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GT85 is a dry lubricant, designed to keep things moving smoothly and protect your bike. But can you use GT85 lube on bicycle chains? Our guide has the answers.

Is GT85 a reliable lubricant for bike chains? Can you use GT85 as the sole lubricant for your bike’s chain?

You can use GT85 lube on bike chains. It will help to keep the chain running smoothly while protecting it from elements like dirt, dust and moisture. However, GT85 washes off quite fast. Also, it needs frequent re-application. So, it’s only ideal for short trips in sunny conditions on dry roads.

In this article, we will walk you through what GT85 is, when and where to use it, as well as how to apply it on bike chains. So, if you have been wondering whether you can use GT85 on bike chains, then all the answers are right here.

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Your bike has lots of moving parts. And, one of them is the chain. Like other moving parts of your bike, you need to ensure that the chain is properly and adequately lubricated at all times.

Properly and adequately lubricating your bike chain will help to keep it running efficiently and smoothly. You will enjoy better shifting of gears, compared to when the chain is not adequately lubricated. Consequently, the ride will be more enjoyable if the shifting is smooth and timely.

Also, lubricating your bike chain will help to prevent excessive friction between the chain and the surrounding metallic parts. And as you may probably know, excessive friction will lead to premature wear and tear, leading to costly repairs and replacements. So, chain lubrication will save you a considerable amount of money on bike-related maintenance expenses.

Furthermore, chain lubrication will also help to reduce excessive noise. If the chain on your bike doesn’t have sufficient lubrication, it will begin squeaking. And, upon checking it, it’s highly possible that it will be dry. Lubricating it will help to get rid of that annoying squeaking noise.

Simply put, if you are a bike owner, you should always have lube around. When it comes to purchasing a lubricant for your bike chain, you will have two options to consider – dry lube and wet lube. GT85 is the former. So, can you use this lube on your bike chain?

About GT85 Bike Dry Lube

GT85 is a Teflon or PTFE-based dry lube, designed to help keep your bike chain moving quietly and smoothly. Similar to other dry lubes, GT85 uses a special formulation, to provide a protecting layer for your bike chain against dirt and dust.

This lube is easy to apply. It features a screw top, which will allow you to adjust its flow rate easily. Once applied, it will penetrate into the chain links well, meaning that it will reach all the areas.

However, this lube flows out of the bottle quite fast. Therefore, you will need to apply it slowly. Also, you will need some sort of a dirty rag to wipe off the excess liquid, which will drip from the chain and hit the floor.

Once applied, this lube will leave a wax film on the entire chain. And this wax-like substance is the one that will provide the lubrication on bike chains. The liquid that will come out of the bottle during the application is simply a carrier fluid for the wax.

When to use GT85 on Bike Chains

As earlier mentioned, GT85 is a dry lube. And dry lubes are best suited to dry environmental conditions. GT85 is waxy and thin. When applied, it will prevent sand, dust and dirt from sticking to the bike chain.

So, if most of your riding takes place in sunny, dry conditions, then GT85 will be an ideal lube for your bike chain. Also, if you do most of your riding on paved roads away from muddy, trail conditions, then you GT85 will also be ideal. In addition, if you cycle your bike in dry, desert areas, then GT85 will work just fine.

Simply put, if you ride mainly in favorable and dry weather conditions, then GT85 will be the right lube choice for your bike chain. Also, if you love washing your bike regularly and keeping it in pristine condition, then a dry lube like GT85 will be the ideal choice for you.

It’s worth pointing out that like other dry lubes, GT85 will wash off quite fast. So, if you happen to come across wet conditions such as cycling through a creek or encountering an unexpected rainstorm during your rides, the water will wash off GT85 completely from the chain. As a result, you will need to re-apply GT85 to your bike as soon as possible.

Furthermore, GT85 won’t last long on your bike chain. Therefore, you will need to be applying it as much as possible. Ideally, you should re-apply GT85 after every 200 miles or so, which translates to around once per week.

GT85 Dry Lube Pros and Cons

Like other bike chain lubes, GT85 comes with its strengths and drawbacks. In this section, we will take a closer look at some of the pros and cons of GT85 as a bike chain lube.

GT85 Pros

One of the main advantages of GT85 as a bike chain lube is that it doesn’t attract much dirt, compared to greasy, wet lubes. For this reason, your bike chain will remain clean and dirt-free. So, if you do most of your riding on dry roads or in sunny weather, then GT85 will be a decent pick. It will help to keep your bike nice and clean.

Another advantage of using GT85 as your preferred bike chain lube is that you don’t need to clean the chain before reapplying. Some of the other chain lubes on the market will leave your chain messy and greasy. And, this necessitates cleaning the chain before you reapply. Fortunately, this is not the case with GT85.

GT85 Cons

Like other bike chain lubes, GT85 also comes with its fair share of downsides. Probably the main drawback with this lube is that it doesn’t last long on the chain. So, you will need to keep reapplying it. If you are a long distance rider, then GT85 may not the ideal choice for you.

Second, GT85 washes off easily. So, if you frequently ride through wet conditions, the water will completely wash off this lube off your chain. Therefore, you are limited to only using it in dry conditions.

How to Apply GT85 Lube on a Bike Chain

If you do short rides in dry conditions, then GT85 can be a decent lube for your bike, and, applying for it is a straightforward process. To apply GT85, you simply need to elevate your bike’s rear wheel so that it’s off the ground. From there, you should shift the transmission in neutral. Doing so will allow easier chain movement.

After that, you should then use a gentle brush to remove grime and grit that may be present on the bike. You should then apply GT85 on the chain, as you rotate the wheel bike. Ensure you’ve coated the chain uniformly with GT85. You should then wipe off the excess after five minutes or so using a kitchen roll.

It’s highly advisable to apply GT85 a few hours before you hit the road. Applying it a couple of hours before your ride will give GT85 enough time to dry and form the protecting barrier over your bike chain.

In Summary

If you are in the market for a chain lube and you do most of your riding in sunny, dry conditions, then GT85 will be a great lube for your bike. It will help to keep your chain in the best condition, thus ensuring your bike runs smoothly and efficiently. And at the same time, it will not leave behind sticky or greasy residue on the chain.