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Key Takeaways

  • The Stoic 4 offers a high degree of comfort and a low degree of danger.
  • A sturdy wheelbase and high travel on forks and seats makes for a comfy and fun ride.
  • You may sacrifice on pure speed, but the tradeoff is worth it on bumpier tracks.
  • Quality materials and proven construction make this a solid contender for trail riding.

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Looking for your next off-road bike? Willing to spend a little extra cash for a ride that will last trail after trail?

If you’re looking for a mountain bike that can handle anything nature can throw at it, the Canyon Stoic 4 sets the bar and keeps the competition in the dust. It’s tough, built to last, handles speed with ease, and handles well over rough terrain.

We’ve rounded up the latest reviews and ratings to bring you the best information on the Canyon Stoic 4 hardtail mountain bike.



Where to Buy the Canyon Stoic 4

Canyon Stoic 4 Review

Canyon Stoic 4 Specs and Geometry

Let’s get the basics out of the way first: the Canyon Stoic 4 costs $1,999 from most retailers, which does put it at the higher end of the pricing spectrum. That being said, it also sits at the higher end of the spectrum for specs and quality.

Canyon is a manufacturer that sells directly to the public. You can’t get Canyon bikes anywhere else, which means that you’re purchasing directly from the people who make it. This means no markups or questions about quality; the sellers stand firmly behind their product, and in this case the pride is well-earned.

It boasts an impressive six size variations, which makes it perfect for riders of all ages and sizes. It’s also lightweight at only 15 kilograms (around 33 pounds), which is a manageable load especially after a hard day’s ride.

The Stoic 4 is a hardtail bike, which means the rear end is constructed without any shocks. This makes the ride slightly harder on longer, smoother rides, but that strength will come in handy when taking on difficult trails with bumps and turns.

The frame on the Stoic 4 sits low, providing a steady center of gravity to help riders keep their balance on rough ground. It also guarantees that the handling will be reliable, even at speed.

Another hallmark of the Stoic 4 is the material used for its frame. Instead of a heavier steel frame, Canyon has opted for aluminum. This can make the ride feel a little harsh at times, but that stability is invaluable when you consider the tradeoff.

Canyon Stoic 4 Build Quality

One essential component to consider with any trail bike is its ability to hold up over punishing rides. Several key features on the Stoic 4 make it a hardy selection for serious riders.

The travel available on the fork gives the ride plenty of cushion over tough tracks. Travel on a bike is the amount of compression the shocks or suspension on a bike can endure - the more “travel” a bike has, the deeper compressions the shocks can handle, which can cushion the rider against heavy jarring.

The forks on the Stoic 4 have lively action that takes advantage of the higher travel capacity. Even mild jumps won’t shake this bike.

The seat also builds plenty of travel into the ride. You can even use the handlebar controls to lower the seat and stiffen your ride; this provides a fun challenge for more experienced riders.

The construction of the chainstay and cabling makes for easy maintenance or repair, or for swapping out the tires if desired. The internal cable routing also makes them more secure from any debris or jostling on rough tracks. What’s more, the chainstay ratio stays short no matter which size bike you select, so you get a consistent ride with every variant.

The chainstay manufacturing has an additional benefit with the standard tires. The increased clearance prevents mud from accumulating too quickly on the tires or the frame. Its shorter length also makes the bike more agile, which is critical for situations when tight turning is needed.

One of the few downsides is the brakes. While the build quality on the brakes is strong (which you would expect, considering the high price point), they do tend to overheat fairly quickly, which can be a hindrance on a longer downhill ride. Keep proper brake maintenance as part of your routine to head off any potential component failures.

Canyon Stoic 4 Handling

As we’ve previously discussed, the low-slung frame is one of the hallmarks of the Stoic 4. This provides a lower center of gravity, which allows for tighter handling and greater responsiveness. You can try any kind of track, and the Stoic 4 will just keep on rolling.

Many other bikes at this spec range are susceptible to a forward-tipping geometry, meaning that the weight of the bike sits at the front. This can be dangerous on downhill grades, regardless of your experience level. However, the ride features and construction come together to avoid this, providing a more stable frame that doesn’t sit too far at the front or the rear.

The enhanced suspension features can cushion against many bumps and blows that you’ll come up against while taking to the trails. The hardtail construction does make for a stiffer ride over the roughest of tracks, but as long as you know yourself and your bike you should be able to overcome this.

Naturally, a bike needs to handle well at speed - it doesn’t do much good for it to be comfortable only when it’s sitting still. But the Stoic 4 has this handled too; whether uphill or downhill, the speed carries through without much fuss due to the strong frame construction and stability features.

Canyon Stoic 4 Ride Quality / Performance

The Stoic 4 was constructed to satisfy Category 4 ratings. This means that it can not only handle smooth paved roads, unpaved or gravel tracks, and moderately rough trails; it can also handle heftier downhill grades and some jumps.

The Stoic 4 offers a smooth ride on easy and moderate tracks, keeping things lively while also keeping you safe. The low wheel base makes for a comfortable position for the seat, especially if you do your homework and choose the right size for this model.

Climbing and Descending

Any serious trail bike needs to be able to handle both climbs and descents with ease.

The Stoic 4 is an ideal climber, handling most types of terrain well. Choose your line with care, and you’ll fly up the track with its powerful suspension, solid frame, and deep balance with the seat and wheel positioning.

The experience heading downhill is a little more lively with the Stoic 4. The weight profile does mean that you sacrifice speed with the stable handling, and pushing the envelope too quickly may prevent you from correcting your course on bigger bumps or surprises. Those who want a faster downhill track may think about choosing a different model.

As with any bike, you are free to modify and customize as you see fit. But even out of the box, this bike offers a fun and exciting ride with just a little fine tuning. Keep the fine-tuning in mind after every hard ride to increase the longevity of your Stoic 4.

Canyon Stoic 4 Pros and Cons

Canyon Stoic 4 Pros

The price sits in the middle of the pack, with a balance of value and quality.

This is an amazingly comfortable bike to ride. The suspension cushions against most variations in the track, and the low center of gravity makes it very balanced. You can handle and shift with ease on most grades and surfaces.

The short wheelbase and craftsmanship on the cabling makes for easy shifting and handling at most speeds and over most terrains.

The hardtail styling of the bike helps to strike the perfect balance for those who want speed and control. A true downhill bike would let you descend at high speeds, while an enduro bike gives you maximum maneuverability; but the hardtail grants riders the best of both worlds.

This bike also provides versatility for riders who want to edge deeper into trail riding without sacrificing the usability of an everyday bike. It’s comfortable enough to use day-to-day, and can take on adventures when the occasion calls for it.

  • Balanced price point
  • Comfortable ride
  • Craftsmanship built for easy handling
  • Ideal marriage of speed and control
  • Versatility for riders of all levels

If you aren’t tackling the worst of the worst, this bike will get you where you need to go. It handles most trails and tracks with ease.

Canyon Stoic 4 Cons

The aluminum frame does come with drawbacks when compared to the traditional approach with steel-built models. At higher speeds and rockier tracks, the ride can be a bit more harsh.

What you gain in versatility, you naturally lose in specialization. If you want something purpose-built for the toughest challenges, you might need to look elsewhere.

The construction of some of the adjustment and maintenance points is also a bit difficult to access. This can make maintenance or even repair a challenging ask, especially if you’re newer to the process.

Some of the stock components may not be to the liking of more experienced riders. Then again, most would rather choose their preferred customizations anyway, so for those who truly want a ready-out-of-the-box experience, this can get the job done.

Longer rides show a little more discomfort from the components, despite their shock-absorbing capabilities.

The downhill ride requires more attention than the uphill ride. It’s more lively on the descent, which means you’ll need to beware tipping too far forward and steer clear of larger obstacles.

  • Aluminum frame causes a harsher ride
  • Difficulty in accessing maintenance points
  • Stock components may need upgrading
  • Discomfort on longer rides
  • Experience needed on downhill rides