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Getting a Fitbit for your bike is perhaps the best way to make the most of your exercise. But can you use a Fitbit on a bike?

Fitbits are great at tracking your activity and steps when you're running, so naturally, people want to know whether they can also use it to track their activity while they're out cycling.

The good news is, you most certainly can. Fitbits use Smart Track technology to track your activity while on your bike. In addition, the device also offers GPS integration and functionality, which means that you'll be able to track where you've cycled to get a better idea of your route.

Fitbit is certainly one of the most well-known brands in the realm of wearable smart technology with a focus on supporting a healthier lifestyle. Using a Fitbit while riding a bike is an excellent choice because you won’t have to be tied to your phone.

As self-proclaimed fitness enthusiasts, we are incredibly health conscious, and we absolutely love the various Fitbit models. Having used various models for running, in the gym, and yes, cycling, we have written this article to help you answer the question: can you use Fitbit on a bike?



Can You Use a Fitbit on a Bike?

A Fitbit is designed to record your steps as you cycle. It offers a range of features for bikers, such as an in-built GPS. You also have the option to record your cycling rate and the overall distance covered. You can get a model that has a fully integrated GPS if you don't feel like carrying your phone with you all the time.

In addition, if you’re into indoor cycling, Fitbit will be able to track your moves, heart rate, distance covered, burned calories, workout duration, and average speed. Fitbits are fantastic devices for keeping track of the overall health and workout progress. Fitness enthusiasts and bikers all over the world have gotten familiar with Fitbits.

The majority of Fitbit devices let you manually track your spinning. If you want to connect your Fitbit to indoor cycling, you will first have to connect it by logging into your dashboard or app and updating your shortcuts. You can then use your device to start and stop recording your activity manually. You may also manually log your indoor cycling/spinning activity on your Fitbit app or on the Fitbit Dashboard.

Most Fitbit devices can automatically measure high-movement activities like jogging and walking if you move for at least 15 minutes (you can adjust the length of time in your settings to a minimum of ten minutes).

Fitbit uses 3-axis accelerometers or sensors to detect your body's movements and an altimeter to measure altitude so it can tally how many floors you've climbed. Your Fitbit device utilizes an algorithm to figure out what kind of activity you're doing based on your movement pattern.

Your hands are frequently resting on the handlebars of your bike when cycling. Keep in mind that your Fitbit is worn on your wrist, so even if you're sweating profusely while you're pushing yourself on your cycle, the device won't be able to identify that you're riding a bike. Nonetheless, Fitbit may still be used to track your heart rate and calories burned when exercising.

How Do You Use Your Fitbit Device To Manually Track Indoor Cycling?

To monitor indoor cycling or spinning on your device, go to exercise, swipe till you reach spinning, then long press the shortcut to begin and tap again when you're finished. Fitbit will monitor your heart rate, compute the number of calories you've expended depending on your activity and other parameters, and keep track of the time you spent doing so.

However, if you have a Fitbit Alta, you will not be able to manually track your workouts because it is a SmartTrack device, which means it will automatically track all of your activities. There is no workout mode, so you won't be able to add spinning to your shortcuts.

Moreover, since indoor cycling is a stationary activity rather than a step-based workout, it is not detectable.Fitbit's current wristband devices are designed to be worn on the wrist. If you apply the method in any other way, it will not be able to provide accurate results. Fitbit's current technology can't compute distance if you perform any stationary exercise. But you can always enter the distance manually by using the Fitbit App.

If you're serious about keeping track of your general fitness, the Fitbit tracker and accompanying software are an excellent choice. You can establish exercise objectives for yourself and track your progress. You can also keep track of your steps, exercises, and sleep. You may also use the app to keep track of what you eat each day and monitor your weight.

Most Fitbit devices allow you to manually start and stop recording your activities. You can manually log your indoor riding activity using the IOS or Android Apps, as well as the web-based dashboard.Your daily data will be complete, and you'll have a better idea of how far you've come toward your fitness goals.

Benefits of Fitbit on a Bike

Fitbit offers several tracking benefits to bikers. You can store and save the details and view them later at your own convenience. Here are some of the benefits of Fitbit on a bike:

Calorie Count

Fitbit keeps a count of calories burnt while cycling. You can count the number of calories burnt with respect to the BMR records.


Some Fitbit watches can be connected to Wi-Fi and send or receive text messages, emails, and calls without looking at your phone. It allows you to stay connected without a phone in your hand.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Fitbit is one of the best devices for bikers because it lets you monitor your heart rate. It will keep you updated with your heart health, and you have the option to record both your workout rates and relaxed heart rate.

Healthy Eating

Fitbit also helps you keep track of your eating habits by helping you keep track of your water and food intake. If you are a regular cyclist, you will be able to maintain a healthier lifestyle while keeping track of your progress.

Distance Tracking

The device will automatically calculate the total distance covered while you cycle. This will act as a motivator and push you to do more. It will promote healthy exercise habits and increase the amount of time you spend on the bike on average.


Once you get a fitness tracker, it will help you stay motivated every day so that you cycle more. Cycling regularly has positive effects on your overall health and lowers the risk of various diseases.

Things to Consider When Buying a Fitbit for Your Bike

The fitness tracker market has drastically grown over the years. It is important to do your due diligence and research before you buy one. Here are some of the essential things to consider when buying a Fitbit for your bike:


The first thing you should check is whether your Fitbit is compatible with your phone or not. You can go through the specs and features of the watch and match them to your phone.


You should get a Fitbit that matches your overall budget. Fortunately, several cost-effective options are available that won't cause a dent in your savings. This way, you will be able to save money without compromising on the features.


You should make a list of the features you expect the watch to have. Make sure you know exactly what you want before buying it. Essential features, such as heart rate monitoring, distance calculator, and sleep monitoring, should be included.


The design of the watch is also something you should keep in mind. They are available in different shapes and colors, so be sure about the type you want before making a purchase.

Tracking Cycling Activity Using Fitbit

Fitbit will be able to automatically detect when users are on the elliptical, riding outside, running, or walking after the update. Users can choose which activities qualify as exercise and how long they must engage in an activity before the Fitbit begins to track it.

Fitbits can track your bike rides using SmartTrack technology, and they're highly useful for bikers in a variety of ways. Your Fitbit will help you measure your cycling progress with more valuable and detailed statistics, but not in the same way as counting steps for runners. Fitbit gadgets also come with a range of adjustable workout modes, some of which are expressly designed to keep track of your biking activities.


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