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A Triathlon is a race composed of three segments: running, swimming, and biking. However, many triathletes ask, ‘can you use a mountain bike for a triathlon?’

The answer is yes, you can use a mountain bike for a triathlon. However, if you are using your trusty mountain bike for a triathlon, you will have to make a few adjustments to the bike to ensure that it takes the least amount of effort to get it to ride as smoothly and fast as possible.

Although seasoned triathletes usually use either specialized triathlon bikes or regular road bikes for the competition, if you are a beginner in the triathlon world, you shouldn’t be buying a new specialized bike just yet, especially if you can make the necessary adjustments to your mountain bike. Therefore, this article will serve as a guide for what to do to prepare your mountain bike for a triathlon.

We have asked the same question to seasoned athletes and experienced bikers to bring you the very best information about whether you can use a mountain bike for a triathlon.



Do I Need a Special Bike for a Triathlon?

When starting a new sport, like a triathlon, it can be extremely tempting to go out and buy all the specialized and professional gear you will need. However, whether or not you need professional gear for your first-ever triathlon is not straightforward.

While other athletes might happen to take you more seriously if you show up all decked out with professional and specialized gear, it probably won’t be worth the investment. Making such huge investments into a sport that you may not take up as a serious hobby can end up being unnecessarily costly.

If you do not own a bike, you should consider purchasing an entry-level road bike, as you will be able to use this well beyond the triathlon. However, if you already have a mountain bike in your possession, there is probably no need to invest in a new bike simply for the sake of your first triathlon.

Notably, there is no right kind of bike to use in triathlon, and while seasoned triathletes typically invest in specialized triathlon bikes, no one is going to judge you for starting this new hobby with the bike you already own.

What Kind of Bikes Are Used in a Triathlon?

So, what kind of bikes are most commonly used in triathlons? The two most common types of bikes used by triathletes in the biking segment of the race are specialized triathlon bikes and road bikes. Both these types of bikes are lightweight and are designed with high gearing and skinny tires for maximally efficient acceleration.

The only real difference between road bikes and triathlon bikes is that triathlon bikes have aero bars in the front, allowing the rider to employ an aggressive and streamlined riding position when needed.

Although it largely depends on the type of triathlon and the number of athletes involved, a large proportion of triathletes will be riding the bike they had lying around in their garage. This could be a commuter bike, a comfort bike, a hybrid, or a mountain bike.

Since these bikes are not designed for maximally efficient acceleration, they will never be able to go as fast as road bikes and triathlon bikes. The significant design differences lie in the gearing, bike weight, and geometry of the bike frame.

Having said all that, it is possible to make some adjustments to your mountain bike to get more acceleration out of it.

Can I Use a Mountain Bike for a Triathlon?

If you don’t have the budget to purchase a triathlon bike or road bike, or conversely, if you have intelligently decided that you want to partake in a few triathlons before committing to a special triathlon bike, you can use your mountain bike for the upcoming triathlon.

However, it is worth noting that before you can use your mountain bike for a triathlon, you will have to make some necessary adjustments to the bike. While none of the adjustments listed below are in any way required, getting them done is way cheaper than investing in a brand new bike.

Moreover, making these adjustments to your mountain bike will enhance its performance in the triathlon and could very well shave some significant minutes off your time.

Below are the various adjustments you should make to your mountain bike before using it in the upcoming triathlon.

Street Tires

As the name suggests, mountain bikes are designed to be ridden on rough terrains as they provide effective grip on terrain that doesn’t have solid footing. Mountain bikes achieve their exceptional grip by maximizing the contact area between the ground and the rubber.

Therefore, if you are to use your mountain bike for a triathlon, it is a good idea to replace the knobby mountain bike tires with street tires. Street tires, also known as ‘slicks,’ are typically used on triathlon and road bikes to maximize acceleration by minimizing overall resistance.

Replacing your mountain bike tires with slicks is a highly recommended modification to make to your mountain bike before using it to partake in a triathlon. As a matter of fact, while all the other modifications listed in this section can be bypassed, investing in street tires for your mountain bike is the best way to make it ready for the road and the race.

What’s more, replacing your mountain bike tires with street tires will only cost you around $50, an investment that pales in comparison to purchasing a specialized triathlon bike.

Clipless Pedals

While basic pedals are perfectly adequate for casual everyday bike riding, upgrading them to clipless pedals can go a long way in making your bike ride faster with less effort. Clipless pedals are designed to give the rider greater control, allowing them to gain more power from each full revolution of the pedals.

While high-end clipless pedals are not a requirement or anything, they can certainly make a big difference. Most clipless pedals come with shoes that lock the rider’s feet into position, thereby allowing for even more control. Therefore, clipless pedals are designed to aid the rider in making tighter turns because the rider can pedal more consistently and handle the bike much better.

Therefore, clipless pedals are also a highly recommended modification to make to your mountain bike before entering a triathlon. Clipless pedals can be installed on any bike in just a few minutes and are very affordable.

Seat/Saddle Replacement

Another affordable and effective modification you can make to your mountain bike before using it for a triathlon is to replace the seat/saddle. While all bikers have distinct comfort and positioning needs regarding the saddle, most road-ready and high-speed bikes have a raised seat level, creating a higher stance, which makes for a better position to power the bike into high speeds.

However, how do you choose the right saddle for your modified mountain bike? While it may take some trial and error, you should ideally be looking for a saddle that takes some weight off your bike and positions you better for enhanced speed, control, mobility, and comfort.


Mountain bikes are designed with very flexible suspension springs, allowing for greater shock absorption when riding in rough terrains. However, you do not need the enhanced suspension of a mountain bike when riding in a triathlon.

Therefore, tightening the suspension on your mountain bike is an effective modification to make before using it for a triathlon. Making the suspension stiffer or bypassing the suspension entirely will help you glide smoother and pick up more speed without having to work unnecessarily hard.


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