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Key Takeaways

  • Riders should opt for the right helmet sizes to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Trying on helmets can help determine the best helmet for your individual needs.
  • Consider your head shape to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

You shouldn't compromise your safety and comfort! That’s why you should explore our top picks for bike helmets designed specifically for people with big heads.

The best bike helmets for people with big heads are the Bontrager Circuit WaveCel helmet, Bell Falcon MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet, Giro Montaro MIPS Helmet, Bell Sixer MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet, and Electra Lifestyle Bike Helmet.

My recommendations are based on careful research and analysis. I’ve also considered various factors such as design, comfort, adjustability, and impact protection. As such, I’ll guide you in finding the perfect match that will help you ride confidently while prioritizing safety.



Best Bike Helmet for Big Head

When it comes to choosing the best bike helmet for big heads, there are several factors to consider.

First and foremost, the helmet should provide a comfortable and secure fit. Look for helmets that come in larger sizes or offer adjustable fit systems to accommodate different head shapes and sizes.

Another important factor is safety. Opt for helmets that are certified by reputable safety organizations, such as the CPSC or ASTM. Additional safety features like MIPS or WaveCel technology can provide maximum protection against rotational forces and impacts.

Additionally, ventilation is crucial for comfort during long rides. Look for helmets with sufficient ventilation, such as multiple vents or channels, to keep your head cool and prevent overheating.

Style and aesthetics also play a role in choosing a helmet. Find a design that suits your personal taste and matches your biking style. Remember, you'll be wearing the helmet for extended periods, so choose one you feel confident and comfortable in.

To help you compare the mentioned helmets, here's a table outlining their key features:

Helmet Model Fit System Safety Features Ventilation Weight
Bontrager Circuit WaveCel Boa Fit System WaveCel technology Good ventilation Light-weight
Bell Falcon MIPS Float Fit System MIPS technology Excellent airflow Moderate weight
Giro Montaro MIPS Roc Loc Air Fit MIPS technology Ample ventilation Moderate weight
Bell Sixer MIPS Float Fit System MIPS technology Optimal airflow Light-weight
Electra Lifestyle Bike Helmet Universal Fit Standard safety features Average ventilation Light-weight

1. Bontrager Circuit WaveCel

Bontrager Circuit WaveCel
Bontrager Circuit WaveCel

The Bontrager Circuit WaveCel bike helmet is a top choice for individuals with big heads. It combines advanced technologies and exceptional comfort to provide an unmatched experience for cyclists with larger cranial circumferences.


This bicycle helmet is built with a durable plastic shell and utilizes in-mold construction, providing a lightweight and sturdy design. It incorporates WaveCel technology, a revolutionary impact protection system that enhances safety by reducing rotational forces.

It uses Boa and the headmaster fit system to ensure a snug fit on your head.


Thanks to the WaveCel technology, the Bontrager Circuit WaveCel helmet provides excellent protection from head injuries. Its in-mold construction and EPS liner ensure lightweight durability, while the adjustable straps and Boa Fit System provide a snug and comfortable fit for larger heads.

What Sets It Apart

It boasts a unique safety feature, a collapsible cellular structure that absorbs the energy of an impact to reduce the risk of injuries on the rider’s head. This technology sets it apart from traditional bike helmets, offering superior protection without compromising comfort or style.

Recent Updates

Bontrager continuously updates its product lineup, and the Circuit WaveCel is no exception. With recent updates, this cycling helmet features an aerodynamic shape, an Airevac ventilation system, and a Fidlock magnetic buckle for quick and easy adjustments.


  • Exceptional protection with WaveCel technology
  • Adjustable helmet straps
  • Lightweight helmet
  • Easy-to-use strap dividers
  • Allows you to use magnetic goggles, depending on your preference


  • Higher price point compared to normal helmets
  • WaveCel material may require a break-in period for optimal comfort
  • Lacks integrated LED light

Who Should Buy It

It's a good helmet for anyone with a larger head who struggles to find a comfortable, secure, and safe helmet should consider the Bontrager Circuit WaveCel. Its advanced safety features and customizable fit make it the biggest bike helmet size.

Where to Buy It

You can purchase the Bontrager Circuit WaveCel helmet through authorized dealers such as Trek or other reputable cycling stores, both online and offline. Make sure to provide your head circumference when purchasing for the most accurate fit.

2. Bell Falcon MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet

Bell Falcon MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet
Bell Falcon MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet

Bell Falcon MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet is a great choice for individuals with larger head sizes. Its design offers protection and comfort, making it an excellent option for big-headed cyclists.

As an expert in cycling gear, you can trust us to guide you through the features and benefits of this helmet and help you make an informed decision.


It comes in three sizes, covering head measurements from 52-62 cm. The helmet features an integrated MIPS designed to reduce rotational forces from certain impacts.

It offers adjustable fit options for added comfort and security. Also, it has a low friction layer, providing additional protection to the rider’s head.


This bicycle helmet performs exceptionally well in terms of protection and comfort. The MIPS system helps reduce the risk of a head injury, while the helmet's design provides ample ventilation to keep your head cool during rides.

To enhance the performance of this helmet, you can use a skull cap.

What Sets it Apart

It stands out due to its suitability for people with larger head sizes. The adjustable fit and comfortable design ensures that cyclists with big heads can find the perfect fit and enjoy a comfortable ride.

Recent Updates

There have not been any recent significant updates to the Bell Falcon MIPS helmet, but it has maintained its popularity and high-performance features.


  • Integrated MIPS for added head protection against impacts
  • Suitable for big-headed individuals
  • Comfortable design with adjustable fit options
  • Good ventilation to keep the head cool during rides


  • Slightly heavier than other bicycle helmets

Who Should Buy It

This bike helmet is good for cyclists with bigger head sizes who prioritize safety, comfort, and a more personal fit. The Bell Falcon MIPS caters to the specific needs of large-headed riders, making it the go-to choice for those in this category.

Where to Buy It

You can purchase the Bell Falcon MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet at various online retailers, such as Amazon.

3. Giro Montaro MIPS Helmet

Giro Montaro MIPS Helmet
Giro Montaro MIPS Helmet

The Giro Montaro MIPS Helmet is an excellent option for people with big heads. This helmet is specifically designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit for various head sizes, including those on the larger side.


This helmet has a strong polycarbonate outer shell, providing durability and impact resistance. It incorporates EPS foam lining for effective shock absorption.

With 16 vents, the helmet offers optimal ventilation to keep the head cool during rides. It also includes MIPS technology for additional rotational impact protection.

Additionally, it has a sun visor to provide shade and protection from the sun's glare during your ride.


It delivers impressive performance in terms of comfort, ventilation, and protection. The Roc Loc 5 Air MIPS fit system ensures a snug and customized fit for various head sizes.

Additionally, the 16 air ventilation vents keep your head cool even on those long, challenging rides. It also has a detachable visor which you can adjust depending on the type of riding.

What Sets it Apart

What sets the Giro Montaro MIPS Helmet apart from other helmets on the market is its integrated MIPS technology, which is designed to reduce rotational forces on the brain during an impact.

This added layer of safety significantly improves the overall protection provided by the helmet.

Recent Updates

This helmet has received upgrades in recent years. This new iteration features an improved Roc Loc lift system for easier adjustment and enhanced ventilation.

It still retains some of the beloved features from the original, such as the breakaway camera mount and adjustable visor.


  • Excellent fit for a very large head size
  • Integrated MIPS technology for added safety
  • Comfortable thanks to the performance comfort lining
  • Durable thanks to the tough polycarbonate outer shell


  • Slightly more expensive compared to other helmets on the market
  • Limited color options

Who Should Buy It

This helmet is ideal for those with larger head sizes who are seeking large helmets for mountain biking, trail riding, and other types of cycling.

Where to Buy It

You can find the Giro Montaro MIPS Helmet for purchase on the official Montaro website as well as through various online retailers and local bike shops. Keep in mind that prices may vary according to the seller.

4. Bell Sixer MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmets

Bell Sixer MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet
Bell Sixer MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

Bell Sixer MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet is undoubtedly one of the best bike helmets for a person with a big head. This helmet comes in sizes ranging from Small to X-Large, catering to various head shapes and sizes.


This helmet is available in multiple sizes, including small (52-56 cm), medium (55-59 cm), large (58-62 cm), and X-large (61-65 cm), ensuring a proper fit for a wide range of head sizes. It features 26 vents and four brow ports, allowing for excellent airflow and ventilation to keep the rider cool and comfortable during rides.


This helmet has been tested and reviewed for its outstanding performance in different biking scenarios, such as tackling sketchy rock drops or high-speed alpine forest tunnels. The helmet's well-ventilated structure, removable visor, and construction make riding comfortable and enjoyable.

What Sets it Apart

It features Progressive Layering technology that distinguishes it from other helmets on the market. This technology not only provides additional protection but also enhances comfort and security.

Recent Updates

Although the helmet's basic structure and design have remained consistent, Bell is continually working to improve its overall performance and adjust its features based on customer feedback.


  • Comfortable fit for larger head sizes
  • Enhanced safety with MIPS technology
  • Progressive Layering for additional protection
  • Efficient ventilation with 26 vents and four brow ports


  • Above-average weight

Who Should Buy It

It’s an excellent option for mountain bikers with large heads who want extra-large bike helmets that ensure top-level protection, durability, and comfort during their rides.

Where to Buy It

You can purchase the Bell Sixer MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet from Amazon. Always make sure to buy from authorized sellers to ensure genuine products and warranty coverage.

5. Electra Lifestyle

Electra Lifestyle
Electra Lifestyle

The Electra Lifestyle Bike Helmet is known for its excellent fit and impressive design, making it an ideal choice for people with big heads. In addition to providing top-notch protection, the helmet is well-rounded and offers a wide range of features that make the purchase worth it for riders with larger head sizes.


It comes in various sizes, with the large version fitting head circumferences between 59 cm and 61 cm. It also features a durable ABS hardshell exterior that provides effective protection, while the EPS foam liner ensures comfort and security during your rides.


It boasts top performance, offering a balance between protection, comfort, and style. Ventilation is well-executed, easing the potential discomfort associated with wearing a helmet during prolonged rides.

Also, the adjustable fit system allows for a customized fit to accommodate different head shapes.

What Sets it Apart

The Electra Lifestyle Helmets series is renowned for its unique aesthetic designs, catering to riders who want their gear to make a statement. Furthermore, the helmet series tends to focus on offering a combination of safety features and stylish appeal without compromising on either aspect.

Recent Updates

The most recent updates for Electra Lifestyle Helmets include advancements in the Ventilation system, allowing better air circulation while maintaining its structural strength.


  • Well-fitted helmet for larger head sizes
  • Durable materials that provide optimal protection
  • Stylish designs cater to both function and fashion
  • Enhanced ventilation system


  • Limited options in specialized safety features
  • Higher price point compared to other helmets with similar specifications

Who Should Buy It

It’s perfect for riders who search for a balance between style and safety. Particularly suitable for those with larger head sizes, this helmet promises a comfortable and secure fit without compromising on aesthetics.

Where to Buy It

You can purchase Electra Lifestyle Bike Helmets directly from Electra Bikes and other authorized retailers.

The Importance of Head Shape in Selecting the Right Helmet

When it comes to selecting a helmet, many people focus on getting the right size. However, it's also important to consider head shape to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Different helmet manufacturers cater to different head shapes, such as round, oval, or elongated, and selecting the right bike helmet can make all the difference.

But, determining your head shape is easy. All you need is a tape measure and a mirror. Measure the circumference of your head just above your eyebrows and ears.

Then, measure the distance from the back of your head to the center of your forehead. Finally, measure the distance from one ear to the other across the top of your head. Use these measurements to determine whether your head is round, oval, or elongated.

Once you know your head shape, you can start looking for helmets that cater to your specific shape. For example, if you have a round head, you'll want to look for helmets that have a more circular shape.

If you have an oval head, you'll want to look for longer front-to-back helmets. And if you have an elongated head, you'll want to look for helmets that are wider from side to side.

Some helmet brands or models are specifically designed to cater to certain head shapes. For example, Giro helmets are known for catering to oval-shaped heads, while Bell helmets are known for catering to round-shaped heads.

However, it's important to note that not all helmets from a particular brand will fit the same way, so it's important to try on different models to find the right fit.

When trying on helmets, make sure to adjust the strap system and pads to get a snug fit. The helmet should sit level on your head and cover your forehead without obstructing your vision.

You should be able to fit one or two fingers between the helmet and your forehead, and the helmet should not move around when you shake your head.

Here’s a table showing different head shapes and the appropriate helmet features

Head Shape Helmet Features
Round Circular shape
Oval Longer front to back
Elongated Wider side to side