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Not every brand of bike is sold by every retailer all the time. Where can you buy Diamondback bikes if not everyone currently has them in stock?

Since Diamondback bikes are a popular brand, many stores offer them. If there is a local store that sells a variety of bicycles in your area, there's a good chance they have Diamondbacks. Try walking in and requesting the brand.

Currently, neither Amazon nor Walmart offers many Diamondback bikes for sale online. However, many other large retailers do let you order them for decent prices. You can find Diamondback bikes at Sport Chek, Bicycle Warehouse, and the official Diamondback website.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that Diamondback bikes are currently not available. While there was a bicycle shortage in the United States for a little while, plenty of bikes are available today.

I have bought bikes from Diamondback for myself and as Christmas gifts. When recently trying to buy a Diamondback bike, I found that Walmart and Amazon didn't offer many of them. Thankfully, you can easily still order them online from the company site or from other retailers.



Where To Buy Diamondback Bikes

You can buy Diamondback bikes either online (from the official website, from Bicycle Warehouse, and elsewhere) or at any in-store locations. Some of the stores that offer these bikes are:

  • Sport Chek
  • The Official Diamondback Site
  • Bicycle Warehouse

Some retailers that do not currently offer many of these bikes are:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart

You Can Buy Diamondback Bikes at Sport Chek

Sport Chek is a great place to buy Diamondback bikes; either in-store or online. They offer many models, costing from less than a few hundred to thousands of dollars. You can likely find what you want if you go to your local Sport Chek or look on their website.

Currently, some of the better deals Sport Chek offers are:

Diamondback Ridgeback

The Ridgeback is a great mountain bike you can get for a fairly low price. The frame is made of aluminum, so it is very light and won't unnecessarily weigh you down. It has 21 speeds, so you can use the bike anywhere from smooth pavement to the park to going up hills on rough trails.

The Ridgeback also has great brakes, despite its small size. The powerful disc brakes work in both wet and dry conditions. While the bike rides very smoothly, the mechanical parts can't be as good as what a bike that costs many times more offers.

Diamondback Motown

Sport Chek also currently offers the Diamondback Motown, which is one of my favorite bicycles. It is a fairly low-priced mountain bike that feels like a higher-end bike.

Everything works smoothly, and the bike is durable. If you take it out on a bumpy trail, you will notice how exceptional it is for its fairly low price.

You Can Buy Diamondback Bikes at Bicycle Warehouse

If you want to order your bike online and can't find it at Walmart or Amazon, Bicycle Warehouse is a good alternative. Bicycle Warehouse offers fair prices and great customer service. They will answer your calls if you need them to help you in any way.

Some good deals you can get at Bicycle Warehouse are:

Diamondback Metric 2 Hybrid Bike

The Diamondback Metric 2 is the perfect middle ground between a mountain bike and a road bike. If you use a road bike on a trail, it will be too bumpy, and if you use a mountain bike for a long road trip, you won't be as fast. A well-made hybrid bike like the Diamondback Metric 2 performs well either on the trail or the road.

Diamondback Atroz 1

The Diamondback Atroz 1 mountain bike is one of your best choices if you want a full-suspension bike at a reasonable price. The suspension system is very powerful, and the aluminum frame is durable, so it's a joy to ride and it lasts for a long time. The gears and brakes are also excellent, and 27.5-inch wheels are better than 26 or 29-inch wheels in my experience.

The Diamondback Website

The most reliable place to buy Diamondback bikes is the official website. Regardless of which online or offline retailers don't have the bikes in stock, you can always buy Diamondback bikes from the company website. Some great deals on the official site are:

The Release 5C

Diamondback is mostly known for its relatively low-priced bikes, but they also have many models that cost thousands of dollars. The release 5C is a cutting-edge bike that uses patented new Level Link suspension.

The bike has a carbon fiber rather than aluminum or steel frame, SRAM rather than Shimano mechanical parts, and everything else you would expect from a high-end bike using the newest technology.

The Metric 3

Diamondback Metric 3 bike is a great light bike for city use. While it sort of performs well on rough terrain, it is primarily a city bike and not a mountain bike.

It is stable, sturdy, fast, and easy to control because of its flat handlebars. The bike also has a rack mount, strong wheels that won't be damaged by hard bumps, nine gears, and great materials for its price.

Can You Buy Diamondback Brakes on Amazon?

Currently, Amazon doesn't seem to be a good place to buy Diamondback bikes. It isn't quite true that Amazon always has everything. Currently, they aren't selling many bikes from the Diamondback company - a search for diamondback bikes shows mostly bikes from other companies.

One of the few Diamondback bikes listed near the top on Amazon is sold out. Another is available, but it is a kid's bike. There might be more Diamondback bikes available on Amazon in the near future, but as of July 2022, they are not easy to find.

Can You Buy Diamondback Bikes at Walmart?

Like Amazon, Walmart currently doesn't have a lot of Diamondback bikes in stock. Their site currently lists only a single youth bike and some parts, not a good variety of Diamondback bikes. A search by brand shows that they have a lot of models from many other brands, but not from Diamondback.

Can You Buy Diamondback Bikes at Dick's Sporting Goods?

Dick's sporting goods is another large retailer that doesn't seem to offer the brand at this time. The store sells a lot of bicycles, but a search for Diamondback bikes returns nothing.

If you want a cheaper bike, look through Sport Chek's sales section. You may be able to find a reasonably high-quality diamondback for less than a few hundred dollars in the sales section.

Are Diamondback Bikes Made in the United States?

At the start, Diamondback Bikes were made in America. However, this is no longer true - they are made in China now.

As Diamondback became more successful, it was bought by a larger company, which started making the bikes in Asia. Today, the bikes are built by a Taiwanese company and manufactured in China. The main office is still in Kent, Washington.

What Kinds of Bikes Does Diamondback Make?

Originally, Diamondback bikes made BMX bikes. They were one of the companies that made BMX bikes popular back in the 1970s. However, they have branched out since then and are no longer known only as a BMX bike company.

Diamondback bikes produces gravel bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, full suspension bikes, mountain bikes, women's bikes, youth bikes, and more.

Are Diamondback Bikes Low or High-End Bikes?

Diamondback bikes are usually somewhere in the middle. They vary a lot in price but tend to stay away from the extremes of the price range.

Does a Diamondback Bike Have a Warranty?

Yes, diamondback bikes are protected by robust warranties. The strength of the warranty depends on the type of bike you purchased. The length of the warranty depends on the part of the bike that fails.

Who Started the Diamondback Company?

The Diamondback bike company was founded in 1977. The company has two predecessors, one founded in Japan in 1869 and another founded in England as far back as 1886. The company has been bought and sold many times since it was founded.

The company started out in Kent, Washington where it is still located. The company rapidly grew until it became one of the major American brands.

Diamondback is an innovative company that has improved upon bicycle design. Some of their better known inventions are their Knuckle Box suspension and their Level Link suspension.