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Key Takeaways

  • Innovative designs merge style with advanced safety.
  • Next-gen features enhance comfort, fit, and visibility.
  • Trusted brands provide cutting-edge helmet technology.

Ever seen brain buckets that make safety look sleek?

Cycling isn't just about pedaling; it's about doing it in style and, most importantly, safely.

Upgrading your ride with a cool helmet can inspire envy and ensure top-notch head protection.

You want the best for your noggin, and we’ve scoured the latest releases to bring you helmets that combine high-tech safety features with jaw-dropping aesthetics.

Rely on us to guide you through the picks that stand out in a sea of standard helmets, be it for your daily commute or your adrenaline-fueled mountain descents.



Hövding 3

Ever wished for a bike helmet that doesn't mess with your hairdo but still promises safety?

Meet the Hövding 3, not your run-of-the-mill helmet, but an airbag for cyclists!

Why call it an airbag?

Well, because it literally is.

You wear this gadget around your neck like a collar, and should things go sideways—boom—it deploys an airbag that envelops your noggin'.

Picture this: the wind in your hair, enjoying the view, all while being backed by a high-tech bodyguard for your head.

Cool features you should know:

  • Adjustability: It's equipped with a Boa dial, making fitment a breeze, even though it only comes in one size.
  • Weight: Sure, it's a tad heavier at around 840 grams, but it's all for that superior protection.
  • Material: The cover? Sleek, waterproof, and dirt-repellent.

And get this: it's not just fancy tech.

The Hövding 3 boasts a stellar safety rating, outperforming traditional helmets in independent tests.

We're talking about a 4.5-star protection rating from Certimoov.

How does it know when to work its magic?

The built-in algorithm monitors your movements 200 times per second.

That's right, it's like having a guardian angel focusing on you and only you.

So, are you ready to embrace this blend of style, comfort, and top-notch safety?

The Hövding 3 might just be the game-changer you're looking for in the urban cycling landscape.

No bulky helmet, just revolutionary protection that's there when you need it.

Now, isn't that something?

Lumos Ultra

Hey there, have you seen the Lumos Ultra helmet?

It's not just any helmet; it's like the Swiss Army knife for urban cyclists like you!

Picture this: a helmet that not only protects your noggin but also lights up the road and signals your moves to everyone around—which, let's be honest, is pretty darn cool.

Features at a Glance:

  • Visibility: 30 white LEDs upfront and 64 red/amber LEDs in the back
  • Smart Connectivity: Handlebar remote and smartphone app for control
  • Safety Certifications: Meets CPSC, EN1078, ASTM F1447 requirements
  • Battery Life: Between a handy 4 to 10 hours on a single USB-C charge

Ever worried about getting lost in the crowd?

The Lumos Ultra has got your back, and front!

The front panel is like a lighthouse on your head with 30 white LEDs, and the back is your own personal billboard with 64 red/amber LEDs.

It's not just about being seen; the Lumos Ultra lets you signal your intentions to turn with those snazzy LEDs, so drivers and cyclists alike know what you're up to.

If you're all about tech and control, you'll love the handlebar remote.

No more awkward hand signalling!

Or, if you like to keep it high-tech, control those lights with your smartphone.

And don't stress about getting caught in the rain or the battery dying mid-commute; the Ultra is water-resistant and sports a USB-C charging port that offers you a solid 4 to 10 hours of shine time.

Worried about safety standards?

You'll be pleased to know the Lumos Ultra checks off all the essential boxes like CPSC and EN1078.

And for those of you looking for that extra peace of mind, there's a version with MIPS for enhanced protection.

Ready to join the smart cycling revolution?

Take your pick between the standard version or boost your safety with MIPS technology, with prices starting at $199.95.

So, next time you gear up for a ride, wouldn't it be great to have a helmet that's looking out for your safety and making you the coolest rider on the block?

Grab a Lumos Ultra; it's a bright idea!

Closca Helmet Loop

Have you ever wished for a bike helmet that doesn't take up the whole backpack?

Let's chat about the Closca Helmet Loop.

This isn't your ordinary helmet; it's a game-changer in the world of urban cycling.

Why is it cool, you ask?

It's all about that space-saving design.

With the ability to reduce its volume by nearly 50%, this helmet doesn't just fold; it collapses elegantly to half its size.

Imagine the ease of slipping it alongside your laptop or sandwich without a second thought.

  • Storage: Effortlessly stows in your bag
  • Design: Sleek, minimalist, and ready to match your city vibe
  • Volume Reduction: Downscales by 50% in one quick second

The safety isn't compromised for style—absolutely not!

The Closca Helmet Loop proudly meets the rigorous double safety certification standards of CPSC and EN1078.

That's peace of mind right there.

Now, let’s talk numbers to give you the full picture:

  • Price points: From $70 on a deal to $100 standard
  • Weight: You'd barely feel the ~495g on your head

And can we take a moment to appreciate that it doesn't scream "tourist" with its understated look?

You'll blend right in with the local pedaling crowd.

Are you ready to join the trend of smart, compact, and safe bike helmets?

Like many before you, see what the fuss is about with Closca Helmet Loop and make your bike trips a little less bulky and a whole lot cooler.

Coros SafeSound

Ever thought your bike helmet could do more than just protect your noggin?

Let's talk about the Coros SafeSound—not your average lid!

It's like the Swiss Army knife of helmets for you cyclists who crave tunes and tech on the trail or tarmac.

First off, ever had that moment where your earbuds block out the world, and you miss the honking horn or chirping birds?

The SafeSound sorts you out with bone conduction audio.

Yup, you hear your music and the world around you.

Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

And we're not done—safety's a big deal, right?

This clever helmet boasts an SOS emergency alert system.

If you take a tumble, it alerts your emergency contacts.

No false alarms, just peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

But wait, there's more:

  • Bluetooth Headphones: Who needs wires?
  • Tail Light: Be seen, be safe, right?
  • Fit and Design: Sleek look with sizes from small to large and a handy dial adjuster for that just-right fit.

Weights are friendly on your neck too:

  • Small/Medium: 11.3 ounces
  • Large: 12 ounces

Charging ain't a day-long affair:

  • Full USB charge in just 2.5 hours

Checking those boxes for safety standards isn't just a formality—it meets EN-1078 and CPSC, so you're covered whichever side of the pond you're riding on.

With a Coros SafeSound helmet, you're not just wearing a helmet, you're gearing up for an experience—smart, safe, and sound.

So, why settle for less when you can ride smart and stay tuned in?

POC Ventral Air Spin

Have you ever zipped through the breeze on your bike and thought, "Could my helmet be comfier and cooler?" Let's chat about the POC Ventral Air Spin.

Picture this: it's a hot day, you're tackling those steep hills and yet, your head feels like it's got its own personal AC.

Welcome the sweatiest of rides with open arms because this helmet has, not 10, not 15, but 19 strategically placed vents.

Say goodbye to your hot head woes!

  • Weight: Holds up impressively on the scales at just 267g for a medium size.
  • Price: Goes for $250 without NFC, with an extra $25 if you opt for the NFC-enabled version.

What's cool about it, you ask?

We’re talking cutting-edge aerodynamics that don't compromise on making sure your noggin stays nice and chilled.

Plus, if safety's your jam, the SPIN technology in this helmet is the cherry on top.

It's all about absorbing that shock and reducing the rotational forces that could do a number on you during a tumble.

Safety first, am I right?

Key Features:

  • Lightweight design
  • Advanced SPIN technology
  • 19 ventilation holes
  • Aerodynamic efficiency
  • Comfortable fit with ergonomic straps

You might even forget you're wearing it, thanks to the ergonomic straps and those little bridges sitting snug under your ears, avoiding any awkward pressure points.

So whether you're up against long mountain passes, or just want to ride without turning into a sweaty mess, this Swedish brand doesn't mess around when it comes to top-notch helmets.

Your ride companions might just get a little helmet envy.

Go ahead, make them wish they were as cool-headed as you!

Giro Aether MIPS

Ever zoomed down a road and felt the wind rushing past your ears?

That's the thrill of cycling, but safety comes first!

Have you heard about the Giro Aether MIPS helmet?

This piece of gear might just be your new best friend on those exhilarating rides.

First off, MIPS Spherical technology—sounds fancy, right?

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System.

It's the brain-saver technology that helps protect your noggin by reducing rotational forces during an impact.

The Aether uses a unique spherical design, giving you that cutting-edge protection wrapped up in a stylish package.

Now, let's talk breathability and comfort.

The Aether is renowned for its superior ventilation, sporting 11 vents that channel the breeze right where you need it.

Even on the hottest days, your head stays cool, helping you focus on the ride.

Interested in the weight?

It's lighter than a can of soda, listed at 250g and measured at 265g for a size medium.

Wearing this helmet, you'll hardly notice it's there!

Of course, it's got the adjustments to make it fit just so.

It uses the Roc Loc 5+ Air fit system, allowing for fine-tuning to get that snug and comfy fit.

And we like looking good without compromising safety, don't we?

The major catch?

It's the price tag.

Starting at US$325 or around that handsome sum elsewhere, it's not pocket change.

But can you really put a price on innovative safety and comfort?

Here's the quick scoop:

  • Weight: 250g (claimed), 265g (actual, medium)
  • Ventilation: 11 vents
  • Fit System: Roc Loc 5+ Air
  • Safety Tech: MIPS Spherical
  • Price: Starting at US$325

Just imagine suiting up for your next ride; you could have the peace of mind that comes with strapping on the Giro Aether MIPS.

Stay cool, look sharp, and ride with confidence!

Kask Valegro

Have you ever wanted a helmet that feels like it's barely there?

Meet the Kask Valegro.

It's like the featherweight champion of bike helmets!

It has a certain low profile charm, and its claim to fame is being ultra-light and super ventilated.

Are you looking for a little breeze on those hot climbs?

The Valegro's got your back—and your head, of course!

What makes this helmet a cool contender?

  • Ventilation Galore: The design features an impressive number of vents to keep you feeling fresh.
  • Low Weight: You'll hardly notice it's there, which is incredible considering the protection it offers.
  • Adjustability: With the Octo Fit retention system, you can dial in the perfect fit, a real noggin hugger.
  • Comfort: Soft eco-leather chinstrap and antimicrobial padding? Yes, please!

But here's the twist: It's not just about feeling the wind in your hair (well, around your head).

The Valegro also comes with a high degree of adjustability.

Thanks to the Octo Fit system, you get a helmet that can be tweaked to fit various head shapes and sizes.

Who knew a dial could bring so much joy?

While it's all sunshine and cool breezes, remember to try before you buy—comfort is subjective, and those narrow pads might not be everyone's cup of tea.

But if they fit you just right, you're in for a treat.

So, why not add a bit of this lightweight, well-ventilated charm to your next ride?

Your head will thank you, and let's be honest, keeping cool never looked so good!

Smith Trace

Hey there, bike enthusiast!

Have you checked out the Smith Trace helmet yet?

This is not your ordinary cycling helmet.

Let's dive into what makes it stand out.

First things first—safety, right?

The Smith Trace is packed with impressive safety technology to keep your noggin protected.

At the heart of its design is Koroyd technology.

This honeycomb-like structure crushes uniformly on impact, offering superior energy absorption.

Plus, it doesn't compromise on ventilation either; you get full airflow to keep your head cool during those tough rides.

Think of it like your personal crumple zone that doesn't cramp your style!

Here's more good news: the Trace also comes equipped with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System).

This little marvel allows the helmet to rotate slightly during an angled impact, reducing the risk of brain injury.

It's like having an extra defense against the unpredictable.

And don't you just hate it when there’s nowhere to stash your shades?

The Trace has you covered with its integrated eyewear storage.

Simply pop your glasses into the helmet when you don't need them.

No more stopping to tuck them into your shirt!

To sweeten the deal, here are some quick stats to impress your riding buddies:

  • Weight: Just about 280 grams; that's pretty lightweight, wouldn't you say?
  • Vents: 18 of them to keep the breeze flowing.
  • Fit System: VaporFit for a custom snugness.
  • Price: Sitting at around $250 — a reflection of premium features and quality.

Whether you're all about a leisurely pedal or pushing the pace, the Smith Trace is tailored for the discerning cyclist who values safety and comfort without skimping on style.

Who knew a helmet could tick so many boxes without weighing you down?

Thousand Chapter MIPS

Ever breezed through the city and thought about how you could level up your helmet game?

The Thousand Chapter MIPS helmet is that next level.

Why, you ask?

Well, it's not just a helmet; it's a statement—a perfect mix of old-school charm and top-notch safety that's bound to turn heads.

You've got MIPS technology built right in, which is like having an extra brain guard.

It's all about reducing the rotational motion transferred to your noggin during a spill.

And let's be real, who wouldn't want that?

Now, imagine cruising as the sun sets – the Thousand Chapter has got you covered with integrated lights.

That's right, no more fumbling with clip-ons because your helmet will light the way, literally!

  • Weight: Feels-good range of 360g (Small), 370g (Medium), and a solid 410g (Large).
  • Ventilation: 8 vents that are all about keeping you cool without compromising that slick look.
  • Price Tag: $135 – a price that's pretty friendly for marrying style with peace-of-mind.
  • Warranty: A reassuring 1-year limited warranty, plus, they've got an accident replacement policy. Ouch happens, but they've got your back!

In a nutshell, this helmet isn't just a brain bucket—it’s your urban crown.

The extra safety features don't inflate the price or your head.

It’s like they know what you want before you do.

Go ahead, light up your ride and keep that clever head safe – all while looking cooler than a polar bear on a snowboard.

Bontrager WaveCel

Ever caught yourself wondering what makes a bike helmet cool and, dare I say, a lifesaver?

Well, let me drop some helmet wisdom on you!

Have you heard of WaveCel?

It's like the superhero of helmet technology.

So, what's the big deal with Bontrager WaveCel helmets?

Picture this: a regular foam helmet, now amp it up to innovative, crumple-zone tech that's been designed to absorb the shock of impacts.

That's WaveCel for you—a fancy mesh material that’s a game-changer in your cycling gear.

Here's a scoop on a few WaveCel helmets:

  • Bontrager Specter WaveCel Helmet: It's stylish, nifty, and if you take cycling seriously, it's got your name written all over it.
  • Bontrager XXX WaveCel Road Helmet: Weighing in at 352 grams for a size medium. It's the top model for those who value aerodynamics and a lighter headgear.

Let’s break it down:

Feature Bontrager Specter WaveCel Bontrager XXX WaveCel Road
Price $149.99 - $79.99 (Sale Price) $300
Weight 341 grams 352 grams
Suitability Serious cycling & commuting Road cycling with an emphasis on aerodynamics

Curious about how they stack up against others?

Smith's Trace helmet is also in the ring, but these Bontrager options are serious contenders.

Now, imagine you're out there, pedaling away—wouldn't you want the best noggin' protection?

You bet!

And don't let the price tag of the Specter WaveCel scare you.

Isn't your head worth it?

Plus, investing in a solid helmet is way cheaper than a trip to the ER, right?

Remember, staying safe doesn't mean you can't be cool.

With a Bontrager WaveCel, you're ticking both boxes.

So, when are you getting yours?