When Do Cervelo Bikes Go On Sale? (Plus Current Deals) | PedalChef

Key Takeaways

  • Cervelo bikes typically go on sale when new bikes are released during the fall as the brand gets rid of its stock from the previous year.
  • The spring/early summer marks the start of the riding season and Cervelo often announces sales on outgoing models and even offers limited discounts on select new models during this time.
  • Major holidays such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday present some of the best deals on Cervelo bikes throughout the entire year.
  • You can find deals from online bike shops all year round and you can come across exclusive offers on Cervelo bikes by signing up for newsletters, checking re-sellers, attending expos and events, and monitoring social media promotions.

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If you're a cycling enthusiast or simply want to get your hands on a high-performance Cervelo bike, make sure to buy one when they go on sale!

The best time to find a great deal on Cervelo bikes is during seasonal sales or when new models are released. This usually happens around the end of the cycling season in fall or when new models are announced, typically during spring or early summer.

As avid cyclists and experts in the biking industry, we ensure that our information is accurate and up to date. From our research and personal experiences, we are confident in providing you with valuable insights about Cervelo bikes' sales and deals. Keep reading to learn more about the best times to buy, exclusive deals, and what to look for in a Cervelo bike!



When Do Cervelo Bikes Go On Sale?

While there isn't a specific time when Cervelo bikes go on sale, you can still find discounted prices and great deals throughout the year.

Fall/Early Winter

One of the best times to look for sales is when new models are introduced. This typically happens in the fall, as retailers aim to clear out old inventory to make room for new arrivals. I recommend keeping an eye on Cervelo's website for announcements regarding new models.

As soon as an announcement is made, head over to Crevelo’s official website to check if they make any updates to their prices. You can find some of the best deals on Cervelo bikes around this time, especially if they have a good amount of stock left over from the riding season.

Spring/Early Summer

The start of the cycling season marks a key time to watch out for deals on Cervelo bikes. Bike manufacturers like Crevelo want to promote their new line-ups while getting rid of whatever stock they have from the previous year.

Generally speaking, bike brands offer some of the best discounts at the start of the riding season on all of their older models. So…if you don’t mind riding a Cervelo bike from the previous year, you can find an amazing price in the spring/early summer.

If you are lucky you may even come across a sale on some of Cervelo’s newest bikes around this time. It’s not uncommon for brands like Cervelo to offer promotional discounts to create a buzz about their latest bikes to get people talking. This is normally a limited-time offer on a select number of bikes, so don’t miss out on this opportunity when it comes around!

Around Major Holidays

Holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas can also offer significant discounts on Cervelo bikes. These sales tend to be more widespread, including discounts on multiple models across various retailers.

Year Round Sales

Checking in with trusted online bike shops like Mike's Bikes and BikeExchange can help you find solid deals all year round. Different retailers may have their own exclusive deals throughout the year, so it's essential to monitor multiple sources for potential discounts.

To stay updated on sales, consider signing up for newsletters from your favorite bike shops and manufacturers. This will ensure you receive notifications about promotions, allowing you to act quickly when the perfect deal arises.

Factors Affecting Cervelo Bike Sales

When looking for deals on Cervelo bikes, there are several factors that can influence their availability and pricing. These factors include seasonal sales, new model launches, and various promotional events. In this section, we'll delve into each of these aspects and discuss their impact on Cervelo bike sales.

Seasonal Sales

Seasonal sales are a common occurrence in the cycling industry, and Cervelo bikes are no exception. As the seasons change, retailers may offer discounts on older inventory to make room for new arrivals.

Most notable are end-of-season sales, which typically occur in the fall or winter months. During this time, you might find Cervelo bikes at discounted prices as retailers clear out their stocks in preparation for the upcoming season.

Alternatively, you might also discover deals during holiday sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These sales events often feature significant price cuts on a variety of bicycles, including Cervelo models.

My advice is to keep an eye on your favorite retailers for any seasonal discounts or promotions, as they can pop up spontaneously.

New Model Launches

Another factor that can affect Cervelo bike pricing is the launch of new models. As manufacturers introduce new and updated bike models, older versions sometimes see a considerable price reduction.

This is because retailers aim to sell off the remaining inventory of previous models to make space for the newly released ones.

For example, when Cervelo introduces a new R Series or S Series bike, the outgoing models might become available at reduced prices. Although these older models may not have the latest features or technologies, they still offer excellent performance and value for money.

So, if you're flexible about riding an older model, keep an eye out for deals as new model launches approach. At the end of the day, Cervelo has built a reputation for designing world-class bikes, which implies that even their older models will deliver top-notch road ride and MTB performance.

Promotional Events

Lastly, various promotional events can lead to price reductions on Cervelo bikes. Sometimes, bike manufacturers or retailers run special promotions that offer discounts or bundled deals on certain models.

These might include events like demo sales, where retailers sell off bikes used for test rides with minor cosmetic blemishes at lower prices. You can often find these deals on websites like The Pro's Closet.

It's also worth checking out events organized by cycling clubs or organizations, where Cervelo and other bike manufacturers might offer test rides, race day support, or exclusive deals for participants.

Current Deals on Cervelo Bikes

Looking for a great deal on Cervelo bikes? You came to the right place.

In this section, we'll cover some exciting discounts from online retailers, local bike shops, and how to find deals on previous model years.

Online Retailers

Several online retailers are currently offering fantastic deals on Cervelo bikes. Online retailers often put their Cervelo bikes on sale throughout the year, regardless of the season.

These are some of the best current deals available for Cervelo bikes from online retailers:

Local Bike Shops

Local bike shops can often provide exceptional deals and personalized service.

A prime example is ERIK'S Bike Shop, which carries a wide range of Cervelo road and gravel bikes.

With a lot of people doing their shopping online these days, it can be easy to overlook some amazing deals on Cervelo bikes happening in your local area right now!

Bike shops offer some amazing deals on Cervelo bikes that may not be advertised online, which is why I highly recommend dropping by to ask about current sales.

Previous Model Years

One way to save big on Cervelo bikes is by seeking out deals on previous model years.

These bikes may have slight changes compared to the current models but can still deliver on performance.

You can regularly find discounted previous models all year round at our mentioned retailers:

Remember to act fast because these deals may not last long and are often subject to availability.

So, with these current deals in mind, don't wait any longer - grab your dream Cervelo bike today!

Tips for Finding the Best Cervelo Bike Deals

Timing is everything when looking for a Cervelo bike deal. You'll want to be aware of sales seasons and clearance events.

Buy in Late Summer/Early Fall

Typically, new bike models arrive in stores around late summer and early fall, which means shops clear out older inventory to make room for new arrivals.

During this period, many retailers offer discounts on previous-year models to sell their remaining inventory.

Sign Up for Newsletters

Keep a close eye on the official Cervelo website for any news regarding sales and discounts.

Signing up for the newsletter ensures you don't miss out on any exclusive deals or limited-time offers.

Check Re-Sellers and Online Bike Shops

Besides the official Cervelo website, also check out resellers like Summit Bicycles and The Pro's Closet. For used Cervelo bikes, check local markets or online sources like eBay or Craigslist.

Where to look Why?
Official Cervelo website Official sales, discounts, and new releases
Summit Bicycles Discounts on new and pre-owned bikes
The Pro's Closet Deals on pre-owned Cervelo bikes
eBay Exclusive deals on second-hand bikes

It's also essential to research and compare prices across different sources to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Don't be afraid to negotiate with a seller if you think you can get a lower price, but remember not to compromise on the bike's quality and condition.

When buying secondhand I recommend checking all bike components thoroughly such as the carbon frame, disc brakes, down tube, integrated accessory mounts, and seat tube.

If you happen to be looking for an MTB for off-road use, make sure the specs match what Cerevelo has listed to ensure that the frame is intact, the suspension is uncompromised, and that you have enough tire clearance.

Expos and Events

Attend bike expos and events near you, where you can often find exclusive deals on Cervelo bikes that are unavailable online.

These events can also provide an opportunity to test-ride several models and determine which one best suits your needs. Whether you want to ride a road bike, gravel bike, or mountain bike from Cervelo, there’s a good chance they will promote their latest models at events.

Social Media Promotions

Another tip is leveraging the power of social media to find deals on Cervelo bikes.

Follow industry influencers, cycling communities, and Cervelo enthusiasts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on any promotional offers or discounts.

Cervelo is involved in bike racing and works with social media influencers to promote their road bikes, mountain bikes, and electric bikes.

Patience always pays off when hunting for a great deal on a Cervelo bike. Remember to do your research, be proactive, and always be ready to strike when the perfect offer comes along.