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An electric bike battery plays a crucial role in providing efficiency while riding. So, can you use a car battery for an electric bike? We have the answers.

Is it possible to use a car battery for an electric bike? Will a car battery serve the same purpose as an electric bike battery? How convenient is it to use a car battery on an electric bike? If a car battery is not suitable or safe, are there other alternatives to power an electric bike?

Although it is technically feasible to power an electric bike with automobile batteries, the car battery will damage the electric bike due to a difference in voltage. Additionally, installing the battery may interfere with the E-bike's weight and speed since it is bigger than an electric battery.

This article will discuss whether it is possible to use a car battery for an electric bike and if the car battery will serve the same purpose as the electric bike battery. It will also explore how convenient it is to use a car battery on an electric bike and whether the battery will be less or more powerful for the electric bike. So, if you have an electric bike and you want to know if you can replace the electric bike's battery with a car battery, this article has the answers.

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E-bikes have become well-liked among Americans because they have several benefits over conventional bicycles and vehicles that run on gasoline. They emit emissions, are far more affordable, and are simpler to operate than vehicles. Consequently, many individuals prefer electric bikes to cars when it comes to the electric bike battery.

The bike’s battery determines how long one can use it before recharging, how long it will operate, and how much it weighs, among other considerations.  Most E-bike kits are rated for a specified voltage range. A battery that generates power between 30V to 42V is required for a standard 36V E-bike.

A 36V pack is fully charged and can store its maximum amount of energy at 42V. At 30V, it should cut off and stop providing power before harming the battery. Therefore, using a car battery in place of an electric battery can be complex since each battery has specifications and differences used for different functions.

Can you Use a Car Battery for an Electric Bike?

Using a car battery for an electric bike is not feasible because it has different specifications and differences from an electric bike’s battery. For instance, bike batteries are often smaller than car batteries, which have a high power output. For a starting car, automotive batteries produce about 12v of DC supply at a rate of about 600 cranking amps, whereas E-bike batteries only generate 7 DC volts and 150 to 200 cranking amps. This means that the high power input of the car battery is likely to damage an electric bike.

It is also challenging to replace an electric battery using a car battery since it will require one to create some changes to the electric bike due to the difference in size and power. The substance each battery is made of may also differ between the two batteries. Lead plates that are separated from one another by sponge-like materials make up car batteries.

This pattern creates a situation whereby the battery's internal reaction can happen and release a lot of power swiftly. Instead of lead plates, bicycle batteries include a number of tiny cells filled with electrolytes required to generate energy. Therefore, it is possible to mount a car battery on an electric bike technology, but it is not practical to use it on the electric bike since the batteries differ.

Consequences of Using Car batteries on Electric Bikes


One of the most significant risks of using a car battery on an electric bike is the likelihood of getting injuries. While riding, any wiring near the battery could come in touch with sulfuric acid present in the automobile’s battery when one gets into an accident. Because the acid would be close to your flesh where it may easily penetrate and inflict harm, it can cause severe burns and injuries. Another consequence is that by connecting a battery designed for a much more powerful car than the bike, one could unintentionally overload or damage the bike’s system.

Additionally, since the electric bike is known to depend on a battery entirely, the car battery will quickly power down, and it can be expensive to replace batteries often. Therefore, the lead wires on the E-bikes and automobile batteries might be dangerous in the event of an accident. One’s health will be impacted if one comes in contact with sulfuric acid.


Another consequence is that a car battery won’t fit on an E-bike. When one replaces an old battery with one intended for a different size vehicle, one will need to adjust the seat and the handlebars of the bike to fit the new design of the E-bike. This is because electric bikes typically utilize smaller batteries than those used in cars. Even if one could find a place to install it on the bike, the weight of the car battery will interfere with the speed and control of the bike.

Period of Use

Typically car batteries usually last for two years before they become replaced. When it comes to electric batteries can be used for up to 5 years if they are adequately cared for and charged. Therefore, using car batteries is expensive and pointless since an electric battery has a better service life and guarantees safety.

Alternative Ways to Power an Electric Bike

Since the use of car batteries has a lot of limitations, there are other alternatives one can use to power their electric bike. They include:

Electric Charging Outlet

One can consider using a regular electrical socket to charge the E-bike if one is looking for a different solution that won’t cost anything. In this technique, one does not require any unique tool to do it, and it is simple enough to plug the bike into an open socket. One can utilize extension connectors with an electrical outlet to have greater freedom in where to place the bike while it is charging.

Batteries for Electric Bikes

The use of electric batteries provides a convenient method because most of them are easy to install, and one won’t bother about tedious rewiring. Additionally,  one won’t need to do anything else to start charging because a new battery will come with its charger, and it will take seconds to connect to the power output and start charging. Additionally, one will discover that most bike stores provide the service of replacing the old battery with another one. If one does not know how to install one, they can contact or take the bike to the store.

The Use of Solar Chargers

Another way to reduce the amount of money one will spend on electricity is to charge their batteries using solar panels. Instead of paying a utility provider every time one has time to charge an electric bike, one will be able to leave the bike outdoors during the day so that it can soak up some sun and charge.

Wrapping it Up

Car batteries have been manufactured to cater to a specific function in a vehicle and can be risky when used in other areas. In an electric bike, a car battery will damage the bike since it is more powerful in terms of the number of volts. Additionally, the size of the battery also differs from electric bikes battery, and therefore it will not be convenient in terms of where one will place it on the bike.