Diamondback Atroz 3 Review | PedalChef

Key Takeaways

  • The Atroz 3 has a comfortable ride, solid handling, and a stable frame and suspension.
  • Simple shifters and capable tires will handle most any track, including uphill and downhill.
  • If you can get past the geometry and styling, this is a solid contender at this price point.

Riders who want the thrill of a downhill run or the beauty of a scenic trail ride want the best combination of value, features, and power.

The Diamondback Atroz 3 provides a balanced approach to all three of these qualities, but never completely distinguishes itself from the crowd. It has some solid features, but leaves much to be desired versus its more expensive and specialized rivals.

We’ve taken a close look at this bike’s wins, where it stands to improve, and where you might be better off with a different machine.



Where to Buy the Diamondback Atrox 3

The Diamondback Atroz 3 costs $1,950. You can purchase it from the following retailers:

A Brief History of Diamondback Bicycles

Diamondback was originally created in 1977 as a BMX (bicycle motocross) brand, which soon absorbed product lines in mountain bikes and road bikes as well. Its reputation with competitive motocross and competitive mountain bikers led to several sponsorship opportunities, solidifying its position as a contender in the market.

Ownership of Diamondback has changed hands several times since 1999, and it remains an active partner with numerous bike-related clubs, organizations, and advocacy groups.

Diamondback Atroz 3 Review

Diamondback Atroz 3 Specs and Geometry

Let’s get this out of the way first: the geometry on the Atroz 3 is slightly outdated when compared with other more premium models in the lineup. That being said, it’s not too bad if you’re looking for a great entry-level mountain bike, and can still provide an enjoyable ride.

Another possible negative with the Atroz 3 is that, to some riders, it might not be the best-looking bike. That being said, we understand that looks are subjective. Some bikes are designed for aesthetics while others are designed for function, and the Atroz 3 is definitely designed for function. Whether it’s the lines, the structure, or even the color, don’t let the look of a bike turn you away when the technology and ride quality more than make up for it.

Now, on to the good news - and we’re pleased to say that there’s plenty of good news to go around.

The fork has a good amount of travel for riders, which is a very good thing. Travel in the suspension lets the bike adjust itself vertically over bumps and rough terrain, absorbing the shock of a heavy landing or uneven ground. With 130 millimeters of travel, you can tackle anything Mother Nature throws at you.

The lower fork guard might be a little noisy, but again, don’t let that stop you from purchasing this solid contender. Taken on balance, the Atroz 3 has plenty of pluses that make up for minor flaws.

Depending on the size and type of model you choose, this bike comes with a 9-speed or 12-speed drivetrain. This more simplified shift scheme takes away a slight edge of control on tricky tracks, but this approach makes the Atroz 3 more accessible to riders who want to take advantage of everything mountain and trail riding has to offer.

Diamondback Atroz 3 Build Quality

The Diamondback Atroz 3 comes in three size variations: small, medium, and large. No matter what size or gender, you can choose the bike that’s right for you and hit the trail in style.

This bike comes with a frame constructed from aluminum. This is a great alternative to a heavier, clunkier steel frame. The lighter-weight makes it easier to carry this bike to the trailhead, and you won’t have to worry about the bike toppling over too easily if you lose your center of gravity.

It also comes built with a single-pivot frame. This is another plus for most riders, especially novice riders. The key benefits of a single-pivot frame are that the suspension is more linear; multiple pivot angles are tougher to manage and can make handling more difficult. It’s also easier to maintain, since you only have one pivot point to tune and make tweaks to.

FYI, you may see the term “progressive” or “linear” in conjunction with a single-pivot frame. These mean the same thing.

The Atroz 3 is a full suspension bike. This is different from another popular style of bike, the hardtail. Whereas the rear frame elements of a hardtail are steady and do not move, the full-suspension approach allows the back end to move with you as you go. The benefits to this are a smoother ride, and easier control for less experienced bikers.

Returning to the drivetrain, the shifter operates on a single-ring model. This makes sense given the smaller number of speeds available with the shifter, but this also contributes to a smoother shifting process and easier maintenance over time.

The Atrox 3 also boasts hydraulic disc brakes. This is a solid choice for mountain bikes, since they are generally more reliable and hold up better over time versus other alternatives. Brakes are a place where you do not want to skip on quality, and the Atroz’s brakes hold up under severe punishment, even on downhill grades.

The wider 2.75 inch tires may leave something to be desired for more discerning riders, but they don’t leave the rider hanging over rocky terrain. They can handle paved roads and gravel tracks with ease.

Diamondback Atroz 3 Handling

The full-suspension approach makes the Atroz 3 lively in all the best ways. You can choose your line with confidence, knowing the bike will respond to any change with precision and stability.

Another great hallmark of this bike is its ability to offer a long-lasting ride. Some bikes are better on shorter treks, while long distances really start to show the wear on the drivetrain or a distinct decline in ride comfort. The Atroz 3 doesn’t suffer from these setbacks; numerous tests show that long-distance rides are not a problem for this bike.

Its versatility and cross-terrain abilities also mean that it handles well on multiple types of surfaces. It functions perfectly well as a road-going bike, which allows for great warmups in between hardier adventures, while still delivering awesome performance on trails and tracks.

Diamondback Atroz 3 Ride Quality and Performance

The suspension is not as highly specialized as some models, but most riders won’t notice this very slight decrease in quality. It keeps riders upright and steady from start to finish.

The outdated geometry does mean that the climbing position on the Atroz 3 is a little awkward. Various aspects of the construction and layout, including the slack seat tube angle, stack height, and reach mean that it can be difficult to ascend comfortably. Furthermore, walking the bike uphill is also a challenge.

That being said, it does respond quickly if the fit does not bother you. Simple gear shifts, solid tires, and a lighter frame all add up to a speedy uphill trek that gets you where you need to go quickly and smoothly.

And when you do get there, remember the old adage, “what goes up must come down.” And the downhill spans is where the Atroz 3 really shines. Everything that makes this a great bike on the trail is magnified heading downhill. It can keep up with the competition without breaking a sweat.

Another quick note related to the ride quality and comfort of the Atroz 3: the seat post is adjustable, which is not always an option with mountain or trail bikes. This can help overcome or compensate for the shortcomings in geometry, and provides an extra layer of customization without having to purchase additional materials or add-ons.

Diamondback Atroz 3 Pros and Cons

Diamondback Atroz 3 Pros

The Atrox 3 comes at an affordable price point for riders who want a solid mountain or trail bike. Granted, a price tag of nearly $2,000 is nothing to sneeze at, but when compared to models that can cost nearly twice as much, this bike brings the heat without breaking the bank.

It does boast a versatile construction that allows for a comfortable and stable ride on different surfaces and tracks. Plus, the lightweight aluminum frame is better than steel alternatives.

The shifter has fewer speeds than other premium bikes, but 12 speeds is plenty to get you where you need to go.

The travel and suspension on this bike makes for a lively ride. Full suspension gives greater comfort and security to riders who are just starting out with trail riding, and the travel will absorb most shocks with ease.

And an adjustable seat is a small victory for many riders, so we won’t forget about that.

  • Accessible price point
  • Versatile construction
  • Simple shifter
  • Lively travel
  • Full suspension
  • Adjustable seat height

Diamondback Atroz 3 Cons

Two of the biggest cons are the outdated geometry and styling. These may not seem like a big deal to a novice, but if you’ve spent significant amounts of time in the saddle you know what a difference these can make.

As a bike that is built for multiple types of terrain, it naturally falls into the trap of lacking specialization. If you’re looking for a bespoke mountain bike that will really hold up against punishing rides, you may want to look elsewhere (but remember that it will cost you).

Also, depending on your knowledge of tires and wheelbases, you may find something to be desired in the Atroz 3’s standard tires.

  • Awkward geometry
  • Potentially problematic styling
  • Lack of specialization
  • Tires could be improved upon