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Key Takeaways

  • You can use your Peloton bike without a monthly subscription.
  • The Peloton app provides a variety of fitness categories, including running and yoga.
  • Basic tracking features allow users to monitor workout metrics like speed and heart rate.
  • Using a peloton bike without a subscription is not considered illegal.

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Peloton bikes have gained immense popularity as a go-to fitness solution for many enthusiasts. But can you use a Peloton bike without a subscription?

Yes, you can use a Peloton Bike without a subscription. However, you’ll only access the "Just Ride" mode and three pre-recorded classes, missing out on a plethora of live and on-demand workouts that Peloton is known for.

As a biking expert, I comprehensively understand Peloton's products, services, and subscription models. With a background in providing insightful information on fitness and technology, I’m well-equipped to deliver a well-informed guide regarding Peloton bike usage without a subscription.



Can You Use Peloton Bike Without Subscription?

I’ve spent hours researching exercise equipment and stationary bikes to understand the importance of a good indoor cycling experience. I’ll share my insights on using a Peloton bike without a subscription and whether it's worth considering.

Yes, you can use a Peloton bike without a subscription. However, it's a limited experience compared to having full access to their membership features.

Without a subscription, you can only access a meager selection of pre-recorded Peloton classes. Typically, this consists of around three classes from various fitness categories.

These classes may change periodically, but the selection remains quite limited compared to the extensive workout library available to subscribers.

Another primary functionality available without a subscription is the "Just Ride" mode. In this mode, users can hop on their Peloton bike and start pedaling. However, the experience is stripped down to its bare essentials.

While riding, you'll see basic performance metrics on the screen, such as your pedaling speed, resistance level, and speed. This mode provides a no-frills, straightforward workout experience. Watch this video for more intricate details on how to use Peloton bikes without a subscription.

To illustrate the difference between having a subscription and going without, let's take a look at this comparison table:

Features With Subscription Without Subscription
Access to live classes Yes No
Access to on-demand classes Yes Limited (3 classes)
Performance tracking Yes Basic metrics only
Social features Yes No
Multi-user profiles Yes (family members) No
Just Ride Features N/A Yes
Leaderboard Yes Yes
Workout Summary No Yes
Heart rate monitor No Yes
Subtitles No Yes

Here are three easy steps to utilize your Peloton bike effectively without an active subscription.

1. Power Up Your Peloton

To kickstart your Peloton bike without an active subscription, connect it to a power source. There's a power jack at the back of the bike where you can plug in the power cord. Once connected, you'll notice a green LED light, indicating that your Peloton is ready for action.

Now, press the power button on the back of the touchscreen to turn it on. Once the touchscreen is active, connect to your Wi-Fi network by clicking the Wi-Fi icon and entering your network details and password.

2. Explore Free Content

With your Peloton connected to the internet, a world of free content opens up. You'll find a variety of free programs and features to enjoy without needing a subscription.

These offerings encompass three pre-recorded classes and the "Just Ride" functionality. Navigate through the touchscreen interface to discover the selection of available programs and classes. Deliberate over your choices and select the ones that capture your attention.

3. Embrace Your Workout

Now that you're connected and have explored the free offerings, it's time to get moving. Select one default class that aligns with your fitness goals and preferences.

You can browse through different categories and assess which level and program suits your needs and skill level best. The beauty of it is that you can create your own workout routines using the free programs and the "Just Ride" feature.

Peloton Bike Features Without Subscription

While a Peloton subscription offers a wide array of classes and features, it's possible to make the most of your Peloton experience without the commitment of a monthly fee.

Let’s explore how you can make the most of your Peloton bike without a subscription.

Limited On-demand Classes

Even without a Peloton subscription, you won't miss out entirely. You'll have access to a couple of on-demand classes. However, these sessions won't save or record your workout metrics.

“Just Ride” Feature

Even without an active subscription, you can still use your Peloton equipment in "Just Ride" mode. This basic mode allows you to hop on your bike or equipment and enjoy scenic rides while displaying fundamental performance metrics. It's an option for those who want a simple, no-frills workout.

Access to 30+ Free Classes

While exploring Peloton without a subscription, certain users, specifically Peloton App One and App+ members, can access a rotating selection of over 30 free classes weekly. Keep in mind that the available classes may change periodically.


While it's not accessible to Peloton bike or tread users without a subscription, the leaderboard is open to Peloton Digital app users. You can see usernames and even send "high-fives" to fellow participants, adding a touch of camaraderie to your workout.

Basic Metrics

Peloton ensures you stay informed about your performance, even without a subscription. You'll be able to track fundamental metrics such as resistance and speed during your workouts.

For Peloton Digital users, there's an additional perk: the ability to pair cadence sensors via Bluetooth, exclusively available to Peloton App+ digital members.

Workout Summary

For those using Peloton without a subscription, workout summaries are available. These summaries provide insights into your exercise session, including an estimate of calories burned and details on the muscle groups you engaged. However, please note that this feature is exclusive to Peloton Digital users.

Heart Rate Monitor

Tracking your heart rate during workouts is possible without a subscription. This feature is available to digital app users, allowing you to monitor your heart rate and tailor your exercises accordingly.


Peloton ensures inclusivity by providing subtitles in English, German, and Spanish, even without a subscription. This feature benefits a diverse user base and is accessible to Peloton App One and Peloton App+ users.

Features of the Peloton App Without Subscription

With the Peloton app, also known as Peloton Digital, you can access fitness content even without the bike. While the app subscription is separate from the bike package, it can be a great option for those who want to use non-Peloton equipment or workout away from their bike.

The app membership (without a subscription) offers a variety of features, including;

  • Access to a Variety of Workouts: The Peloton app provides a range of workout options beyond cycling. Users can access various categories, including running, strength training, yoga, meditation, and more. This versatility allows you to diversify your fitness routine and target different areas of your well-being.
  • On-Demand Classes: While a full Peloton bike subscription unlocks the complete on-demand class library, the app still offers a selection of on-demand workouts, providing flexibility in choosing when and what type of class you want to participate in.
  • Audio-Only Workouts: The Peloton app includes audio-only workouts, which can be particularly useful for outdoor activities like running or walking. These guided audio sessions help you stay motivated and focused on your fitness goals.
  • Tracking and Metrics: The app enables users to track their workout metrics even without a full subscription. You can monitor your performance data, such as distance, speed, and heart rate, during your workouts. This information can help you measure your progress over time.

Tips for Maximizing Your Peloton Bike Without a Subscription

To make the most of your Peloton bike without a subscription, consider creating a workout schedule. Developing a consistent routine helps you stay committed to your fitness goals.

Whether you're aiming to improve endurance, build strength, or enhance flexibility, having a plan in place guides your choices within the app.

It's also worth mentioning that you don't have to limit yourself to just one fitness platform. You can integrate Peloton workouts with other fitness resources, such as fitness apps or additional exercise equipment you may have at home. This approach allows you to diversify your routine and keep your workouts interesting.

Motivation can be a challenge when working out alone, especially without the interactive features of a full subscription. To stay motivated, set clear fitness goals, reward yourself for achieving milestones, or find a virtual workout buddy to join you in your fitness journey.

Finally, keep an eye out for subscription promotions. Peloton occasionally offers free trial periods or special promotions for its subscription services.

Taking advantage of these opportunities can give you a taste of the full Peloton experience without committing to a subscription right away.

Peloton Subscription Details

While it's feasible to use this premium exercise equipment without committing to a monthly subscription fee, it's essential to understand that the scope of features available in this subscription-free mode may not be as comprehensive as expected.

We'll unravel the details of Peloton subscriptions and shed light on the features you can access or, in some cases, might miss out on when using Peloton without a subscription.

Peloton Subscription Fee

Peloton offers a range of subscription options to cater to your fitness needs. The All-Access Membership at $44 per month plus taxes covers unlimited use for a single Peloton tread, giving you access to a wide array of live and on-demand classes.

If you prefer to use the Peloton app without the equipment, the App One Membership is available at $12.99 per month plus taxes, offering access to Peloton's digital content like cycling, running, and more.

For those seeking even more versatility, the App+ Membership is priced at $24 monthly plus taxes, expanding your digital content options. These Peloton subscriptions provide a variety of choices to enhance your fitness journey.

Features With Subscription

A Peloton subscription, known as the All-Access Membership, offers a wide range of benefits. Subscribers can;

  • Access Thousands of Classes: An All-Access Peloton Membership provides unrestricted access to a vast library of fitness classes, including cycling, running, strength training, and more.
  • Progress Tracking: It allows you to track your performance over time with metrics like heart rate and power output to monitor your fitness journey.
  • Leaderboards and Performance Metrics: Compete with others in live classes, comparing your performance and staying motivated.
  • Social Connectivity: With a Peloton subscription, you can connect with friends, join interest groups, and participate in live events to foster a supportive fitness community.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Peloton subscriptions allow you to receive tailored workout suggestions based on your fitness level, preferences, and activity history.
  • Create Family Profiles: You can set up multiple profiles for family members on one Peloton device, each with their workout history and preferences.

Legal and Ethical Aspects of Peloton Bike Usage Without Subscription

With Peloton's "Just Ride" mode available on their equipment, you can use the bike without an active subscription. However, it's important to understand that this decision may have legal and ethical implications.

In terms of legality, using a Peloton bike without a subscription is not considered illegal, as one would still have the option to access its basic features and functionalities.

Nevertheless, it's important to remember that you'll miss out on a significant portion of Peloton's offerings without an active subscription. You’ll miss Peloton’s library of on-demand live classes, instructor-led workouts, and other fitness activities.

Ethically speaking, it’s entirely a personal decision on whether or not to subscribe to Peloton's All-Access Membership. It's essential to weigh the value and benefits of the membership against the cost and your fitness requirements.

Since Peloton has invested in creating its comprehensive fitness platform, supporting the company through subscribing can be considered an ethical decision. However, using the bike without a subscription does not make you unethical either, as you still have purchased the equipment itself.

Ultimately, using a Peloton bike without a subscription is possible and not illegal, but you'll have limited access to the true potential of the platform. To make the most of your Peloton experience, it's important to evaluate your fitness goals, budget, and the benefits you'd get from their All-Access Membership before making your decision.