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Key Takeaways

  • The best Yeti bikes are the Yeti ARC, Yeti SB120, Yeti SB130, Yeti SB140, Yeti SB160, Yeti SB165, and the Yeti SB160E.
  • Each of Yeti’s mountain bike models are available in different variations so that riders can choose an option that suits their riding needs and budget.
  • Yeti backs each of its frames with a lifetime warranty for all models that were made in 2019 and up.

Yeti is widely recognized as one of the top mountain bike manufacturers in the world and their latest line-up of MTBs is pushing the sport to new limits.

The best Yeti bikes are:

  • Yeti ARC
  • Yeti SB120
  • Yeti SB130
  • Yeti SB140
  • Yeti SB160
  • Yeti SB165
  • Yeti SB160E

After extensively researching Yeti Cycles, I have gathered enough information to shortlist the best bikes in their line-up. My research has indicated that riders should consider the specs of each Yeti bike carefully, as performance capabilities can vary greatly across the board, depending on the model that you choose.



Yeti ARC

‍Yeti ARC
Yeti ARC

The technology behind full-suspension mountain biking is advancing rapidly, which is influencing the design ambitions of a lot of manufacturers and the performance needs of professional riders. However, Yeti has doubled down on the traditional concept of a performance hardtail with the ARC.

A lot of riders simply refuse to transition from hardtails to full suspension, and with releases like the Yeti ARC, it’s easy to understand why that is. The ARC is an aggressive MTB that is perfect for a variety of different trail conditions and riding styles, but most importantly, it is a progressive take on a classic hardtail that showcases the evolving capabilities of modern mountain biking.

Without the rear suspension to dampen terrain, the ARC allows riders to feel more connected to the trail. As terrain conditions change, riders are forced to adapt without the safety net of rear shock; increasing rigidity, which is a key characteristic that a lot of people look for in an MTB.

However, the ARC’s lack of rear suspension also improves the skills of the rider. Starting out with a full-suspension bike makes riding easier, but that is not always a good thing if you want to master the sport. Learning how to tackle adverse terrain on a hardtail is the ultimate way to fully appreciate a quality full-suspension down the line, which is why for many riders hardtails still reign supreme in the world of MTB racing.

Yeti launched the ARC years ago and the newest model is better than ever. This hardtail MTB features a TURQ series carbon frame and a Fox Factory 34 FIT4 Fork. Yeti spares no expense when designing their bikes, which is why they equipped the ARC with an SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS rear derailleur and high-end SRAM components throughout the build.

Quality wheels are a key characteristic that every MTB rider values and the DT SWISS XM1700 30MM are exceptional. With that said, if you want to take the performance of the Yeti ARC even further, you can choose to upgrade the wheelset to a DT Swiss EXC 1501 Carbon for an extra $1,000.

The Yeti ARC is a testament to how far hardtail mountain bikes have come in the last 35 years, and the performance of this machine is superior to virtually every other hardtail on the market. Premium parts do come at a price and you can expect to pay anywhere from $4,200 to $9,600 for the Yeti ARC, depending on the model variation that you choose.

  • Wheel Size: 29”
  • Front travel: 180 mm

Yeti SB120

Yeti SB120
Yeti SB120

The Yeti SB120 is one of the brand’s newest models and it strikes a perfect balance between the specs of the previous generation SB115 and SB130. This full-suspension mountain bike can climb about as fast as it can descend, which makes it a solid contender for an XC race.

With superior suspension and exceptional grip, the SB120 is a performance machine that can roll through just about any type of trail condition. The speed is phenomenal and race-ready riders should not overlook the potential that the SB120 has for getting a W.

On the other hand, the Yeti SB120 is the perfect bike for an MTB rider that wants something they can rely on for everything. Yeti designed the SB120 to be versatile and dynamic for a variety of riding styles and trail conditions. Simply hop on the bike on any trail and you will find that the SB120 does not disappoint.

Riding conditions can change drastically and I personally value a mountain bike that can handle anything that I throw at it. That is why many riders who are on the fence between a full suspension and a hardtail tend to lean toward the SB120.

To give riders as many options as possible, Yeti offers the SB120 in a number of different model variations that range in specs and price. Yeti upgrades the specs and installs advanced components for the T1, T2, and T3 models and the standard options are the C1 and C2. This does affect the weight of the bike - with advanced models coming in between 27lbs and 30lbs.

The SB120 features a top-level TURQ Series carbon fiber frame with Switch Infinity V2 suspension technology. In addition, Yeti equipped the SB120 with a FOX FACTORY 34 FIT4/130MM front suspension fork and a FOX FACTORY FLOAT DPS in the rear shock.

High-end SRAM components can be found throughout the build of each SB120 kit and Yeti also included a DT SWISS EXC 1501 CARBON 30MM wheelset, which can be upgraded to a DT Swiss EXC 1501 for select models.

The price of a Yeti bike is never cheap, or anything remotely close to it. Depending on the kit that you opt for, an SB120 costs anywhere from $6,300 to $12,100+. You can choose to add upgrades to enhance the specs and performance of the SB120, but this can add anywhere from $700 to $1,000+ to the price tag.

  • Wheel Size: 29”
  • Rear travel:120 mm
  • Front travel: 130mm

Yeti SB130

There are a lot of great beginner-friendly mountain bikes on the market, but the Yeti SB130 is not one of them. This is an expert-level MTB that was designed for professional riders and hardcore enthusiasts that want to take their performance further.

As always with Yeti, you can expect a smaller range of bike options when you evaluate their line-up, which results in mountain bikes that have been fined tuned to the smallest detail. This is very much the case with the SB130, as this is a full-suspension MTB that was designed to conquer some of the world’s toughest trails.

The SB130 is a sporty, speedy, and agile machine that pushes what a full-suspension mountain bike is capable of. Yeti designed this MTB to be used in a variety of different riding conditions, but I’ve found that it excels on XC circuits and flow trails.

I know that full suspension has never been an XC rider's go-to pick, but I would advise any competitor to think twice before ruling out the SB130. This full-suspension mountain bike features the groundbreaking Switch Infinity suspension system that offers riders the perfect balance of rigidity and absorption - allowing you to quickly adapt to trail changes without compromising performance.

The stability is superb whether you are riding at insanely fast speeds or on adverse, uneven terrain thanks to the slack headtube angle. You can choose from a variety of different build options when evaluating the SB130, giving riders a solid range of options to consider when weighing out specs.

Regardless of which model you choose, you can expect nothing short of top-of-the-line components throughout the build, including a C/Series carbon fiber frame, Switch Infinity suspension technology, and a FOX PERFORMANCE 36/150MM fork. Depending on the kit that you choose, Yeti offers the SB130 with either premium SRAM or Shimano parts.

The SB130 also comes equipped with a phenomenal DT SWISS M1900 30MM wheelset, which can be upgraded to an advanced set if desired. Choosing the right SB130 kit can make a huge difference in how the bike performs. That said, I would advise each rider to consider the specs of each kit carefully, as this will impact the capabilities of the machine. High-end kits cost more and come with enhanced specs - lowering the weight of the SB130 for XC races.

On the other hand, the SB130 is not exclusively reserved for professional riders. This full-suspension Yeti mountain bike is a great bike for intermediate riders and hardcore enthusiasts that want to up their game and take their skills further. That is why, no matter which SB130 kit you choose, you are in for an amazing ride that is guaranteed to outperform the bulk of the competition. While the price of an SB130 can vary, you should expect to pay an average of $5,300+.

  • Wheel Size: 28”
  • Front travel: 150 mm
  • Rear travel: 130 mm

Yeti SB140

Yeti SB140
Yeti SB140

Some critics argue that the SB140 is the best of what Yeti has to offer in their line-up, which would make it one of the best mountain bikes in the world. Yeti launched the SB140 some years back as a snappy 27.5”, but the new and improved SB140 is back as a 29er.

The SB140 is punchy and aggressive with balanced specs that make it a perfect contender for enduro racing. With that said, one of the key characteristics of the Yeti SB140 is its adaptability. As someone who values versatility, the SB140 ticks a lot of boxes, as this is an MTB that is ready for anything.

Whether you are hitting adverse terrain or smashing an XC circuit, this is a mountain bike that can easily satisfy the performance needs of just about any rider. This Yeti MTB is equipped with state-of-the-art parts throughout the entire build - including a superior TURQ Series carbon fiber frame and a FOX FACTORY 36 GRIP or FIT suspension fork.

High-End SRAM Eagle components are all over the place with each model variation of the SB140 and riders can choose either the standard DT SWISS XM1700 30MM wheelset or upgrade to DT Swiss EXC 1501 Carbon Wheelset.

The specs of the SB140 will vary depending on the model that you choose. To make their bike selections as versatile as possible, Yeti offers the SB140 in a number of model options so that riders can select the specs that are appropriate for their needs. Naturally, the price of some kits is considerably higher than others. You can opt for the standard C1 for $6,400, which is the most affordable choice - or you can go with an elite model such as the LRT4 at $11,700.

It’s also worth mentioning that the SB140 is one of Yeti’s most dynamic bikes due to it being available as a 29” or a 27.5”. Although Yeti just launched the 29” edition of the SB140, it did not take the 27.5” model off the shelf. If you feel more comfortable on a 27.5”, the SB140 shreds with precision, regardless of the model that you choose.

  • Wheel Size: 29” or 27.5”
  • Front travel: 150 mm or 160 mm
  • Rear travel: 140 mm

Yeti SB160

Yeti SB160
Yeti SB160

Craving an endurance run on an XC circuit? Few bikes in the world can deliver the performance that the Yeti SB160 is capable of, which is why a lot of cross-country riders have their eyes on this full-suspension mountain bike.

The SB160 is the follow-up to the SB150, and it takes full-suspension enduro racing to a new level. You can hit the world’s most challenging MTB tracks with total confidence that your machine will not let you down.

Yeti’s aim with the SB160 was to offer just the right amount of rigidity and compliance in one package so that riders have balanced performance on XC circuits. The SB160 features a TURQ Series carbon fiber lightweight frame, which is complemented beautifully by the Switch Infinity V2 suspension technology.

Depending on the model variation that you choose, you can buy this Yeti MTB with either a FOX PERFORMANCE or GRIP suspension fork. However, these specs can always be upgraded if you are unsatisfied with the standard componentry that Yeti installed.

All models that are C2 and up come equipped with top-notch parts from SRAM, which can be found in the crankset, shifters, derailleur, cassette, and more. Whereas the C1 is built with quality components from Shimano.

A high-caliber Yeti SB130 weighs in at just over 33lbs, which is heavier than what most XC riders would want. While the dual suspension does add some weight to the bike, it also increases the performance dramatically - improving dampening without sacrificing rigidity.

Naturally, Yeti equipped the SB160 with 29-inch wheels to increase the rolling capabilities of the bike. With high-quality carbon material, premium SRAM (or Shimano parts), and exceptional geometry, the SB160 is a world-class full-suspension MTB that ranks as one of the best mountain bikes in the world.

Given the specs of this bike, you can expect the price tag to be quite high. The Yeti SB160 comes in a variety of kit options - allowing riders to select a build that is suitable for their needs. The standard C1 model starts at $6,700 - with the high-end SB160 T4 priced at $12,000.

  • Wheel Size: 29”
  • Front travel: 170 mm
  • Rear travel: 160 mm

Yeti SB165

Yeti SB165
Yeti SB165

Ripping through intense trails has never been easier, or more enjoyable, thanks to the Yeti SB165. You can get rowdy and shred disrespectfully with absolute confidence on some of the world’s toughest trails, which is why many riders who want to go big choose the SB165 over the rest of Yeti’s line-up.

This is a peak-performance full-suspension mountain bike that can take on virtually anything that you throw at it. The SB165’s slack and geometry make it a perfect option for downhill and enduro racing - with superior Switch Infinity suspension technology that offers just the right balance of rigidity on a full-suspension MTB.

The 27.5” wheels give the SB165 a snappier performance compared to other models like the SB160. You can choose either a C series carbon or TURQ series carbon frame depending on what your budget allows and what your performance needs are.

Yeti offers the SB165 with a FOX PERFORMANCE fork for standard models that can be upgraded to a FOX FACTORY fork if desired. Much like with every Yeti bike, they spared no expense when building the SB165, which is why this MTB is equipped with high-end parts from SRAM for enhanced models - and Shimano for the C1 standard kit.

Despite this being a long-travel rig, the SB165 had fantastic climbing abilities with effortless pedaling on extreme grades. Given the specs of this MTB, you can expect nothing short of peak performance when racing downhill.

The Yeti SB165 comes in 4 different model variations that range from $5,200 to $12,000. The weight of this bike is not impacted dramatically depending on the model that you choose, but the specs are certainly enhanced with elite kits. The SB165 is by no means an affordable bike and it is reserved solely for professional and serious riders. If you have any doubts about the quality of the frame, Yeti has backed it with a lifetime warranty.

  • Wheel Size: 27.5”
  • Front travel: 180 mm
  • Rear travel: 165 mm

Yeti SB160E

Yeti SB160E
Yeti SB160E

In recent years, there has been a huge increase in demand for eBikes, which has prompted many reputable brands like Yeti to feature a model in their line-up. Yeti offers just one eBike in their elite collection of MTBs - the SB160E.

The SB160E is a true standout within the world of mountain bikes and eBikes, in general. It is rare to find an eMTB that can deliver optimal performance past a casual trail ride, but the SB160E is a game-changer for the industry.

Much like the name suggests, the SB160E is an eBike adaptation to the SB160. You can expect to find high-end parts from SRAM & Shimano throughout the build, a TURQ series carbon frame, and either a FOX FLOAT or FOX PERFORMANCE suspension fork, depending on the model that you choose.

With that said, the Yeti SB160E is the fastest eMTB that money can buy. This is not your typical e-trail bike. The SB160E was designed to handle the most adverse and intense terrains in the world - with performance capabilities that can match up to any top-level MTB.

Whether you are a seasoned rider looking for a boost to stay in the game or simply someone who enjoys the joy of riding an eMTB with pedal assist technology, the Yeti SB160E is the best eMTB out. As always, state-of-the-art technology comes at a price and Yeti is not one to cut corners on premium componentry. The C1 model of the SB160E starts at $11,000 - whereas the high-end T1 is $13,800.

  • Wheel Size: 29”
  • Front travel: 180 mm
  • Rear travel: 160 mm