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Key Takeaways

  • Charity cycling events can significantly support and raise awareness for various causes.
  • Participants fundraise and contribute to the success of these events.
  • Community involvement and solidarity are central to the impact of charity rides.

Cycling for charity isn't just about the ride; it's a journey of the heart.

Did you know that events on two wheels can drive change in mammoth ways?

Well, they can, and they do!

Charity cycling events have become powerful platforms for supporting causes, raising an impressive amount of funds and awareness.

Tackling routes for research, pedaling for peace—it's all part of the ride.

You're not just a spectator on the sidelines; you're part of a movement.

These charity cycles aren't mere leisurely pursuits.

They're beacons of hope on the road, highlighting the strength of community and the power of collective action.

Trust me, your participation does more than just help the cause—it inspires others and fuels progress.



Tour de Cure (USA)

Have you ever wanted to make a difference while enjoying a scenic bike ride?

The Tour de Cure is your chance to do just that!

Organized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), it's not just a cycling event—it's a day packed with emotion, support, and incredible stories.

Why ride?

Simply put, every pedal stroke takes us closer to a cure for diabetes.

Whether you're an occasional rider or an experienced cyclist, there's a route just for you.

Plus, you're in good company; more than 6,000 cyclists nation-wide join forces in this stellar event.

What's the impact?

Since its inception back in 1991, the Tour de Cure has raised millions to fund diabetes research, education, and advocacy initiatives.

Imagine this: thousands of riders gathered, each with a shared vision—fighting diabetes.

  • Want to join? Easy. Registering is a breeze, and you can start or join a team.
  • Feel like a hero? You are one, especially if you're living with diabetes. The Living Red initiative shines a spotlight on you, the Red Riders, and offers heaps of support.

2024 marks another chance to be part of this movement.

Did you know the Finger Lakes Region will host the event on June 8, 2024?

And fundraising doesn't stop at the finish line—it continues right through to July 8, 2024.

So, snag your helmet and join the ride.

You're not just working those leg muscles; you're also fueling hope for millions.

Ready to be the change?

Grab your bike and see you at the Tour de Cure!

Ride to Conquer Cancer (Canada)

Ever dreamed of cycling for a cause?

Here's your chance!

The Ride to Conquer Cancer sweeps you up in an epic journey that's not just about pedaling — it's about saving lives.

Think you've got what it takes to tackle the road and make a real difference?

Get your bike ready!

Imagine cruising along picturesque routes with hundreds of others sharing your passion.

Pick a route that matches your stamina, be it a 1-day ride or the more enduring 2-day journey.

E-bikes are welcome, so don’t sweat if you’re craving a little electric push.

2025's Ride dates are marked for June 7-8, so circle those days in vibrant neon on your calendar.

If you’re worried about hitting that start line alone, fear not!

You'll have the Ride Team as your personal cheerleaders, guiding you through training and fundraising.

The Ride isn’t just about the thrill; it’s a powerhouse charity drive that’s smashed records in 2024 by fundraising an incredible $20.6 million!

Your participation brings hope as every pedal push adds to a phenomenal $300 million raised to date.

Here's the rundown:

  • Event Dates: June 7-8, 2025
  • Start Time: Opening Ceremonies at 8:00 a.m.
  • Fundraising Minimums: $2,000 for 1-day routes, $2,500 for 2-day routes

Don't just ride, ride for a cause.

Can you help us surpass last year’s monumental achievement?

Your energy and enthusiasm could be the key to the next breakthrough in cancer research.

Grab your helmet, and let's make history together!

Climate Ride (USA)

Ever pedaled a bike for a good cause?

If you haven't, you might want to check out Climate Ride.

This incredible event intertwines the joy of cycling with the serious business of supporting environmental causes.

Trust me, it's not just a bike ride—it's a rolling conservation effort!

Ready for some stats that'll knock your socks off?

Since its inception, over 7,000 participants have biked, ran, and hiked a whopping over one million miles with Climate Ride.

Amazing, right?

They didn’t just exercise; they raised funds and awareness, reaching hundreds of thousands of people.

Now, let’s talk about your next adventure.

Imagine yourself cycling through stunning landscapes while contributing to a healthier planet.

Each year, Climate Ride organizes several events in breathtaking locations that speak straight to the nature lover in you.

For instance, check out the 2024 California North Coast Ride scheduled for May 5-9.

Or maybe the Glacier Hike experience in July is more your speed?

What's really cool is if those dates don't work for you, there's an option they call the Independent Challenges.

You can design your own event—bike, hike, whatever moves you—any day you like!

So, ready to ride for greenery and scenery?

Climate Ride isn't just a charity event; it's a statement.

Every pedal you push supports causes like sustainability and active transportation.

Plus, it's a blast—tail winds guaranteed (okay, not really, but one can hope)!

"Can my cycling really help the planet?" Absolutely!

Get on that saddle, challenge yourself, and become part of the collective impact.

You've got the power (literally) at your feet!

Great Cycle Challenge (USA)

Have you ever thought about how your love for cycling could also kick cancer's butt?

That's where the Great Cycle Challenge USA steps in!

Starting in 2015, this phenomenal event sweeps across the nation every September, turning pedal power into a formidable force against childhood cancer.

What's it all about?

You, setting a personal riding goal to tackle during the month—no matter your age or ability.

And the best part?

You're riding with a purpose.

Every mile you cover helps raise funds for the Children's Cancer Research Fund (CCRF), which is on a mission to find a cure for childhood cancer.

Ready to join in?

Here's how it works:

  1. Register for free and set your mileage goal for the month.
  2. Ride at your pace, whenever and wherever you choose.
  3. Raise funds and awareness, sharing your journey with everyone you know.

Curious about the impact?

Since its inception, the Great Cycle Challenge has grown into one of the largest cycling events in the United States.

Participants from every corner of the country come together, united by a common goal: end childhood cancer.

In a previous GCC event, the collective effort was astonishing, with funds surpassing $63 million.

Every push of the pedal by riders like Guillermo Pous Fernández and countless others directly supports lifesaving research and treatments for little warriors fighting cancer.

Isn't it incredible how your cycling hobby can transform lives?

Dust off your bike, set a personal goal for this June, and be part of something that’s not just a challenge but a beacon of hope.

Ready to make your miles mean more?

Chefs Cycle (USA)

Have you ever imagined donning your cycling shorts for a good cause?

With Chefs Cycle, you can do just that—while hanging out with some of the finest culinary talents around!

This isn't just any charity ride; it's a triple-day, 300-mile pedal-powered crusade against childhood hunger in America, in support of the awesome No Kid Hungry campaign.

Event Details:

  • Distance: 300 miles
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Next Event: May 6-9, 2024
  • Fundraising Goal: Set minimums to be met by June 21, 2024
  • Registration Fee: $100 (contributes towards fundraising)

Why should you care?

Well, besides the stunning views along California's north coast, you'll be riding with a purpose.

Since 2015, industry professionals have come together annually for this event, raising money and championing the battle against childhood hunger.

Did You Know?

These culinary wizards aren’t just about what’s on the plate; they work hard off duty too!

By partnering with No Kid Hungry, they've made a tangible impact, and your participation helps to ensure no child in America is left behind on the count of an empty stomach.

Are you ready to tackle both the physical challenges and the fundraising?

Remember, the $100 registration fee is just the beginning.

The Chefs Cycle team offers loads of support, from fundraising strategies to event-based guidance.

And let's be real, who wouldn't want to brag about completing a 300-mile ride?

Grab your bike, and let's get those wheels spinning for a hunger-free future!

Tour de Pink (USA)

Have you ever considered cycling for a cause?

If so, the Tour de Pink might just be the perfect opportunity for you to pedal with purpose.

This isn't your average bike ride – it's a dynamic event filled with inspiration and hope, organized by the Young Survival Coalition (YSC).

Why is Tour de Pink a standout among charity events?

Well, for starters, the event brings together individuals from all walks of life to support young women who are navigating the challenges of breast cancer.

Whether you're a newbie on two wheels or a seasoned pro, Tour de Pink welcomes you with open arms.

This fully-supported charity bike ride has made significant strides in supporting breast cancer research and advocacy.

It stands apart as a beacon of community, strength, and resilience.

Not just focused on fundraising, Tour de Pink also uplifts the human spirit, fostering connections among participants bonded by a common cause.

Here are some quick facts about Tour de Pink:

  • Purpose: Fundraising for breast cancer support and research.
  • Sponsor: Young Survival Coalition.
  • Participants: Open to all skill levels.
  • Experience: From novices to experienced cyclists.

Expect to find yourself surrounded by breathtaking scenery, the company of passionate riders, and a sense of accomplishment only a cause-based community event like this can provide.

So why not clip in your shoes, saddle up, and ride towards making a real difference in the fight against breast cancer?

With your participation, we're not just covering miles; we're journeying towards hope and recovery—one pedal stroke at a time.

Bike MS (USA)

Ever wanted to hit the road for a good cause?

Bike MS might just be your jam!

This isn't just any cycling event; it's a series of rides backed by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society happening all across the USA.

Imagine pedaling with purpose through scenic routes and making a real difference while you're at it.

Sounds amazing, right?

Here's the lowdown: Bike MS events vary in distance, from leisurely 15-mile jaunts to challenging 150-mile treks.

Whether you're a casual rider or a seasoned cyclist, there's a place for you.

What's more exciting?

You'll be part of a community that has raised a staggering $1.4 billion to help kick MS to the curb!

You don't ride solo either; world-class support is at your service both on and off the road.

Plus, the easy-to-use fundraising tools mean you can focus on the ride, not the paperwork.

Wanna know what's cool?

Each event is one-of-a-kind.

From the coastal towns of New England to the vibrant streets of New York City, and perhaps the biggest of them all, the BP MS 150 from Houston to Austin, Texas.

You've got 100 rides to choose from nationwide!

And at the end of the day, it's all about the impact.

You're riding for a world free from MS, and with every push of the pedal, you're making that future a bit brighter.

So, why not gear up, get out there, and pedal for a cause that's changing lives?

Your heart—and your bike—will thank you for it!

Pedal the Cause (USA)

Ever heard of Pedal the Cause?

It's not just any cycling event—it's a powerful movement on wheels!

Imagine every pedal stroke pushing us closer to a world without cancer.

Founded in 2010, this annual cycling challenge isn't all sweat and gears; it's a beacon of hope that has enabled an incredible $45 million in donations.

Who benefits, you ask?

The proceeds are a game-changer for Siteman Cancer Center and Siteman Kids at St.

Louis Children's Hospital.

The best part?

Every single dime of public donations powers an impressive 223 cancer research projects.

That's right, 100% of what you donate fuels the quest to outsmart cancer.

Check out these figures:

  • Over $45 million raised since 2010
  • 223 research projects funded
  • 100% of public donations go directly to research

Feel the camaraderie as you ride through scenic routes, and who knows, your calf muscles might just be the secret heroes in this story!

The events cater to all—from casual riders to seasoned cyclers.

Plus, it's not only a ride; it's a full-scale community fundraiser.

You're not just joining a ride; you're pedaling purposefully in the tire tracks of countless others who believe in a cancer-free future.

Remember, every event is more than just a ride; it's a stride towards ending cancer.

Will you gear up and be part of this noble wheel revolution?

Keep an eye on the calendar for the next journey on two wheels that could truly make a life-saving difference!

Tour de Cure (Australia)

Ever ridden your bike for a good cause?

Well, if you haven’t yet, you might want to hear about Australia’s Tour de Cure.

This fantastic cycling event isn't just about the rush of wind through your helmet and the views.

You get to pedal power your way into making a real change by supporting cancer research, support, and prevention programs.

Isn’t that something!

Imagine this: three full days of cycling through some stunning landscapes, meeting incredible folks, all while knowing you’re part of something bigger than the next hill climb.

The VIC Discovery Tour 2024, for instance, stretches from 17 to 20 November.

You’d be riding not just anywhere, but in support of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute.

How cool to know your sweat is backing such crucial work!

Now, talking about doubling the impact, Tour de Cure has come up with an inspiring way to boost your effort.

Every donation you inspire, up to $100,000, gets doubled!

Can you believe that your $50 could magically grow into $100?

What better way to motivate you to garner support!

Listed below are some quick facts to get you up to speed:

  • Founded: The Tour de Cure began its journey in Frenchs Forest, Sydney.
  • Events: Includes the multifaceted Signature Tour, with options like a 2-day or a grand 10-day ride.
  • Funds Raised: They’ve been at it since at least 2016, racking up nearly $25 million by then for cancer research.

Did you know that the Signature Tour 2024 will flag off in Hobart, Tasmania, and cross the finish line in Adelaide, South Australia?

Whether you’re up for a 2-day sprint or the 10-day marathon, your ride will contribute to life-saving cancer research at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

So, why not gear up for a challenge that rewards your body, spirit, and the community?

Clip in your cleats for the Tour de Cure and spin some real change!

Cycle for Survival (USA)

Have you heard of Cycle for Survival?

It's not just any cycling event; it's a movement with heart-pumping energy dedicated to fighting rare cancers.

Imagine saddling up on a stationary bike, surrounded by a team of enthusiastic riders, all pedaling for a powerful cause.

Here's what makes it special:

  • 100% of funds raised go directly to pioneering research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK).
  • Since its inception in 2007, Cycle for Survival has been a beacon of hope, raising over $320 million.
  • It’s not just local; it’s global. Riders from around the world join forces, making a substantial impact on cancer research.

What does it look like?

Picture this: Teams come together in various locations across the country, cheered on by energetic instructors from founding partner Equinox.

You're not just riding; you're part of a larger tapestry, weaving together strength and optimism.

The impact?

Researchers at MSK use these funds to delve into over 400 types of rare cancers, with patients worldwide reaping the benefits.

Fun fact: Did you know that the participants include a vibrant community of patients, survivors, caregivers, and even staff from MSK?

Yes, it's truly an inclusive event where everyone's on the same team.

And guess what? 2024’s events just wrapped up, and they’re already gearing up for 2025.

Think about it.

Could you be joining the ranks next year, cycling for change?