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Bicycles come in many different types and at varying costs. Selecting the perfect bicycle at the most reasonable price can be a daunting task.

Whether you are purchasing a bicycle for recreational, commuting, fitness, or competition, the bicycle should be suitable for its purpose and worth its price tag. Notably, it is easy to get swindled by sellers due to rosy appearances and lack of the right information. Therefore, how much is the average price of a bicycle? Or, preferably, how much should it cost?

Bicycle average prices range between $200 and $1,500 depending on the bike type. Specifically, comfort bikes go for $1,000, road bikes for $500, mountain bikes for $450, beach cruiser bikes sell at $300, single-speed bikes at $300, recumbent bikes at $1,500, and kid’s bikes (3-8 years) at $170.

In addition to the right bike type, knowing which bike features contribute to the price is essential. For instance, the appropriate size, frame material, number of gears, and brakes type, among other specifics.

Though cycling is an enjoyable experience, some risks come into play while riding. Having a good understanding of your risk exposure and preventive measures could help you identify the best-performing bike at an affordable price. After scouring the best bike dealers, we have compiled a summary of what prices you should expect when you head to the bike store. Read on to find out.



What Is The Average Price for Different Bike Types?

Comfort Bikes

The average price of a comfort bike is $1,000. Most of these bike types cost over $1,000, but you can find a cheap one for less than $200. A few are in the range below $800; if you are interested in purchasing one at a lower price, you have options on the table.

Many relaxed riders like comfort bikes to enjoy peaceful riding. The bikes are ideal for riding short distances and on fairly smooth terrain such as tarmac, pavements, or bike paths. The bikes are perfect for less experienced riders or people with reduced flexibility.

Comfort bikes are designed to offer a better lower back and neck positioning not offered by mountain and road bikes. It is intended to provide a natural ride and reduce any strain while riding.

These bikes come in various designs, but all are focused on ensuring a soft slow-speed riding experience. Some of their basic common features include:

  • An upright seating position.
  • Handlebars are wide and above the height of your saddle to ensure comfortable steering.
  • A long wheelbase that enhances comfort and allows you to maneuver while in a relaxed position.
  • Have a low stand-over position

Road Bikes

You can purchase a decent road bike at an average price of $500.

These bikes are designed for riding fast on smooth terrain to cover long distances. The bikes are made from lightweight materials like aluminum, titanium, or carbon. A road bike made of steel is the cheapest but heaviest.

Like other bike types, the highest quality road bikes can cost you thousands. Road bike prices are based on the following dimensions, including:

  • The lightweight material used to construct the frame.
  • The overall reliability of the bike.
  • How stiff the bike is.
  • Other components like the type of tires.

The most expensive road bike is made from the highest-grade carbon fiber, whereas aluminum and steel construct the least expensive bike. The main difference between these two bikes is the additional weight on the cheaper option and a few added features, which without doubt provide better value for the expensive model.

Major developments have been made in creating alloys with similar characteristics as carbon fiber, which reduces the price to a fraction of the cost. Apart from weight, the other advantages of expensive road bikes compared with cheaper ones are minimal and do not match the price difference.

With a $500 road bike, you get a high-performing bike that you will ride for many years. If you are ready to spend more on a road bike, you may opt to acquire a more expensive one to enjoy the added features.

Mountain Bikes

Be ready to spend a minimum of $450 to acquire a good-quality mountain bike.

Generally, these bikes cost more as they are tailored for uneven terrains. They have a shock-absorbing suspension on at least the front fork or both forks to manage the vibration and offer comfort on the roughest tracks.

Their tires are wide for maximum grip, and the frame is built using tough materials to withstand impact and enhance durability. They have additional features such as gears to ease climbing paths.

Some modern mountain bikes have fantastic features that complement their prices. Unless you enjoy biking and are a spendthrift, the bike prices may seem exaggerated as they can cost you thousands.

The mountain bike discussed here is a hardtail with suspension on only the front forks. Hardtails offer the least priced mountain bike with great quality when you are on a budget. They are still a good choice for cross country biking and climbing.

If you prefer a full-suspension mountain bike, the average price is $1,700, while for a downhill mountain bike, it is $4,200.

Knowing the terrain for your riding excursions is best to purchase the correct design.

Beach Cruiser Bikes

Beach cruiser bikes are simple and trade at an average price of $300. They are good for stress-free ridings such as visiting family and friends in the neighborhood, going to a nearby grocery store, or riding along the beach, as its name suggests.

Comparable to a comfort bike, a beach cruiser is built to provide you with a better riding experience than other bikes. These bikes come in very attractive colors and styles that make the bike elegant.

To find a quality beach cruiser that matches your desired riding objectives, you will need to explore the various designs available in the market.

In this case, research about the comfort, performance, reliability, durability, and diverse features among different models. It will guide you to decide on the rationality of the prices as some beach cruisers are sophisticated, having prices that compete with cars.

The best way to identify your ideal cruiser bike is to look at its purpose, design priorities, and, most importantly, the price you are willing to pay. With a wide variety of cruiser bikes in the market, you will find one that matches your taste and preferences.

Single-speed Bike

The average price for a single-speed bike is $300. These bikes are simple with very limited features, rendering their prices cheaper than other bike types.

Single-speed bikes do not have derailleurs, cables, or shifters, which increases the bike's production costs. Furthermore, eliminating the gearing system reduces the maintenance cost as there are fewer components.

Due to the minimal features, many manufacturers construct these bikes with the best quality materials and elements, thus delivering a quality bike. They are durable in any weather condition and ideal for city commuting.

The simplicity of the bike parts that can be swapped using regular tools provides you with greater flexibility to modify the bike easily. You can upgrade your bike components to make it more efficient or suit your desired taste.

Fitness Bikes

You need to spend around $1,500 to get a good fitness bike. These bikes are also referred to as recumbent bikes and are more expensive than ordinary ones as they assist you in exercising. They have unconventional shapes to aid diverse users in operating them.

Although the elderly and physically challenged persons are not their primary market, some designs allow these users to utilize them. These bikes provide excellent sitting comfort even for people who have challenges with their back or butt.

There are recumbent bikes for outdoors, similar to road bikes, and others for indoors that are immovable; for example, those you find in fitness centers.

The outdoor bikes include ones sportspersons use in a marathon. They are simple to operate with enhanced comfort for riding long distances. These bikes are designed with adjustable seat features that you can set to your fitting.

Also, other features in fitness bikes are not found in ordinary bikes, increasing the cost margin. Moreover, the bikes have three tires that improve balance while riding.

Kids Bikes

Bikes for kids between three and eight years with 12-inch wheels will cost you an average of $170. The price for bikes for older kids with twenty to twenty-four-inch wheels ranges around $250.

You may have expected a much lower price, but these bikes are designed to ensure children's safety. For that reason, kid's bikes are so specific in terms of age groups to reduce dangerous situations that may harm a child.

If you are sourcing for a kid's bike, the first consideration is to confirm the right bike size for the child. Another important factor is the safety gear for riding the bike. It does not matter whether your kid is an experienced rider or learner; your child's safety should not be debatable.

Acquiring the following protective gear will assist you in providing a safer environment for your child while enjoying the ride:

  • Helmet
  • Elbow and knee pads
  • Bell

What to Consider When Purchasing a Bike

Bike Type

The main reason you are purchasing a bike should dictate the ideal bike type. For instance, a high-quality road bike is desirable if you intend to train for a road racing competition. You can also use road bikes for fitness riding and commuting.

If you would like a bike for riding on rough terrain, then a mountain bike would be your best choice. Mountain bikes are not ideal for commuting on smooth terrain because they are heavier than road bikes, thus will dampen your performance.

Besides, if you are looking for a simple bike to commute from one place to another, a single-speed bike could be your perfect choice at an affordable price.

Get the Correct Size

Choosing the right bicycle size is vital for both your comfort and well-being. Buying a bike that is not fitting will give you an unpleasant riding experience as you are awkwardly straining your body.

Worse still are the health risks associated with riding a bike not suited for your size, including:

  • Lower back pains
  • Numb toes
  • Hand injuries
  • Shoulder pain
  • Knee injuries

Knowing the preventive measures associated with these cycling risks can help you enjoy the most from your riding treks.

Bike Features


There are mainly two types of braking systems, the disc brake, and the rim brake.

Disc brakes use calipers mounted to both the front and rear of the bike frame. The bike slows down by making contact with the disc on both wheels. Disc brakes are more efficient than rim brakes, especially during wet seasons.

Nowadays, many low-cost bikes use disc brakes; hence it is best to confirm this feature when purchasing.

Number of Gears

The feature depends on your riding paths. You do not need gears if you mostly ride on flat roads. In this case, a single-speed bike is sufficient while reducing your purchasing and maintenance costs.

Contrariwise, if the road is hilly, it would be best to consider a bike with gears where the more steep the hills are, the higher the number of gears you require. A bike with at least seven gears is satisfactory to climb most hills.


How much you can afford is critical when shopping for a bike.

If your primary intention of acquiring a bike is to move from one place to another or for fun, then you do not need to empty your bank account to acquire one. Many cheap bikes can still serve these purposes.

When you indulge more in cycling and make it your hobby or favorite sport and are ready to invest significant funds, then the expensive bikes can be worth their value.

Generally, for a normal cyclist, the difference between the most expensive bikes and the cheap ones in each category is the price.

Visiting various brick-and-mortar stores and searching online for the best bike deals can help you find a good quality bike at your desired price or even lower.


Warranties are good to authenticate the quality of the bike you are purchasing. It is essential to confirm with your retailer whether they offer any warranties to safeguard against purchasing substandard bikes that are well presented.