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Key Takeaways

  • Bicycles serve as powerful storytelling devices in comics.
  • Cycling culture and heroism interlace in these narratives.
  • These comics showcase the diverse experiences of bikers.

Who says the world of capes and cowls is just for superheroes?

It turns out, bicycles have been rolling through the pages of comic books for years, pedaling stories that captivate readers who love both cycling and sequential art.

These narrative spokes connect to a hub of vibrant characters, from shop owners to street racers, all with a story to tell.

Did you know that the cycling culture has its own pantheon of comic book heroes?

From the whimsical turns of Yehuda Moon and his bike shop antics to the thrilling pedals of Bike Girl, these comics offer a unique spin on the traditional superhero tale.

Empowered by two wheels, they navigate through adventures that blend the everyday with the extraordinary.

Rest assured, you're in for an exciting ride as we chronicle ten bicycle-themed comics that have enriched the genre.

These tales bring a fresh outlook on heroism, fueled by the power of pedals and the community that thrives around them.

Your trusty steel steed isn't just a means of transport; in these pages, it's the vehicle for high-stakes stories that turn cyclists into champions.



Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery

Do you love bicycles and a good story?

If so, Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery is the comic strip for you.

Created by Rick Smith, it's all about the life of a bike shop owner, Yehuda Moon, who lives and breathes cycling.

It’s like taking a ride through the ups and downs of bike culture without ever leaving your seat!

  • Who is Yehuda Moon?He's the central character - an avid cyclist who owns the Kickstand Cyclery. Yehuda combines his love for bikes with humor and a heartwarming perspective, bringing a smile to your face with every strip.
  • What kinds of adventures does he have?Whether it's dealing with bike repairs, confronting the challenges of car culture, or going on a spontaneous bike trip, Yehuda’s days are packed with cycling-centric escapades.
  • Where does the cycling action happen?The scenes are set around the fictional Kickstand Cyclery, but sometimes they spill over to the roads, trails, and even the quirky town in which Yehuda lives.

The webcomic ran from 2008 to 2017, a testament to its warm reception among cycling enthusiasts and comic lovers alike.

You'll find Yehuda encountering everyday cycling issues, addressing mandatory helmet laws, and trying to sell bicycles—all accompanied by his friend Joe.

Rick Smith also partnered with Brian Griggs, who himself once worked at a bike shop.

Their combined experiences infused reality and relatability into Yehuda's world.

Ever dreamed of getting your dream bike?

Joe gets his in this delightful series, and Yehuda even finds a girlfriend who shares his cycling passion.

So pedal over to the world of Yehuda Moon and join the ride through this richly illustrated and captivating tale, one gear shift at a time! 🚲💨

Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

Have you ever wondered what kind of shenanigans a trio of stoner characters might get up to, especially when they hop on bicycles?

Meet The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, a comic series that isn't shy about its counter-cultural roots.

Created by the American artist Gilbert Shelton, these 'freaks' made their debut back in 1968 in an underground newspaper from Austin, Texas.

Interestingly enough, despite their slackened lifestyle, the Freak Brothers often find themselves pedaling through chaos on trusty two-wheeled steeds.

What’s the deal with these guys?

  • First Appearance: May 1968 in 'The Rag'
  • Creators: Gilbert Shelton
  • Themes: Counter-culture, humor, satire
  • Notable for: Iconic status in underground comix

Why bicycles?

You might chuckle at the idea of laid-back stoners opting for bicycles, but it represents a slice of their carefree and nonconformist lifestyle.

It's also a quirky nod to the eco-awareness that was budding during the era these comics were born.

Comic Collectibles:

  • The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers #10: Adventure, humor, and yes, bikes!
  • Sale Records: Comics like #10 and #12 have collector's value with several sales recorded.

The Freak Brothers serve as a wild, hilarious reflection of a certain era's subculture, without being bound by it.

Even if you're not on board with every zany escapade they undertake, you can't help but appreciate their unique charm—and their occasional bicycle ride.

So, have you checked out these groovy comics yet?

Remember that each page turn might just bring you a surprise encounter with our carefree pals on wheels!

The Adventures of Tintin: The Red Sea Sharks

Have you ever imagined cycling your way through suspense and mystery?

In "The Adventures of Tintin: The Red Sea Sharks," you get to pedal alongside Tintin, the heroic reporter with a knack for getting into the heart of the action.

This adventure sees Tintin pedaling furiously in pursuit of criminals, and trust me, it's as exhilarating as it sounds!

  • Created by Hergé, Tintin's creator
  • Published by Casterman
  • Part of the The Adventures of Tintin series

In "The Red Sea Sharks," our intrepid hero Tintin finds himself in the middle of a riveting adventure involving slavery, rebellion, and shark-infested waters.

And yes, our hero does not shy away from using an eco-friendly set of wheels when the need arises.

Imagine ripping through winding roads and bustling markets, with only your bicycle between you and the villains.

What's thrilling about Tintin's escapades in this tale?

  • Chases: Tintin uses his bicycle to chase down villains, closing in on them with cunning and pedal power.
  • Navigation: Through crowded streets and challenging terrains, Tintin's trusty bicycle comes to the rescue.

As you page through "The Red Sea Sharks," you become part of a journey that has charmed readers for decades.

This comic book proves that bicycles can be just as mighty as any car chase in the hands of a hero like Tintin.

Tell me, are you ready to cycle into adventure with Tintin?

"Bike Girl" by Joe Biel and Elly Blue

Ever imagined yourself zipping through the city, championing the plight of fellow cyclists and beckoning for a green revolution?

Well, meet your new hero: Bike Girl!

This zine-style comic book hops into the life of an everyday hero whose superpowers include grit, a fierce love for cycling, and a knack for defending two-wheeler rights.

Her mission is simple and oh-so-relatable: fight for justice and cyclists' safety in a world that's not always bike-friendly.

Why should you care?

If you’ve ever pedaled the mean streets and managed to dodge more potholes than you can count, Bike Girl's adventures will speak to you on a personal level.

Here's what's pedaling inside:

  • A Relatable Protagonist: Bike Girl, resembling someone you might know from your own cycling community, stands up for commuter rights with passion.
  • Urban Adventures: The cityscape is her playground, and Bike Girl maneuvers it with the precision of a seasoned cyclist.
  • Environmental Themes: The comic doesn't shy from global issues, weaving eco-consciousness into its storylines.

Need to know more?

Joe Biel and Elly Blue team up to bring you this captivating tale, marrying illustration with activism.

Perhaps after flipping through these pages, you'll be inspired to be a little more like Bike Girl in your daily commute.

Remember, every revolution starts with a single pedal stroke!

In short, gear up to be both entertained and enlightened.

After all, you might just find a bit of yourself hidden beneath Bike Girl's helmet!

"Bicycle Boy" by Jackarais

Have you ever thought about a robot with a bike for a heart?

Well, "Bicycle Boy" is exactly that—a webcomic blending the thrill of post-apocalyptic adventures with the charm of a cyborg protagonist.

Imagine yourself pedaling through a vast desert, except you're Poet, the main character in this creative saga.

With a name like Poet, you'd expect some elegant prose, right?

But hold on, Poet can't recall a single day before waking up surrounded by nothing but sand and mysterious corpses.

  1. Created by: Jackarais
  2. Genre: Sci-fi, Adventure, Post-apocalyptic
  3. Highlights:
  1. A cyborg hero named Poet
  2. Rich, expansive desert setting
  3. Themes of memory and identity

As you flip through the digital pages, you'll find Poet doesn't know his purpose, a relatable feeling for many of us, don't you think?

What's his deal?

The thrill is in joining him on his squeaky two-wheeled journey for answers.

Who is Poet and why was he created?

You're not alone in this; companions come along who share this rugged world's stories—outcasts trying to survive.

Why should you care?

If you are a fan of stories that have that "The Road meets Borderlands vibe," Bicycle Boy might just be your next favorite read.

With a mix of humor, fast-paced action, and scenes that make you gasp, Jackarais isn't just another name in the webcomic world—it's a signature of quality adventure.

And remember, updates happen every Friday, so the end of the week suddenly got a lot more exciting!

Roller Grrrls

Have you ever wondered what happens when you mix the fast-paced world of roller derby with the thrill of cycling?

Roller Grrrls is your answer—a comic series where the thrill of the derby meets the love for bicycles.

Let's skate into what makes this comic a must-read!

Created by the artistic team of Gary Erskine and Mhairi Stewart, with the vibrant colors by Yel Zamor, Roller Grrrls isn’t just an artistic venture; it’s a homage to the roller derby community and its connection with cycling.

The characters in this series aren't just derby players—they're avid cyclists too!

The motion and energy of roller derby and cycling come alive on the pages, making every frame and storyline feel like you're part of the action.

In Roller Grrrls, you'll find:

  • Diverse Characters: A cast that represents the fierce and competitive roller derby athletes, each with their own unique personalities and backstories.
  • Engaging Artwork: Visuals that portray the dynamic nature of both roller derby and cycling, grabbing your attention and pulling you into the world of Roller Grrrls.
  • Inclusive Themes: Storylines that delve into the lives and challenges faced by the characters, mirroring the real-life experiences of derby participants and cyclists.

Want to know more about the Roller Grrrls universe?

Dive into the colorful pages that celebrate not just a sport but a lifestyle where camaraderie and competition spin together.

Grab your helmet, and let’s roll through the adventures of these derby dynamos—where every push on the pedals and every roller skate stride tells a tale of passion and empowerment!

BMX Bandits

Did you ever think that a BMX bike could be a hero's chariot?

Well, in the world of comics, anything is possible, and the BMX Bandits are here to showcase just that.

This isn't your average group of young pedal-pushing protagonists.

Imagine a crew of savvy teens who can not only ride their BMX bikes with skill but also use them to creatively foil criminal plots — talk about pedaling with purpose!

The storylines tick all the boxes for an adrenaline-packed comic experience:

  • Intrigue: A gang scheming to perform a payroll robbery
  • Adventure: Teens stumbling upon stolen walkie-talkies
  • Action: BMX acrobatics inspiring awe

Here's a quick peek into the vibrant world of the BMX Bandits:

  • Setting: A world brimming with high-octane BMX action
  • Heroes: A trio of plucky teens with a knack for adventure
  • Villains: Bumbling robbers dressed in surprisingly sharp suits

Inspired by the 1983 movie that put a young Nicole Kidman on the silver screen, the comic adaptations follow suit, imbuing each panel with the same energy and zest for adventure.

Here's a fun fact: Did you know Nicole's stunts in the original film were done by a man in a wig?

That's dedication to the craft for you!

So, grab your helmet and pump up those tires.

BMX Bandits is a ride you don't want to miss!

Gustave Flaubert's 'Madame Bovary'

Have you ever thought about the freedom a bicycle represents in literature?

Gustave Flaubert's 'Madame Bovary,' though not your typical comic book, beautifully captures this in its graphic novel adaptation.

You can practically feel the breeze as the characters pedal their way through pivotal scenes, using bicycles to escape their reality.

Key Highlights from the Graphic Adaptation

  • Visual Representation: The artwork brings to life the 19th-century French countryside, adding a dynamic layer to Flaubert's prose.
  • Character Development: Emma Bovary's longing for freedom is illustrated through sequences of her riding, which symbolize her desire to break free from societal constraints.
  • Historical Context: Bicycles in the era of 'Madame Bovary' were burgeoning symbols of modernity and personal liberation.

Bicycles in 'Madame Bovary' aren't just a form of transportation; they're a quiet rebellion against the norm, a pedal-powered pursuit of happiness.

Can you imagine the thrill of racing down a hill, skirt billowing, without a care in the world?

That's the kind of escape Emma seeks.

But remember, while bicycles represent a momentary flight from her troubles, they also ground us in the very human experience of seeking respite wherever we can find it.

In the graphic novel, these scenes are more than just pictures on a page; they're a conversation between you and Emma, the wind in your hair, sharing in her moments of fleeting joy.

So, grab your helmet (safety first!) and dive into the illustrated world of 'Madame Bovary.' You might just find yourself inspired to go on a little adventure of your own!

The Incredibles

Have you ever seen a kid speed by on a bicycle so fast, it's just a blur?

Well, that's pretty much Dash from "The Incredibles" in the comic book world.

When it comes to bicycle-themed heroes, he's literally pedaling circles around the competition.

In the "The Incredibles" comics:

  • Dash utilizes his super-speed just like in the movies, but did you know that he takes it to the next level with a bicycle? Yep, that's right, his two-wheeler becomes a super-vehicle, keeping up with his pace and adding a whole new dimension to his heroics.

Now, imagine the wind in your hair, except it's super wind because you're tearing through the streets saving the day at the speed of sound.

That's Dash's everyday ride.

Cool, right?

  • Other characters like Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl also make appearances, but they usually stick to their standard super mode of transportation.

The comics, which followed the original 2004 Pixar film, infuse every page with the same family dynamics and action-packed adventures you loved from the big screen.

They've got:

  • Thrilling plots
  • Vibrant illustrations
  • A whole lot of heart

So, next time you're pumping those pedals, channel a little bit of Dash and who knows, maybe you'll find a shortcut to your own heroic path.

Just remember, it's all about having fun and maybe, just maybe, saving the day along the way!

"Pepper&Carrot" by David Revoy

Have you ever imagined hopping on a magical bicycle and peddling through an enchanting world?

Let me introduce you to "Pepper&Carrot," a webcomic created by the talented David Revoy.

This series brings a dose of whimsy and adventure right to your screen with its two lovable heroes: Pepper, a young witch with a penchant for potions, and Carrot, her mischievous feline companion.

In the ten years since its inception on May 10, 2014, "Pepper&Carrot" has captured hearts globally.

It's carved out a niche as one of the free and open-source comic series leaders, embracing the spirit of sharing in the digital age.

  • Genre: Comedy/Humor, Fantasy
  • Format: Webcomic, Short Comic Strips
  • Release Date: First episode released in May 2014
  • Setting: The magical world of Hereva

Occasionally, Pepper and Carrot whisk away on magical bicycles, weaving through Hereva's myriad landscapes.

It's like a breath of fresh air, isn't it?

Cycling through the skies, free as a bird, without the constraints of gravity!

Imagine the kind of adventures you'd stumble upon.

The webcomic doesn't just impress with its storytelling but also with its dedication to providing quality entertainment for all ages.

It's a testament to how open-source culture can produce something heartfelt and professionally crafted without a price tag.

So, if you're in for a chuckle and some spellbinding escapades, why not give "Pepper&Carrot" a read?

Whether you're five or ninety-five, it's guaranteed to enchant and incite a thirst for two-wheeled magical adventures.

Ready to pedal into the extraordinary?