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Your bike performs the important task of ferrying you from one place to another and helping you exercise. Does this then mean that your bike is a vehicle?

What is a bicycle? Is it a vehicle? Why is a bicycle considered a vehicle? What vehicular functions does a bike perform? This article will provide the answers to these questions and help you to understand better, how a bike functions as a vehicle.

A bicycle is a two-wheeled vehicle that is steered by the rider’s pedaling action. A vehicle is any machine that ferries people and cargo from one place to another. A bicycle is therefore considered a vehicle because it performs the same functions as buses, trucks, trains and others.

In this article, we will look at what a bicycle is, determine why it is considered a vehicle, discover the vehicular functions of a bicycle and show you why a bicycle should be your vehicle of choice.

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A bicycle is simply a two-wheeled vehicle, with a front and back wheel, as well as several other parts that allow you to operate it efficiently. A regular bike has a number of common parts including: a pedal, chain, front and back derailleur, seat tube, stay and post, crossbar, downtube, handlebars and others. Different types of bikes may come with different features but all bikes have a number of similar parts.

Bikes perform several important functions including transportation, recreation and sports. You will need different types of bikes for different functions and many of these contain features designed to excel in each separate function.

The first two wheeled bike was invented in the 19th century by German inventor Karl Von Drais. However, cycling did not become popular until the end of the 19th century when use became so widespread that roads had to be improved to cater to the wellbeing of cyclists.

Why Is A Bicycle Considered A Vehicle?

A bike is considered a vehicle for two reasons; firstly, it is a machine with pedals and wheels, and it also produces noise. Secondly, it performs the function of a vehicle i.e. it transports people and cargo from one place to another.  Below are some of the most common uses for bicycles:


Bikes are used to transport both cargo and humans from one place to the other. Traveling by bike is most efficient over short distances, as it allows you to get to your destination without tiring too quickly.  Bikes also have the additional advantage of helping you maneuver through small spaces which can be especially useful during a traffic snarl up.

Businesses are increasingly turning to cargo bikes and individual riders to deliver goods to customers over short distances. This is due to the fact that bikes offer several advantages over delivery trucks and motorcycles. These include: affordability, speed, high carrying capacities of up to 200 kg, and the ability to maneuver through traffic jams, environmental friendliness and others.

Many workers are also turning to bikes to help them handle their daily commute. Riding a bike to work is a great way to raise your fitness levels and do your part for the environment by reducing fuel consumption and emitting lower levels of greenhouse gasses. If you want to lose weight, a one hour bike ride translates into 500 calories lost and regular cycling will help you lose weight while toning your legs and other parts of your body.


Cycling is one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors. A simple bike ride can take you through scenic nature trails, sunny beaches and challenging mountain terrain. Whether you are cycling for relaxation or challenge, there is an activity for you.

You can incorporate cycling into your schedule by going for weekend nature rides with your family, joining a cycling club and even taking part in some competitive events.  Other ways to have fun with your bike include: planning cycling routes around your favorite snack shop so you can reward yourself with a treat after riding, scheduling some long distance trips, joining a cycling club and taking up mountain biking.

Recreational biking has been shown to provide several health benefits including stress reduction, weight loss, increased cardiovascular health and improved muscle tone. People who cycle on a regular basis also report having stronger bones, improved coordination and prevention of lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes.

Pro cycling

Bikes provide an avenue for competitive cyclists to try and earn their pro card. If the idea of whizzing past other cyclers to the front of the finishing line appeals to you, definitely consider getting into pro cycling. However, even if you only want to win or participate in a few local contests, your bike can make this possible. Just ensure that you train hard, show up and bring your winning game.

Other Uses For Bikes

Bikes are extremely useful vehicles that can be used for a variety of functions in addition to transportation, recreation or sports. One of the more important biking functions is policing. In many countries today, the police patrol neighborhoods on foot and by bike. This allows for closer interactions with the community and results in greater crime reduction.

Cycling is a great way to run errands and get the grocery shopping done without spending a dime on gas. Since a significant percentage of car trips are spent on car trips that are less than 4 miles long, it makes better sense to make these trips using a bike.

A number of nurses and doctors in certain countries carry out patient visits on bikes. By switching from cars to regular and electric bikes, nurses deliver faster care to the community at a fraction of the cost of using a car. Cycling also provides medical personnel with the opportunity to clear their heads before the next patient. Finally, it is a great way for nurses and doctors to keep fit and manage their stress levels.

Reasons To Choose A Bike Over Other Types Of Vehicles

If you are considering getting a vehicle to help you move around, then a bike is one of the best options you can choose. Bikes have several advantages over cars and buses. First of all, they allow you to travel faster thanks to their compact size. It is easier to get through a traffic jam on a bike compared to larger sized cars or buses.

Secondly, unless you are buying the 24k gold extreme mountain bike by Hugh Power, you will spend significantly less on a bike than you would if you purchased a car. Bike price ranges between $800-$5000 for regular bikes. On the other hand, the average purchase price for a used car in the USA was $26,700 while the average price for a new car was $42,380. Cars also cost more to run, maintain and repair.

One final reason to get a bike as opposed to a car is that bikes offer you a lot more freedom than cars do. Want to tear down that grassy path and feel the wind in your face? Feel like tackling some rugged mountain terrain? Want to cycle on the beach without worrying about being stopped by a cop? Bikes allow you to do all these things without having to worry about damaging your bike and having to break the bank to fix it.