your limits.

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Ride in blissful comfort with our curated list of the finest swept-back bicycle handlebars. Make every journey a pleasurable experience!

The best bicycle handlebars to sit upright are swept-back handlebars are Nitto Albatross, Velo Orange Porteur, Soma Clarence, Jones H-Bar Loop, and Sunlite North Road Handlebars. Their ergonomic design promotes a comfortable riding position, reducing your back and shoulder strain.

I understand your dilemma since I was once on a quest for the perfect bicycle handlebars to sit upright. That's why I dove headfirst into extensive research and consulted experts. Combining their insights with my experience, I can confidently say I've cracked the code! I've tested various handlebars and listened to countless riders' stories, and now I'm here to share the fruits of my labor with you.



Best Bicycle Handlebars To Sit Upright (Swept Back)

Finding the best bicycle handlebars for upright sitting can significantly enhance your cycling experience, especially for those who value comfort and an upright riding position.

When it comes to choosing the perfect upright handlebars, you must consider factors such as the type of riding you do and the level of support you need to maintain an upright posture.

One of the popular options for maintaining an upright position is swept-back handlebars, which are specifically designed to provide a more relaxed and comfortable posture. They are suitable for various types of bikes, including mountain bikes, road bikes, many touring bikes, and hybrid bikes.

While flat bars are often found on mountain bikes, they can also be a fantastic option for maintaining an upright posture when coupled with the right bike handlebar grips. On the other hand, Riser bars offer additional elevation, making them suitable for people who prefer a more upright position.

Meanwhile, cruiser handlebars, also known as ape hanger bars, are a classic choice for those looking for ultimate comfort while maintaining a stylish appearance. We will carefully examine each of these options and provide insights into how they can help you achieve the ideal upright riding posture.

Handlebar Model Design Hand Positions Width Material Suitable for
Nitto Albatross Swept-back Multiple 55cm Aluminum alloy Commuting, Touring
Velo Orange Porteur Swept-back Multiple 58cm Stainless steel City, Touring
Soma Clarence Wide, Curved Natural grip 56cm Chromoly steel Commuting, Touring
Jones H-Bar Loop Loop shape Multiple 710mm Aluminum alloy Bikepacking, Touring
Sunlite Northroad Swept-back Single 59cm Steel City, Hybrid

1. Nitto Albatross Handlebars

Nitto Albatross Handlebar
Nitto Albatross Handlebar

The Nitto Albatross handlebars are the perfect solution for riders who desire a comfortable and stylish upright riding position. These handlebars offer unique benefits and provide excellent bike control and flexibility.


Crafted with precision, these handlebars feature a gentle sweep and a comfortable width of 55cm, providing ample room for a relaxed and upright position. Made from high-quality aluminum alloy, they perfectly balance strength and weight. The ergonomic design of the Nitto Albatross Handlebars offers riders a comfortable grip and excellent control.

  • Material: Alloy or CrMo steel
  • Clamp Diameter: 25.4mm for Alloy and CrMo versions; 26.0mm stem with shim also available
  • Width: 55cm
  • Rise: 60mm
  • Sweepback: 177mm


Nitto Albatross handlebars perform well in various situations, making them suitable for commuting, touring, and casual cycling. They provide a comfortable grip area that conforms to a natural position, reducing hand and wrist fatigue during long rides.

What Sets Them Apart

The most striking feature of Nitto Albatross handlebars is their elegant design with graceful curves, which makes them stand out compared to other bike handlebars like cruiser handlebars or ape hanger bars.

The unique sweepback ensures a natural, upright riding position, which offers better control and reduces strain on hands, wrists, and shoulders.

Recent Updates

Albatross handlebars have not seen any significant updates recently, but they remain popular for those looking for comfortable bicycle handlebars for upright sitting.

Its Pros

  • Elegant, eye-catching design
  • Comfortable grip area with narrow handlebars
  • Improved maneuvering and control
  • Easy to replace existing handlebars
  • Reduces strain on hands and wrists

Its Cons

  • It may be narrower than some riders prefer
  • Not suitable for a very aggressive riding style

Who Should Buy Them

Nitto Albatross handlebars are ideal for those who want a comfortable and stylish option that promotes an upright riding position. They are well-suited for commuters, bicycle tourists, and casual cyclists.

Where to Buy Them

You can purchase Nitto Albatross handlebars online from retailers like Bike Touring News Store and Rivendell Bicycle Works. These platforms often offer additional information and detailed specifications to ensure you get the perfect handlebars for your needs.

2. Velo Orange Porteur Handlebars

Velo Orange Porteur Handlebar
Velo Orange Porteur Handlebar

The Velo Orange Porteur Handlebars are designed to help riders maintain an upright sitting position, making them a popular choice for commuters and city cyclists.


Velo Orange Porteur handlebars are made of aluminum, have a 15mm rise or drop bar, and the bar has a width of 480mm. The Stem Clamp Diameter is 25.4mm, and the Handlebar Width is also 48cm. These specifications ensure they can be easily installed on a variety of bicycles, including both road bikes and hybrid bikes.


This drop handlebar offers riders an upright position, which improves comfort and reduces strain on the cyclist's neck, arms, and back.

The Porteur Handlebar caters to a wide range of hand positions, allowing riders to change their grip during long rides easily. At the same time, the design of the handlebars provides better control over the bike's front wheel and handling.

What Sets Them Apart

Velo Orange Porteur handlebars differ from other styles of bicycle handlebar types due to their unique swept-back design. This shape allows for a more natural hand position, preventing wrist strain and providing a more seamless, comfortable cycling experience.

Recent Updates

As of now, there are no recent updates to this specific handlebar bag model. However, Velo Orange continually updates its products to provide its customers with the best riding experience.

Its Pros

  • It provides a comfortable upright riding position
  • Suitable for a wide range of bikes
  • Allows for multiple hand positions
  • Durable aluminum construction

Its Cons

  • It may not be suitable for performance-focused cyclists
  • Some riders may prefer other drop-style handlebars

Who Should Buy Them

Velo Orange Porteur handlebars are ideal for riders who prioritize comfort while cycling. They are great for commuting, leisurely rides, and even touring. Riders who suffer from wrist, neck, or back pain might find these handlebars particularly beneficial.

Where to Buy Them

You can purchase the Velo Orange Porteur Handlebars directly from their official website or through Amazon.

3. Soma Clarence Handlebars

Soma Clarence Handlebar
Soma Clarence Handlebar

The Soma Clarence handlebars are a great option if you're looking for bicycle handlebars that look like bullhorn bars for sitting upright, designed to provide an excellent upright position.


The Clarence handlebars are made from 6061-T6 aluminum, offering riders a light and durable option. They have a 34° back sweep and a 37mm rise and are available in two width options: 25.4mm and 31.8mm. The handlebar is compatible with mountain bike brake levers and shifter setups, making it a versatile choice for various styles of biking.


These handlebars perform well for riders looking for an upright riding position, making it easier to maneuver the bicycle in technical situations. The grip position feels natural, and the lean forward from the clamp area ensures no need to change stem length.

What Sets Them Apart

The Soma Clarence handlebars offer a 34° back sweep, providing a more upright position that's unique compared to traditional flat bars or drop bars. They also feature impressive compatibility with mountain bike brake hoods and shifter systems.

Recent Updates

In recent models, the Clarence handlebars are made wider, with the 31.8mm version now measuring 670mm in width of flat bars. This increased width allows for better control on mountain bikes and other types of cycling where stability is essential.

Its Pros

  • It provides an excellent upright position
  • Durable construction of flat bars and bike seat position
  • Natural grip positions like bullhorn bars
  • Versatile compatibility with brake and shifter systems

Its Cons

  • It may not be suitable for some road bikes or aero handlebars set-ups
  • Limited availability in some stores

Who Should Buy Them

Cyclists who want more control and an upright bicycle riding position in technical situations should consider Soma Clarence handlebars. They are suitable for various hybrid and mountain bike handlebars setups, looking for a comfortable handlebar alternative to drop bars or flat bars.

Where to Buy Them

You can purchase Soma Clarence handlebars through Soma's official website or authorized resellers such as Performance Bicycle.

The Soma Clarence handlebars are a fantastic option for those wanting bicycle handlebar types that provide an upright riding position. Their unique back sweep angle, sturdy construction, and compatibility with mountain bike brake levers and shifters make them a worthwhile addition to any cyclist's setup.

4. Jones H-Bar Loop Handlebars

Jones H-Bar Loop Handlebar
Jones H-Bar Loop Handlebar

The Jones H-Bar Loop Handlebars provide an alternative to traditional bicycle handlebars, offering users an upright riding position for maximum comfort and control. These versatile bars are suitable for all types of riders, from those seeking a more relaxed riding experience to those looking for improved performance.


The Jones H-Bars Loop Handlebars are made from durable 4130 Chromoly steel and are available in low-rise and no-rise versions. With a width of 666mm, a clamp area of 25.4mm, and a sweep angle of 53 degrees, these bars offer a unique feel for riders. The handlebar weighs 475 grams.

  • Material: 4130 Chromoly steel (durable and robust)
  • Versions: Available in low-rise and no-rise options
  • Width: 666mm (provides a comfortable grip and ample space)
  • Clamp Area: 25.4mm (compatible with standard stem clamps)
  • Sweep Angle: 53 degrees (offers a unique feel and promotes a natural hand position)
  • Weight: 475 grams (lightweight for easy maneuverability)


Jones H-Bar Loop Handlebars provide multiple hand positions, allowing riders to switch between a relaxed upright riding position and a more aggressive riding position. These handlebars are suitable for various bike handlebar types, from mountain bikes to road bikes, ensuring a comfortable and efficient ride.

What Sets Them Apart

What sets Jones H-Bars Loop apart from other bike handlebars is its unique design, combining the best features of the drop bars, riser bars, and flat bars. These handlebars offer unmatched comfort, control, and versatility, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Recent Updates

There haven't been any recent updates. However, these handlebars are made from durable 4130 Chromoly steel and are available in low-rise and no-rise versions choice for riders seeking the best bicycle handlebars for sitting upright.

Its Pros

  • It offers a comfortable, upright riding position
  • Provides multiple hand positions
  • Suitable for various bike handlebar types
  • Made from durable materials

Its Cons

  • It may not appeal to those who prefer traditional handlebar styles
  • It’s not suitable for some road bikes or aero handlebars set-ups
  • Slightly heavier compared to some other bike handlebars

Who Should Buy Them

The Jones H-Bar Loop are perfect handlebars for riders who prioritize comfort and versatility in their riding experience. These are a fantastic choice if you're looking for bicycle handlebars that allow you to maintain an upright riding position while still providing multiple hand positions for added control and efficiency.

Where to Buy Them

Jones H-Bar Loop Handlebars can be purchased directly from the Jones Bikes official website or from various bike handlebars retailers in-store. When purchasing, make sure to select the appropriate version (low-rise or no-rise) and clamp size to fit your bike.

5. Sunlite Northroad Handlebars

Sunlite Northroad Handlebar
Sunlite Northroad Handlebar

The Sunlite Northroad Handlebars are a top choice for those seeking bicycle handlebars that provide an upright riding position. These versatile and comfortable handlebars are ideal for various cycling activities, ensuring excellent control and effortless riding.


The Sunlite Northroad Handlebars are available in aluminum and steel to suit your preferences. The aluminum straight bar version weighs around 430 grams, while the steel option weighs 660 grams. They both have a width of approximately 595mm, ensuring an adequate grip area for enhanced maneuverability.


When it comes to performance, these handlebars are known for their ability to create an upright riding position, making them ideal for a variety of cycling activities. They provide a comfortable grip and adequate hand positions, allowing riders to maintain optimal control and reduce physical strain during long rides.

What Sets Them Apart

Sunlite Northroad Handlebars stand out for their versatility, as they can be utilized on various bike handlebars types, including road bikes and mountain bikes. Their design prioritizes comfort and allows for a more neutral position, ensuring a more enjoyable riding experience.

Recent Updates

Sunlite Northroad Handlebars have recently received some exciting updates to enhance their performance and comfort further. The latest models now feature improved materials and construction, resulting in enhanced durability and longevity.

The handlebars have also undergone ergonomic refinements to provide a more comfortable grip and promote a natural hand position. With their swept-back design, the Sunlite Northroad Handlebars continue to offer a relaxed and upright posture, reducing strain on the back and shoulders.

Its Pros

  • Comfortable upright posture
  • Compatible with various bike handlebars types
  • Adequate hand positions for optimal control
  • Durable construction

Its Cons

  • Limited adjustment options, looks like straight handlebars
  • It might not suit all bike handlebars sizes

Who Should Buy Them

Sunlite Northroad Handlebars would be an excellent choice for cyclists who prioritize comfort and control, particularly those who prefer an upright riding position. They are suitable for different styles of riding and can accommodate a wide range of bicycles, making them a versatile investment.

Where to Buy Them

Sunlite Northroad Handlebars can be purchased from the official Sunlite website or through a variety of third-party retailers, both online, like Amazon, and at physical stores. By shopping around, you can easily find the best price and get the ideal handlebars for your needs.

Exploring the Impact on Riding Performance

Swept-back bars offer a comfortable riding position and can positively impact your overall riding performance. Let's delve into how they can enhance stability, maneuverability, and control on your cycling adventures.

Stability in All Terrains

One of the key benefits of swept-back bars is improved stability, especially when tackling various terrains. The wider grip and swept-back design provide a broader base, allowing for better balance and control.

Whether you're riding on smooth pavement, rough trails, or gravel paths, these handlebars offer enhanced stability, helping you stay in control even on bumpy surfaces.

Improved Maneuverability and Responsiveness

Swept-back bars can also enhance your bike's maneuverability and responsiveness. The ergonomic design brings the handlebars closer to your body, reducing the strain on your arms and shoulders.

This closer grip enables quick and precise steering, allowing you to navigate through tight spaces, make sharp turns, and easily maneuver in urban environments. You'll experience a newfound nimbleness in your rides, making cycling more enjoyable and effortless.

Aiding Control in Different Riding Situations

Whether you're cruising along winding roads or tackling challenging descents, swept-back handlebars offer improved control over your bike. The relaxed and upright riding position they encourage allows you to distribute your weight more evenly, enhancing stability during descents and cornering.

You'll feel more confident and in command of your bike, allowing you to push your limits and explore new routes easily.

Quantifying the Performance Boost

While the impact of swept-back bars on riding performance may vary from rider to rider, numerous cyclists have reported positive experiences. Various factors can be considered to quantify these performance boosts:

Handling Different Terrains

Conduct experiments or gather data comparing handling characteristics on different terrains like pavement, dirt trails, and gravel. Measure and compare factors like stability, comfort, and ease of maneuvering to showcase the advantages of swept-back bars.

Wind Resistance

Investigate the potential impact of these handlebars on wind resistance. Compare data on wind tunnel tests or conduct real-world experiments to assess any aerodynamic benefits, especially at higher speeds.

Speed and Efficiency

Gather data on the speed and efficiency of riders using swept-back bars versus other bike handlebar types. Consider variables such as average speed, energy expenditure, and overall riding efficiency to determine any potential performance improvements.