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Key Takeaways

  • Giant Bikes have been around for the past 50 years, and are more accessible than ever.
  • Giant is an industry leader in quality, innovation, and customer appeal.
  • Giant manufactures for a number of other brands.
  • Giant offers bikes for any age, skill level, and need.
  • You can buy directly from Giant, or from thousands of retailers around the world.

Giant is the world’s largest bike manufacturer, so it makes sense that lots of riders want to know how to get their hands on one.

We recommend eight retailers where you can buy Giant Bikes:

  • Direct from the Giant website
  • Epic Cycles
  • BikesOnline.com
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • BikesDirect.com
  • Bike Exchange
  • Bicycle Warehouse
  • Local retailers

You’ll need to put in your own research based on what you’re looking for, but we’re happy to give you a head start with this trustworthy brand of bicycles.



A Brief History of Giant Bikes

Giant was founded in Taiwan in 1972, and got its big break when it was approved as a licensed manufacturer of Schwinn bikes. The ability to use the Schwinn badge and components helped Giant skyrocket to the top echelon of bike manufacturers in the world. Schwinn bikes eventually accounted for nearly three-quarters of all Giant bikes sold; and when Schwinn took away its manufacturing rights in the 1980s, Giant kept on developing their own products and became a fierce competitor in the market.

Nowadays, Giant operates several brands under its corporate umbrella, and is recognized as the largest bike manufacturer in the world. It sells to more than 12,000 retail locations in over 50 countries.

Key innovations by Giant include the first application of computer-aided design, enhanced configurations for road bikes, and developments in carbon fiber construction. They also took advantage of the recent boom in interest in bicycling during the COVID-19 pandemic, with sales spiking nearly 55% in 2021.

Giant Bikes has manufacturing plants in Taiwan, the Netherlands, China, and Hungary.

Where Can You Buy Giant Bikes?

Giant Bikes are available to purchase directly from the Giant website, as well as thousands of retailers around the world. Most sporting goods stores, department and big-box retailers, and independent operators will offer Giant Bikes as part of their inventory.

Giant Website

The Giant website does provide a helpful feature to let you find a retailer near you. This can be helpful if you have a shop in mind based on your prior experience, or a recommendation from a friend.

By ordering from their website, Giant will deliver right to your home (with some assembly required when you receive it). You can also pre-order a bike that will be released soon, and be notified when your chosen model is available again if it’s out of stock. Or you can order through your local bike shop, and have an expert help you put it together and max out your performance and components.

Epic Cycles

Epic Cycles is an online retail extension of a two-location bike shop from Florida and Colorado. In addition to sales, they offer a full range of bike service options. They have payment options that include an impressive 30-day refund policy on new bike purchases.


Bikes Online is a specialty retailer based out of California. They work with bikes, parts, and accessories and offer shipping directly from their warehouses, or through brokered relationships with manufacturers. They also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on all purchases.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a well-known retailer with online and brick-and-mortar locations. They offer a wide variety of sporting goods and apparel, and their stores are laid out so enthusiasts can focus on their chosen sport in each section of the store.

The bike section in person and online will get you the right Giant bike to suit your needs.


Bikes Direct is a no-frills website that has been in business for over 20 years. They offer a model of “low-cost, high-volume, direct sales.” You can search for Giant or other brand bikes by category, or review current deals and offers.

Bike Exchange

Bike Exchange connects riders through an online community, as well as through their sales of bikes, parts, accessories, apparel, and more. They are based out of North Carolina, but have a presence in eight countries.

Bicycle Warehouse

Bicycle Warehouse started out as Mountain Bike Warehouse in 1992. They have five in-person locations in southern California, and do significant business online as well.

Local Retailers

In addition to some of the larger online options, there are hundreds of smaller local retailers that can help you find the right Giant bike. They will likely also have service options to maintain your bike as well.

Everything You Need to Know About Giant Bikes

What Kind of Bikes Does Giant Make?

Giant caters to riders of every age, every need, and every skill level.

The main category for most riders will be road bikes. This will likely encompass the widest range of riders, since the majority will just want a safe, reliable machine that can give them a fun excursion on the weekends or help them keep in good physical shape. They are budget-friendly with proven design and functional elements, and make biking a sport and pastime everyone can enjoy.

  • City, hybrid, and fitness bikes let you weave in and out of dense traffic with ease.
  • Triathlon and performance bikes will push you to the limit of strength and endurance.
  • Cruisers offer a more laid-back experience for those who just want a leisurely ride.

Road bikes will also cater to those who have the need for speed, in the city and in competitive racing. These performance bikes are built to be lightweight, and help you shave every second possible off your time.

Mountain bikes are another solid contingent of bikes offered by Giant. Hardtails, full-suspension bikes, and even electric options are some of the selections available for those who want to venture well off the beaten path.

  • Hardtails only have travel forks on the front end, making for livelier handling on trails.
  • Full suspension bikes offer the most versatility, and can cover the most types of terrain.
  • Tire sizes for these bikes are generally larger, and can handle rougher ground.

If you’re even more adventurous than that, you can find options for cross and gravel bikes.

  • Cyclocross has tires that are perfect for quick transitions from mud to gravel to pavement.
  • Adventure and gravel bikes will test your skill and mettle.

What’s more, the kids can also get in on the action. The littlest riders can learn the basics of riding on a push bike that parents can help them ride, while other young riders have a wide array of options available as they grow up.

All of the above bike categories offer electric options. These bikes have electric motors that add a boost of power, which is a great supplement for those interested in performance and those who are getting back into biking after a long time away from it.

Female riders can shop Giant’s special Liv brand. This was a unique move when Giant spun off these bikes in 2011, but it has certainly paid off, as women riders still flock to this brand for their biking needs.

(Before going any further, it’s important to note that Giant also makes bikes for other brands like Trek, Colnago, and Scott. Keep an eye out when shopping for some of these brands - you might be buying a Giant bike after all!)

Giant also produces a robust line of biking gear. Riders can accessorize in style with custom apparel and accessories, and also find great additions and upgrades for their bikes with servicing equipment and premium components.

You can also find parts for older Giant bikes as well, meaning that it’s easy to maintain your current Giant bike without having to make a whole new purchase.

How Much Are Giant Bikes?

Because Giant offers such a wide variety of bikes, the price point will vary greatly depending on what kind you ultimately purchase.

All of the below prices are taken directly from the Giant website, and may vary based on your local retailer as well.

  • Road bikes can range from $600 to $12,000.
  • Mountain bikes can range from $424 to $9,500.
  • Cross and gravel bikes can range from $585 to $6,400.
  • Electric bikes are the most expensive class, typically starting at around $3,000.
  • Simple push bikes for little children will cost around $200, while bikes for toddlers on up can range between $200 and $1,600.

If you are interested in resale value, this is one of the few areas where Giant will disappoint you. Because there are so many Giant bikes sold around the world, they will not be highly sought after as a resold bike. However, this is such a minor inconvenience that never enters the minds of most bikers.

This may seem like a lot of information, but keep in mind that the sheer size of Giant’s operation means that you can absolutely find the bike that’s right for you. The company caters to casual and advanced riders, to novices and professionals. It may be focused on volume as a corporate operating model, but it doesn’t skimp on quality by any means, often leading the industry on key innovations and early adoption of advances in technology.